BLINDED BY THE LIGHT – A Fan’s Dream – Now Playing In Theaters

♪♪ – First day, start at
the top and stay there. If you want to succeed,
study hard. [chatter] Stay away from the girls! ♪ Don’t… ♪ – My name is
Sarfraz Manzoor and I wrote the book,
“Greetings from Bury Park” which is the inspiration for,
“Blinded by the light.” It’s a story about
my teenage years when I was lucky enough to
discover Bruce Springsteen, who’s lyrics inspired me to
pursue my dreams. – I want to be a writer
but my family is stuck in another century. – Writing isn’t a job,
I need you to do more. – I was always
interested in writing, it just didn’t
seem possible. – I’m really sorry.
Who’s that? – The boss.
– Who’s boss? – The boss of us all. ♪ Everybody’s got
a hungry heart… ♪ – I first met Sarfraz when
he had written and article about Bruce Springsteen in
the paper and I was like, “Wow, here’s another Asian
person who likes Springsteen, that’s really unusual.” – Tell me about the boss. What does he know
about our world? – Bruce, the direct mind to all
this true in this shitty world. – It was Springsteen that
affected why I do what I do. So, I wanted to write a book
which was a tribute to the power of his
music and how it can change somebody’s life. Better in mind,
that was in 2007. – He showed me a very
early copy of it and I said, “This is great.” “This isn’t a movie
cause it’s a memoir but I know how to
turn it into a movie.” ♪ I’m just living in
a dump like this… ♪ – I could feel it
all right here. It’s like Bruce knows
everything I’ve ever felt. – I said, “There’s
no way this film is going to happen without,
Bruce Springsteen’s blessing.” As luck would have it, I was
invited to the premiere of, “The Promise” and
Bruce was coming. – Rather than
inviting her husband, we were both there together. – As he approached,
he saw Sarfraz and there aren’t many Pakistanis
with afros in the front row of Bruce concerts. He recognized him
and he walks over. – How you doing? – The book was really beautiful.
– Thank you. – We should have
a chat about it. I wanna make a film of it. – Okay.
– And I’m the director. [chatter] Your kids really love my movie.
– They do. – The next thing we had to
do was write a script that Bruce would like. – This was 5 years, from 2012. – After the script
went off to Bruce, it was very nerve-racking
because we didn’t know if he even remember us. – I get phone call and
its Gurinder and she said, “We just heard from, Bruce.”
“What did he say?” – He said,
“I’m good with this, go for it”” ♪♪ – It’s like the most crazy
thing in the world to have somebody who’s music utterly
defined and shaped you. Tell you that he has spent
time reading your story. – When you hear the
music that speaks to you, it makes your life change. – My poems,
they’re not brilliant, but their mine. – This a crazy dream. In my head I was thinking,
kid from a Pakistani background. Loves an unlikely hero,
helps change his life… a sort of thing
could possibly make a film and then we actually did it. ♪♪ – The story of,
“Blinded by the light” is to say dreams
can come true. – It’s about hope and
how do we change our lives for the better. ♪ Cause tramps like us ♪ ♪ Baby we were born to run ♪ – Bruce sings about not
letting the hardness of the world stop you from letting
the best of you slip away. – Purpose of your visit? – I’m going to see Bruce
Springsteen’s home town. – I can’t think of
a better reason to visit the United States and to see
the home of “The Boss.” ♪♪


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