BLINDLY – French drama short film

Good morning everyone, it’s 6 o’clock,
you’re listening to France Inter. You’ve just heard Tracy Chapman
and David Bowie. We’re going to end the night
and begin the day together. And now “Info Nation”
with Etienne Marguin. Good morning Alex, good morning everyone.
An extraordinary meteorite shower tonight in Cambodge Less extraordinary now: left party primaries.
But first, news from… As a matter of fact, no news from the former Defense Minister,
found to be missing since this weekend. This morning, after a 72-hour search,
there’s still no sign of the former Minister Dominic Prosges. No claim, no suspect. Let’s hear at what our reporter
who’s on the spot has to say, Sylvain Farey. Police are still investigating,
using all the means they have. However, the origin of the former
Defense Minister’s disappearance remains unknown. I’ll be by Mr. Prosges’ family’s side at the end of the day,
as well as Captain Gilbert Roulais, superintendent, to find out more about the last
developments of the investigation. According to the AFP,
investigators have actually no evidence but the police stay confident
as Captain Gilbert Roulais explains: “We are examining several possibilities,
have set up several blockades within the region. At the moment,
the most likely theory would be the removal that took place not far from his residence,
during his jog. We consider the possibility of a political act.” So? What does it look like? A real monster! Oh yeah… 22. A classic, but you don’t need more.
It does the job. Did you find it in a fairground? I might be a bit crazy,
but not a total freak. I don’t want to kill myself. Caution. You remember the rules, right? Yeah, yeah. Don’t worry… See? I told you.
He’s dead. No, look, he’s still breathing. Slept tight? There seems to be some lucky devils… Definitely not the Caesar Palace,
but it’s worth having a look, right? My buddy and I are going to play a little game Let’s call it… The Two Bullets Game! Tonight Ladies and Gentlemen,
we’re about to see a very rare show, but utterly dangerous! My dear woodland fellows,
may I introduce you the two fighters of the evening… On my left: Worldwide Cowboy! Known to be one of the five
greatest motherfuckers of the world! Against him: all-round champion, the magnificent, the almighty, capitalist hunter, let’s call him…
The Ultimate Guide. -Manu, can you tell him the rules, please?
-You know how it works, right? Target at random!
And then wait! You can do it!
Let me talk you through the details of our little game… You’ve got two bullets for one target. If you make the slightest move,
the game is over for you. The slightest move. Take that rifle!
I’ll stand behind you! You’ll see…
It’s a great feeling! If you act the fool,
I blow your face out! Shoot! Come on! I said, shoot! Hey, that was close! Not too bad grandpa!
Not too bad. But you’re not there yet. Come on! What are you doing?
I thought weapons were your thing… What’s going on? It gives you a boner, right? Steel makes you horny, right? The boy is shaking like a leaf! You only have one chance left!
Try harder! Feel the deflagration, the violence!
The powder! I thought you’d like it!
I’m disappointed… Come on, we don’t have time. -Come on grandpa, what are you waiting for?
-I said shoot! I said shoot! Give me that! Stan!
Stan! Fuck no! Shit! All clear?
Did you knock him out? Yeah, seen what I’ve done,
he won’t wake up. Tie him up!
I want to go home before it gets dark. 4 hours ago, two forrest rangers
found the body of Dominic Prosges in the shattered castle of Montricheaud
in la Sarthe, near Le Mans. Dominic Prosges was found unconscious but healthy.
He had bruises on his jaw. Abductors crossed several departments. We were able to get hold of the letter
that has been found on the spot. Here’s what it says: “We have captured Dominic Prosges,
the former Defense Minister, in order for him to understand
that his actions are not inconsequential and how foolish supplying weapons
all around the world is. Even today, his deeds from when he was
the Defense Minister still have consequences. He is accountable for the massacre
of thousands of innocents. I’ve put Dominic Prosges at the end of that chain
of which he was, and still is, the critical link. I wanted him to be initiated to the terror
that the governement exports, without even knowing who
is going to hold those weapons eventually, without knowing where, when and who they will kill… Blindly

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