Bow Wow and Kiyomi’s Relationship Drama

Live from New York City, it’s the Wendy Williams Show. (exciting fast music)
(people cheering) Now, here’s Nick Cannon! (audience cheering)
(fun energetic music) What’s up, ya’ll? (audience cheering) How you doing? How you doing? You know what? (audience laughing) I gotta say, ya’ll was right. Everyday, I’ve been super energetic, screaming at the top of my lungs, and a player done lost his voice. (audience awing) But I did not lose my energy! (audience cheering) It’s so good to be here with the family. Family, where we at? (mumbles) That’s what I’m talking about and I love ya’ll, I love being here. But it ain’t gonna stop. This, unfortunately, is my last day. (audience groaning) But I gotta go get my movie star on. I’m making an action movie in Dubai. (audience cheering) Do I look like a movie star? Yeah! Go ahead and get the whole outfit. I look like a ring leader right now. (audience cheering) But you guys are gonna have some more great guest hosts until the queen returns, Ms. Wendy. I’m gonna be watching from Dubai, so ya’ll just keep that energy going and without further ado, now I’m gonna have to drink some tea while I’m talking about the tea, it’s Hot Topics, ya’ll. (audience cheering)
(deep rhythmic music) Yeah. (audience cheering)
(deep rhythmic music) I love it, I love it. It is time, sit on down, relax. We’re about to get in everybody’s business right now. Hey, how have ya’ll been enjoying the Hot Topics? They’ve been good, right? I’ve been giving the people… I try to, I don’t like to be nasty or I have no malicious intent or any of that, but I gotta be honest. And that’s what people want, right? You wanna hear the real and the real. Today, we’re gonna talk about some things, a few things I’ve been avoiding talking about but I gotta talk about it. One thing, we gonna just get right to it, my show, my hit show in season 13, Wild ‘N Out. (audience cheering) Wilin’, wilin’, wilin’. Wilin’, wilin’, wilin’, wilin’, wilin’, wilin’, wilin’. (audience cheering) But guess who’s on this week, Bow Wow and Kiyomi. Now see, why ya’ll had to put that up because that’s not the Wild ‘N Out photo. And I’ve been trying to avoid, I really have been trying to avoid talking about this all week because these two beautiful individuals are my personal friends and colleagues. I’ve known Bow Wow since he was a little pup. (audience laughing) Kiyomi is actually a Wild ‘N Out girl. She makes music and stuff like that. That’s me and Bow Wow hanging backstage at the show, and that’s me and Kiyomi same day, like moments earlier. And it’s unfortunate and it’s sad because they were arrested over the weekend after getting into a physical fight. And I’m just saying, there’s nothing funny about domestic violence whatsoever, on either side. There should be no double standard either way and even I reached out to both of them, and really, because it’s a real legal matter, they gotta go to court and stuff. Neither one of them actually wanted to speak on the actual events that happened because they’ve been advised to, I spoke to Kiyomi. Bow Wow still ain’t called me, he supposed to be my friend. (audience laughing) He’s sending me statements and all of that type of stuff. I’m supposed to be your friend, you’re gonna hit me with a statement. (audience laughing) You ain’t getting no Christmas present this year. You gonna get a statement. But yo, you know what, and this is my man, I’ve known him forever and we always have fun. Matter of fact, take a look at this week’s clip from Wild ‘N Out, just to see where we was at with it, how we played with each other. (bell ringing) ♪ Yo, yo, I saw your paycheck for your show ♪ ♪ You know it ain’t real ♪ ♪ Come work with me, you know we get that bread for real ♪ ♪ Sign that bell ♪
(bell ringing) ♪ No boy, don’t you reach ♪ ♪ Sit your black ass down and watch the teacher teach ♪ ♪ Let’s go ♪ (audience cheering) He seem a little aggressive. He was a little aggressive, right? What was all that this weekend? Now, this is where I gotta stick up for both of my friends because it’s a little, the rumors is crazy out there right now and I did some intel and some research, there’s a rumor out there that the fight was over Kiyomi flirting with Shaquille O’Neal. (audience groaning) Kiyomi was not have a type at all, right. (audience laughing) Look at the size difference. (audience laughing) I don’t believe this! It’ll take two Bow Wow’s and one Kevin Hart to equal a Shaq. I don’t believe it, I don’t really know and really, it’s none of my business, what the altercation was about. But there’s a bunch of different stories going on. And this, I have to ask ya’ll, family, you gotta help me out with this. When you have two friends, I’m friends with both of them, and I don’t wanna take sides. This is a very serious matter, I wanna talk to both of them. I didn’t even wanna talk about it on the show because, yo, that’s, I get it but, you know. And the man in me, the man in me wants to instantly protect the woman. I believe nobody should put their hands on a woman regardless, I tell my son all the time, never put your hands on a woman. I don’t care what the situation is, there’s no reason. But the referee in me, look, I’m concerned for Bow Wow. (audience laughing) We need some justice for Bow Wow. Now, this has been a hot topic that I’ve been trying to avoid but like I say, I like to talk about the not topics too, the things that we’re not talking about is the fact that no one should be putting their hands on anyone, regardless your gender. When you gotta go all the way to violence for whatever reason, I just can’t condone that. And I don’t wanna be preachy or none of that, but ya’ll gonna have to start meditating or something. Give it to Jesus, let Jesus, fix it, Jesus. (audience applauding) Because Bow Wow, boy, we’re gonna have to start a fund for Bow Wow. Just get a little Bow Wow shelter for bruised brothers or something. (audience laughing) Bow Wow, call me, know what I mean. And I wish you the best. I told ya’ll about messing with this Wild ‘N Out girls, they dangerous. I got them from the island where Wonder Woman is from. I only hire powerful queens, ya’ll. And speaking of powerful and queens, another thing that’s been in the news, which I find pretty fascinating, Chris Pratt, that we all know, just celebrated his engagement to Arnold Schwarzenegger’s daughter, Katherine Schwarzenegger. (audience applauding) But, oh…
(laughing) The celebration, what he chose to do, I ain’t mad at him. He celebrated by going to a strip club. (audience cheering) My only thing is, he went by himself, he didn’t bring his fiance with him. Why’d she get left out the fun? But no, and in a jokingly way, this is where Chris might’ve took it a little too far, he even jokingly said to a stripper there at the strip club, he asked her to marry him instead. (audience groaning) See, I knew ya’ll wasn’t gonna feel that. I don’t think Arnold is gonna feel that either. The Terminator gonna whip your ass, Chris. (audience applauding) You do not talk about my daughter, give her respect. Get down. But Chris, I got your back, player, I understand. I’ve been in the strip clubs too and sometimes, a lap dance will bring the matrimony out of you. (audience laughing) I get it, I need to propose to her, pay some tuition, something, I get it. And you know what, hey, if Arnold got problems with it, you tell him to call me. You can have a stripper, he had the maid, what’s the difference? (audience cheering) (mumbles) Suzanne, did I go too far, Suzanne? No, I love that you brought up Mildred! Okay, I had to bring up Mildred! Mildred probably be twerking and pushing the broom too. (audience cheering) But this is the thing, see, because again, and get to the not topic real quick, I think we are in such a progressive time and a time of strength and true liberation for women that we should stop looking down on strip clubs. That’s not a bad thing. Them women is making their money, they’re getting through school. I done paid plenty of tuition. But I mean, it’s a respectable environment. She might be having bible study in the strip club now. Dropping it low for Jesus, I’ve seen it. I have seen it. But I’m joking around but I honestly believe what’s the difference between strippers and Victoria Secret models? One is just a cash upfront business. And I truly believe that. We’ll have a whole night and glorify these other women walking up and down the runway in their underwear, and they’re sending it to my son who’s looking at the magazine at the house, but there’s no differences. So I’m not gonna judge. To all the strippers, if you need me, call me. (audience cheering) And the Victoria Secret models too, if ya’ll need me, call me too! I’m available. Another thing that’s really interesting in the news and I’m a huge fan, I’m proud of this brother, he’s had quite the journey, his spirit is so strong. DMX was released from prison last week. Two weeks ago, I love it. Man, I love that brother right there. Been through so much and has prevailed, overcome so many obstacles and he just announced that he’s going back on tour. (audience cheering) And a lot of people are having issues with this. A lot of fans are saying that it’s too soon and it’s not good for his sobriety. (man yelling) Yeah, exactly, I don’t understand it because, hey, DMX owe the government like two million dollars. He gotta get out there and make that money, he gotta get a job. (audience cheering) What other job is DMX gonna do? You can’t see DMX at McDonald’s, like, hey yo, welcome to McDonald’s, how can I take your order? What, I can’t hear you! (audience laughing) He’s gonna be a crossing guard. DMX at your son’s school, stop! Drop, shut it down before you get shot, oh. No! That’s how Ruff Riders roll! (laughing) Ya’ll are hilarious. I’d hire DMX as my accountant though, he’ll protect your money for real. (audience laughing) Hey yo, dog, you gotta listen, man, your dividends is (mumbles), you gotta get that revenue. (growling) Money, power, respect, money! Hey, yo! But hey, DMX got 15 kids and nine baby mamas. I salute you, be fruitful and multiply, that’s what we on the earth for. That’s what Jesus said, I think. What, you mad that he got all them kids? That’s a legacy! Wow. She said, wow! (audience laughing) All I’m saying is that man need to take care of his kids, so he needs to get back to work doing what he loves and what we love him for. (audience applauding) One of the greatest rappers, greatest entertainers to do it, and I’m pretty sure it is extremely therapeutic for him to be up there with his fans, getting that love, as his healing process occurs. So we’re gonna support you, dark man, X. We’re with you, man. Love you, bro. (audience cheering)
Get that money! (growling) That was funny, he was like, what! (audience laughing) Hey, I love it, that’s culture right there. Now, this is a little weird but again, I don’t judge, I just put it out there. Did ya’ll see that huge Harry Styles face tattoo that the girl, ya’ll talked about it. She put it on her face. (audience groaning) They talked about it on the show, it went viral. Well it turns out it was fake. He finessed us and I love it! I love the finesse. She is actually a singer, Kelsey Carter admitted it was a publicity stunt to promote her new song called Harry. She released the whole video because she put out a song and then she actually, she was saying she was going through, because her dog passed away and she, so she said, look, I’m a fan of Harry Styles. To get over it, she made a song called Harry. And she made a whole viral video where she said, how I rock the entire world for $300, and explained how she just woke up one morning and to get more attention on her song, she pretended that she got a tattoo on her face. I salute you. (audience applauding) It’s the not topic here. The not topic here is the things that we do as people in society to get attention in social media and entertainment, and I’m a… I’m guilty. I got a tattoo of a pop star as well. (audience cheering) But mine was real! I couldn’t just wash that off with no Dove soap. So, and I was love right there. People asked me why’d you do it? What you gonna buy Mariah Carey? I can’t buy, ain’t a rock big enough to prove my love, so I said, baby, I’m gonna put your name on my back. (audience applauding) And she still got my back to this day. We are closest of friends, we’re raising some amazing kids together. (audience cheering) And just because, I added to it, of course, because I had to add some more. So if you see, that’s my kids as angels, that Jesus, it’s a whole family. The Holy Spirit is covering up Mariah. But it’s still there, it’s like a collage of just. And I got some more room too. My leg is free, I told ya’ll I’m gonna put Halle Berry name on me right here. I get Rihanna right here, it’ll all work out. Are you all tattoo people? I can’t blame anybody, I’m tatted up. Who got tats in here? (audience cheering) Would you ever get your significant other tattooed on you? (audience groaning) So I’m the only fool in the building? I do it again, I do it again and again. That’s what love is about. Now the young girl, what’s that, the catch me outside girl, Danielle Bhad Bhabie. Hey, I ain’t mad at her. See, people are mad at her, she got a new show, a Snapchat show. Take a look at what she’s doing now. I’m the bad kid that my mother can’t control. I went form sleeping on the floor in a trailer to having a gold record in six months. So I now I got two managers, a bodyguard, my mom. They think I’m their baby, they don’t wanna let me grow up, but (beep), it’s time. You have two (beep) seconds to go upstairs and talk on the phone with her? Karma’s a little (beep) bitch. I know, are you karma? She’s never had a father in her life. It’s really become like this is my teenage kid. I gave up everything for you. What did you give up? Ya’ll wanna know what really goes on? I’m here to (beep) tell you. (deep rhythmic music) (audience groaning) Suzanne, I’m not mad at this. Suzanne, you don’t like this? I know you’re a mom. Yeah, young girls are all looking up to this and I don’t approve of that. And you guys may not agree with me but I gotta keep it real, I’d rather my daughter be going this direction than the Kylie Jenner direction. That’s just me. Only thing because if you put it out there, this girl, she may have a bad mouth, she need some guidance, she need a whooping. But at the same age, Kylie Jenner was getting plastic surgery, she got a makeup line, she got a makeup line. There’s certain things, they’re both making money off of society’s exploitation of young girls. And there’s two different ways. But if I had to choose, I want my daughter to get out there and be a loud mouth and talk, because then I can say it’s about discipline and respect but when it gets to that other world, where things that I can’t control because social media’s controlling everything, as a parent, I’m just saying, Suzanne. No, I’m glad I don’t have girls. If I had to choose, if I had to choose, because I can fix Bhad Bhabie with a bad belt. (audience laughing) And my children, I’ll give you a perfect example. A lot of people got mad at me on social media because I was allowing my kids to actually do, we be cutting up. When we get together, we do your mama jokes and all of that stuff. And it’s funny, it’s all in fun. Not they mama, I don’t talk about they mama. (audience laughing) But we do yo mama jokes. Matter of fact, here, take a look at, first we’ll start with my son, Moroccan. We was just riding and this is my son with his yo mama jokes. Okay, what was it? Oh yeah, your mama’s so stupid, she put an iPad in the blender to make apple juice. Ah, stupid mama. (laughing) Stupid mama! But you know, ain’t no double standards, it’s equal. We don’t just do mama jokes, we do daddy jokes too. Look at my daughter, Monroe. Go ahead and show that one. All right, Monroe, we keep talking about mamas, what about daddies? Okay, yo daddy’s so old, when god said let there be light, he was there to flick on the light switch. (laughing) (audience applauding) That’s funny. And some people was like, oh, you shouldn’t have them. They understand now because now that’s empowering them, they know what’s a joke, they know the difference between humor and being real. They respect me as a parent. And the one thing in my household, I want them to speak freely, do everything that they wanna do, because that’s what their parents do. But I wanna focus on education. (audience applauding) And it starts super young. And because then, there’s so much going on in society, I wanna inform them and empower them, so I’m not hiding anything from them. So the closer to, I started them as babies. My seven year old daughter was tutoring my one and a half year old. And check this out, it’s education. This is amazing to me. (mumbles) What does this say? Polar bear. What does this say? Wave. What does this say? Arm. Good job, man. Pretty amazing, he not even two yet. Again, it’s about empowering your young people, educate them. So it’s a tough world out there and I don’t wanna judge anybody because parenting is a difficult thing. I don’t have all the answers but just inform them and give them that unconditional love. (audience cheering) That’s where it is. We got more of a great show. Up next, rapper and activist, my brother, Killer Mike is here, ya’ll! So grab a snack and come on down. (fun rhythmic music) (audience cheering) (fast exciting music)


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