Boy Telugu Movie Theatrical Trailer | Lakshya Sinha, Sahiti | Amar Viswaraj

(MUGGING MATH) Your portion is finished. Prepare carefully. When something important crosses
your mind during preparation… That thought is bound to divert you. You can’t focus on what you’re studying. In that case, put the book aside… Just do what you’re thinking about… And then get back to studying. – Which grade are you in?
– 10th grade . Wow! We’re also in the 10th grade. High school girls are really dangerous. They share everything with their mothers. They go to the Central Library to study. I heard that whoever studied there
had topped the exams. Verna’s mom got her free admission
to National College today. I guess you already chose
a college by the looks of it. Mm-hmm. Thank you.
Thank you for being my first crush. Thank you for making my heart so sweet. I had a dream last night. I flunked my exams and repeated
10th grade all over again. All the students were mocking me. Stop laughing, bro. You were right beside me in my dream. Show me your hand! – Why do you even attend school?
– Everyone is scared of him at school. And when he takes a day off. we are as happy as anyone can imagine. What a punchline, dude! Now that hall tickets are issued… You must’ve thought I can’t harm you. I’ll make sure you don’t give
your final exams. [BELL TOLLING] Ugh! Damn it!


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