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“Nobody in the world will have
a granny like ours.” “Nobody in the world will have
a granny like ours.” “My granny doesn’t delay
even for a moment.” “My granny doesn’t delay
even for a moment.” “She plucks a raw mango
as soon as she sees it.” “Nobody in the world will have
a granny like ours.” “Nobody in the world will have
a granny like ours.” “She runs this house.” “She sells fritters to make a living.” “She runs this house.” “She sells fritters to make a living.” “My Granny. Everyone’s granny.” “My Granny. Everyone’s granny.” “She loves everyone.” “Nobody in the world will have
a granny like ours.” “Nobody in the world will have
a granny like ours.” “She always listen old songs
on the Gramophone.” “She always listen old songs
on the Gramophone.” “She talks fun stuff.” “My granny talks fun stuff.” “Nobody in the world will have
a granny like ours.” “Nobody in the world will have
a granny like ours.” What is this? I told you not to do household chores. I am here for that.
Why did you get the clothes? Granny, you only said that.. should never feel shy
while doing household chores. Is it? Okay.
Fine. You are doing my work. But when you grow up and have wives,
don’t do their work. Make them work. Totaram.
– Yes, sir. Is everyone happy in my kingdom? Your majesty,
I have heard that everyone is happy. That’s good news. If everyone in my kingdom
is happy then I am happy too. What is happening?
Stop the car. Reverse. You said that everyone
is happy in our kingdom. How is that possible? 20 kids are playing with one ball. Maybe they are poor.
– I don’t like that. Give one ball each to every child.
– Okay. Fast. Come. Children. Come. Children. Take money, children. Come. Your majesty.
– Give everyone a rupee. For the ball.
– Yes, for the ball. Take. Good. Go and play.
– Take this too. Hail the king!
– Start the car. The car is not starting, sir. The car is not starting. No problem.
Children! Push the car. Come on. Come on.
– Push hardly. Get ready.
– Well done. Well done. Hail the king. Listen.
– Yes? Be careful.
– Yes. And don’t give anyone any loan.
– No, granny. Don’t even fight amongst yourselves.
– Never. Go. Go. And get 250gms of molasses
on your way back. Okay. Lakshmi, the car is coming. Lakshmi, move. Cowherd. Come here, cowherd! Greetings, your majesty. Where does granny stay? Granny. The one who
sells fritters, my king. Yes, the same.
– Yes, the same. My king. Got it. My king, go straight.
– Straight. You will find three date trees ahead.
– Three. Go straight.
Then take a right. Then left. And on the left you will find a dam. You will see 3 buffaloes in the water. And after that you
will see another date tree. Go straight and you
will find a temple. And after that…. Let’s go. He is stinking. Bye. Lakshmi! “The herd goes ahead.
And Krishna follows.” “The herd goes ahead.
And Krishna follows.” What was the king asking you? The king? Nothing, sir.
– What? The king. He was asking me the address
of the granny who makes fritters. The granny who makes fritters. Why? I am telling the truth sir.
I don’t know. Then why did the king
come looking for granny. It must be something. My king that is granny’s hut. Okay.
– Come. Come, my king. Is it the same house?
– Yes. Knock at the door.
– Yes. Anyone there? What is it? Who are you? Are you granny?
– Yes, I am granny. Hello, granny. I am king Gadbad Singh. Gadbad Singh?
– Show her your symbol. This is the symbol of my family. Come. Come.
It is a happy day for me. Come. Sit. Sorry, it is old.
– No problem. Why have you come? Granny, years ago your
husband used to work.. my uncle Vijay Singh’s court.
– Yes. We have found that our uncle
had given grandpa a picture. Picture? Yes, he did.
– I want to see it. Why? There is a treasure map behind it. Picture. Yes. Is this the one?
– Yes, it’s the same. The map! Granny, it’s the same map. Granny.
– Yes. I will tear this map into two parts. Why? Because many people
are after this map. Why? I will keep one and
you can hide the other. Keep it so safe that
no one can find it. Because many people
are after this map. Oh my God! Bhola. Come, sir. Please come in.
– Bhola. I have found out that
my cousin Gadbad Singh.. out looking for a
map which hides the old treasure. Look at your magical
ball and tell me.. ..where is Gadbad Singh right now. Yes, master. But please sit down first. Abracadabra! Magical ball come here. Here is your magical ball. Magical ball,
tell me where is Gadbad Singh? Sir, Gadbad Singh is
currently at granny’s house. Stop. What are you looking for outside?
– If anyone is spying. Check if anyone is spying outside.
Hurry up. – Okay. Keeping it inside the gramophone. Is that okay?
– Yes. This is a good place. No one can find it here.
– Yes. Granny, I have heard
you have two grandsons. Yes, I have two grandsons.
– Where are they? They have gone to sell fritters. That is how we make our livelihood. Fritters. Okay, I will take your leave.
– Okay. Granny. Please accept
this small gift from us. Okay. Bye. What is this? Granny has kept
such an expensive ring in her purse. Tell me about Gadbad
Singh and the map. The treasure map?
The treasure map is with granny. Granny? Who is granny? Granny is very famous
for her kind ways. Get granny here at once.
– What? Get granny here? No, master.
I cannot commit such a sin. Why can’t you? Master, I had promised my teacher.. ..that I will never
misused my magical powers. How can you dare? You know perfectly why
you are so grand and magical. If I want I can crush you. Look, don’t be a fool. And bring that granny here at once. No, master.
I can never commit such a sin. Fool, you have lost your mind. Now look, your wand is with me. Now I can make you do whatever I want. I prefer to be a rabbit instead
of supporting a sinner like you. Bhola, now I have your magical powers. Now you cannot do anything. You still have a chance. Bring granny. Is it? Do you know its outcome? I will imprison you in the old fort
from where it is impossible to escape. Got it? Traitor. You wanted to
act smart with Chatur Singh. Bhola considered himself
as a great magician. I will become a greater
magician than him. What does he think of himself? Idiot! It is even locked. What do I do now? My good friend.
Only you can help me now. Go and get someone to help me. Kali, your oath should get fulfilled. Kali will kill time and
get the enemy’s in trouble. Kali will kill time and
get the enemy’s in trouble. And if she doesn’t then
Kali is not Culcattewali. Thief!
– Thief? Not thief. I am dacoit. Dacoit Lalchi Lal.
– Dacoit Lalchi Lal. This knife is used
to cut vegetables, granny. I need your gramophone.
– Why? It plays good songs.
I love listening to songs. Yes, if you like
to listen to songs then… can sit here and listen to them. Even I like listening to songs. My entire family likes to listen to songs.
– Why are you blabbering old woman? I will take it myself.
– Stop! Where are you going? I told you I am going
inside to get the gramophone. Thief! Thief!
– Don’t shout. No! Come out. Come on. Do you know how to count? Count. Yes, I do. Do you know to count till 100?
– Yes I do. Then count. 1, 2, 5, 8.
– Count properly. 1, 2, 5, 8, 9, 9, 10. Shout after you have counted till 100. 22, 25, 30, 40, 50, 60,
70, 80, 90. Thief! Thief. There is a thief in the house.
Please help. What happened, granny? Dear, a thief broke into the house.
– Thief? Granny, are you okay?
– I am fine. I attacked him.
– Okay, granny. When he fell down I picked
up a knife to kill him.. ..and he entered the house
and took away the gramophone. Now what will happen to
king Gadbad Singh and his map? King Gadbad Singh? Map? Yes, you don’t know, do you?
– No. Listen. The king came.
– King? Yes. And he took out
a map from behind the picture. Okay. He tore it into 2 pieces. He took 1 piece and I hid the
other piece inside the gramophone. He had taken the same gramophone. Don’t tell anyone, dear.
– No, granny. We won’t tell anyone. Granny, you have bothered me a lot. Peels. You are good markswoman. Wow! But Lalchi Lal is no less. He always gets what he wants. Let me check what she has hidden. It has opened. What is this? I don’t understand it? It is of no use to me. But it is bound to
be useful to someone. That’s why it was hidden. Got it? A thief came
when I was cutting vegetables. He said I am a dacoit. A thief. I caught hold him and punched him. And I punched him again. And then he held my hand,
and I hit him back. And he fell down. When I picked up the knife to hit him… The king has come. My king she is there. Hello, your majesty.
– Hello. What is the matter granny?
My king a bad thing has happened. There was theft in the house.
– What? What was stolen?
– What was stolen? He took away my gramophone. Who took it?
– Who took it? The thief is from our village. His name is Lalchi Lal. He took it. Lalchi Lal!
– Lalchi Lal. Why didn’t you catch him? Why didn’t you called the police?
– My king the police has gone on holiday. Has gone on holiday.
– Oh yes. What? Okay, we have to find
the thief and arrest him. Totaram?
– Yes, sir. You are right. We have to find the
thief and arrest him. Good. Now the matter has become easy. Yes, it has become easy now.
– This is fine. Fine, right? Listen, villagers. The one who will catch
dacoit Lalchi Lal.. ..I will give him 1,001, I mean 200. Is that okay?
– And listen. I will stay in this village
unless this dacoit is caught. I will stay in this village.
– Is that okay? Is that okay? Take this granny. Take. Hold it. Tell me, how do I look? Granny, you look like
a puffed rice seller. Granny, keep this whistle.
Blow it if you face any problem. Problem? Okay. Let me blow it. Look, follow me at a distance.
– Yes, granny. Shall I?
– Yes. Don’t be late.
– Go ahead, granny. We will follow. Go ahead. I have got warm puffed rice.
Warm puffed rice. I have got warm puffed rice. I have got warm puffed rice. I have got warm puffed rice. I am tired now. I have got warm puffed rice. I am so thirsty.
I cannot see any water anywhere. I have got warm puffed rice. I have got warm puffed rice. What are you selling, granny? Puffed rice.
Warm puffed rice. Want some? They are good. Very good. How much do you want?
– I want all. Thief! Thief! Granny, this is the forest. It’s no use making noise.
Go away quietly. Hurry up. Hurry up. Everything happened as per plan.
– Is it? You sit here.
– Granny, don’t worry. We are behind you.
– Yes. Be careful.
– Yes, I will be careful. You sit here. I will follow him.
– Be careful. Walk slowly. The dacoit might see you. What is this? It’s over. Did I eat so much? No, I can’t eat so much. Okay, so this is the case. So is this your plan, granny? Granny, whether heads
or tails you are my guest now. Come.
– What nonsense! Where will you go, Granny? You are my guest now
whether you want it or not. Stop speaking nonsense. Now you have come so far.
How can you return now? It won’t seem good.
– What are you doing? Come. Anil.
– Yes. Shall I go and find granny? Okay. Sunil, do you have my catapult? Yes, I do. Okay be careful.
– Okay. Granny! Granny! Granny! You won’t face
any problem there. You… What are you doing? Don’t take it off. You have blindfolded me
so tight that my head is aching. No problem.
We will reach in some time. Don’t open it.
– Loosen it a bit. Loosen it a bit.
I am coming. I am coming. I am coming. Anil, I cannot find granny.
– What are you saying? Had Granny lost her way?
– Who knows? Come. What is granny doing
with dacoit Lalchi Lal? Lalchi. Lalchi Lal. Granny! Granny! I think the dacoit has nabbed granny. Let’s find out his hideout.
– Yes, come on. Reward! 100 gold coins. To get the map and granny. You can even give granny’s symbol. Chatur Singh. 100 gold coins for granny. Now what will granny do?
What will she do? 100 gold coins. The messenger who have
got me tiding of wealth. Go. Go back. Granny. Granny.
You are sleeping peacefully. I am not at peace. I am starving here. Are you hungry?
I will prepare food for you. I don’t eat food made by others.
I prepare food myself and eat. That is even better.
You will prepare and I will eat. All food ingredients
are present at home. After a long time I will
have a home cooked meal. Okay.
First show me, what you have. Of course. Here you are granny.
Food grains, spice. And these are the vegetables,
eggplant, onions. This is fine. Do you have oil? There is no oil. Then how will I cook food? I will go and steal some.
How much do you want? Half a liter.
– Half a liter? I will get it. This will go here. Granny, go to sleep now. Sleep. Granny, look I have stolen some oil. Granny, are you unwell? Granny! Granny! Chili! My eyes. I am dead. Water! My eyes! Chili! Water! Water! No problem, granny. At least I have got your memento. I was correct about Lalchi Lal. Now the treasure will be mine. In future without my permission.. ..nobody can either enter or exit
from the palace. Greetings. Why are you alone? Where is granny? So what if granny is not here, master? Here is a memento if hers. Sari. And the map?
– Map. Here is the map. I am taking this with trust on you. If anything goes
wrong I will thrash you. What will go wrong, master?
It is correct. Trust me. My reward, master.
– Reward? Take this. 100 gold coins.
– Are there 100, master? Yes, you can leave now.
– Thanks. Thanks, master. Granny, you are in my clutches now. Which place is this? Which place is this? How did I come here? Who brought me? I am confused? This is my sari. How did it come here? Now I understand. Which place is this? Which place is this? How did I come here? Who brought me here? How are my children? Where are they? 96, 97, 98, 99, 100. 100 gold coins! “A golden bird flew
away from the cage.” “A golden bird flew
away from the cage.” “And the granny left me gold coins.” “And the granny left me gold coins.” Anil, there is no
trace of granny here. Wait. Let me find out. Where is granny? Who is it? Tell the truth? Where is my granny? Your granny! Chatur Singh has taken your granny. Go and search her there.
Go. Where is granny? Dacoit, tell us where is granny?
Tell us. You fools, I won’t spare you. You want to mess with Lalchi. I will kill you.
I will trample you. I will. Dacoit, tell us where is granny? Tell us.
– Let me go. Let me go. Where will you run to?
– Sunil. Come fast. I have trapped you. You cannot escape me. Slowly. He is here somewhere.
Listen to his noise. Caught you!
– Sunil! Anil, run away. Don’t worry about me.
– You want your granny. Run away. Let me go, you thief.
– I have caught one. I won’t spare you either.
– Rogue! You wanted to mess
with dacoit Lalchi Lal. Sunil, don’t worry! I will return.
– Go. Run away. You fool. Help! Brother, run.
Don’t worry about me, brother. Run. Let me go.
– Shut up. Let me go. Let me go. The kids have taken
after their elders. The granny’s grand
kids are just like her. Come on. Press my feet.
– I won’t. How dare you? Press my feet. Soon my brother will come
and take me away from here. He will take you away?
How will your brother come? I have not got just one hideout. I am always changing them. What are you staring at?
Come on, press my feet. So you are resting.
– Who are you? I am king Gadbad Singh’s
cousin Chatur Singh. And I have brought
you her with my magic. Why? Because I need the real
treasure map that you have. I don’t have any map. Think about it granny. People who don’t listen
to me are imprisoned.. my old fort forever by me. Think about it again, granny. On one condition. That’s more like it. What is it? Make me meet my children.
– Is that it? Yes. Do you have any of their mementos?
– Yes, I do. Here is the memento. Don’t you strength? Press harder. Can’t you hear me? Sunil! My child.
– Granny! My child. Okay, this is enough.
Now give me my map. Granny, I am very sleepy.
– Are you sleepy? Look, just give me some more time. My head is aching a lot and
even the child is feeling sleepy. I will give you the
map in the morning. Please leave now.
– All right. What a nasty man! Granny, what is happening? Who is he? He is a great magician. Even he is after the same treasure. Then why don’t you give it to him?
– How can I give it to him? This is the map to the royal treasure. And I have promised
king Gadbad Singh.. ..that I will always
safeguard this secret. Granny, do you have the map?
– Yes, I do. Show me.
– What will you do? Here is the map. The king. Where is the king?
– Why? I have some work with him.
– What? It’s urgent. He is hunting there.
– Hunting. My king, please move the face
a little bit. Wonderful! The gun is also there. Wow! Stand straight, sir. Wonderful. Everything is ready. Smile please. Totaram, what happened? Totaram! Don’t be scared, my king. I am Anil.
I want to talk to you. Anil. Come with me.
– Hurry up. Come with me. I and Sunil reached the dacoit’s
hideout to look for Granny. But Chatur Singh took
away granny from there. And the dacoit has also caught Sunil. From where did you saw?
– From the mountain. All right.
Do one thing. Go to Anil. At once. And I will go to granny.
– All right. Good.
– Okay, come soon. Come Totaram. What happened?
– The car has stopped, my king. My king, hold this umbrella.
Let me ask. What happened?
Do you want me to push it? What nonsense!
The car is always breaking down. Your car always breaks
down when I am in a hurry. What kind of driver are you?
Come on. Hurry up! Hold this umbrella.
– Yes, my king. My king, hold the umbrella please. Sleepyhead, have you gone to sleep? How much more time will
you take to fix the car? At least 2-3 hours.
– So long! Hurry up! The king is very angry. My king the car has broken down bad. He says it will take
a lot of time to be fixed. The car always breaks
down whenever I need it. Yes.
– Let’s walk. The car will follow us. Hey cart man. Hey cart man, stop the cart. Hey cart man. Hey cart man. Hey cart man. Hey cart man. Hey cart man. Stop the cart. Stop the cart. Cart man. Hey cart man.
– Hey cart man. No, they are not thieves.
They are travelers. It seems like the king.
– Yes, I am king Gadbad Singh. Hey cart man. Stop the cart. Come on, hurry up. Hey cart man. Hey cart man. Hey cart man. Take us to the palace. Hey cart man. Take us to the palace. Go inside. Keep the foot here. Climb in my king. What happened?
– There are thorns here. Have you climbed up? Let me climb too. My king, please hold this cock. Hey dacoit! Give me Anil back! Otherwise I will smash your skill. You! The elder brother has come
to save the younger one. Go. He has gone to granny. And if you want to
save your life then leave. Okay, so this is the case. Where are you going? Why are you inviting your death, boy? Take this. You fooled me.
I will drink your blood. Come. Come. Take this. Stop! Where are you running to? Stop! I won’t let you escape. Come. Come. So granny,
what have you thought about the map? What is there to think?
I have to give the map. I had promised king Gadbad
Singh that I will save this secret. And I won’t give this map to anyone. Okay fine. Give me the map. Uncle Chatur, can we go home now? Not now. After I return. Got it? I will return in 4 days. What happened, granny?
– Someone punched me. But there is no one here.
– Yes, there is no one here. Maybe there is another way out.
– Wait. Granny! There is no other way out.
– Let’s check. Slowly.
– Granny, let’s go from here. Walk slowly. Everything is enchanted here. Son, it is difficult
to escape from here. Everything is enchanted here. Don’t worry. I will find some way out. What happened, granny? Are you unwell? I have fever. I am feeling nervous. Come, let’s go and rest in our room. Yes, I will take some rest. Move. Granny, shall I get some water?
– Water? No, dear. You go outside and play.
But be careful. Everything is enchanted here. Go. I will rest for some time.
– Okay. Go. Who are you? Son, I am very thirsty.
Please get me some water. Well done. Friend, you are my true companion. You brought the water! I have been tired of
eating cabbages since 3 days. Who are you?
– I am Bhola. Bhola? Magician Bhola? Yes, magician Bhola. But Chatur Singh has imprisoned me. Chatur Singh? Why? He wanted me to misuse my powers.. ..and kidnap old granny here. Granny. That is my granny. We are imprisoned in the palace. But where is Chatur Singh? Chatur Singh is not
in the palace right now. Do you know what we have done?
– What? We made a fake treasure
map and gave him. He has gone searching
for the treasure with it. That is very good. Is there any way to get out from here? There is one way out. If I can find my other magic
wand then all of us can leave. Can you bring it? Where is that wand? Below the mountain of Sumer. In Sunsan Nagar,
where Neelkamal lake is situated. A pretty white lotus
is blooming in that lake. My wand is inside that lotus. Can you bring it? Yes, of course.
I will bring it for sure. But how will I get out from here? Yes, there is one way out. Listen. Only you can go alone through it. Take this rabbit.
He will take you outside. Listen. Be careful. Granny. Granny.
– What is it? Good news. Do you know whom I met today? Who? Bhola.
– Bhola? Who is Bhola? Magician Bhola. Only he can help us. This is his rabbit.
It will take me outside. Granny, bless me so that
I can get Bhola’s magic wand. Magic wand! Where is it? In Sunsan Nagar! In Sunsan Nagar? That is far away. How can I allow you to go there alone? Granny, don’t worry.
Bless me. I will return soon. My child, my blessings are with you. Be careful and come soon. Go. Granny, don’t worry about me.
Take care of yourself. I will return soon. Okay, you can go now. Hail the Lord! Baba.
– Yes. How to go to Sunsan Nagar?
– Go straight, child. My king, we have reached your palace. Is this our cock?
– It is not, my king. Come, my king. The miser. Totaram.
– Yes. Open the door.
– All right. What happened?
– Someone hit me hard. Open the door. What happened now?
Move aside! I will open the door. There is no one but I
have been punched in my nose. Totaram.
– Yes. I think something
wrong with this gate. Yes, it seems enchanted.
– Enchanted? Yes. I cannot see anyone here.
– My king, stand here. I will try the back door. Stand here. Am I crazy to stand here? I will stand somewhere else. It broke my nose. My king,
we cannot enter through any door. Every door is enchanted. Everywhere. Then what will we do now? I made a huge mistake. He has not come yet. He must have got trapped somewhere. Totaram, this is Chatur Singh.
– Yes. When did Chatur Singh become a magician?
– God knows. Strange,
we cannot enter our own palace? See, even the second door has opened. He seems like a great magician. Granny! Granny! Granny! He has come again.
Sunil! Look. Stand up. You have to take a bath today. No, granny. I won’t take a bath. Why won’t you bath? Come. Hurry up.
– Granny! Granny! – Granny, where are you?
Take off your shorts. Your vest. Granny. I am bathing the kid.
– Okay, hurry up. Yes, I will. I have just started. Bath quickly. Your uncle is calling. Your uncle is calling. Playing with water!
Playing with water! Shut up. What are you doing? Sit.
– Just come out. The child is feeling shy.
I need to cloth him. Please look that side.
– All right. Hurry up. Rascal! “Happy days are here!” “I have got the magic wand.” “Open sesame, the magic wand.” “Come. Come. Come my brother.” “Happy days are here!” “I have got the magic wand.” “Open sesame, the magic wand.” “Magic wand, show magic.” “Play sweet tune on flute.” “Fulfill the unfilled
dreams of life and heart.” “Magic wand, show magic.” “Play sweet tune on flute.” “Fulfill the unfilled
dreams of life and heart.” “Make the flowers bloom.
Every bud is dancing.” “Happy days are here!” “I have got the magic wand.” “Open sesame, the magic wand.” “Magic wand, show magic.” “Feed the old lady some food.” “Give clothes to
the poor who has none.” “Magic wand, show magic.” “Feed the old lady some food.” “Give clothes to
the poor who has none.” “Make the sad laugh.” “Everyone should dance in happiness.” “Happy days are here!” “I have got the magic wand.” “Open sesame, the magic wand.” “Magic wand, show magic.” “Tell us how our granny is.” “We are here. She is there.” “We don’t know in what
condition our granny is.” “Magic wand, show magic.” “Tell us how our granny is.” “We are here. She is there.” “We don’t know in what
condition our granny is.” “Take us there.” “We will sing with granny.” “Happy days are here!” “I have got the magic wand.” “Open sesame, the magic wand.” “Happy days are here!” “I have got the magic wand.” “Open sesame, the magic wand.” Sunil take this wand and get Bhola. I will go to granny. Magician Bhola, I have got the wand. Well done, dear. I have got my magic wand.
– It has opened. Well done, dear. I am free now. Granny! How did you dare? I will teach you a lesson now. Lalchi Lal, what are you doing here? Even I want to know,
what I am doing here. Got it? You want to imprison me too. I agree. Give me 500 gold coins. Get away from my way otherwise
I will turn you into a rabbit. Rabbit! Hurry up! Chatur Singh
might be bothering granny. Is it? I will finish
all his magical powers now. What happened? Chatter Singh.
This won’t work now. But this will. Now I rule the game. Granny, I have come. Anil, what are you doing here? I was looking for Sunil. Where is he? Don’t worry, granny. We came together.
– Yes. Sunil has gone to help magician Bhola.
– But where is he? He will come soon. Look granny, Sunil has come.
– Granny! Sunil, where were you? Magician Bhola. Yes, granny. I am Magician Bhola. I would have been imprisoned for life
if Sunil had not helped me. Is it? Sunil,
you turned out to be very brave. My child. Granny, this is a magic wand. Keep it. You can do whatever you want with it. What will I do with this magic wand? I just want my children to be happy. What is that noise?
– Yes, granny. Let’s go and see. Where are you going?
I won’t let you go. Where are you going? I am holding you. Where are you going?
You cannot escape me. You will not escape now. Wow!
– Well done! Granny, how did you dare?
And you too Bhola? Granny, I will pay you back
for putting chili into my eyes. Beware. Throw away the knife.
Throw away the knife. Look I have got the magic wand. I might turn you into pigeon,
mouse or rabbit. Go down. Go down. Stand near the desk. We have the secret to the treasure.. ..for which you had
turned into beasts. Here is the real map. Let me check, who owns it. Where have we come? Totaram, we were hiding near the tree.
– Yes. Granny, we have come to save you.
Granny, where were you? Dacoit! I will kill you now.
Don’t be scared granny. I will kill them.
– Get down. No, granny. Don’t stop me.
– Gadbad Singh, get down. No, granny.
– Get down. Get down. Totaram, get down.
– Here I am granny. You get down too.
– My king, take my help. Get down fast.
– Here I am. And listen to me carefully. Greed has blinded you. You want to win the world
with weapons and magic. Have you ever worked
hard for your living? I am asking you. You. I am asking you. Gadbad Singh, I am asking you. You wore this jewelry and clothes. Have you earned them?
Did you work for them? No? Have you ever helped anyone? Don’t cry. Speak properly. Your life is useless. Quiet. Forget greed
and revenge from now. Adopt the ways of the good.
Hug each other. Come children. Come, let’s go home. Hug each other. Bless you. Bless you. Bless you.
– Magician Bhola. Granny, the water is deep. From now this magic wand is finished. Stay back. Come Granny.
– Come on. “She tells to everyone.
Dacoits or the rich.” “Don’t eat without working hard.” “She tells to everyone.
Dacoits or the rich.” “Don’t eat without working hard.” “Never give up.” “Never give up.
This is what granny thinks.” Do you want to have tea?
– Yes. Get 2 teas. Plain. Get 2 plain teas. You? What are you doing here,
king Gadbad Singh? Not king Gadbad Singh.
Only Gadbad Singh. What are you doing here? And what are you doing nowadays? Social work.
– Okay, social work. And granny do you know, the king had.. ..used all his wealth from
the treasure in social service. All right.
– Granny. Granny. Do you remember the old times? We used to have dacoits.
– Yes. Magicians.
– Yes. Bhola was there.
– Come let me show you. Come. Do you know him? Great magician.
– Chatur Singh. Yes. You are using the grinding stone? My king, I am working hard.
Working hard And do you know him? Bhola. Bhola. I am cutting onions. Cutting onions!
– Cutting onions! And look here, do you know him?
Lalchi Lal. The dacoit of our village. Dacoit Lalchi Lal is making fritters.
Making savories. My king, have some hot fitters too. Granny, you were great. Everyone reformed.
– Everyone reformed. “Nobody in the world will have
a granny like ours.” “Nobody in the world will have
a granny like ours.”

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