Bindaas Full Movie || Manchu Manoj Kumar Sheena Shahabadi

With the Parliament Elections
notification released… All parties in the State are occupied
with the allotment of seats. In the constituencies the ruling party
‘Swayam Shakti’ had been winning… Constituency of Chittoor is one. The sitting MP Mahendra Naidu and
Ex-MP Seshadri Naidu are fighting it out. Political scenario here is heating up. Their rivalry had been
persistent for some decades now. It led to scuffles and
bloodshed quite a few times. But for a while now,
with the involvement of party heads… Ticket is being allotted
according to the rotation method… Establishing peace in this region. But, disturbing the aura and
opposing the rotation method… Party is rumored to be favoring
Mahendra Naidu, considering his victories. Excitement has hit the extremes. We shall wait and see
what the consequences will be. I’ve been contesting as an MP for
this constituency since 30 years. I always wish for both your welfare. No matter who gets the seat,
I will make sure the other is served justice. Tell them, Minister. High command has great respect for you two. Our party has had unparalleled
victory for the last 4 times… And you two are the reason for it. Why do you beat around the bush, Minister? Tell us who is getting the seat. Priest, why do you involve in politics? Don’t say that. Don’t forget once Prime Minister
PV Narasimha Rao was also a priest. Tell us. High command has decided to allot
the seat to MP Mahendra this time too. Damn it! Seshadri Sir is supposed to get
the seat as per rotation method. CM Survey concluded Seshadri
had no public following. That is why it made this decision. Son… Get up… You didn’t allot me the ticket
as I have no public following. I will prove right now
I do have public following. Follow me.
– Seshadri…! Our constituency had been in
peace since the last 25 years. Let it remain the same. That is in everyone’s favor. Join hands. I am getting late for my prayer. I will take a leave. Sure, sir. We condemn! We condemn! Hail, Seshadri! Hail, Seshadri! Hail, Seshadri! [INDISTINCT NOISE] He’d be the MP only if he gets out alive. Hey, who was that? I dare you to charge from the front. Come on, I say… Hello…
– Brother-in-law… These men have kidnapped me. We ensure we wear sandals
when stepping on thorns. [CLAMOR] Let him go. Untie him. How dare you kidnap Garika Naidu? Do you know who Garika Naidu is? I will kill you! I will kill you mercilessly! Who will unite my hands, you bloody men? Keep going… I remember all your nasty faces. I will not leave you. I will kill your kids first. I will mess with your wives
right in front of you. I will kill every one of you post that. All of you must be my kids. Hey…! Alas! You’ve abandoned me, my hubby! You agreed to stay at
my place out of love for me. How do I live here without you? How do I live here?
– Calm down, dear. Hey…! We didn’t kill him on purpose, sir. We thrashed him as he blabbered crap. We didn’t expect him to die. Let him die, bro. Seshadri can do nothing
but perform his funeral rites. Before people in our house are
done having the funeral meal… A dead body shall rise in their house. Before we lose these clothes…
We shall seek revenge. Unless I see a person dead in that family… I shall not wipe my vermillion off, brother. No way! Promise me that. Only then will I have my husband burnt. But if you deny my request… I shall burn along with my husband. Yeah, I shall burn. I shall burn! He lost the MP seat, mines
contract worth millions and now, family. He will definitely seek revenge. Mahendra and his brothers
couldn’t mess with me and so… They kidnapped
my brother-in-law and killed him. They called for war after 25 years. I shall end this, I will finish them. He can’t affect us, brother. He might not affect us. But, what if he gets to
our family living elsewhere? Father-in-law is right. Before 25 years, out of vengeance for us…
He killed our relative far off in Madras. We need to be careful. What shall we do now? Get all our close relatives here. They shall be here by dawn. Konda, get to it.
– Okay, sir. Sir, shall we get Ajay too? Hey, that’s not needed. He is in no way related to this family. Saying that doesn’t kill
the existing blood relation. Though you agree or not… Ajay is your brother’s son. I considered him dead
when my brother was alive. He doesn’t matter when my brother is dead. You shouldn’t be the
reason for Ajay’s suffering. Keep that in mind. She is right, son-in-law. If something happens to Ajay… We will be responsible and also defeated. All right, Get Ajay too. Hey, Ajay is coming, man! Lock it! He is after us, Run…! Are you crazy? Close the gate. Hey, you are dead today. Why are you running then? Stop! Hey, Yadav… Stop, man!
– Ajay is bashing us. How could you tease girls in
the name of being MLA’s son? Why does that bother you? You country brute…! Don’t call me a brute. We worked our lives off to harvest crop.
You are the dog that feeds on our food. Hey!
– Hey! Ajay! Ajay! Ajay! Come on… Come on… Come on… [CHEERING] Hey, what’s the nuisance? Move…!
Hey, Ajay! Who’s that? Sir! Sir! He is teasing girls. Guys, stop it! I said, stop! Question papers are here. Make it fast.
– Wait on… Let’s get out. I am telling you guys. Stop it! I said, stop it! I will resign as Principal
if you keep fighting. I will leave you as
Principal said he’d resign. Otherwise, I would’ve… Throw me a party for helping you pass. Okay. You shouldn’t resign, sir. College loses its luster with your leave. You have to stay here, sir. You shouldn’t leave us. I love you, sir. Please… Go study everyone. Learn from Ajay, everyone. Okay, sir. Who disturbed me during meditation time? Your uncle asked you to come home right away. I am not coming! Why should I come? Was I ever respected
for being his brother’s son? No! Was I ever shown some empathy
for losing my parents? Not in hell! Why should I come?
I am not coming! They only call me during
festivals as a formality. Did they ever think about me generally? Not at all! Why should I come?
I am not coming! We aren’t calling you
for some festival or function. [INAUDIBLE] They will kill you. It’s up to you now. I am still not coming! What’s happening? Shall we go, brothers? “Birds in the sky have no limit” “Fish in the sea have no route” “There’s no place missing wind” “Why do we care about rules?” “Why shall we fear?” “We are Kings by ourselves” “Life doesn’t visit once more” “Just do what you feel like” “Enjoyment is the only language” “There’s no tutorial for it” “Don’t look for reasons in life” “It’s an ocean of boundless dreams” “No matter how much one earns” “No matter whose father reigns” “No matter who is muscular” “Stick to your route” “Care about none” “Bow down to none” “Seek no one’s help” “You are your strength” “I am a rogue, I do know” “Fix me a peg, bro” “Let’s go, brother” “Let’s erase the limits” “Enjoyment is the only language” “There’s no tutorial for it” “Don’t look for reasons in life” “It’s an ocean of boundless dreams” “Even if a girl shoots a stare” “Even if a girl throws a smile at you” “Even if a girl makes a naughty sigh” “Care no less, my brother” “Even if your love cheats on you” “Even if your family betrays” “Even if your boss fires you” “You lose nothing, my brother” “Happiness lies in between sorrow” “No man can predict tomorrow” “Smile on with shadow your company” “Enjoyment is the only language” “There’s no tutorial for it” “Don’t look for reasons in life” “It’s an ocean of boundless dreams” Didn’t I tell you I won’t eat? My husband had been dead for 2 days now. I see no one dead in their family yet. What’s my value in this house? What’s my life worth over here? Mother-in-law… Mother-in-law…
– Leave me! Leave me! Come on now! Why are you acting crazy? Killing his family is
a walk in the park for me. But, that does subside our agony? Revenge is sought only by killing Mahendra
and his brother Narendra. That is why I remain calm. That didn’t stop them, did it? Why did they kill father-in-law
when we are their enemies? Yes, dad. We should not be sympathetic towards them. Go on then… Go kill each and every
family member of theirs. There’s no one in town to kill. They are secured enough already. His entire family reached Mangapuram safely. What if they are in Mangapuram? It is no Golconda Fort. It’s more than that. Golconda was guarded
by soldiers and their shields. But Mangapuram is guarded by his men’s lives. Is that so? Let me see. Mother-in-law, I will come home
only after killing his family member. Hey, Chinna… Stop! Chinna, stop! Mrutyunjaya, stop! When fighting parallels,
be thoughtful more than furious. Get inside! What is this, Mr. Naidu? Do you fear them too? Priest…! Lion only steps back to charge on. Let me spot the prey and launch my paw. I swear by God! Is our entire family here? Are you asking me or Lord Balaji? Son-in-laws and sisters are here. Jealous sisters and noisy son-in-laws… Please come… Why were we called here urgently? What’s the matter? Festivals are long off from now. Seems more like we’ve been
rushed to a police station. I wasn’t even let to put my pants on.
– Whoa! Is the wealth being distributed? Wait for it. Are all the children here? Yeah, they are. What about Ajay? I am not staying if Ajay comes, let’s leave. I don’t accept him staying here. I am leaving right now.
Hey, check if the food is ready. Why are you so angry with Ajay? Not just angry. Furious…! His father embarrassed our family. Ajay had humiliated us further. We know the pain he put brother through. They are sharing brother’s pain as sisters. They just fear missing
a share of the wealth. Hey…! What the hell!
– Look! Ajay is coming. Grandpas… Mother-in-laws… Father-in-laws… How are you all? Who’s your father-in-law, eh? I don’t want you calling me father-in-law. I will kill you. Dear, brother is coming. Uncle… How are you two doing? You weren’t called here
for a festival or function. Scenario is quite tensed around here. You might be attacked
out of enmity towards me. Why’d you get us here
when tension lies here? It’s difficult to guard
each one of you separately. If it’s our village, no stranger can enter. That is why he brought you here. How long do we have to stay? As long as we insist… Is there a problem? You need not be afraid. Think of it as a small vacation. Don’t tell the kids this. One more thing… No one leaves the village without my notice. Got it? Go have lunch. He served bad news before lunch. Let’s go… Marrying them put us through torture. Hmm… I second your feeling. Hey, let’s go to the town. Hey, senseless elder father-in-law… You were asking who my father-in-law is, eh? Don’t mess with me. I don’t know how idiotic I am.
– Whoa! I do, father-in-law. Hey! Forget that. I heard you
got two chicks in Guntur. What about that? What? Is that true? Shut up now.
– Coming to you, mother-in-law… Didn’t you lend money to a guy for 10 rupees
interest without telling father-in-law? You smartly got out of it
the minute he cheated you. Is this true? First, you tell me if that’s true. No, you tell me if you lent the money.
– I asked you to tell me first. He said something about Guntur. Is that true?
– I can’t put up with another chick. You put me through hell. How much did you lend?
– It’s my money and it’s my wish. Hey, manner less second father-in-law… You don’t want me calling
you father-in-law, eh? Listen… You don’t know me well. I am not human once I take my glasses off. You aren’t human even with your glasses on. Hey, ask him to get the hell out of here.
– You have a mouth, Tel him yourself. But you have a bigger mouth. I have a bigger mouth?
– Did you think it was smaller? How dare you! How dare you say that? Is it because I am at your place? Hey, shameless younger father-in-law… Will you kill me if I call you father-in-law? I don’t talk to idiots. It’s okay. I do. By the way, weren’t you bashed for
bragging about being MP’s brother-in-law? Who the hell said that? Who else? Your wife did. Hey, is that true? Like I got nothing else to do. Why do you act like this?
– You are blaming me. How did he know otherwise? Would you just believe him?
– I had to believe as it’s the truth. Anyways, father-in-law… Where’s Girija? I will kill you if you mention my daughter.
– Okay, man. Cool! Hey, sister-in-laws… Get lost, idiots! I am coming. Hey, Gita… Where’s your husband?
Divorced already? He is in US, you buffalo. Oh, is he on duty or on the run? Watch your words. Anyways, do you reminisce
our episodes before marriage? How dare you! Wow! Superb dress! I have a similar one. I bought it in Kalamandir. Yeah… Who the hell called me an idiot? Of course, I might be an idiot. But no idiot accepts being called one.
He is a bigger idiot if he accepts it. Come on, tell me. I did, What will you do?
– What can I do? God has done it for you. He gave you such a face…
– Talking to you and a buffalo is the same. Oh my!! You talk to buffaloes?! Are you a buffalo yourself? That’s you. You will regret messing with me. I already regret watching you closely.
– Hey…! Hey…! Don’t mess with me. You will be in deep trouble if you do. By the way, where’s Girija? You will not change.
– What will you do? Bharat Simha Naidu… Achyutha Naidu…
– Adhi Kesava Naidu… Hey, fatso… Hey, how dare you? How dare you tease girls? There are no girls here. They are all aunties, Have a good look.
– Hey, I will thrash you up. You can’t even look past your belly.
What can you do to me? Hey…!
– Hey…! Hey…!
– Hey…! Hey…!
– Hey…! Get lost, man! You get lost! Where’s Girija? Girija sister…! Touch the camphor, dad. Uncle… She isn’t just my daughter,
She is my heiress. She stands first in beauty and conduct. I will get her married to an NRI. Keep watching. She will go far. How far will she go marrying an NRI? She will get pregnant in 2 years. Gain weight in 3 years… You guys are so mean to be brother-in-laws. Girija sister… Come here. Ajay should be sent back to Vijayawada. I need your help for that. Come fast, sister. Wait on…
It’s better to be patient than rush things. Stop preaching crap to me. He is dead in my hands today. What is it? What’s your nuisance? You act so well, sister. You are traditional
at home and modern outside. To visit pubs and spill some money… I need to act traditional at home.
– Whoa! You have a lot of talent, girl. God bless you! Anyways, what’s with Ajay? Sister, do you remember
how you tortured Ajay last time? He must be flaring from top to bottom. Wounds might not have healed yet.
– Hey, Girija…! How dare you get me injured? I will not leave you, Girija!
I will not leave you! Hey! You can do nothing to me! Auntie… Come in, dear. Promise me you will not cry then.
– I can’t control my tears, Come in anyways. Gayatri sister, how are you? Mom, look at him, You will never change. He is always the same. Why do you look so weak, dear? Hey, wait on… Now tell me. Are you having proper food in the hostel? I don’t hesitate in that.
I am hogging like crazy. I don’t know, boy.
You come during festivals and leave. I am worried about you.
– I am chilled, aunt, stop crying now. By the way, looks like you
are pulling everyone’s leg. There’s no other way I can talk to them. I should tease them or they should cuss me. Tease them well. Hmm… But, don’t mess with Muddu Krishna. Both your uncles are really fond of him. Please behave yourself with him. Okay. I will try my best. Hello, sir… Hey, Ramagiri…
– Sir… Aunt just asked me not
to mess with Muddu Krishna. That’s why I wish to shake
hands with him. What say? It’s a good idea, sir. But, what if he doesn’t shake my hand back? What if he smacks my hand
instead of shaking it? I will be hurt, right?
– You would feel bad. If I shake hands with him and he smacks my hand instead… Wouldn’t I get furious? When I shook hands with him,
how dare he smack my hand? You fool! How dare you
not shake hands with me? Hey…! You are dead in my hands. I will see your end today. Do I look silly, you silly buffalo?
– Bye, buffalo… Hey…! Showing your vigor to girls won’t do. My belly is slowing me down but I am coming. All these stunts are performed by experts. Please don’t try at home. I don’t have to jump
around to reach you, man. You’ve been smacking me since childhood.
It’s tit for tat. Hey… That’s my towel.
– You are feeding on us, idiot. What can you do about it? How dare you throw a volleyball at me? I am daring enough, you fool. There are two things I hate in life. One… It’s you. Two… English films with censored scenes.
– Hey…! I will get back to you. How far will you run? You are dead, my boy. Where are you climbing? I am an ape if you are a monkey.
– No, man… Let go. Let go of my hand. Leave me… What’s this?
– If you hold me, you are saving me. But if I hold you, I am saving myself. You are crazy! One rupee coin…! That’s mine. Hey… Hey… Hey… Oh my!! Hey, Girija… B. Saroja… You are dead! Hey, I am not B. Saroja. I am Girija.
– Don’t hit me, please… Brother-in-law, have you seen what Ajay did? [INDISTINCT CHATTER] Look, father-in-law… Ajay is teasing me. Hey, Ajay… Come here. Do you know what
my dad told me before dying, uncle? He said nothing. Bharat, what’s with Ajay? I decided to spare him 100 mistakes. He had already made 99. One is remaining.
He will be dead next. Have you heard this ringtone? It’s a child’s shout. Play it for me. Just missed it! My bro…!
– My bro…! He came this way with a sword. Where is he? He was right here. I was watching a serial and you got me here. Thank god! I am very sorry, bro.
– It’s okay, dear. Family would shave my head and keep
me starving if they know you are my friend. That’s why I go through
hell to keep cussing you. No, bro. It’s okay.
– No! No compromise! I get furious when everyone yells at you. Forget about the adults.
What’s with Muddu Krishna, bro? They treat us like Indians in Australia. We shall make them realize
what social justice is. No! I have another scheme for it. You mean stealing? That didn’t work out. I have another scheme for this.
– Yay! Bro… Muddu bro… Look what I got for you. What is it? A t-shirt… It looks too cheap. How could you say that, bro? Do you know what’s in this?
– What’s in it? Moddu Krishna…
– Oi…! Muddu Krishna… Looks good. Thanks, fatso. Bro, wear it and show me. Why are you so fond of me, man? It fits me well. How does it look?
– Wow! It looks so nasty. It looks so great. Bro, I have another present for you. What’s this?
– Do you know whose t-shirt this is? It’s Ajay’s. Yes.
– Ajay’s? Look what’s written on this. ‘Big idiot…’ Correct! Ajay shall wear this and be the big idiot. What do you think?
– It’s superb! Hey, Ajay… Come here. This t-shirt is for you. Have fun. Thanks, bro. Wear it and show me. Right here?
– Yeah. I get shy in front of guys. I will go inside and get changed. Hey, all of you… Look at him.
– He’s a big idiot. Bro, what’s on your t-shirt?
– Muddu Krishna… What’s on mine?
– Big idiot… What’s on yours?
– Muddu Krishna… What’s on mine?
– Big idiot… What’s on yours?
– Muddu Krishna… What’s on mine?
– Big idiot… Muddu Krishna is a big idiot… Muddu Krishna is a big idiot… Muddu Krishna is a big idiot… Muddu Krishna is a big idiot… Muddu Krishna is a big idiot… Who is he, man? He calls himself an idiot. We don’t know him that well, you know.
– We will smack you up. [CLAMOR] Serves him right! I will ask you two questions, uncle. One… You know it. Two… It’s not that important. [PHONE RINGING] Hello, sir… Mahendra Naidu and his brother are
coming to the quarry tomorrow morning. You asked for information and I gave it. Don’t involve me in this. Sir…! Damn! [GUN SHOTS] Narendra…! Kill them, guys! Don’t leave them. Call the doctor and say we are coming. No one in our family should know. We shall attack his house this time. We shouldn’t go ourselves. We shall send a traitor. He shall go places we can’t reach. Sir, Chinna is leaving. Dasu… Sir… Follow him and be right with him. If anything happens to him,
all of you will wound up dead. Go now! Go, guys! Stay with him. You two go meet Yogi.
– Okay, dad. Let’s go. Hi, B. Saroja… Didn’t you learn to knock before coming in? I saw everything from the knob
and came in after you are dressed up. Just tell me why you are here. Aunt is calling you to the cattle shed. All right. You leave… I love green! Even the bottom is green. You…! Hey…! Stupid! Idiot! Hey, why were you in my daughter’s room? Forget about me, father-in-law. She took her drapes off the moment I went in. Ask her about it.
– Really? Girija…!
– Girija! Girija…!
– Girija! Did you take your drapes off
when Ajay came in? No, dad. Tell me if you did or did not. I did but…
– Did you? It’s all your upbringing. Yeah, I only asked her to take her
drapes off when a man enters. Mom…!
You get lost! I missed the chance to
cuss him because of her. Why do you blame me for her actions? Green looks good! Give it to me and I will leave. Leave now. Hey, what’s going on? He is annoying me, dad.
– So, would you give him your drapes? It’s all your upbringing. Yeah, I only taught her to give her
drapes to those annoying her. Mom…! Excuse me… You get lost!
– Okay. Come to the cattle shed. Okay, you go. What’s with the cattle shed? He mentions cattle shed and you agree to go. What am I…? Oh my, dad!
– Your cheek is smacked. Rascal! Idiot! Buffalo! Hey…! It’s a cow. You shut up. I will kill him soon. If you’d kill him for this… What’d you do for his
behavior at Geeta’s wedding? What did he do? Calm down. It’s in the past now. You calm down first. Tell me. What did he do? At Geeta’s wedding… He took her to a room and
asked her to elope with him. Geeta, is that true? Geeta, I love you. Please… Let’s elope, listen to me. It’s true. Forget it. Hey, Ajay! Damn it! Hey, Ajay…
– Hmm? Come here. What is it, bro?
– Do you know something? No. Sit down, I’ll tell you. You fell down, That’s the matter. What a joke, bro! All right. I will ask you something simple. Will you solve it? Go ahead. I will answer. What comes close as we call and shouts
‘Aah!’ with a hand on the cheek? It comes close as we call and shouts
‘Aah!’ with a hand on the cheek? Hmm… I don’t know, bro. You tell me. Sure, bro?
– Sure! Come close. It’s you, bro! You are dead in my hands, man. You are dead in my hands today. Ah, a ghost! Are you senseless?
– What’s wrong? Geeta was getting married and
you asked her to elope with you. What’s your problem? That I didn’t ask you? Who would mess with you? No man with brains would try to flatter you. Only a dumbo would. Stop, bro! I can imagine what happened. Ajay did something crazy and
you are going to smack him up. Am I right?
– Yes. I am very disappointed with you, bro.
– Why? You stare at Girija sister with love
and she treats you like a mad dog. Am I right?
– Yes. Do you know what to do to
change Girija sister’s mind? What should I do?
– Give this rose to Ajay. Ajay? What’s this twist? This is making peace. Twist in the tale lies here. Give this rose to Ajay in her presence. She will then see the good guy in you. Next comes love and marriage. You will soon have a baby with your features. No matter what you say,
no man would flirt with you. There are many guys flirting with me. Even my physics sir flirts with me. Oh my god!
– Guys gift me flowers every day. Oh… Look at him. He is gifting me a
flower right in front of you. What’s with the flower, bro?
– Shut up. What just happened? Dad, Ajay is teasing Girija. Yes, father-in-law. Send him downstairs. You will be dead now. How dare you lie about me teasing you? I will tease you for real now. Girija… Coming… Oh my goodness! She dresses traditional
at home and revealing outside. Let me show her what I am made of. Shame! All heroines begin
to dress up like club dancers. Don’t their fathers look at these pictures? They don’t have time for it.
– Uncle… Uncle… Look at my bum. Looks like Girija. She doesn’t just look like Girija. Girija is in a midi, you see. Whoa! She has a glass in hand.
– She also has alcohol in it. Girija…! Hey, Ajay…! Wow! Enemy’s cry sounds
so pleasant to the ears. Plan B… Where is he? He is upstairs.
– Go smack him up. I will kill you at any cost today. “Hey, my braided hair beauty…” “Don’t mess with this chirpy one” “Don’t spoil a good guy” “Come close naughtily” “Come set me on fire” “You walk around with your sleek waist” “You tempt me and lure me in” “Quit taking to me if you want to, babe” “I won’t let you have peaceful nights” “If you want my friendship,
I will turn a hero” “I will kill any bug that touches you” “There’s a double barrel gun in your eyes” “Don’t shoot my little heart with it” “There’s not a kilo flesh on your body” “You can’t scare this hero with your yelling” “Will you come watch bio-scope with me?” “Will you watch NTR’s scope and dance to it?” “If you want to fight hard with me” “You better learn how to sword fight” “How dare you go against the mighty me?” “Stop jumping around in anxiety now” “A chilli tastes spicy when bitten” “Dealing with me is similar to that” “Stop acting like an innocent girl” “You’ll be in trouble if you provoke a man” “Hey, my braided hair beauty…” What, bro? Is that it?
– Don’t say that, bro. Watch now. “Hey, my braided hair beauty…” “Don’t mess with this chirpy one” “Don’t spoil a good guy” “Hey, my braided hair beauty…” “Don’t mess with this chirpy one” “Don’t spoil a good guy” “Hey, my braided hair beauty…” “Don’t mess with this chirpy one” “Don’t spoil a good guy” Ugh…! Hey…! What’s your problem anyways? Hey, what’s your problem anyways? The problem is… Sister loves roses. We didn’t know that
and gave the rose to Ajay. But, don’t worry. As a punishment for my wrong doing… I filled sister’s room with roses. She asked who did it. I said Muddu Krishna bro did it. Hey, I didn’t take the print out.
Muddu Krishna did. Why would he do it? How would I know?
Go ask him. If sister asks you, tell her it was you. Okay? Okay. I love you, bro. Muddu… Was that you?
– Yeah, it’s me. Aah, she is hitting me! Hey, I printed it and you smacked him up. You idiot! You damaged my image. I didn’t damage anything. I saved you from managing hereafter. You can happily follow
your original character now. Why do you care what my character is? Because I like the original who is daring. Forgive me if I made a mistake. Even if it’s a sin, forgive me. We can’t help it. Hey… Bro is coming. Bro… What did he go to jail for? Bro smacked DSP’s son. Hey, get out of the way. How dare you hit me with a ball? Do you know who I am? I will kill you! Hey…! How dare you slap my son? Lock him in, guys. Bro, many happy returns. How can you say that? I am returning from jail, not Switzerland. Bro, our bus is ready.
Let’s go to our village. I didn’t rot in jail for 3 months
to return home. 3 months… 3 months, man… I am furious from inside. I feel flared up. What shall we do now, bro? Shall we kill DSP? Not DSP… Jayamma… Jayamma… I’ve been away for 3 months. 3 months, you see… Get out of my way. Please… Please…
– Get lost, idiot! Your brother-in-law Seshadri Naidu got
into a tussle with Mahendra Naidu again. You will be killed if you stay here.
Listen to me and return to your village. Who’s manly enough to kill me?
Let’s go inside. Shut up, Idly is steaming. We will be back before it steams.
Let’s go inside. Where will you go? Husband is inside. Whose husband? Yours? No. Yours… Mrutyunjaya Naidu… Father-in-law… What is he doing here? Oh my!! He’s coming. Son-in-law…! You came here directly from jail, didn’t you?
– Yes, I came here first thing. I halted nowhere. Aren’t you furious from inside too? I feel flared up, son-in-law. Guys, you see… My father-in-law is a man. I am here to clarify that doubt. Tell me, father-in-law… When shall we kill Mahendra? He should give us a chance.
– How shall we kill him? At the right time when no one’s around… Come on… You talk like
dad about waiting for time. I will leave this place only after killing
a member of Mahendra’s family. Same with me. Kids, ice creams and soft drinks are ready. Yay! Don’t push, Let me open. Hey, Ramudu… Get me a dozen bottles.
– Here you go. Brother-in-law… Soft drink… Muddu brother-in-law… Soft drink… Oh my!! I hear some DTS sound from inside. Urine bladder seems to be full. Muddu brother-in-law… Soft drink… My hands are busy.
Pour it into my mouth, please… Go on, Girija… Girija…!
– Wait on… Aah! It’s occupied. Wanting to tease him,
I am stuck with this fella now. Damn!
– Come on… Pour it. Aah! This is occupied too. There shall be a bathroom
for everyone in the house. Only then will our country
and stomachs be clean. Hey, what the hell are you doing? I am washing the vessel, uncle. Aah! The soft drink feels hot when you pour. Come on, Girija… Pour it. Ah, I don’t know what to do. I don’t care what happens.
My style is different. [SINGING RANDOMLY] Come on… Pour it properly, Girija. I didn’t know this feels so good. Hey…! Hey, who’s that? Into my mouth, eh? Yuck! Red drapes… Charge on! Help! What are you doing here?
– Your red drapes are making it furious. Move away. Girija, where are your drapes? Ajay pulled it off. Thank god! Ajay pulled her drapes off
and she’s thanking god. Karma! It’s all your upbringing. Yeah, I only told her to thank god
if someone puller her drapes off. You shut up! Nothing can be worse. Damn! Someone peed on my face. Yuck! This is worse. Dear, your uncle wouldn’t let you live if
he knows you put the cloth on the statue. You know the statue and the story behind it. Your dad was distanced from
this family because of him. Wait, father-in-law… Ajay isn’t at fault here. Ox was furious at my red
drapes and he pulled it off. It went and fell on the statue. I would’ve been dead if he didn’t do it. Hey, you live because Girija says so. If you repeat this again, I will kill you. Thanks. No. I should thank you. Yes. You should thank me. You would’ve been dead if I didn’t save you. I will never understand you. That brat doesn’t meet anyone. Tell me who is to be killed. Tell me what the advance pay is. Tell me what the total pay is. Call him. Hey, Ajay… Come here. Why’d you call me? Chocolate for you… Today is my birthday. Where’s the happiness in your face?
Happy birthday! Wishes won’t be enough. She is crying for a cake. Go to town and get cake. Uncle will hit me hard
if I cross the village. Find someone else for it. I will give a kiss if you get the cake. Tell him that. I will give a kiss if you get the cake. Girija, don’t talk to him. Your dad asked me not to let you talk to him. Tell me if you need anything. Go to town and get a cake for Girija’s kiss. I will get it. I will get changed and come. I should brush my teeth too. But I can’t drive. Hey, Ajay… Join me. Why me, bro? Who will hold the cake
when I drive at 120 kmph? You are jobless, Come with me. He is doing a bit much. Hello, the kiss was meant for you. Getting romantic, eh? Are you in love? Nothing like that. It’s just a bet. How many guys did you
kiss in the name of bet? You don’t let me be nice to you. Even if I do wish to love you, Geeta’s
issue makes me really furious. You are angry about Geeta’s issue, right? Okay. Listen to me. I didn’t take Geeta into the room that day. She called me there. Ajay, I love you. Please listen to me. Take me somewhere and marry me. Please, Ajay. Geeta it’s not hard for us to elope. But if we do,
they will not forgive me for life. Even that’s not stopping me. They’d insult my dad saying I went after him. And I don’t want that. Geeta… Geeta… Open the door.
– Open the door. Geeta, listen… What is she doing inside?
– We asked you to open the door. Come on… Geeta, open the door. What do we do now? Everyone in our family will know. Don’t you hear us?
– What are you doing inside? Geeta, open the door. Geeta… Geeta… Geeta, I love you. Please… Let’s elope. Listen to me. How dare you ask my daughter to elope? Okay? Is it cleared now? Bro… Bro… Where did you come from suddenly? Uncle will kill us if he knows. I didn’t come for fun, bro. I am here with sister’s love message. It’s for you. Sister sent it. He’s gone into a coma. Bro… Message through drapes… “Are you shy already, my love?” “Your shyness disturbs my heart” “Express your feelings for me, my love” “Do you feel the mesmerizing pleasure?” “Let your smiles drop like pearls” “Let the secret be out in the open” “Ants can never taste the flowers’ sweetness” “I experience it as
I caress you like honeybee” “Men chase me singing praises of my beauty” “But you flattered me with just a glimpse” “As our symphony of kisses plays on” “Let me watch you run towards me” “What’s the rush in your heart?” “I somehow feel quite strange” “I’ve witnessed the beauty of your youth” “I capture you in my heart with my prowess” “I was stone hearted” “I turned into a sculpture” “I see the positivity of womanhood today” “Let me fall into your lap like your queen” “Mischievous age asks for new experiences” “Caress me sleek waist and seek revenge” “Your beauty makes me go havoc” “Let your elegance fight my vigor” “I’ve whined a lot about you lately” “But today, I feel an absence of words” “It is the so called love, my girl” “It brings the farthest person closer” “What’s the rush in your heart?” “I somehow feel quite strange” “I’ve seen myself hidden in your eyes” “I’ve surrendered you my love and heart” “This feeling is quite wondrous” “I laugh to myself as you cry” “I realized you are my smile” “Budding youth has blossomed,
My flowing drapes are proof” “Let your blush cheeks narrate love tales” “Don’t lift the curtains to my coyness” “You flattered me with your green drapes” “Help me conquer the depths of your love” “I’ve been waiting for these words from you” “I make you my reflection
with hugs and kisses” “Are you shy already, my love?” “Your shyness disturbs my heart” “Express your feelings for me, my love” “Do you feel the mesmerizing pleasure?” Hey, Ajay… Fritters here taste great.
Stop the car. Don’t we get fritters at home?
– Stop the car, man! Jayamma, give me an omelet. Let me give you a burn instead. Hey, come here, guys… Take your hand off. Who are you guys? Where are you from? Why don’t you speak? Are you dumb? Or am I sending shivers down your spine? Hey, man… I will chop it off, idiot. Hey, you rascal! Why are you showing off? I will stab you in the stomach, stupid. Why do you need our details? I will chop yours off. What were you asking me earlier?
Who am I? Let me tell you. I am Mahendra Naidu’s family. Hey, boy… Brother… Brother… Mahendra Naidu’s family…
– I got emotional, bro. Get into the car. Come on… Faster… Hey, catch them, guys! Why are they after us? Move it! Move it! [GUN SHOT] Chase them! Start our vehicles. Bro… Look in the front. How could you let them out of the house? Come fast… Faster… Faster… I am scared, bro.
– You will be fine. Where will you guys run? Bro… Hey…! Bro, save me. Run… Run… Sit down… Sit down… Bro… Bro… Please… Please listen to me once. No, sir… Please… Bro… Bro… We are kids. You guys deal with adults.
Leave us kids. Bro, please… Bro… Bro, we are kids. Please let us go. Bro, I am telling you. Let us go. Please…
– Bro… Bro… Bro… Bro, please… Bro, I will touch your feet. Don’t hurt them. Bro…! How could you hurt a kid? How could you? Bro… It’s paining… I am with you. Don’t worry. Come on…! Come on…! Come on…! Bro… Bro… Bro… That’s my family and they are my family. You’d have to pass me to get to them. Remember that. You cunt! You are just like your dad. Even he never bothered about family. You went after him. Uncle, just listen to me once.
– What are you going to say? Don’t call him bro. Kick him! Kick him out! He put a kid in danger. Kick him out! Listen to me.
– Shut up! You are no more a part of our family. Never show me your face again. Get lost! Let’s go, guys. Bro… All of us together couldn’t kill one guy. We couldn’t smack him as we are too many men. Yes, bro. As there were too many of us,
we expected the other guy to hit. He didn’t smack us that hard, bro. We gave up and took the beating. Shut up, you cunts! Don’t let my family know about this. ‘You are just like your dad.’ ‘Even he never bothered about family.
You went after him.’ Seshadri Naidu couldn’t attack
directly and so, he sent a traitor. He had him kill our family.
Move aside! Move aside! Kill him! Uncle, you will kill him now. What happens tomorrow? They will kill our
family in a different town. Starting with him,
we will kill Seshadri’s entire family. What will they do then? Move aside! Narendra, before you kill their family,
they will kill ours. Who gives you the right to kill
innocent people for your vengeance? What do you want us to do now? Do you want us to let him go like pimps? Why are you still talking to him? He takes social reformers as inspiration. He had disowned his surname. He had distributed his wealth to the poor. He made every bloody cunt charge on to us. He is a disgrace to our family. Kick him out!
– Will you kill him? Go ahead. Kill him! But, remember one thing. The minute he dies…
I will present myself to Seshadri Naidu. Because once he knows he’s dead… He will kill at least
one person in our family. Let me be that one person. Don’t listen to him. Kill him! Hey…!
– Stop! You know your brother. He stands by his words. Will you provoke him to die? Leave! Hey…!
– Uncle…! Listen to me. Uncle…! Uncle…! Brother… You are no more a part of our family. Never show me your face again. Get lost! Dear, that’s your family. Don’t let their anger on me hurt you. Never leave that family. Think of this as my last wish. It’s all because of me. Father-in-law doesn’t listen to me at all. I am worried about his condition.
– Sister, bro will be fine. He smacked 20 men. He can send 20 more into a coma. But, that’s not what scares me. I am scared about our lives without bro here. [INAUDIBLE] ‘That brat doesn’t meet anyone.’ Don’t stop. Keep going… Exclusive news…! Renowned politician from Chittoor… Mahendra Naidu was in a bomb blast
at the same time as his family. All of them are alive with minor injuries. Dad always told me you were
everyone’s well-wisher, grandpa. That is why I approached you. What is this, grandpa? Adults should deal with their
scuffles amongst themselves. Why do they involve women and kids? I tried convincing them in many ways. But Seshadri Naidu is determined
to end what we started. No, grandpa.
I will end their tale. Ajay! One life lost caused ablaze. If you do anything out of fury
and cause another death… It will be bloodshed hereafter.
Think about it. Bro…
– Hmm? Do you remember me? I don’t remember anyone. Everyone has to remember me. What? Are you here to fight? When two people charge, it’s a fight. When one guy smacks the other,
it’s not a fight. It’s called being smacked hard.
– Will you smack me down now? I will make sure you don’t get up. Will you make me unfit for life? Like you are of any purpose now…
– My lover told me the same thing. Do you have a lover too?
– Have you seen her? Oh my!! Why are you diverting the topic? Who chased us yesterday? Seshadri Naidu’s younger son… Where is he now?
– How would I know? He must’ve been admitted in a hospital.
Go look for him. Look down… Tell me. Promise me you will leave me
and I will give you an idea. Wouldn’t you do it without the promise? Hey, it’s not an option, man. It’s a threat. Tell me.
– I will tell you. Seshadri Naidu loves his
daughter and son-in-law. His son-in-law is coming from
Bangalore by train to visit his son. You can go kill him. As per what you said, a battalion
must be present to receive him. Put the knife away
and I will give another idea. Kill him at the station before. How does he look? Ah, excuse me… Water bottle, please… Give way… Move… Please… Nice meeting you! I want pure water. Here I come! Hey… Hey… Stop! My stall…Stop there! Is this pure water or bore water? It’s pure bore water. Never trouble customers, man.
– Are you Seshadri Naidu’s son-in-law? Yeah. Why? Men are after you to kill you. Who are they? They are your father-in-law’s enemies. They will kill you if you are caught.
– But my bag is in the train. Do you want the bag or your life? Run! Oh my!! I didn’t know my
father-in-law had such a following. Oh Goddess Kasi Visalakshi…
– They are from a different state. In that case, Lord Balaji… God, why is my wife from this region? Bro, don’t look back and run. Come on, run…! Ah! Bomb…! Oh my god! He is walking out of bombs. Bro seems to have a bomb proof body. Send us home. We will deal with it. You can’t step out at this time. Like this house is any safer… You know there’s been a bomb blast here. You can’t play with
our lives for politics sake. Didn’t you know it
when you ask for political favors? I will do what I have to. Shut up and leave. Master… Seshadri Naidu sir…
Mahendra Naidu has compromised. Purushotham Naidu would call for compromise. Listen to me and utilize this opportunity. It’s good for you and people behind you. Seshadri… What? Mahendra Naidu
will give me the MP seat, eh? Who is he to give me?
Is he the CM or High Command? We don’t want him to give it, dad. Tell him we will grab it. Yes, dad. We shall not leave those bastards. Do you hear what my sons are saying? I will forgive them only if my
brother-in-law comes backs to life. What happened is in the past. What the hell, man? Ask them to watch what will happen next. They began to shiver the
moment a bomb was blasted. It will be terrifying from tomorrow.
Let them keep watching. Well done, brother! You spoke like a man. Hello…
– Sir, son-in-law is not in the train. What’s wrong?
– Only his luggage is here. Have you looked everywhere?
– We searched all over the train. Son-in-law is missing. He must’ve killed him by now. Who, brother?
– You know… Ah? What if he misses and they catch him? What if he tells them I gave him the info? Tell who, bro? You know… So, let me go tell them he kidnapped him. Who is he here? I will only tell them who he is. Hey… Hey… There are so many of you.
Find out where son-in-law is. Father-in-law… Son-in-law…! What’s wrong, son-in-law? I just evaded death and
came here, father-in-law. Be clear, brother-in-law. Did someone plan of killing you? They didn’t just plan. They tried to… They threw bombs at me. They made me run all over Chittoor. They handled me quite harshly, you know. God saved me on time through bro. Who is this guy? He said he is your enemy’s enemy.
– Who’s your enemy? Mahendra Naidu… You look like a kid. What’s your enmity with Mahendra Naidu? Mahendra Naidu is my dad’s enemy. I was passed on his
enmity along with his blood. Great, bro! What’s your dad’s tussle with Mahendra Naidu? My dad and Mahendra Naidu were friends. My dad would look after his constructions
and business in Hyderabad. One of my dad’s buildings collapsed one day.
– Alas! He blamed my dad for it. Real estate has had a fall after a while. He blamed my dad for that too. Hey, how is your dad
responsible for real estate’s decline? That’s exactly what my dad asked. And then? He asked but he didn’t answer. Moreover, he put him in jail. I came to Mangapuram for
why they put my dad in jail. And then? No one was home. I then realized they are hiding,
fearing the ‘Lion’ Seshadri Naidu. Great, father-in-law! With nothing else to do,
I went to the railway station. I then saw his men chasing my bro.
– Brother-in-law… Brother-in-law… Brother-in-law… Brother-in-law… Mahendra Naidu’s man kidnapped son-in-law.
– Hey, you mean me? They tried but bro saved me. Which bro?
– This bro… This bro? How could you save him from all the men? Bro, sounds like they
didn’t want me saving you. Yeah. I feel the same from their words. Why don’t you tell him, father-in-law? Why do we care who he is? He saved son-in-law.
He is one of us now. Forget about him. How did they know son-in-law
was coming by that train? We need to find that out first. Son-in-law… Let’s go meet your son. Come on…
– Come on, bro… Where are you going? What’s this twist of yours? Why does he say you saved him? Go ask him yourself. Can’t you tell me? This isn’t a threat, It’s just a question. What do I get from killing them? I am here to kill the head of the family. Ah! Will you kill the head of the family? Will you stop me or what? I will go tell him.
– Let me tell him too. What will you tell him? I will tell him you gave
the railway station idea. Hey, you are putting me in danger, man. I also got a kindergarten seat
ready for you. Bro, how is my son? He is great, bro. He doesn’t have your features at all. He went after his grandpa. I will leave, bro.
– Have lunch and go, bro. I feel fulfillment after meeting sir. This is enough for my life. This will be my last glimpse. Hold him Lakshmi… Wait… Wait on… Why’d you say it’s your last glimpse? I saved you, bro.
They will not leave me. They know where I stay
and what I do. They will kill me. They must be looking all over for me already. Bro, what will you do now? It’s okay, bro.
I saved you and witnessed a lion. This is enough for my life. Wait on, bro… Father-in-law, he saved me,
putting his life in danger. Save him somehow. Okay. He can stay here
if he’s so scared. I will stay as you told me to. You heard my father-in-law.
Your life is in danger no more. You can stay here. Hey, make all arrangements
for bro to stay here. What? Me? You heard him, bro. Let’s go… What’s with your schemes, man? Why? Want me to coach you? Bro… Are you staying, man? Sir asked me to stay. Do you know why I hit you? I don’t, bro. To express my suspicion on you… You could’ve just said it. My focus will be on you hereafter. Don’t laugh like a maniac. Hold this. Basically, this is all common to me, bro. It’s very common… Do you know why I hit you? You seem to be doubtful about me too. Not just that. No one shall sit in
this chair except me. Got it? Hmm… You know about the chair.
Why didn’t you tell me? You said you’d rock. But I thought you should
know not to mess with this family. Like this family…
– Sir… Don’t touch that bottle too.
– Why? Sir is waiting to open it
after killing Mahendra Naidu. That’s right. I knew they were idiot but not to this extent. You might not know this. My brother-in-law is a loafer. His sons are big loafers. I have some flash news for you.
– What is it? I am a bigger loafer than them all. Oi… Brothers are suspicious about him. Stay with him and find out who he is. It all seems confusing to me. What if I only killed Ajay? That’s impossible for you. He went that way, right?
How did he end up here? [PHONE BUZZING] Who is it?
– Brahmam… Parabrahmam… Check out the fancy number. Bro, is that you? I didn’t notice out of tension. Didn’t I ask you to mention
my name every time you are tensed? I am having diarrhea out of tension, bro. A guy is showing me hell here. Stop blabbering and tell me
who it is. [INAUDIBLE] Bro, you have to come. I will come.
– When will you come? Heroes are never early or late. They are right on time. I am a real hero, man. Bloody meeting, I say… Oh my god! What is he doing here? Hey, Das… Hey… What’s wrong? Why don’t you speak? What’s wrong with him, guys? Someone had bashed his head. He lost his mind. Bro, don’t you watch movies? He will be fine
if we hit him back on his head. He’s right. Hand me that. Whoa! This seems to work out. Hit him whenever you are free. Come on, bro… Hit him… Who are you? Why do you ask, bro?
– Why were you tensed looking at Das? Who exactly are you? He just…
– Stop! Don’t cook up stories.
Give me the truth. Who are you? I will tell you the truth, bro. You need to listen peacefully. Tell me. Mahendra Naidu is my uncle. [INAUDIBLE] After that…
– Say no more! I will tell you what happened next. You came to the
station to return to your village. Your men attacked me over there. You saw that and saved me immediately. You are great, bro! Would I live if it weren’t for you? Bro…! Only Lord Rama had such a brother. I have one now.
– Yes, bro. I found one through you.
– If the entire family was like him… It would’ve been easy for me. I will make you
my screen saver instead of God. Looking at your face made
me want to save you, bro. Anyways, what are you doing in this house? Are you here to kill my family? No way! If that was my intention… My entry would’ve
been a whole lot different. Why are you here then? I will stop them from attacking my family. How can you do that? Do you know anything about this family? My father-in-law commits murders like crazy. He visits a shrine and
claims his sins are washed off. Coming to the elder son…
He chased away his wife. Get lost! He also has an affair. Her name is Seelavathi. Both his sons booze together.
– Cheers! If anyone opposes them,
they smack them together. Coming to the younger son… He had finally loved a girl. Father-in-law is friends with her father. They had a scuffle while
playing chess at the wedding. Check!
– What the hell! Hey…! You are playing like crap. Why do you spoil the game, you buffalo? Groom hit her father for cussing his father. How dare you cuss my father? With that, wedding was cancelled. Things were back to square one. Why would the third son be any different? Forget about him. You mentioned some shrine. Yes. Father-in-law believes in Mastan Baba. Wonderful! Got an idea? Your son has got fever. Hail, Mastan Baba! At least one person in
his family should be dead. Hail, Mastan Baba! Hail, Mastan Baba!
– Hello, sir… Please come in. Hello, Mr. Seshadri Naidu. How are you?
– I am good. My grandson has got fever. Son-in-law wanted you to ward off evil eyes. Oh… Where is the kid’s… It’s with him only. Come on…
– Let’s go. Evil spirit, get out! Get out, evil spirit! Get out, evil spirit! Evil spirit…! Get out! Evil spirit, get out! Lady evil spirit…! Get out! Get out! Get out…! Who the hell are you? How dare you call me evil?
– I said get out. Rascal! Lady evil spirit hit me. Rowdy evil spirit… Evil spirit… Get out! I will pay you. Will you lie? What did you say?
– What did I say? I will pay you 5000 bucks. Will you lie? What did you say?
– What did I say? I will pay you 500 bucks. Will you lie? You said 5000 earlier. I was checking if you’d fall for money. I got to know you do. I will bargain now. You are street smart, man!
– I know that, dude! Hold this! There is an evil spirit in this house. I sent it out from the door. It got in through the window. Some rituals were supposed to
happen in your house and they didn’t. Is that true?
– Yes, sir. My sister’s widow rites weren’t performed. That is why the evil spirit isn’t leaving. Is there no way to drive it away? There is. There still is. There shall be an auspicious occasion
in this house by coming full moon day. Until then, there shall be no tussles. No one in the house shall resort to violence. There shall be no bloodshed. There shall be no killings. Full moon is not until 10 days. We can’t wait until then. We’ve planned to kill Mahendra’s family. Cancel your plans and go to sleep then. Not possible! It should be.
– Why? Make it happen for the kid’s wellness.
– Not at all possible! I am leaving then.
– You wait on, idiot. Watch your words. I didn’t mean you, master. I will do anything you
suggest for my grandson. His naming ceremony would be in 10 days. These 10 days, forget
swords, axes, bombs and crap. Be peaceful with no tussles. All right. I will leave happily now. I have your thing.
– Hold it and follow me. Thank god! We can stay in peace for 10 days. Who’s there?
– Sir… Call Mrutyunjaya back home immediately. He should be home by dawn. Go now…
– Okay, sir. Bro, you will be dead if he comes home. Let him come. I will deal with him. Sir, I am Ranga.
Dad asks you to come home. Like I said, I will come only
after killing a member of his family. Shrine’s master asked us
not to kill anyone for 10 days. Hey, my dad foolishly believes everyone. You should be here by dawn. In that case, I will kill someone
tonight and come home. Hey, don’t tell my dad this. Hmm… Let’s go. I need to go to my village urgently. Who is that? Stranger is in the village. Come on, guys! Let’s go, guys! Go that way. He will kill my family if I let him go. But if my family finds him,
they will kill him. Damn! Only you aren’t angry on me in that family. That is why I had Giri call you here. He should be here for a
few days to keep our family safe. Okay. Careful, man.
– Okay, sir. Meet Girija and go. I will meet her later. I have some work.
– She is crying for you. Er… I left my clothes here. I am here to take them back. You came anyways. Stay! Your aunt is weeping. Behave yourself while you stay. What are you looking at?
Go to sleep peacefully. You are here now. Where’s our peace at? He is so shameless. We kicked him out and yet,
he found his way in. We are cussing him and he still smiles. Where are you going? Go sleep. Let’s go. Come on… Who are you looking for? Blanket… Back to pretense again? What was that? I will slowly make my way down. You should feel it, right? Thank god, you smiled. I will leave now. Where? I have to go. I have some urgent work. Why did you come then? To see you smile… Okay. Leave… But before you leave…
Do something I’d remember forever. “Girija… Girija… I am thinking of you” “Girija… Girija… You are my breathe” “Girija… Girija… You’re my heart’s hope” “Girija… Girija… I surrender you my heart” “You are mine as you steal my heart” “You are cherished in my dreams” “I love you more than I love myself” “You’ve redefined my happiness” “You seem like a reflection of love” “You are a dream caressing at dusk and dawn” “Girija… Girija… I am thinking of you” “Girija… Girija… You are my breathe” “Girija… Girija… You’re my heart’s hope” “Girija… Girija… I surrender you my heart” “I see you as the apple of my eye” “I hear your symphony through the breeze” “You are the tone on the edge of my lips” “You make me catch a breathe in love” “As you appear like the girl of my dreams” “My heart gets desperate for more” “Shall I wake up in the
warmth of your sunshine?” “Shall I have showers of your moonlight?” “Must be fate that I realize only today” “I was born for you even if you deny it” “I own nothing about myself anymore” “Let me share many more lives with you” “Shall I be the thought haunting you?” “Shall I be the footsteps leading your tale?” “Beauty is presented to me as fortune” “Shall I worship you with
love as the offering?” “Girija… Girija… I am thinking of you” “Girija… Girija… You are my breathe” “You are mine as you steal my heart” “You are cherished in my dreams”
“You’re my heart’s hope” [INAUDIBLE] Hey, there… Stop! Bro…
– Where were you yesterday? I went out and came, bro.
– You said you were scared to get out, right? Er… Bro… Why’d you return when you had gone? Um… Listen, bro… Why don’t you speak? Why are you charging on to me? Bro sent me. Uncle, did you? When did I send him? When did I send you, man?
– Why are you lying, bro? You only sent me out.
– Why would I lie? Ah! My brother-in-law is a loafer.
His sons are big loafers. I swear, bro. He sent me. Tell him, will you?
– Wait on… I only sent him. I was in pain and so,
I sent him to get pills. Why did you lie then?
– Pain was in an embarrassing area. So… [SINGING RANDOMLY] Bro, it’s you! My brother-in-laws are about to kill you. Please leave this house, bro. They are concentrating on
me due to free time, bro. Naming ceremony is in 4 days. They will get violent again. I will shift their focus to
never get violent in life. How will you do that? I will turn these fools into family men. I will teach them the value of family. How will that happen? I will follow British’s rule. Divide and rule…! I will watch you do it. Divide and rule policy…!
– Divide and rule policy…! Who is it?
– Brahmam… Parabrahmam… Check out the fancy number. Bro, aren’t you coming
until I am totally screwed? Look to your side. Ah! Bro…!
– Hey, don’t touch me! Fingerprints will appear. Bro, you should’ve got men with you.
– Pigs come in herds. Parabrahmam comes solo! Anyway, where’s that fool you mentioned? There he is,
He was eating my brains until now. Did you need my help to deal with this kid? You don’t know him, bro. He can sell sand in deserts.
– I can sell ice in Himalayas. He can sell us both together.
– Shut up! Got any cash on you? 500 bucks… How much is this? 750 rupees note?
– What’s the difference? 250 bucks… If you are an idiot, I am a bigger one.
Come on… Hey, uncle… Did you just come?
– Hmm… Uncle… Coming… Coming… Okay. Hey, kiddo…
I heard you were crossing limits. You are cussing me without introduction,
Who are you, sir? It’s my brother. He came from Ananthapuram. Oh… Is that why you are flared up?
– Hey…! Don’t kid around with Parabrahmam,
Your fate will turn about. Don’t be angry, father-in-law. Why does he call me father-in-law?
– That’s him. He calls you by a relation
and gets things done. Do something about him.
– Why are you getting father-in-law annoyed? Come with me. Let’s have whiskey.
– No! There would be some scheme in it. What’s the scheme in whiskey, bro? You talk too much.
– No… Listen… Where’s whiskey?
– There it is. Hey, he thinks I am a fool like you. What, father-in-law?
– Shut up! You think I don’t know about the bottle. You thought I didn’t know elder son
would smack me if I drank it? Sit down first. We can talk later.
– I will sit down. I know I’d be dead
if I touch that chair or that bottle. It’s not that chair, father-in-law.
It’s this chair. Ah, why’d you sit in this chair,
father-in-law? You are in deep trouble. No, son-in-law… What happened was… Alas! Father-in-law is not at fault, bro. Really?
– Hmm… I had a different opinion. He sat in bro’s chair without notice. Bro came and slapped him. He fell on the bottle and dropped it. What say, Sailendra? What happens if he sits in the chair? Both his cheek and the bottle are thrashed. Like this is the CM’s chair… You said there’s no scheme.
– You wait… You said there’s no scheme, right? This is no scheme. It’s a scam.
– What’s the difference? It’s a scheme if I make the sketch.
It’s a scam if you are screwed. I should increase the dosage.
– You said you’d bash him up. Come close…
– What? Ah, he bashed me! [SINGING RANDOMLY] He stinks already. Scent is an addition now. That is why it stinks around here. Hey, where he is going, dressed up gaudily? Where else? He’s going to his lover. We should shelve his lover
and get his wife back on board. How do we do it? Somehow… You mean? Hey… Someone get my medicines
from the Ayurveda doctor. I will go, sir. Do you know who he is
and where he stays? I will find out, sir.
– Okay then, go… Medicines for? Joint pains, you know… Don’t go there yelling Seshadri Naidu
has joint pains,Leave now… Hey…! If the doctor isn’t available,
ask his wife for the medicines. Okay, sir. Hey, who are you? Sir sent me. What for? He asked me to drive you
out of the village or kill you. I don’t believe that. He knows what happens around here. Hear him say it. Speaker phone… [PHONE BUZZING] Hello…
– Hello, sir… Is the work done, boy? No, sir.
– Why? He is sleeping. She is here but isn’t listening to me. She yelled at me asking me to leave.
– Even after mentioning my name? Yes, sir. Break her head and dump her in a river. I will take care of the rest. I didn’t want any bloodshed. So… But it’s okay. You don’t be tensed. I will think of something. Okay, sir. I request you. Leave me.
I will leave right away. You wait here. Take your hands off. Take these and run. She is faster than me. Show your card. I drop. [LAUGHS] Rascal! Why do you hit him, bro? You idiot! You lost your rings and watch to someone.
Why are you angry with us? Bro… Bro… How dare you hit me? Bro, no… Let go… Bro… Don’t fight. They are fighting, guys.
Why do you keep watching? Have you lost your minds? You guys have grown like buffaloes.
Why are you still fighting? Are you out of your mind? Where are your senses at?
Why are you fighting like that? Okay. Hey, Raghu… Call me
if you need anything. This is also your scheme, right?
– This is no scheme. It’s just the warm up. What? There’s more? Bro, you wouldn’t mind, right? Sir, brothers are fighting. Son-in-law is crying,
fearing his son’s health. Son-in-law…! Guys, you guys have grown like buffalos. Why are you fighting? You don’t care son-in-law is home. You are not worried about the baby’s health. You always talk about son-in-law. Is he more important than your sons? Son-in-law is more important to me.
Shut up and calm down. Damn it! Compared to you, Sakuni falls innocent, man. Don’t praise me, bro. I feel shy. Hold this.
– Okay, ma’am. You…! Will you eat
or shall I break your head? Eat, man… She will break it for real. Will you eat or not? I will eat. Don’t mess with me. That’s right.
– Eat… You will die starving otherwise. Open your mouth. Bro… I will fix a peg for you. Don’t be worried, bro.
– Why would I be worried? I am like a tiger. You know, sir said the same. He said his elder son is like a tiger. Really, bro… He said, ‘I called them buffaloes
and younger son raged.’ ‘Elder son didn’t say a word.’ ‘That is why I love him.’ Hmm… I asked, ‘You love him but you
only pamper your daughter’s son.’ ‘Aren’t your son’s kids your grandchildren?’ What did he say? My legs hurt. Shall I sit on the couch, bro? Sure… Sit… Thanks, bro. He said, ‘Elder son
kicked his wife and kids out.’ “I would nurture
them if they are here, right?’ There’s truth in it, you know. Hmm… Sir would respect you
if your wife and kids were home. You are right. You stick to that. I will run the remaining story. [SNORING] Hey, we should tell them Ajay is trouble. It’s the only way to kick him out. Hey, man… Hey, man… Hey, Seelavathi! How dare you steal all my rings? You deserve beatings. Ah, my nose is broken. He seems to be in a different mood. Let’s leave. He slaps you and you slap me. Freshen up, have breakfast
and go back to sleep, dear. Dad… Wow! Bro, your brain is the smartest. Wouldn’t you shake my hand? No! No! There’s some scheme in it too. No!
– There’s no scheme, man. What scheme can a hand shake have? You have foolish doubts. Sister-in-law, here’s the ring. Didn’t I tell you there was some scheme? He stole your ring.
– Go put this to bro’s finger. Blame me if he isn’t flattered. Why would outsiders go?
Only family would help. Bro, you are too smart. Father-in-law, won’t you
shake hands with me? What the hell! Is there
no end to your schemes? Wait on, man! Hey, come here. Is there no end to your schemes? The elder one settled
due to your grace. I hope you help the second
son marry and settle. Hmm…
-How is that? You are in trouble again. You guessed it right. Ajay is no ordinary guy. He is an expert at going unnoticed. Don’t get crazily drunk
and sleep tight. Use your brains and think. Bro… I will fix a peg for you. No water!
-Your liver will be spoiled, bro. Your elder bro hit you
in front of everyone. I am not sad about that. Sir scolded you in
everyone’s presence. Even that doesn’t make me sad. But, you abandoned
your love for sir… That makes me sad, bro. Get up! What for, bro?
-Sit in the chair, man. Some claim to be the
greatest in this area. But you abandoned your
love for your dad. You are great, bro! They don’t realize that. They don’t know my prowess. You have to do as I say
for them to notice you. What’s that? You have to marry that girl. Only then will they realize… You are of great caliber. Hmm… Not possible. I smacked her
and her father together. I will convince them, bro. How will you do that?
Are you trying to fool him? Father-in-law, wait on… Bro, you shall write her
a love letter urgently. But, that shall be with blood. Superb idea, bro! Uncle… ‘To Dear Sailaja…’ ‘I write with love.’ That’s great, bro! It should have a strong
statement at the end. Write ‘I have written this with blood.’ Father-in-law, you
are just awesome. ‘This is a love letter
written with my blood.’ Yeah! Bro, go give this to
your sister-in-law. Sure… Bro…! Father-in-law donated so
much blood for your love. Won’t you thank him? Thanks, uncle! Bro… Bro… What happened? Hey, I will leave this place. I can’t take it anymore. ‘This is a love letter
written with my blood.’ I accept. But dad wouldn’t, you know… I will convince him. Don’t be worried. How will you convince?
He hit my dad. He shall convince.
He has many schemes. He is no ordinary guy. It is ringing. Hello… Greetings…! We are speaking from
Mr Seshadri Naidu’s residence. You are invited for
tomorrow’s naming ceremony. Tell them I refused to come. Please stay on line
for a minute then. He himself wishes to speak. Don’t hang up. How will you get him to talk? Sir, your younger son Mrutyunjaya Naidu… Refuses to attend the naming ceremony. If you could just…
-Let me speak. How come you refuse to
attend the naming ceremony? How could a miss an
occasion in our family? No matter who is in my life…
You know you are my dearest. Forget about the function.
I wish to see you. Come for once. Sure… Hello… Will you be coming?
-Yeah. He’s coming. The naming
ceremony is tomorrow. My plot had reached
the final stage. It’s time for trouble in my life. I can do this. What if I elope with Jayamma? [CHANTING] Sir, look over there.
-Look… So cute! Over there… Over there too… Oi… Oi…! I feel really happy. I wonder if this is my home. Sir, do you want this joy forever?
-Forever and beyond… Then, I will tell you something. You shouldn’t get furious. All right, tell me. Let’s forgive the Mahendra Naidu family, sir. Let’s not forgive him. Let’s forgive his family. Let’s just kill Mahendra Naidu
and his brother. But, his poor innocent family… They wouldn’t keep calm
if we attack them. Our house is lustering with
daughter-in-laws and grandchildren. Even if one of them is attacked… Will this joy ever come back? There’s truth in what
he spoke, Seshadri. Think about it. Hey, sons…! I hereby declare we shall not
kill Mahendra Naidu’s family. Father-in-law, you are really great!
-Brother…! Are you saying it for real? Or, were you jinxed? Alivelu, I didn’t say I would
forgive Mahendra Naidu. Only his family…
Listen to me. Don’t try to change my mind. Get some sense into your head. I’ve been watching you. I’ve been watching since 10 days. The entire family had a change. You forgot a member of
our family is dead. The elder son is chasing
his wife around. The younger one is
romancing that witch. And you are busy cuddling
with your grandson. Everyone ignored our
vengeance to play around. Shut up now! I am also weeping your husband’s loss. I didn’t forget our vengeance.
Remember that and get inside. [DIALING] Girija…
-Sweetheart… Problem is almost solved. No one will mess with our family again. You guys can go back to your homes. Did you tell our family? No matter who leaves..
I will stay right here. I shall be waiting for you. No…!
-I am not listening. I will stay right with you hereafter. I will always be by your side. “Chillax…!” “Chillax…!” “Chillax…!” “Chillax…!” “Chillax…! Get wild!” “Romance is pulling my hand toward” “Chillax…! Get wild!” “My drapes fall for your temptation” “You are a major and so am I” “Both of us together and it’s dangerous” “You are a major and so am I” “Future awaits our marriage” “Chillax…!” “Chillax…! Get wild!” “Chillax…!” “Chillax…! Get wild!” Keep rocking! “Your temper makes me feel tingled” “What would he do as it gets chilly?” “My eyes claim they can wait no more” “Come charge on to me and have fun” “Why do you seem to be in a rush?” “Don’t keep me aroused for long” “Pouring kisses…!’ “Chillax…!” “Chillax…! Get wild!” “Chillax…!” “Chillax…! Get wild!” “Get just bloomed jasmines for yourself” “Hurry up before my rage cools down” “Get the drums beating” “Marry me in excitement” “A kiss is all I ask of you” “Don’t get mischievous with me” “Don’t ask me about it” “Chillax…!” “Chillax…! Get wild!” “Chillax…!” “Chillax…! Get wild!” Pardon me for being late. But, you are finally here. Hey, what are you doing here? What? Do you know this guy? Who do you think he is? He is
Mahendra Naidu’s brother’s son. Why the hell would I be
Mahendra Naidu’s brother’s son? Bro, he must’ve been mistaken.
Ask him not to bother too much. It’s him! It’s him, sir! He only bashed us and your younger son. Hey, you… You bloody…! Bro, listen to me… Bro, your brother is safe
with us in our village. Bro…
-You are caught, man. Hit him! Hit him! Catch him! Don’t leave him. Hey, stop him! Seshadri Naidu’s son is
somewhere in our village. Find him and kill him. My men found out you are here. I will get you across the village.
Escape from there. Let me tackle them. No! There’s too many of them.
They will kill you on the spot. Come fast… Where are you running, man? This way…!
-Come on… Faster…! Hey…
-Sir… Sir… Wait on… Wait on, dad! Listen to me. Stop!
Don’t hit him. Kill him, guys.
-Listen to me. Chop his head off! Kill him.
-Don’t hit him. Uncle, stop… Please… Uncle… Leave him…
-Let go… Let go… Don’t hurt him. Stop, uncle… Uncle…!
-Move aside. Uncle, no… Stop!
-Move… I will kill all of you. Uncle, you tell him. Please…
-Move out of the way! You are kids. You know nothing.
Go home. Act like sensible adults then. Ajay hid him in our village. If you kill him now… The issue will be back
to square one again. Bro, listen to me. Kill him, guys! I don’t think we will be
out of this village alive. But, I believe. Ajay bro will save us. Shut up! He’s good for nothing.
-You shut up! Who do you think was
saving us all this while? It wasn’t your
brothers or his men. Ajay was… You play with our families
in the name of revenge. But, Ajay is risking
his life to save us. I worked so hard to keep
the fury of revenge going. But, you put the flare off, turning
this family into a peaceful one. I now see you feeling
shivers down your spine. You must be thinking you
plotted everything. No. You are just a player. We laid down the real plot. I have some good news
for you before you die. We only killed Garika Naidu. In this constituency… Either Mahendra Naidu or
Seshadri Naidu get the seat. Shouldn’t a third person come up? Don’t we feel like being
in the Parliament? Wouldn’t we want to earn wealth?
That’s why… That’s why I began all of this. Now, you are here and
Mrutyunjaya Naidu over there. Both of you will die. Story comes back to square one again. I didn’t fall silent out of fear. I was waiting to know what
the matter is all about. You say ‘we’ all the time. Who else is with you? Tell me. Tell me!
-I will tell you. Purushotham Naidu… He said he’d make me MP and
run everything from behind. He only told me you were
in Seshadri Naidu’s house. He made me reveal it. What is it, priest?
-I don’t know, sir. I was involved in your tussles. Sir, he is the actual traitor. You are dead today. Sir…! You are the elder one. Listen to me… What are you guys looking at?
Kill him! Come on…
If I feared dying… I wouldn’t even enter this village. Come on… Come on, you pimps! Stop it! Seshadri, here’s your son. If you believe we killed
your brother-in-law… We accept any punishment you give us. Sir, you didn’t kill
Garika Naidu to be true. That pimp did! Catch that pimp, my brother! Hey…!
-Sailendra, stop! Why do you take the
trouble of killing him? Hand him over to your sister-in-law.
She shall deal with him. Ajay… Let’s go home, dear. Uncle… One minute… You see… I know you
are behind all this. You will be killed right away
if I take your name. But, that’s not what I want. You’d weep your entire life a
kid had let you live in agony. That’s what I want. You shouldn’t just get
away from politics. You should want to
get away from life. Or else, I will kill you, grandpa. I will only kill you. Bye, sir… [CHANTING] You’ve become my brother-in-law. Greetings, Mr. MP… Greetings… Mr. MP… How does that sound? And that’s Ajay’s victorious tale… I still don’t get it. Why’d
he act like that with Gita? Let me tell you what
actually happened. To be true… Gita herself called him into the
room and asked to elope with her. Why don’t you speak? My foot! He must have
cooked up a story. He only asked me to elope with him. Is it?
-Mother’s promise… Hi, colorful girls…
How are you? You are dead today! What’s wrong with her? She got to know about us. Is it? Actually, I have a perfect explanation.
Back then… I was quite young.
She was also beautiful. Even you weren’t in full form. I mean… You know… Hey…! Hey…!
-Girija…! Girija…! Hey Ajay…! Guys, why do you leave
like you are busy. Oh, sorry. You are busy indeed. All the people who toiled for
the film’s betterment… You should have a look at them.
Chillax and watch! Start the music! [SUBTITLES BY TITLES MEDIA] “Hollywood or Bollywood…
Chillax!” “Monday or Sunday…
Chillax!” “No matter who messes with me…
I say Chillax!” “Chillax!” “Chillax!” “Chillax!” Hey, 100 bucks…
That’s mine. Bro, that’s my money. What’s the proof? The number 100 is printed on it. There’s also Gandhi’s picture
and Governor’s signature on it. Damn it! Take it. How come he remembers everything? “Hollywood or Bollywood…
Chillax!” “Summers or monsoons…
Chillax!” Uncle, I’ll tell you something.
Don’t panic. What is it?
-Don’t panic. That’s the word. Hey…!
-Don’t hit me, uncle. I am in pain too. What’s the pain for? You know who came to my room in a white
sari, adorned with jasmines last night? Who did?
-No one. That’s my pain. Why don’t you let me marry your daughter?
-You bloody! “Even if you forget hometown
to explore… Chillax!” “Even if you forget mother
tongue for English… Chillax!” “Even if you don’t donate any of
your wealth… Chillax!” “Even if you get drunk and
ignore your parents… Chillax!” “Everybody there…!” “Keep the party alive!” “Hey, you…!” “Gandipet or Mandapet…
Chillax!” “Mornings or afternoons…
Chillax!” “All the people… You’ve
got to be chillax!” “Anytime… Any place… My heart
is always saying chillax!” “You know it’s my policy. Chillax!” “Chillax!” “Chillax!” “Always say, Chillax!” “No matter how many stars come and go” “Mr. NTR is cool!” “Isn’t Taj Mahal cool than
the towering heights?” “Chilli fritters sound cool than
pizzas, burgers and sandwiches” “Everybody there!” “Keep the party alive!” “Hey, you!” “Hollywood or Bollywood…
Chillax!” “Monday or Sunday…
Chillax!” “Be your own friend” “You are cool when you
have a good heart” “Chillax!” “Chillax!” “Chillax!” “Chillax!”


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