Bournemouth Town Hall Access Film

Hello, my name’s Jane Portman and I’m the
deputy Chief Executive of Bournemouth Borough Council. It’s important to me personally
and the Council as a whole that our buildings & services are as accessible
and as inclusive as possible. To help us get it right we asked local disabled people
to advise us on access improvements. We commissioned DOTS Disability to arrange an access survey of the town hall, which was carried out by people with different impairment types. The survey led to a series of recommendations, most of which we have now implemented. However,
one of the key recommendations was to produce this video guide to the town hall to help
visitors to plan their visit. We hope you find this guide useful but if there are more ways in which we can improve accessibility please do let us know because we realise that enhancing
access is more of a journey than a destination. At Access Dorset & Dots Disability we know
access isn’t always easy in historic listed buildings and we thought it would be useful
to other disabled people to have a guide to help them plan their visit, so in this short
film we’re going to take a look at disabled access to public areas of the town hall… …and access to the customer contact centre on St Stephens Road. Lets begin with parking. Disabled visitors to the town hall have several
parking options beginning with the accessible parking space at the front of the town hall. This space isn’t very well suited to wheelchair users, because of the slope, which can make it hard for transfers so we recommend the accessible parking in Braidley Road. From these spaces it’s a short journey to the crossing point at the front of the town hall… …where the space is more suited to ambulant disabled visitors To help customers find where they are going, there are visitor maps in front of the building
on either side of the turning circle. The maps show the accessible routes, they’re
easy to read, and they feature high contrast colours for visually impaired visitors. Visitors comfortable using steps can find the visitor reception by going through the
main doors at the front of the building. For wheelchair users, there is a clearly signposted
accessible route. The route will take you on a level access
path to a lower level entrance with automatic door. At times when the door is not operating,
such as evenings and weekends there is an intercom present to call a member of staff. Once inside the building a lift will take
you to the entrance level and main reception area. In order to assist those who are hearing impaired the main reception desk is fitted with an
induction loop system. For wheelchair users who want to access public
areas of the town hall like the registrar office and meeting rooms, a newly installed
platform lift will take you up a short flight of stairs to that level, where you will also
find accessible toilets. The platform lift is easy to operate and we have also made a an instruction video guide to it’s use. For visitors to the customer contact centre
on St Stephens road there is a clearly signed level access route to the right of the reception
desk. This route will take you straight to the centres main entrance. For drivers, there
are also two accessible parking spaces outside the front door on St Stephens road. The customer contact centre is accessible to all, with automatic doors leading to a
multilevel reception desk which has also been fitted with an induction loop system, as have the consultation rooms. In areas not covered by a loop system there
is a portable induction loop available for anyone who requests it. The customer service points and waiting area have been designed with wheelchair users in
mind allowing plenty of space and there is a spacious and modern accessible toilet. The work we have done here at Bournemouth Borough Council is just a start. We hope you find this video guide useful and welcome any feedback that you have. So that we can continue to make our services accessible to everyone.

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