BMPCC 4K VS BMCC 2.5K (My Thoughts on the two cinema cameras)

hello Claus here and welcome back to
another video so in this video I want to take out the old classic the Blackmagic
Cinema Camera and compare it to the Blackmagic pocket Cinema Camera which is
right here how do these two compare and other still a purpose of this old camera
so let’s find out so further ado let’s get right to it
okay so URM outside testing the Blackmagic Cinema Camera and I’m trying
to do some interesting shots but that’s really hard because there is nothing
interesting where I’ll if it’s such a boring place so I wish I lived in New
York or something which would have been more fun I think
but let’s shoot some footage first up we’ll shoot something with the cinema
camera let’s have a look yeah okay we are standing with the shot then with a
little great applied and as you can see it is a pretty lovely image already and
it will continue again with the Blackmagic Cinema Camera 2.5 the cave is
shut of course in HD and it does produce a pretty nice to meet you okay and Here
I am testing out the Blackmagic pocket 4k camera shooting in HD and it is a
little bit easier to work with because the screen is not so reflective as the
cinema camera and again here with the pocket 4k camera with a great applied
and it will see on these images it’s not as noisy in the dark areas of the
image again here we are back with the cargo camera again with a little great
applied and here we are with the classic Cinema Camera
I still think it does a beautiful image though okay so now we have done some
initial tests outside and it was pretty hard because of because of the screens
and the general Sun so we’ll continue doing some other tests let’s go inside
and here with the old classic again all these shots were done with no light
suppliant just natural lights so again here we are with the pocket camera the
exact same shots more or less as much it was possible again no lights
apply just in camera and for this test I actually just and this is the raw
footage from the Blackmagic Cinema Camera and it’s some basic shot space a
some basic shots not too interesting but what I wanted to test out here is how
they actually the difference in the look and here of course we are with the
pocket camera and the all the settings are exactly the same and it came out a
little more yellow in the pocket camera which you can of course correct that so
the next thing I wanted to test out is how would it be if you use the two
different cameras and edit those together and that’s what I did with this
shot here and I guess you can see the difference
and then of course I did the same thing again but this time I just did a little
color great on top of everything so it should match somehow and of course you
can see which is which because the cinema camera is a bit more noisy than
the pocket camera so the two cameras have similar in and
outputs and actually has some of the same features and and I do think that
the pocket 4k camera is more inspired by the cinema camera than the original
pocket camera by the way and anyway they they have each different quirks and
different things and even though you can buy the cinema camera the classic one
used for pretty cheap you can’t find it at the price you are getting the pocket
4k for so at the end when you have to choose what you want to use it’s all
about the aesthetics of it so I must say that the classic cinema camera it is
still a great camera has a great look but it does struggle a bit compared to
the pocket 4k when it comes to low-light and all of that but that’s not the point
anyway of this video so this was not even any scientific video about these
two cameras it was just like my initial thoughts about it anyway
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