Boost Channel Performance with Playlists ft. Logical Baniya

Did you know, smartly using
Cards, Playlists and End Screens can boost your overall views? Shocked? Surprised? Don’t be. I’ve done that.
In today’s Master Class, I’ll show you how. Hi, my name is Anshul, a creator from India. My channel name isLogical Baniya. I create animated, story-based,
educational content on YouTube. My stories are full of heroes and villains. Villains fight with heroes,
rob banks, travel to space. In the process I teach my viewers the concepts of
physics, maths, and puzzle-solving. In this Master Class, I will show you
how I use series-based content and Playlists to boost the overall views by 10–30%. When I started this channel,
the views on my videos were not consistent. Some of the videos were getting views
in hundreds, and others in thousands. But I observed one thing. On my newer videos,
I was getting views from new viewers along with my old subscribers. So the question in front of me was “How do I make
these viewers watch my older videos as well?” Many of us face this issue. As a solution to this problem,
I started linking my videos together by breaking them into different parts. In short, I started making them episodic. Then I moved ahead
and started adding them into a Playlist. Make sure the Playlist is public. I always order by videos added newest. I use the same title
in the video title as well. For example,
I use “Part 1,” “Part 2,” “Part 3” and so on. Since it’s story-based content,
Part 1 will have one part of the video and Part 2 will have
the other part of the video. Now, viewers coming in on Part 2
will start watching Part 1 as well. See this chart. When I uploaded Part 15,
I’m getting views on Part 14 as well. Observe this peak. So basically, I’m getting the views
by the traffic source suggested. While creating Playlists,
always add a description to your Playlist. This will help with
the discovery of your Playlist in searches. To conclude, think how
episodic-based content can suit your channel. Create Playlists of similar videos,
give them appropriate names write proper descriptions and you might see a sizeable increase
in your channel’s performance. In the next video we will see
how we can use Cards and End Screens to increase our overall views. Be sure to watch it. Thank you.


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