Binghamton Major Minute – Theatre

My name is Daniel Nigro and I’m a Theatre major at Binghamton University . . . from Holtsville, New York. I came to Binghamton as a Bio Chem major and auditioned for the main stage shows . . . got a call back and the second I walked on the stage, I knew that Theater was what I wanted to do . . . for the rest of my life . So, I took a “leap of faith,” and changed my major. My favorite class has been “Voice,” with Anne Brady. We go through the “Linklater” vocal progression . . . and we’re really lucky to have a Linklater designated teacher . . . here at Binghamton University. I am not in any clubs associated with the major because as a Theater major . . . when you are cast in a main stage show, rehearsals are 7-11, Monday through Friday and . . . and, 10-5 on Saturday, but it’s fun and you’re with all of your friends all day . . . so, it’s great. What was something that surprised me? We’re a big, loving family here at the Theater Department. Nobody’s fighting for parts. We’re not cuthroat. We want to see each other get better. We want to see everyone succeed and thrive . . . And, that’s really special. And, where do I see in five to ten years in the city, auditioning . . . on broadway, in TV and film , doing what I love everyday. Did I do it? (Laughing) That has been the Theater major in 60-seconds at Binghamton University.

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