Bollywood Full Movies–Ankur Maina Aur Kabootar- अंकुर मैना और कबूतर -Hindi Dubbed Movies-Jungle Film

Come, let’s go and check
why the ship is not moving. Will we ever reach Mauritius? No!
– Help! What’s the noise all about, Gangadin? Let’s see. Come this side!
– Move. Come here, Pinky. Come this side. We’ll have to shoo away the eagle.
– God! What’s happening here? Come. It’s very strange. Why did you harass the bird? Have you never seen a bird before? What harm can
these poor birds do to you? It’s really strange.
The birds and animals are… scared of the entire world.
What harm will they do to you? Sir, they’re scared to death. Come, let’s take it to its cage. Listen.
– Yes? Who freed it from the cage? Ankur, was that you? Grandpa… – It is too frightened.
Let’s put it back in its cage. Yes, let’s go.
– Sure. I should keep the two of you,
locked in a cage. I got away. Hello. My name is Ankur Sinha. You just met my grandpa, didn’t you? He is Doctor Bhagirathprasad Sinha. He is an ornithologist.
You didn’t get me, did you? Ornithologist means a person
who studies the science of birds. He has turned our house into a zoo. But there’s one thing. My grandpa
is very fond of birds. And you now saw how much
the birds love him. We’re going to Mauritius. I joined
because I’m having my holidays. Gangadin accompanies grandpa
to every place. Gangadin is grandpa’s… …right hand! Ankur! Here comes grandpa’s right hand.
See you. Have this juice.
– No. This is not milk, but juice.
C’mon, have it. Sir asked me how the eagle
came out of its cage. I’ll open the cage and show you. Don’t do that. The eagle will reach
Mauritius before we do. Mr. Gangadin, I’ve heard
that Mauritius very beautiful. I’ve heard that too.
I’m going there for the first time. It’s said that when our forefathers
were brought here as labors… …they were told that
Mauritius is a country of gold. It truly is, a paradise on earth. People of different religions
live together in harmony, here. Hello.
– Dr. Sinha, welcome to Mauritius. We’ve been waiting for you. Finally, I have arrived.
– Come, son. He is Dhanesh.
– You are welcome, sir. Hello, how are you?
– I’m fine. Hello.
– He is my grandson, Ankur. You’re welcome. Gangadin, please hold this for me.
– He is with us, from India. Dr. Sinha, welcome to Mahatma
Gandhi institute. – Thank you. He is Mr. Sharma. He is working
with me on the project. Hello.
– Hello. Welcome to you, sir.
– Thank you. Greetings.
– Please come in. Come, Gangadin. Please come.
– Wow! It’s beautiful. Mahatma Gandhi had got
good influence on this place. Our ship halted there for 4 hours. Our best wishes for your operation,
‘Pink Pigeon’. Childrens have arranged a program
on stage, specially for you. There’s a pink pigeon in the show,
which is waiting for you. Let us watch it. We welcome India’s famous Ornithologist,
Dr. Bhagirathprasad Sinha… …with a song by the children. In this song, the residents of
Mauritius and other living beings… …invite a pink pigeon
to their place… …and ask it to live with them. “Dear bird, come flying to us;
Join us all and sing a song.” “Dear bird, come flying to us;
Sing a wonderful song for us.” “Dear bird, come flying to us;
Sing a wonderful song for us.” “Dear bird, come flying to us;
Sing a wonderful song for us.” “Get little straws,
one after the other.” “And make a beautiful stream.” “Get little straws,
one after the other.” “And make a beautiful stream.” “Come close to us.” “Join us to sing a song.” “Join us to sing a song.” “Dear bird, come flying to us.” “Sing a wonderful song for us.” “Dear bird, come flying to us.” “Sing a wonderful song for us.” “Sing a wonderful song for us.” “Sing a wonderful song for us.” Ankur, are you getting bored? Sir! I’m opening this box.
– No, don’t open it. We won’t need it here.
– Alright, sir. Are we going to some other place? You told me, we’ll be in Mauritius.
– Yes, I told you that. But our work is not in the city.
We need to go to the black river area. We won’t find pink pigeons, here.
– Why not? Pigeons are found in the city.
We find them everywhere in India. Those Pigeons live in homes. But the pigeons we’re in search of,
live in the jungles. They are so strange. They’re not strange, but very rare. You would never have
seen such pigeons. Hello, Dr. Sinha.
– Hello. Please come, Mr. Sharma.
I’m glad you came. Take a look at this. I’ve made some preparations for
operation ‘Pink Pigeon’. Please check it. – The forest
department has some plans too. I’ll submit this report to them.
– Come, let’s go out. That will be good.
– Come on. Come. I’m Ankur. And you? I’m Maina. Maina?!
– Yes. What games do you play? ‘Snake and ladder’, ‘Antakshari’, ‘Hide and seek’ and we play
many other games. Do you fly kite? No, I don’t.
But people do fly kites. Wow! That’s really fun. You must not be celebrating
‘Diwali’ here. Why, not? ‘Diwali’ is our biggest festival.
– Really? It’s so beautiful. The hotel has made a small
stream and a small hill. There are no long rivers, here. I haven’t seen
tall mountains, either. I love mountains.
– There are so many in India. There are mountains which is
full of snow throughout the year. Wow! It must be so beautiful. You come to our place.
– I’ll definitely come, some day. Maina.
– Yes, dad. Sir, we’ll take your leave now. I’ll finish making
all arrangements, today itself. I have no worries
as long as you’re here. Take this. Have you befriended Ankur?
– Yes, we’re good friends now. Are you leaving?
– Yes, I am. Don’t be so disheartened.
We’ll keep meeting. Is that true, uncle?
– Absolutely. Maina, let’s go. Come on, Ankur. Maina, come soon. Come in, sir. This is the house. That’s the study table. Come this side.
There’s a room here. There 3-4 rooms more. Welcome, sir. I’m Manilal.
It’s my privilege. Please come. He is Manilal. He is from our
department to assist us. I’m your forest assistant, sir. Manilal, speak in Hindi. He is not from England, but India.
– I’m so sorry, sir. Hindi! Greetings, sir.
– Hi Manilal. Come, I’ll show you around the house. Please come. This is my room.
– So you’ll stay here? I’ll show you the other rooms. How do you find the house, doctor?
– It’s very nice. All comforts are taken care of. Ankur, this is the house.
– It’s very nice, grandpa. Welcome, sir.
– Hello Manilal. Come, please.
– Come, Ankur. Please come, Ankur. Please come in. Manilal, stop talking and
get the luggage in. C’mon.
– Yes, sure. Give it to me. What are you doing? This is not
your job. Give it to me. Gangadin… – I’m here
to do all this. You relax. Relax?! I could’ve stayed back home,
if I had to rest. Ankur, move aside. Give me way. Manilal.
– Yes, what can I do for you? Is kite available here?
– Yes, of course. Do you get varieties?
– Yes. The chinese make huge kites
in the shape of dragon. Will you please get me one?
– Sure. I’ll get you as many as you want. Stop chatting or we won’t finish
unloading the luggage till night. Yes, sir. I have lot of work. Move. Manilal!
– Yes, sir. Yes?
– Who was she? She is Madam Zozo. Zozo!
– Yes. Why are people scared of her? I’ll tell you that later.
Come with me. Suspense! It seems to be
a big mystery. What else does she do? Madam Zozo is a powerful sorceress. Really?
– Yes. She goes to
the graveyard at midnight. What does she do there? On no moon nights, she turns into
a dangerous witch. Manilal, have you ever seen a witch? I have never seen one. I heard that she killed a man. Did he fight with her?
– Yes. He had a fight with her.
– Then? She turned him into a rat,
with her black magic. Madam Zozo turned a man into a rat?!
– Yes. And her cat ate the rat. She is very dangerous. But the villagers respect her a lot. She cures people who are ill,
with her magic. I see. That is why, everyone is
scared of the enchantress. I don’t believe in magic. I believe in it. Magic do exist. Let us ask grandpa.
– Ankur. Let’s ask Gangadin, then. You may ask me whatever you want,
tomorrow. Manilal, you leave. It’s too late. Children should not stay
awake till late night. Now, sleep. C’mon, sleep.
– Gangadin. Have you ever seen a witch?
– A witch? It is all rubbish.
Witches do not exist. Now, sleep or you’ll get
nightmares. Good boy. I’ll now
turn the lights off. Ankur… As you all know… …your beautiful country was once,
full of trees, birds and animals. But now, dodo, black parrots… …and those huge turtles
have become extinct. The same is happening
with the pink pigeons. If we don’t save them… …they’ll disappear from this
land too, just like the dodos. But the question is not just about
dodos, parrots or pink pigeons. It’s about our lives. It’s about the entire universe. It’s about the nature. In order
to maintain its balance… Grandpa will keep talking. The villagers have no option
but to pay attention to him. I’ve heard this many times before. I’m going to fly kite. Doctor, you shared with us
valuable information, today. Thank you so much. We’re relying on you for the rest. I’ll take your leave now.
– Sir, let’s go. Bye, sir.
– Bye. Bye.
– Bye. Bye. I’ve to go to take medicines, today.
– Carry on. You’ll be fine, tomorrow. Since when is she having fever?
– Last night. Was she alright before that?
– Yes, she was playing. Did she vomit?
– Yes, twice. Give this with honey once now
and once at night. Now, you may leave. Your child will be normal
and active by tomorrow. – Okay. Hello, madam.
– Come. You got late today.
– Yes. Actually… …I’d been to Dr. Sinha’s place
for a meeting. Doctor?! Who is this new doctor,
in our village? What is he here for? – I failed to
understand everything that he said. He was talking about
pink pigeon and the jungle. How many people are they?
– Three of them. Dr. Sinha, his help… …and a child. Child?! Take it. Here! Yes… Wow! Manilal!
You look like a soldier! Yes, sir. Gangadin, did you follow me? Yes, sir.
– Grandpa, where are you going to? I’m going to the jungle,
in search of pink pigeons. Yes. – Is it? Give me a minute.
I’ll just get ready. Gangadin, where are my shoes? Ankur, you’re not
coming with us today. But why? I accompanied you
so I can see the pink pigeons. I’ll definitely show you
pink pigeons, but not today. Why? – Because we still
don’t know where they live. That’s the reason,
I’m not joining him either. First, let me find their abode.
Then I’ll take you for sure. But grandpa…
– Don’t be stubborn. I’ll definitely take you,
next time. I promise. Alright? C’mon, smile now. Gangadin, take care of him.
– Sure. Let’s go, Manilal. Gangadin, take care of him.
– Yes, sir. Why are you making faces?
You monkey! Bye.
– Let’s go inside. Sir… That’s a straight path.
– Quiet. Manilal.
– Yes, sir? I don’t think it’s this side. We won’t find pink pigeon, here.
– We’ll find it, sir. Don’t stop trying. Let’s go. Let’s try on the other side
of the forest. Be careful, Manilal.
– Yes, sir. Manilal!
– Yes. We’ve made a mistake again.
– What mistake, sir? There’s water and rocks, this side. Let’s go back, sir.
We’ll find an alternate way. Come, sir.
– Come, let’s try that too. You must be tired of walking.
Have some water, sir. Give it to me. You have it, too.
– Yes, sir. Let’s go. Manilal, we made a mistake. What?
– There’s no way to go down. I think, the direction was wrong. No, sir. All the directions and paths
lead to the same place, sir. – Is it? We’re stuck, now. You’re right, sir.
– What is the way out, now? There is no other way, sir. No. I have an idea. We can have an aerial survey. Mr. Sharma can arrange a helicopter. You got it right. Let’s meet the
officers of Air Mauritius tomorrow. I think, our work will be done. Come, let’s go fast. Manilal, take all things out. Alright, sir. Grandpa, how was your day?
– It was very good. You must’ve had great fun in the
helicopter. – My job is done. Did you feel giddy?
– Why would I? Did you roam the entire jungle? Of course, I flied over
the entire jungle. Did you find the pigeons?
– Yes, I did. I also found the path to the spot.
– Won’t you take me now? I’ll surely take you,
but please let me freshen up. Tomorrow, we’ve to go to the forest.
So, I’ll have to sleep early. Very good boy.
You will have to sleep early. Now, come with me.
Get my bag. Don’t be naughty. Hello. God bless you. Very good. Sharma has done a wonderful job. Don’t be scared, Manilal. Come. I’m coming, sir.
– Come. Look at that. Sir, that’s the white tail bird
of Mauritius. Very good, Manilal.
You recognised it right. But where’s the pink pigeon? This looks like a pink pigeon. Look at that.
Give me the big binocular. Yes! Manilal, look there. That’s a pink pigeon. Look. Look! Wow! It’s so beautiful, sir. Yes, it is very beautiful. Give it to me. There’s a monkey. Oh! God. The monkeys are eating up
its eggs. What are they doing? That’s really dangerous, sir. This is ridiculous! They’re also breaking its nest. They’re destroying the pigeons. We will have to
do something about it, Manilal. It’s clearly evident that
the monkeys ruin the pink pigeons. They don’t spare the pigeon’s eggs
and nest. How will they survive? It’s necessary to
save them from the monkeys. Sir, the monkeys are doing them
so much harm. Then why don’t the pigeons
make their nest elsewhere? That’s the innocence of the birds. Once they learn to live in a place,
they don’t wish to leave it. Grandpa, why can’t we catch
the monkeys and keep them in a zoo? No, son. That will be
injustice to the monkeys. We have to think about
saving the pink pigeons… …and not ruining the balance
of the jungle. Sir, why don’t you think of a way
to keep them away from the pigeons? You are… It’s a very good idea. We can catch the pink pigeons
and keep them in a cage. We can take care of them
so that they can lay eggs. And from those eggs,
more pink pigeons will come out. That will be real fun, grandpa. Yes. And… We can later, release the newborns
in some other area of the jungle. Yes, sir. The pink pigeons will
thus not get extinct from Mauritius. Sir… We were waiting for you.
We have some good news. I know. We already spoke
over the phone. Go and play with Ankur.
– Alright. Let’s play ‘Antakshari’. Shall we start?
– Yes. Mr. Sinha, it’s a brilliant idea
to breed the pink pigeons in cage. It’s a fantastic idea. Mr. Sharma, it’s a new experiment.
We’re not sure if we’ll succeed in it. Sir, I’m sure,
we’ll definitely succeed. Gangadin, it’s a new bird. It may or may not lay eggs
in a cage. We will have to be prepared
to face any obstacle. Mr. Sharma, the problem is… …how to catch the bird. I have a suggestion.
– Please go ahead. International scouts and guides are
camping in Mauritius, these days. Really?
– They want to meet you. I had discussed with them,
about you and also this project. They will be here in a day or two. We can take them to the forest
to catch pink pigeons. No, Mr. Sharma.
This is not child’s play. Think about it.
They’re children. They will get to learn from you. Sir, let them take advantage of
your knowledge, too. Gangadin, you’re getting too
involved in my work. Why don’t you go and take a dip
in the pond, here? If you permit me,
I’ll surely do that. Okay, go.
– Okay. Alright Mr. Sharma, you may call them.
– Okay. Dear children… …I want to share a small problem
with you all. You know, our dear planet,
Mother Earth is facing a crisis. And this crisis is man made. Man has been cutting down trees
and also using up the sea. This is damaging the natural
ecological balance. Where we could earlier see greenery,
now there are deserts. We used to have plenty of rains,
but now we’re facing droughts. And places which were pleasant are
now facing storms and earthquakes. We must remember,
the nature is tolerating all this. But it will show its wrath,
someday. If we don’t control ourselves… …the nature will lose its control… …and gradually, human life
will be endangered. We often forget, if a single
living thing gets extinct from Earth… …natural balance is damaged. Operation Pink pigeon, for which
you all are here… …is an attempt to maintain
this natural balance. Today, we are going to the
black river forest to catch them. Won’t you join me?
– Yes, we’ll join you. Mr. Sharma, pink pigeons… …cannot be caught with the help
of a trap. It’s not that easy. There are very few of them left. After giving it a deep thought,
I find this idea better. Let’s make
this kind of a cage in the jungle. It will have a window here
that will work as a trap. We’ll tie a thread to this which
I shall hold and sit here. Let’s put some grains over here
and see what happens. Maybe, the pigeons will come
from the forest to this side. But you already have
a pink pigeon here. No. That’s not a pink pigeon. It’s just a dummy, pink in color.
– Okay. The pink pigeons will mistake it
for a pigeon… …and come. It will be a sign for us
to identify our cage. Let’s take this last change.
I think we should be successful. Take a close look at it.
Please have a look. I’ll get a similar cage built, sir. Sir, Pink pigeon!
– Be quiet, Manilal. Sir, there it is.
– Quiet! Manilal, I caught it. Thank you. Wow! The pink pigeon is so beautiful. Yes. – But why did you get
such a huge cage built for them? They fight with each other in
small cages. So, I made big ones. Gangadin, listen carefully.
Make sure, they’re comfortable. I’ve already explained you about
its food habits. You explain it to Manilal.
– Sure, sir. I won’t bear any negligence
in this work. Do worry not, sir.
I’ll take care of them. It’s a delicate job. A small mistake will
ruin all our efforts. You need to love them like kids.
Do you understand? – Yes, sir. Pamper them like you pamper kids.
– Ankur! My grandpa is better than mom
in this job. Ankur… It’s not good to intervene
in nature’s routine. Nature maintains its own balance
by keeping alive who deserves… …and by eradicating those who don’t. What can you do if Dodos
do not exist? What difference will it make,
if few pigeons do not exist? Tell me! Answer me!
What difference will it make? Whatever they’re doing is
against God’s will. People who work against
God’s will… …will never succeed. Calamity will strike upon them. You wait and watch how natural
calamity will strike upon them… …and also their pigeons. What’s the matter? Sir, the pigeons
look very frightened. What could it be?
– I have no idea. Oh!… Shoo! There’s a cat, sir!
The pigeons were scared of it. It’s a matter of worry. The cat can come back any time. Yes, sir. We will have to… …guard the pigeons.
There’s no other way. You don’t worry, sir. I’ll teach the cat a lesson. What’s wrong with you, my darling? Are you hungry? Here, have milk. C’mon, have it. Sir, the eagle is very upset with you.
– Why? Because you used to
feed it personally, before. Did you see that? You fed it yourself. Now, you are devoting all your time
to the pink pigeons. Besides, you also have a bat,
a tortoise… …and parrots to take care of. You forgot him, too. We’re here to save pink pigeons. That doesn’t mean, I’ll ignore the
other birds and animals I’ve found. This is my job. But sir…
– Listen to me. I love you, don’t I?
– You do. This cage is vacant. I want to
keep you in it. Me?
– What do you feel? Yes.
– Bye. Listen… Hello.
– Is that you? Come in. Come in.
– Madam… Madam, your cat… Don’t get scared.
It won’t do you any harm. Come inside. Come. Take a seat.
I’ll leave the cat and be back. You’re scared of it, aren’t you? What’s your name? Ankur.
– Ankur! That’s a nice name. The man with you… He is my grandpa, Dr. Bhagirathprasad Sinha. He is here to save pink pigeons. They’re getting extinct gradually. He loves birds. You…
– What is it? Tell me. Can you turn anyone into a rat? Shall I turn you into a rat?
– No! Do you really know magic? I cure people of their ailments. With magic?
– No, I cure them with herbs. You’re so good. Isn’t your name Madam Zozo?
– Yes. What does it mean? A bad woman. Ankur, where are you going? Grandpa, I’ll see the pigeons
and be back. Your jeep is about to leave.
– Please, grandpa. Okay. Wow! Grandpa! What is it?
– Grandpa, there are eggs! Yes, there are eggs! Look there. Gangadin!
– I’m coming. Come fast.
– What’s the matter? Look! There are eggs.
– Eggs?! Wow! They’ve laid eggs! Sir, congratulations.
I told you, we’ll succeed. We’ve done it.
– Congratulations, sir. Congratulations.
– Thank you. Let me check.
– Yes, sir. Wow! Gangadin.
– Yes. We’ve to keep… …these eggs very carefully.
– Don’t worry, sir. I’ll take care. I’ll take care of it, too.
– Alright. There’s a big problem.
– What? All my program has gone for a toss.
– Why? What went wrong? How can I go to the city, now?
– Why, not? I’ll miss all the fun. The pigeons
will sit on the eggs… …hatch them and the kids
will come out of the eggs. Silly boy, that will take
a long time. You go ahead. No, grandpa. I don’t want to go. Are you out of your mind? Maina have been inviting you to
her place. Go for a couple of days. I’ll call you back after that. No, grandpa.
– Take him, Gangadin. Yes, sir.
– Take him to the jeep. Come.
– Grandpa… Go.
– Please, grandpa… Ankur, this is dodo. Is this dodo?
– Yes. Grandpa says,
they were very innocent. People took advantage of their
innocence and killed them. He says, dodos do not exist anymore. Here, take this. Pratima, cut some fruits for Ankur.
– I’ll get it. No, uncle. I’m already full. Why? – The meal cooked
by aunt reminded me of my mom. Really?
– Yes. Uncle, Gangadin and Manilal… …cook the same type of
food every day. Why don’t you stay with us,
till they finish their project? How is that possible? The pigeons face a new challenge,
every day. We’ve to guard them all night. Will you go back? Yes.
– But why do you think about it? Uncle, things are critical now.
– That’s true. The pigeons are in danger at night. The cat is here again! Sir, that’s Madam Zozo’s cat. I won’t spare the cat! Sir, listen. Is this madam Zozo’s house?
– Please don’t go inside. Please don’t go in.
– I won’t spare the cat! Zozo is very dangerous.
– I don’t fear anyone. Let me go! Are you madam Zozo? Who are you?
– You sick woman! You have a cat. But don’t you know
how to keep it under control? It’s my cat. I’ll keep it as I like. Why are you concerned? I am concerned and that’s why,
I’m here. Keep in mind, if your cat
comes near my pigeons again… …I will break its limbs. If someone tries to harm my cat… …I will pull his eyes out.
– I will kill the cat! Your pigeons won’t survive either. Calamity will strike upon them! Now, get out of here!
– Don’t touch him. Go away!
– Out! Let’s go, sir.
Please calm down. The battle has begun. I won’t spare the cat. Manilal, give poison to the cat.
– What are you saying, sir? Yes, I mean what I said. It’s my order!
– Let’s go home, sir. We’ll think of some other way.
Calm down. No. This is the only solution. Manilal, give poison to the cat. Let’s go.
– Sir, let us go. Be careful. Calm down. What is it?
– It’s poison, for the cat. Poison?! Yes. Don’t you remember
what the doctor told me? That doesn’t mean, you really
get poison. He said that in anger.
Throw it away! I’m going to the village chief’s
place, with sir. We’ll return late. Please take care of the pigeons.
I’m taking these grains for them. ‘He’ll give poison!’ Should I follow sir’s orders or his? Sir will scold me. After he returns, he’ll ask me
if I did my job. And I’ll tell him, I laced the milk
with poison. Poison! Who killed my cat? Who killed you, dear? Who took my life away from me? My child! How will I survive
without you? Who killed you?
I won’t spare the one! May the one who killed my cat,
go to hell! He’ll suffer all his life. My child! All our hard work and efforts
went down the drain. Sir, madam Zozo’s cat
is dead too! That’s even worse. It’s not good to kill any bird
or animal. But sir, it was you who told… In a moment of anger… …I ruined everything. Elders have rightly said… …’the wrath of anger… …doesn’t spare the one
who gets angry either.’ Shall I take it, sir? Yes. Keep it in the freezer. I’ll have to take it
to the laboratory. Madam. Did you see the consequence
of killing my cat? Your pigeons died, too. God watches us all. You call yourself the benefactor
of animals and birds. How could you kill an innocent cat? You’re a cheat!
– Old woman! Mind your tongue or… Gangadin…
– I won’t let her humiliate you. You… You are the one
who gave poison to my cat! You killed my cat!
I won’t spare you. You will turn into a duck! No.
– Madam, I’m responsible for
the death of your cat. It’s my mistake. I’m ashamed of myself. None of us have the right to kill
any of God’s creations. Please forgive me. I’m really sorry. I understand your pain. Grandpa. I couldn’t stop myself
when I heard the news. I came immediately. Now tell me what do we do, next. We will have to
catch the pigeons, once again. We will have to
guard them, very carefully. Alright, I’ll make
the necessary arrangements. It’s not an easy task. It’s time consuming. We’ll catch the pigeons again… …and take care of them. Then they will lay eggs. We need to keep a lot of patience. That is true, sir. Grandpa, we still have the eggs. Aren’t they of any help? Oh! My God!
Mr. Sharma, I’d lost my senses. It’s really very strange. I was so disheartened that
I completely forgot about the eggs. Grandpa, can the eggs be hatched? Yes, but we will need another bird
to hatch those eggs. Mr. Sharma, what do you think? I think, it’s a difficult task,
but not impossible. African dove! If we manage to find African dove… Can we get an African dove? Of course. I’ll make arrangements for it, today.
– No. Make it right now. C’mon, let us make a call.
– Yes, come. Madam Zozo. Madam Zozo. Madam Zozo. When did you come?
Where were you all these days? I’d been to the city,
to Maina’s place. Be seated. I heard about your cat. I feel so sorry. The cat was your friend,
wasn’t it? No. It was like my child. I apologise to you on behalf
of my grandpa. He has already apologised to me. You need not be scared of me. Madam, do you know
what he is up to? Now, he has called for African doves. They’ll hatch the pigeon’s eggs. How is the nature of African doves? They’re very innocent. Just like you. They’re as innocent as you. Gangadin, where’s Dr. Sinha?
– Hello, Mr. Sharma. He is inside. Are these the African doves,
we were waiting for? – Yes. Sir told me, these doves
are very innocent. They’re so innocent, they’ll hatch
the eggs of pink pigeons. That’s why, I’ve brought them. Please come in.
– Yes. Ankur, give me the torch.
– Here. Did you turn it on? Grandpa, what are you doing? Son, we look through the egg,
with the help of this. It helps me to understand… …if the baby inside the egg
is alive and in good condition. Really?
– Hold it. Good. The egg is healthy. Sir, please tell me.
– No. Go higher. More high?
– Yes. Now, tell me.
– Climb up. Keep going. Yes, go up. Up! Then I’ll tell you. Do you want me to climb more?
– Yes, go up. Yes, keep going. Very good, Manilal. Tell me, now.
– Come down. Then I’ll tell you. Yes, come down. Very good, Manilal. Good job. Now tell me if I’m really
turning into a duck. A duck! I can see the symptoms, Manilal. You’ve started looking like a duck. I think… …you should start the practice of… …making a duck’s sound.
– Practise? Yes. Quack, quack!
– Quack, quack! Goddess! Hail the evil power! Hail the Goddess! Don’t be frightened. Madam Zozo can do you no harm. Sir, she has threatened… …to turn me into a duck. Her magic is very powerful. No! I don’t want to become a duck. Madam Zozo can do you no harm. Her magical spell can be broke! What should I do for that?
Please tell me, sir. It’s a little difficult. You will have to
shell out some money. How much money? I won’t ask for much.
Just 2-3 chicken… …a goat and a little gold. Gold?!
– Not much. I just need 2-3 grams of it. It will cost you Rs. 1300 in total.
– Rs. 1300! Here it is. Sir, please buy whatever you want. But please save me from her spell. Sir, please save me.
– Wait… Don’t worry. Will I be continue to be a human? Hope I won’t turn into a duck now. I told you… …you won’t become a duck.
Now, leave. Do not turn behind before
you walk 100 steps. If you do,
everything will be ruined. Alright, sir.
– Go. Thank you, sir.
– One, two… …three, four… Ankur, get up. Ankur, I’m waking you
for the third time. C’mon, get up. C’mon, wake up. Breakfast is ready. He has high fever. Sir! Ankur has high fever. Sir! Mr. Sharma.
– Yes. His fever hasn’t subsided
since morning. I’ve already tried
all the medicines that I had. It’s not making a difference. Manilal had brought some medicines
too from the village. But that’s not working either. I don’t know what to do. I’ll go to the city and
bring the doctor here… …because we won’t be able to
take him there, in this state. I think you’re right.
Please call a doctor. Don’t worry. I’ll take the jeep
and leave right away. What are you doing? You can’t barge in like that,
you uncouth woman! Dare not enter the house!
– Who is it, Gangadin? Sir, she is barging into our house.
She doesn’t listen to me. Actually, I’m…
– Madam Zozo! I want to see Ankur. But why do you want to see him? I heard that he has high fever. I’ve got medicines for him. Why are you worried about him? He is like a son to me. How can I not be worried? Please come. Sir… His fever has subsided.
– Thank God. He’ll sleep till morning. Thank you. Gangadin, take care of him. Sure.
– Please come. Thank you so much. Madam… …you really worked wonders. I learnt this art of curing with
natural herbs, from my grandpa. I’ve been curing the villagers
since a long time now. Why do you practice black magic? Doctor… …it’s very difficult
for a woman to live alone… …in this huge world.
It’s very difficult. And hence… …I had to put on the act of
being a sorceress. You’re very brave. But I wish you were brave enough… …to educate people not to
believe in such superstitions… …rather than scaring them. Yes, you’re right. Madam Zozo, please forgive me. Please forgive me.
Help me. I’m turning into a duck. Save me! Now tell me what I should do. If I tell him I do not know magic,
he won’t believe me. He believes that
he will turn into a duck. C’mon, get up, Manilal.
– Please… I’ve warded off my spell. You need not worry anymore. You won’t become a duck. I won’t become a duck.
Yes! I won’t become a duck. I won’t become a duck. Doctor, Ankur will be
perfectly fine by morning. I’ll take your leave now. It’s late night.
– Sir, shall I drop her home? No, I’m used to the darkness. My magic is with me, to help me. Good night.
– Good night. Gangadin, it feels so good
to wake up early. Yes, sir. Let’s go back now.
We’re getting late. Ankur must be up, now. Yes, I wonder how he is feeling. He will be perfectly alright. Madam Zozo has done a great job. You were so angry at her. I was worried if she’d perform
black magic on him. Let us go. It’s good. It’s of no use to us. See this! People are so careless. They throw waste anywhere thinking
that the Government will clean. Very bad! What are you doing?
– I’m throwing it away. Do you know what pollution is? Very careless! – Sir, when will
the baby come out of the eggs? I’m worried about it too.
They should’ve come out by now. Grandpa! Grandpa! Grandpa! Grandpa, will the baby pigeons
grow up fast? No, son. It will take some time. Sir, congratulations on succeeding
in your experiment. Yes.
– Congratulations, sir. I’ll make some sweet to
celebrate this moment. Let us go.
– Yes. Now, I’m relieved… …like Dodo, black parrot
and blue pigeons… …the pink pigeons won’t get extinct,
in Mauritius. Their numbers will keep increasing. Nothing can be done as long as people
from outside come here for work. We’ve marked a beginning. But the native of Mauritius
will have to continue this effort. You will have to save… …the jungles and its inhabitants. You need dedication, hard work
and a loving nature to accomplish… …in this task. You don’t worry, Dr. Sinha. The initiative that you’ve taken
won’t be stopped. We’ll continue the good work.
I promise you. – Thank you. Thanks a lot. Thank you, Dr. Yusuf.
– We’re obliged Dr. Sinha and… …thank you so much for
the good work you’ve done. And it will be taken care of. Thank you very much. Hello. We’re going back
to India, today. Hope you haven’t forgotten my name. I am Ankur.
– I’m Maina. And here’s the pigeon!


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