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“The brightness of light
will be spread all over the place…” Hail Lord Shiva! Hail Lord Shiva! Hail Lord Narayan! Devu? Devu? Devu?
– Yes? Listen, have you seen Keshu?
– He must have gone to lake. Hey! Is this the place to draw picture? Do you think this is some art school? This is the wall of temple. Guruji, he is dumb and deaf boy Keshu. Oh, so this hooligan is deaf. What are you staring at?
I’ll hit you, Satan. Blood? Oh no.
Stop. Where are you going? Stop! Stop, I say! I won’t spare you, you hooligan. Wait. Ruffian, wait. Stop. I won’t spare you. You are making me scuttle,
I won’t spare you. Where are you running? Stop! Stop! Where are you running? I’ll show you once I get hold of you. Wait! Where are you running? Wait! Where has he gone? Where has this boy gone? I swear to Goddess that I won’t
spare him, if he gets in my hands. Guruji, if you would’ve caught him, I would’ve beaten him with sticks
as like drum. Mister, why have you left that
dumb and deaf Satan free? If he would’ve aimed it wrong,
I would’ve been ruined. But what has happened? See this. See this. If there was someone else
in place of me, he would’ve died. He aimed with slingshot at me,
attacked me. You’ll have to get this problem solved.
– Hold on. Keep this. Go. Victory to Goddess! Now you are gone, you hooligan. Shankhu? Where is Keshu? Call him. So, you are home? What all mischief have you done today? Don’t lie to me, don’t act naive, Guruji was here to complain about you. Oh! He called you dumb and deaf? Come on. Have some food. You don’t take a plate, eat in a leaf. If uncle will see,
I’ll get into trouble. How dirty you are!
You never bath, right? Go and wash your hands before eating. Oh no! Crashed! What is this noise over here? I am fed up with that Satan,
he is a curse to this family. Don’t say like this. We are fortunate enough to
have at least a kid at our home. After all he is your sister’s son. Don’t talk about her. She is a stain on
this family’s reputation. Like mother like son. Today you’ll have to produce more milk. Yes, Mr. Keshu? What mischief are you going to make? Oh no! What nonsense is this! Just watch. Now I’ll not do any work. First of all I’ll make
get you thrashed, watch it. Wait here, I’ll just show you. Boss, look at this. What happened, Shakuni? Look at this. What should I do now? Oh! That’s it? Entire milk spill over.
– How? Due to Keshu’s mischief.
– Okay. What did he do? You are the one to milk the cow? When I was milking the cow,
he set the calf free. And the calf came running to his mother
and pushed me off. Look at this. Is it? Where is he? I’ll teach him a lesson right away. Teach him a good lesson today, boss. Keshu, my child. What is wrong with you? Are you crying? Did your uncle hit you? Don’t do like this,
my child, I am with you. Why is he crying? He is always miffed,
that’s what he is here for. Okay. You console him. You stop being mischievous, my son. All must say that you
are a good boy, got it? It’s getting late. Now go home. All must be awaiting you. My son, don’t say like this. I’ll come to drop you there.
Listen to me, okay? Come on. Now when will you come next? Be careful. Don’t do any mischief, okay? Come on, my cow, walk. Be careful. Today you only can give us milk.
Where this calf is going? I’ll see you later. He is the one, dumb and deaf Keshu. Oh, he hit him! Kick this ball, come on. Leave this. Again you have started
troubling other kids? Come on, get inside.
This is too much. Get in. Now stay locked. Shankar, its sunny day today. Even this elephant
will enjoy bathing in lake. Sit down. Sit down. Come on. Rub him. Get up, come on. Enough. Rub him nicely, don’t make him bald. He must not stay dirty,
clean him properly. Very good. Hail Lord Shiva! Devu!
– Yes I am coming! Did you see Keshu anywhere? He was here in the morning.
He must be somewhere around. Greetings. Greetings.
You are to be seen after long time. What can I do?
Nowadays I have lot of work to do. Greetings, Master.
– Greetings. Have a seat. Thank you.
I am here with a request, Master. You never come without reason. What happen? One of my friend’s daughter
is a drawing teacher, she is been transferred to our school. Her father has told me
to make a provision for her stay. He is my best friend. So, what can I do? Shall I make her stay at your place?
If you don’t mind. Will she not have any problem? She is a very good girl and I want
to her to be with responsible person. That’s fine but also a boy lives here. Therefore… How are you, Devu? Is everything going well?
– Yes. But don’t tell Keshu. Don’t say like this, masterji. He knows everything that we know. Exactly. He can read the lips,
he is very intelligent. Sometimes we feel that
he is perfectly normal. Right. Devu understands him very well. Okay then, I’ll leave.
But you didn’t reply me? How can I deny your request?
– Thank you. I’ll take a leave. Okay. What happen? Are you hungry? Don’t you want anything?
Don’t you want to eat? Then what’s the matter?
Why are you here? You are been thrashed so much,
still you are being naughty? Don’t you understand that you are
playing with uncle’s drinking water of? If again you take a bath
and draw pictures on wall, uncle will beat you a lot. Don’t stare at me like this. If he asks that who gave charcoal
to this Satan to draw pictures on wall then do not blame me. Devki didn’t hear and see anything. Today I’ll trash you. He himself will come when hungry. Mr. Shakuni?
– Yes? Painter Gopi will be coming today. I have kept all material
inside the room in corner. Tell him to start the work
from tomorrow itself. – Okay. Take proper care of Keshu,
Devu, I’ll take a leave now. Okay. When will you be back?
– Today itself. Devu, are you not keeping well? Come on, let’s go.
– Okay. God bless me. There is a smell of paint.
May be the painting is done. Oh! Oh God! What is all this? What is this?
– I don’t know, boss. Devu! Devu!
– Yes I am coming. What happened?
– What has he done? This all is his mischief. Today I’ll not spare him. You are sleeping, you hooligan! You have ruined the entire
house and expensive paint. He is dumb and deaf, stop it. Don’t beat him so much.
He is just a kid. Leave him. Oh God. Mother, where are you? Uncle thrashed me so much. Even yesterday he beat me. Mother, I’ll go away somewhere. Else you come and take me along. Mother, where are you? You will come, right? Tell me, mother. I’ll not stay here. I am missing you so much. He is badly hurt. Let him rest. Uncle, they are here. Okay. Move these all from here.
– Yes. Come in. Greetings. Welcome. Come in. Vasant Kutti teacher told
us that you are going to come. But we didn’t expect
you’ll be coming so soon. He is Shalini’s father Narayan Nayar. Greetings.
– Greetings. Come in. He was our school’s
principal for four years. Good. And she is your tenant. Don’t call her tenant,
she is like a family member to us. I know. I am happy that she
got such good family to live in. We are fortunate. I happily delegate
her responsibility to you. Why not. Come, my child. Come in. Have a seat. Come.
– Thank you. Sit down, my child.
– Thank you. Is this done by our Keshu? It looks good. Give it to them. Give it to her as well. Look. Even she is here. She had been to temple.
– Greetings. Greetings. Take the oblation. You came early. My child, let’s go in. Let this be here,
Devu will get that inside. I’ll take my bag. Devu? Devu?
– Coming, aunt. Devu, she is Devki. Is the breakfast ready?
– Yes, everything is ready, aunt. Okay. Give this bag to her. Have you cleaned the room?
– Yes. You go with her, my child. Keep the bag and come back. Come here. Do I need to bath in this lake? No. We have separate bathroom. Your village is very beautiful,
too good. I liked this place very much. There is so much to see here.
I will take you on village tour. Okay. What is your qualification, Devu? S.S.C. Then I go into
cooking and I left studies. Here is your room. It’s not that good. When Vasant Kutti teacher asked me,
I was hesitant. The reason is we have
a mischievous boy in our house. He is dumb and deaf. We can’t say what mischief he will make. Masterji told me everything. My daughter will manage everything. You just command. I will take a leave now. Her mother is alone at home. If I’ll get late, she’ll worry. If I leave now, I’ll get the train. So I’ll leave now. Bye. Take this. Sir, even I’ll take a leave.
– Okay. Daughter, be careful from him.
– Don’t worry, father. I’ll go now, okay? We didn’t see that boy? We’ll see him next time. He is the son of Ashutosh
teacher’s only sister. She was studying in college,
some boy betrayed her. She died after delivering a boy. Poor girl. Go. See him. He has fever.
Didn’t you give any medicine to him? What can we do?
He doesn’t take medicine at all. Give it to me,
I’ll make him take the medicine. Take it. My son? Keshu? Keshu? Get up. Don’t you want to get well? Do one thing. Have little medicine. Open your mouth. Take the medicine. Take it, come on. Oh God! What’s going on here? What happened?
– Nothing. Medicine fell off. Nothing else. Okay. Do you have another bottle? Yes. Get that please. Why are you doing all this, aunt?
Where is Devu? That poor girl is ill. Then why didn’t you call me? Did Keshu have meal? Since there is new member in house,
he ate his meal quietly. I want to say something. What is it, my child? Tell me. Did you never send Keshu to school? We did. He learnt till second standard but what’s the use deaf going to school? When other kids started
making fun of him, we stopped him from going to school. Because we didn’t have any other option. Even principal sir told this. He felt that all
are making fun of Keshu. This is wrong. This is not the right way, aunt. There are separate
schools for such kids. He should be sent to such school. We need to understand him. Look if any child is handicapped that
doesn’t mean he is capable of nothing. You know many handicapped
kids are clever. We need to understand this thing. Who cares for all these things? If anyone has any shortfall then it gets compensated
in some other way. Aunt, is it enough
to just live in this world? No. We must set an example for others. How did you get hurt? What happened? Nothing. Go away from here. My child, it’s bleeding. Devu! Shakuni!
– Don’t. Nobody is available when needed.
– Let it be, aunt. You don’t tell this uncle. Boss, hurry up. That naughty boy has hit
the head of lady teacher’s. She is bleeding. I’ll be back, okay? He has become very mischievous.
Hit him hard. Every day he does some new mischief.
This is too much. Where is he?
Where is he hiding? Where is he? Where is he hiding?
– Now let it go. What are you doing? Uncle, leave him.
– Move aside. Move aside.
– Don’t hit him. I am fine, uncle.
Nothing has happened to me. Leave it.
After all he is a kid. Hooligan. Don’t cry. Hey sweetie, nothing has happened to me.
I am fine. It’s not at all painful. Don’t cry, I am fine. Don’t cry. Nothing has happened to me. Calm down. Fold your hands. Why is he here? Keshu is a lovely boy.
– Yes. But be careful from him. Fold your hands, come on. Where are you taking me? But where? Tell me. Have you come here before? Where are you taking me? Who is it? Oh! It’s my son Keshu. Wow! New shirt, new pant. Looks good. I thought you have forgotten me. Who is she? I am a new teacher in
the school of this village. My name is Shalini.
I am staying in Keshu’s house. I know everything.
That’s good. Keshu is fortunate. I nurtured Keshu till he turned six. Then his uncle felt that
it’s the question of his prestige. Even I thought that
the boy belongs to them, let them take care of him. His mother and I, was in the same class. Who made this? Who else it can be?
There is only one artist. I’ll be back, teacher. How is this? Very beautiful. Last time when Keshu was here
he saw an elephant lifting the timber. Keshu became friend to elephant driver
and that time he drew this picture. Very nice. He is an intelligent child. Boat is going back.
Does anyone want to get in boat? I’ll be late. Shall we leave now? You keep coming along with Keshu. I’ll feel good. Can I take this with me?
– Sure. Shall we go? Okay. We’ll leave now. Listen, this is the way to home, right? What? Okay. Fine. It’s been very late. Where has she gone? She didn’t tell me anything. If Shakuni was here,
he would’ve found her. No one is available when needed. We were worried for you. You should’ve told us before going. We didn’t think that
it will get this late. No problem. You are home. Yes. Right. You must be tired. Go and have some food. Oh yes. There is a letter for you.
Take this. My child, whose letter is it? My mother’s letter. Good. Keep these flowers to you. When did you wake up, Keshu? How long were you sleeping. Didn’t you wash your face? Go. Wash your face. Got freshen up? Good boy. Show me your hand. Oh it’s too dirty.
Shall I cut your nails? Hail Lord Shiva! Was it painful? God, protect everyone. My child, what is he doing here? Uncle, I wanted to tell you something. What happened?
Did he do any mischief again? No. I wanted to take him to school. He is very intelligent. You can do whatever you want. We didn’t expect such thing. We are fortunate. How shall I pay you gratitude? Thou art the ruler
of the minds of all people, dispenser of India’s destiny. Victory, victory, victory to thee. India is my country.
– India is my country. All Indians are my brothers and sisters.
– All Indians are my brothers and sisters. I love my country.
– I love my country. I am proud of its rich and varied heritage
– I am proud of its rich and varied heritage I shall always strive to be worthy of it.
– I shall always strive to be worthy of it. I shall give respect to my parents,
– I shall give respect to my parents, teachers and all elders
– teachers and all elders Anushree?
– Present teacher. Ketan?
– Present teacher. Amol?
– Present teacher. Okay. Kids, now let’s start the class. Take out your drawing books. And draw the picture that is on board. What are you doing?
You know that this is a school. Why are you harassing students? Now you go home, I will come later. Aren’t you a good boy? Listen teacher! I have spoken to principal
about Keshu’s admission. Next week itself you get him admitted. Thank you very much.
We’ll go on Monday itself. May Goddess protect everyone. Daughter, are you going to temple?
– Yes. Give him the donation. Victory to Goddess! Bless him. Wow! Didi, rickshaw is here. Time to leave. Shall we? Come on. Naughty. Wow! Come here. Take this. Stay blessed. Give it to me. Give. Seek the blessings. Study well, okay? We’ll leave now. Okay. Make him well educated.
– Come on. May god bless them. Everything should be fine. Oh. Nowadays school bags are so heavy. Take this bag. He has changed a lot. When you’ll go to school, you
must not fight with other kids there. Look at that. If only Shalini would’ve
come to our house earlier, it would’ve been so nice. Very true. No one thought that
Keshu would change so much, he would become so modest. Shalini was telling me that there are special schools
for developing such children. You are right. Keshu now has learned
to become self dependent. That’s a good thing, it’s our luck. Shalini loves him very much. Even he loves her very much. Did you see when Shalini
talks about his drawings, she appreciates it so much. Now we need to perform Naag pooja that was suggested by
the chief monk of Vannarshalai. If lord Naag gets pleased
everything will be alright. My heart feels it. You don’t worry about that. We’ll do that pooja
on Naag Panchami. Okay? Where is the office of principal? Go straight ahead and turn left.
It’s on left side. May I come in, sir?
– Yes. Come in. Greetings, sir.
– Greetings. Have a seat. Come. My name is Shalini. Vasant Kutti teacher
must have told you… Yes. Vasant Kutti teacher
phoned me explained everything. He is very good friend of mine. So he is Keshu. Right? Yes. Soumini teacher, please come to my office.
– Yes, sir. Admission will be done.
You just pay the fees. Okay, sir. So are there any other hobbies of him? He likes drawing. Give me that. Has he made this drawing?
– Yes, sir. Excellent. Teacher, he is Keshu, new admission. See this. He has made this drawing.
Isn’t it good? It’s too good, sir. Sir, we have the invitation
of international competition. Can we send him for that? I feel he is eligible to participate.
– Indeed. We’ll certainly send him there. Not now. Later. You go with teacher. Okay. Let’s go. Thank you, sir. See. Who is this? A rooster. Once when rooster for
searching for something to eat, do you know who came there? A fox had come to grab rooster. Teacher, he is a new admission. What is your name? Keshu. Children, he is your new friend Keshu. Keshu, now you sit on the chair.
Sit down. Keep this bag aside and sit comfortably.
Now we’ll hear a story, okay? Keshu, listen to me.
We are hearing a story. One day… Who is this? Rooster. One day a rooster was standing
at the bank of river in search of food. Do you know who was seeing him secretly? A fox. Fox quietly came
there to grab the rooster. See. This is fox.
Have you ever seen such fox? Look, he is home. He is looking so good.
– Yes. How wise he is. How troublesome it is to
take Keshu school every morning and then bring him back every evening. Devu! Look. Keshu is here.
– I am coming, aunt. Don’t do this. Why do you hurt them? You know if you’ll hit them,
those fishes will die. Then who’ll look after their small kids? So don’t hit them with stone. Come on. Didi, look what uncle has got for Keshu? And in this there is
something special for you too. Hey! Uncle has brought. For me? It’s nice. Uncle. It’s for you. When I bought dress for Keshu,
I thought of buying cloths for you too. I’ll be happy if you’ll accept it. Didi, it seems he liked the dress. What all did you learn today in school? Wow! Great! He is very intelligent. He is narrating a story. They both came there and fell in love. He is watching. Both got united. Lord Naag, protect my child. Keshu, seek the blessings. Fold your hands. Fold your hands. May God bless you with long life. Come on. Let’s meet Keshu. Why did you all come here? We want to meet Keshu. Come on. But what’s the matter? We want to meet Keshu.
– Come on, hurry up. Teacher! Teacher!
– Teacher! Where are you? I’ll show her.
– Teacher! Teacher! Teacher, look at this. Keshu has got an award. Keshu’s drawing is in the news paper. Here it is. Wow! How beautiful it is. What this noise is about?
What happened, Shalini? What’s going on here? See this, uncle. Our Keshu has got an award.
– Show me. He has also been awarded with
scholarship for further studies. God, we are so fortunate. I want to show you something. Come on. Keshu is here. Keshu, take this.
– Congratulations. Look at this. Take it. Greetings. Very good, my son. Master, he is very intelligent. Though we are late but we
have finally recognised his talent. “Stay blessed, Keshav, stay blessed.” “May he become the pride
of this village and this country.” “Stay blessed, Keshav, stay blessed.” Devu, come here. Look. Who is this? Who is sitting here? Is he the father of Pandavas? Uncle, a boy named Keshu is lying here, will you please make
him get up from here? Didi? Keshu, are you not hungry? Come on, let’s have some food. What happened, Didi?
Why do you look worried? What is written in this letter? As I had mentioned in last letter,
your marriage has been fixed. After marriage boy wants
to take you along with him. You’ll have to come back soon. Didi, will you go from here? Didi, will you go from here? Nothing. Are you hungry? Let’s have food? Enough. Papad. Shall I serve little? Don’t get up while having meal,
whoever may come. It’s written in scriptures. I came to know everything. I am very happy. But…. You don’t worry.
Everything will be alright, my child. Everything has its own time. You don’t worry at all. Yes. Feels like our own child is going away. Hey! Didi will surely come back. I’ll go and come back. Come with me. What time your train is at? 8’clock. Father didn’t come yet? What has happened? Look he is here. Shakuni, get the luggage of Shalini
and keep it in the car. Greetings.
– Greetings. Train was late. Therefore… Are you ready, my child?
Come on, we have to go. Stay blessed, my child. Stay blessed. Devu… …take care of my son. You will, right? Daughter, let’s go. We are getting late. Keshu. Keshu! Wait!
– Keshu! Let it be. Leave him alone.
He is not able to tolerate. Leave him alone. My child, don’t be so sad. Destiny never changes. Dear don’t cry. My child. It’s been long since
he has locked himself. I am scared. Yes. I knocked a lot
but he didn’t open the door. He is extremely shocked. I am scared, uncle. Shakuni? Yes?
– Come here quickly. Make it fast. Yes, boss?
– Open this door. What happened? There is no one inside. Don’t know where he has gone. God, take care of my child. Keshu, my son. Nation’s pride Keshu. 9 years old dumb and deaf boy who is internationally
renowned for his drawings. Elephant and elephant driver. Come here. Come here, my child. Come to me, my child. Even I want to study? You mean you want to complete
your education, right? Stay blessed.

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