Boxing project: For One Night Only Redditch UK 2/4 [eng subtitles]

This episode is unique because I will present the profiles of the project participants. people who train here at Redditch Boxing Academy. Each of the boys will tell something about themselves, what they do every day what boxing means to him, why they participate in this project. It is important to appreciate the fact that each of the boys is different and has a normal life and does not professionally boxer Boxing is the magic of risking everything for dreams that no one sees but you. I heard this sentence when I was fifteen years old and I was at the boxing camp for the first time, in a grouping of the Poland ( Małopolska ) team in Lubenia One of my older colleagues told me that he wanted to comfort me after I had boxing baptism and I lay in my room with a sore ass. He came to check if everything was ok with me and said: Young buddy, don’t be afraid, don’t worry. Boxing is the magic of risking everything for dreams that nobody sees. And that’s how it is, it’s true. Today, 15 years later I remember this sentence and it is magic. It is magic that each of us is different and boxing connects us. Everything that happens, unity, at the beginning we didn’t know each other and now after a few weeks we joke around, we come more eagerly to trainings, talk. This is the magic! I’m Filip, I’m from Poland. I deal with cooking every day, I am a chef. I take part in this project because boxing means a lot to me, I have been passionate for 8 years. 12 weeks is the right time to prepare well for a fight. I have several fights on my record, the next one will be an experience for me that will teach me something and teach something else. Greetings to all Poles. Filip. Hello everyone. I’m Darek, I’m from Tarnów, I live in Redditch and train at Redditch Boxing Academy. I want to say how boxing in England differs from our Polish boxing. First of all, it is much, much harder. it is certain! Secondly, there are no long actions here – here is quick action once two moves, once two moves this is boxing. It is a bit different in Poland, there is a beautiful hard boxing, we fight more, there are longer actions once two three four five – longer combinations. It’s not here. I have been training here for some time, I take part in competitions, I was on a two-day tournament, unfortunately the fight was interrupted by injuries because this boxing is really hard here The competitors are well prepared, they have fights every week Interestingly, you can meet a lot of good Polish boxers I have been here for some time, at the beginning it was not interesting a lot of people come to England and their lives look like only work – home work-home such a routine. You need to find something in yourself to change it I found my lifestyle here at Redditch Boxing Academy they train boxing here and meet great people and great trainers. Now such a thing, if you are afraid because there are many people who wanted to train but did not know the language – I had the same When I came here, my English was very basic, but I met Konrad he was the first person to encourage boxing when I came to Redditch, now I go with the English to competitions and we get along well. So if you want to improve your language, also start to train sport to find your way, we invite you here Konrad will help you with everything, That’s it !! One more thing. training in my hometown of Tarnów, I trained for over 7 and coaches Antonia Banda and Józef Satko are trainers that I carry in my heart. Best regards to Jakub Kras and the whole Tiger Tarnów team! RBA & Tiger Tarnów I am with you! And what ? did you like it ? I hope so! ! Appreciate the boys appreciate their contribution to their development and what they do. You follow us on a regular basis and see you in the next episode. That’s what it boasts!

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