Bolshoi Theatre and Kremlin Palace: Juri Grigorovich’s ballets (с русскими субтитрами)

hey guys that is my fourth video and today’s gonna be in English I usually try to make my channel a little bit more international my English is not outstanding at all it is well so I hope you’ll excuse me for my mistakes and will not judge me too much as you know or maybe you don’t know this year the famous Russian Grover for Julie garbage celebrates his 90th birthday so this why I decided to tell you a little bit about my experience of fortune rigorous berry so if you are interested continue to watch this video [Music] [Music] [Applause] in the hole I saw through his performances that were Nutcracker Nutcracker or a manga and law per se I hope I pronounced it right so if it’s not buttoned in this video I’m gonna tell you only bought the last two ones because I’ve already recorded the video ball Nutcracker so you can find it on my channel but it’s only Russian sorry firstly about remonda so I saw a mod I is usual I’ll also use a water repaired so I saw Amanda must winton the theater on the new stage libretto was written by two degree garbage and is based on medieval knights legends the choreography is of course also driven which he used some scenes choreographer – Peter Pan and Alexander Gorski a Russian ballet choreographer and music worse by Alexander gusano Alexandra who’s known Russian composer this is the 3x belly and the runtime is partly ours so it’s a long belly as Peter which likes it at the price was about 5,000 rubles for the front row and now it costs about 15,000 rubles because it was back to the historical stage so well honestly I don’t know who can who now Russia can afford it maybe they can turn a foreigners I know and the commanded age is 12 plots on Facebook I found a lot of positive comments about this belly and will indeed the music said design the costumes are so everything was really great but unfortunately I didn’t like this ballad too much maybe maybe it was for me too naive maybe it was too slowly I don’t know but sometimes I didn’t really understand the plot on the feelings the emotions of characters and that’s very important because if you understand the plot the belly seems interesting for you if it’s not so it’s not a bit boring I’m well I didn’t understand for instance why I’m under played by family secret increase anova very known Russian ballerina why she was so upset at the end because then was happy I know maybe something which is going wrong but it seemed a bit you know illogical and what are seemed innocent to me is the role of AB death man serozha night or maybe muzzle night played by denis 7 he is also report on uh he is a negative character so to say bad boy and but his part was the most bright in the whole ballet and his dance was so extremely difficult and he managed to dance it very professional very talented something here that was amazing now about about the Purcell I saw the cursor this January in the state current palace it was produced by the current belly this belly consists of the eggs and there also prologue and epilogue so it’s also an belly all the bread was eaten by Saint George the French player our playwright are also wrote libretto for Giselle and Joseph Missouri yeah I also hope I pronounced it right the French belly master into depravity sedition and the music are into the US Edition Bay and it was based on our George Burns forum it’s very palpable firm and the music the music was by French composer and Adam the chrome effect of this edition based on Maris but the price composition are was also typical average the price was a 1500 troubles for the front row and I didn’t find any information about the commanded age but I know that the recommended age for this belly in the bushes yet is also to applause as far as belly is concerned I liked it much more I suppose the blood semen immortal and for me this the band is based on the point but in fact the band and the book are absolutely different what they have in common are also only the name of two main characters basically that is the story about deeply disappointed in life and in people pirate car cell by the way did you know that he was dated vegetarian a very up-to-date very interesting in my opinion point and sometimes he reminds me loop from super Holly I am both are so a strong so daft but both are so reliable in love that is nice uh and the barely even so far from the original book is very careful sometimes unpredictable so very interesting what it didn’t like is the current bail at the current ballot so let the Clement palace itself because well actually isn’t the palace at all is like you know a storied building and it’s not as beautiful as other musical theaters so on this stage the Bellas seemed a bit out of place and I also didn’t like set design because well that is poor but as I said the belly the artists of everything was so great that I almost forgot about any disadvantages and um I also you know suppose that there’s a prejudice that the artist of the common belly are not as talented at the S the artists from the Borgia theater or in or maybe not enough talented but in my opinion that is absolutely untrue I saw that the danced our soul that they did their walk you know very professional thought not only about their movements but also both the feelings the emotions I bought their characters so that was great and thank you guys for this wonderful three hours that was unforgettable and of course I was so grateful to the people of Asia for this wonderful opportunity to see this great masterpieces and I can recommend this better to you guys you can also find it on the stage of the Bolshoi Theatre but the price will be of course much fire at will about fifteen thousand rubles for the front row and I suppose this over now if you like this video subscribe to my channel a lot of new interesting reviews are coming here soon and thank you guys for your attention see you next time

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