Billy Elliot the Musical – 7th anniversary Gala | Billy Elliot The Musical

I just love seeing the show. Every time I
see it I get such a buzz. And I forget how great the Billys are and what a wonderful
show this is. I can’t wait to see it again. I just think
it’s such a feel good, warm, moving, it’s wonderful. Very, very excited. It’s such a sweet story. It’s a genuinely emotional show for everybody
who made it, and everybody who’s in it. And it means something to all of us and I think
that that translates. Amazing and it speaks for itself and that’s
why people enjoy and come back to see it. Not everybody gets to say that they’ve been
in the same room as Elton John never mind to perform and show him what you’ve done and
how you present his work so it’s a great opportunity. Tonight we are celebrating 7 years of Billy
Elliot in London, and we’re also celebrating our 3,000th performance. [CHEERS AND APPLAUSE] [CHEERS AND APPLAUSE] It’s given me the greatest thrill of my life
to be associated with something so good. The cast are incredible, the hard work these kids
put in. [APPLAUSE] Thank you everybody, thank you so much. I was blown away by the performance. Amazing. It was incredible. Absolutely amazing. The whole show is moving, it doesn’t stop. It’s very English and that’s what I love about


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