Boys Over Flower Ep 12 EngSub [CC] Korean Drama 2009

I was thinking about how I could lure Goo Joon Pyo. I saw this as an opportunity to kill two birds with one stone. Who put you up to this? Why? It’s kind of funny isn’t it? Joon Pyo is all fussy after losing his girl, and imagine his shock finding out it was his mother who paid for the whole thing. His mom? You mean, the person who put you up to this is Goo Joon Pyo’s mother? If Sunbae had just gone along with it I would have given you half of the money. You should’ve been wiser. What do you mean? The moment you rejected my proposal… the goal of the game became just one thing : Goo Joon Pyo Why are you doing this to Goo Joon Pyo? Why? Everyone here… must have at least a few reasons for wanting revenge on Goo Joon Pyo. You want to hear them all? Tell me the truth. Why you are doing this to Goo Joon Pyo, and what wrong has Goo Joon Pyo ever done to you? Tell me. To be exact, he wronged my older brother . . . Your brother? Do you remember? To my sweet brother who was warmer to his despised half-brother than his own father. Jan Di Sunbae. Look at me closely. Don’t I . . . remind you of someone? This is not a school… It’s hell. No!! No. Do you mean the person from the rooftop? Bingo. I will say hello to my brother for you. He almost died. But he always smiles when he talks about you. You! That’s right. I wanted revenge. But . . . As I got closer to you . . . if you chose to be with me, revenge wouldn’t matter anymore . . . I thought that. I truly thought that , but . . . Hurry and go in! Jan Di!
Geum Jan Di, are you okay? Quiet! Goo Joon Pyo! Goo Joon Pyo! Geum Jan Di… Are you okay? You’re not hurt, right? Goo Joon Pyo! Why did you come? What is it that you thought you could accomplish? Did you make sure? Yeah, he definitely came alone. Stupid bastard. Today’s your unlucky day. Let the girl go first. It seems you plan on acting cool to the very end. That won’t do. I’ll make sure you’re beaten to a bloody pulp. You won’t be able to move even a finger. We must make sure your princess sees you in such a sorry state. Don’t you think so? You guys can begin. Goo Joon Pyo! Goo Joon Pyo… Goo Joon Pyo! Stop it! Ah! Goo Joon Pyo! Don’t do this! Stop! Please save him! Please save him! Goo Joon Pyo! Stop. Does it hurt? Now, beg me to save your life. Get on your knees and beg. Then I’ll let the girl go. No! Goo Joon Pyo! Don’t! Don’t do it! Goo Joon Pyo. Stop!!! Now say you’ll give up Jan Di. Hurry up and say it! I don’t think I can do that. What? Are you deaf? I said I can’t do that. Do you want to die? I don’t want to die, but… if you’re going to kill me, I have no choice. Say it! Hurry up and say it! Geum Jan Di. Geum Jan Di. -Jan Di!
-Goo Joon Pyo! Geum Jan Di! Goo Joon Pyo! Go check outside. Are you guys okay? Geum Jan Di. Geum Jan Di. Geum Jan Di. Are you conscious? Goo Joon Pyo . . . Hey, stupid. I thought I was going to die of shock because of you! Isn’t that what I should be saying? Aren’t you the stupid one? Why did you just let them hit you like that?
Didn’t you say you could beat up anyone even if it was 10 to one? You are a complete braggart. You stupid, idiot, with an IQ of two digits. You’re so slow witted. What? They had you tied up, what was I supposed to do? I’d rather get the crap kicked out of me than watch them hurt even a finger on your body. But… Because of that I was getting beaten to death on purpose, so why did you interfere? What if something really bad happened? It doesn’t matter what the situation is, you always act so nosy. You stupid, idiot, with an IQ of two digits. You’re so slow witted. What?
-Hey! Do you always hit patients? Do you always hit women? I’m really hurt.
I’m really hurt too. How can you say that with that look on your face? You always.. Who do you think you’re hitting?! I’m home.. What is it? What happened? What is all of this? Hey, Kang San, don’t cry and tell me. What happened? Father has been taken by the loan shark. What? Oh, Jan Di. What should we do? What will happen if they kill your father? They say if we can’t pay them back, they’ll sell everything whether it be a liver or kidney. What are we going to do if they kill your father? Oh, how are we supposed to survive. For what did you come? Ah, yes. I came to see the President. Please come this way. President. Is there something wrong? Help me. What are you talking about? The offer you presented us with last time. Wait no, even half of half of your previous offer is good. Please, save my family. No matter how much I think this through the only person I can think of who can help us is you. So even though it may be considered inappropriate and difficult I came to see you. Well it doesn’t seem like it is too difficult for me. But there is an order to everything. Order? If you commit a wrong, an apology should be first. Whatever needs to be repaid should be repaid. Whoever needs help then should be helped. Because I am a business woman I hate anything that is calculated incorrectly or out of order. Ah, yes of course that is how it should be. Last time I committed a deadly sin.
Not knowing my station in life I dared to insult you.
I sincerely apologize. Please forgive me. You shouldn’t do that. Please, forgive me I was the one who did wrong, please forgive me Save my family, please forgive me… Thank you. Thank you. I’m home… Dad!!! Dad!! Oh, my Jan Di. Are you okay? Nothing’s wrong right? Of course! I’m okay.. That’s good. Do you know how much I was worried about you? What’s wrong with everyone? Dad came home… Did something happen? -That…could that be…
-It’s not “could that be,” it’s definitely it. Mom! What did you want me to do? Did you want me to let your father die?
All this money here, where else would it be from? That money, go return it! What..?
Go Return it now! No, I can’t! Do you know what I did to get this?
And if I return it, how are you gonna face the music? I’ll do it. It’s what I did so I will face the music. I’ll use whatever means possible to repay them. Jan Di, take the money, and return it. What are you going to do? How?! Just take it back! If you don’t then… you better watch out! It’s cold. You didn’t even wear a jacket Here Hurry Jan Di… Yes? You… really like Joon Pyo right? answer me… To me, you’re more important. I’m sorry. to my daughter’s beautiful love, I’m only a burden. Love, who said I loved him? Dad… It is love… That’s love, Jan Di. He means to you as much as you compare with your dad. I’m not even sure… how would you know? I’ve been your father for 19 years and you think I wouldn’t know that? President. Geum Jan Di is here to see you. Really? Come in, what’s your business here? I came here to return the money. I heard that your family is going through a tough time. Wouldn’t it be wiser that you pocket useless pride? It’s not pride but the conclusion my family came to. Please excuse me for everything that happened. If it wasn’t enough, I can give you more I’ve been watching you and I think you’re pretty good at making deals. Fine, let’s make a deal. Please do not insult me and my family anymore.
I beg you. What? So, are you really thinking of going out with my Joon Pyo? That’s a problem between me and Joon Pyo. Fine, but let’s be serious now, I admit that I made things tough for your family. Please accept the fact that you and Joon Pyo are not meant to be together. Okay Yeah. Joon Pyo and I are very different. I understand that. But, do you know we’re surrounded by the same things and standing in the same place. I made a promise with Goo Joon Pyo. That we wouldn’t use you as an excuse to break up. This money… was given to your family because your mother kneeled before me and begged. Are you going to throw it all away just because of your childish pride? Pride aside, this is an amazing offer. Are you sure you won’t regret this? I didn’t know you could put a price on pride. Then, how much is your pride? You are too spunky. It’d be great if you could change your opinion on the notion that a commoner’s pride can be sold. And, a person’s heart is not something you can buy with money. You didn’t know that, did you? But… Now Goo Joon Pyo knows it. I have to go It’s kind of funny isn’t it? Goo Joon Pyo is all fussy after losing his girl and imagine his shock finding out it was his mother
who paid for the whole thing. You called 119 didn’t you? I came to put out the fire. It’s a pancake. You need to mix flour, milk, and, of course, baking powder, just like bindaedduk. Eh? This is the best cure when you’re on the verge of crying. Thank you. It was delicious. Then, should we get going?
To where? Hey, straighten your legs. Yeah, like that. Hey! You idiot! Buzz off! Yes…yes…
ahhh… Ah, you idiot! F4 ! It is F4
Ah…isn’t that Geum Jan Di? Argh… Let’s… hurry and tell Ginger! What is that? Nothing, it’s nothing. What do you mean nothing? Hey… Just looking at this, it feels like a proposal is coming. What proposal? She keeps getting into trouble, so I thought I’d give her a leash. Is Geum Jan Di your pet? With your personality, giving this to Jan Di worries me. Geum Jan Di’s not the type to quietly accept something like a leash. I think you’ll get beat up again. Jan Di’s lethal spin kick? I think I might want to see that. Why are you guys making such a fuss? So annoying… Pay up. I came to turn pages in your music book…but you don’t have one. Instead, would you like to run an errand for me? Hey, Yoon Ji Hoo. How can you call me out here just tp leave me out in the cold? Goo Joon Pyo? Geum Jan Di. Here. It’s cold. Wear this. You, put your hands deep in here and stay still. There’s something in here. What is this? Can’t you tell just by looking at it? It’s a necklace. Hey, this can’t be right. I know your style is a bit strange, but this is a girl’s necklace! Idiot.. It’s for you. What?
I said it’s for you. There’s only one of these in the entire world, so if you lose it this time, you’re really dead. Only one? Yes. There’s really only one? I designed it myself and had it made. Look here. This is me, and the one inside is you. How? How is it that you’re the star and I’m the moon? Because the moon – Geum Jan Di -, can never leave the star – Goo Joon Pyo -. No matter what happens, I’ll never let go of this moon. See, you catch colds when you do things you don’t usually do I didn’t catch a cold, I just coughed, okay? It’s cold. Look over there. That star is so bright.. Are you sure? Isn’t that a satellite? It’s pretty. It really is the only one of its kind. Don’t you think it’s romantic?
What do you mean romantic? Whenever I hear that, I feel so burdensome. – I’m already afraid what will happen if I lose it.
– You seem pretty happy to me. What? I think it’d be so nice if someone made and gave me a one of a kind keepsake,
even if it is just a piece of glass. Let’s go! – Where?
– Where else? Skiing. Let’s go. Oh…My…God… What did she just say?
A one of a kind necklace? She got it from Joon Pyo! Stay calm. I just can’t stay calm for something like this! You guys… do you think she has the right to get something like that? No! It’s not because it wasn’t me that I’m saying this. Geum Jan Di is just so unacceptable, isn’t she? Yes! You guys, let’s go. Geum Jan Di, you’re dead. Ouch! My belly hurts. Jan Di, are you okay? You go on ahead! Oh…Geum Jan Di I didn’t know it was you. – Sorry!
– It’s ok. Are you okay? Yeah, I’m okay.
You should be careful. You should be more careful. Uh, oh. Be careful! Are you okay? You should be careful. I’m okay, I’m okay.
Okay, get up. – Are you ok?
– Huh, I’m fine. – It’s ok, go.
– See you! Jan Di! Are you ok? Yeah, I’m fine! And you, are you ok? Ga Eul! Ga Eul be careful! Ga Eul, are you ok? Wake up! Can you hear me? Ga Eul! Ga Eul. Are you ok? Yeah, honey, about that… Okay, I’ll take responsibility. So you shouldn’t say anything. The important thing right now is neither you nor me. How can you just throw away Shin Hwa like that ? You know how your father… Honey! Honey? President. Our condition isn’t good. Joon Pyo…find Joon Pyo first. I need him so we can hurry and leave. I understand. Here, try this chocolate. Jan Di, where’s your necklace? Necklace? It’s here… My necklace! But, where is it? What do you guys want? Did you by any chance give Jan Di a necklace? How did you guys know that? Doesn’t it have a moon inside a star?
I’m asking you how you know that! You should ask Jan Di if she still has it. What? Whether she dropped it or threw it away, she may have lost it on the mountain. How could she lose something so important so easily? One thing about a person can say a lot about the rest of her. She thinks nothing of Sunbae… Ah! Yes! You’re dead now. Did you lose something? Huh? I was just cleaning the room. The necklace, why aren’t you wearing it? The necklace, it’s . . . Goo Joon Pyo, I did something wrong! I was wearing your necklace, but I don’t know when it disappeared. I really don’t know. It’s not because you wanted to lose it? Huh? You’re always like this. If you truly knew my heart, you wouldn’t step all over it. Am I really that insignificant to you? Goo Joon Pyo, don’t misunderstand. It’s really not like that.
You really make it difficult for a person. Blockhead! Idiot! Fool! Hey, Geum Jan Di, do you even know how much that necklace is worth? I told you there’s only one. What is this?
The president asked us to come get you. Please hurry. I don’t want to. Young master, the President said… Like I said, I don’t care what that witch said. I’m still not going. Tell her that. Let go. Aren’t you going to let go?
We’re sorry. Young master, the President…
I said, I’m not going! I’m not going. Let go! Due to a fierce blizzard in Kangwon Province, all traffic has come to a halt. -There’s a big problem..
-Ga Eul, what’s wrong? Jan Di… Jan Di, at the mountain… I’m going to find the necklace. I’ll be right back. Necklace? Where’s Joon Pyo now? I’m cramped. Yeah? Yeah, something annoying came up… What? Find a bathroom. Geum Jan Di! Did you by any chance lose your star necklace? -How did you know?
-Oh… So it was yours. Should we tell you where you can find it? Someone posted a memo that they found a necklace at the top of the mountain and left it at the hilltop cafe for safe keeping. Go see
REALLY? Where do I need to go? This way? Thanks! What do we do? The weather outside keeps getting worse. Something bad won’t really happen to her, right?
What do you mean? Nothing’s going to happen. She brought that on herself. She’s a humble commoner. How dare she take Joon Pyo Sunbae’s one-of-a kind token? You’re right. If that commoner knew her place, we wouldn’t have to go to such lengths. Such lengths? For what? Oh my god! Ji Hoo Sunbae! What did you guys do to Jan Di? Are you going to follow me into the bathroom? He’s taking too long, don’t you think? Jandi said she wanted to find the necklace and went up the mountain alone. Goo Joon Pyo, can you hear me? I think Geum Jan Di may have been duped. Pull over! There’s only one of these in the world, so if you lose it this time, you’re really dead. Only one?
This is me and the one in the middle is you. How? How is it that you’re the star and I’m the moon? Because Geum Jan Di, the moon can never leave Goo Joon Pyo, the star. Geum Jan Di, don’t worry. I won’t ever leave you alone. Geum Jan Di! Jan Di! Jan Di! Answer me! Geum Jan Di! Jan Di! Hey, Geum Jan Di! Hey! Geum Jan Di, wake up! Jan Di. -Goo Junpyo.
-That’s right, it’s me, Goo Joon Pyo. Are you okay now? I came to find your heart.
I didn’t lose it on purpose.
Hey, stupid. Who told you to do this kind of stupid thing? Hey, idiot. Who told you to do that? Do you think you can get up? Get on my back. Jan Di, can you hear me? Hey, you can’t let yourself fade out! Hey, Geum Jan Di! Because of the blizzard, they said it’d be hard to find her. Ji Hoo, where are you going?
I can’t just leave her out there like this. Are you going to cause even more trouble? They can’t even send out a search party.
Geum Jan Di… Jan Di is out there. She’s out there in the snow by herself. Let me go. – Ji Hoo…
– Calm down. Jan Di, are you ok? Oi, Geum Jan Di ? Jan Di, are you okay? Geum Jan Di? Geum Jan Di ? What are you doing?
You need to take these off. Is it dirty? Take it all off. Joon Pyo.
Otherwise, you’ll die. Do you really want to freeze to death out of sheer stubborness? It won’t matter even if you resist because. I’m not going to let you just die like this. Don’t worry. It’s ok. It’s going to be ok. I’ll protect you. Hurry. I’m sorry.
If you know you’re sorry that’s enough. Don’t forget that I saved your life this time. How can I pay you back?
Lunch box… Hm? You know, that stuff you eat every day… Fried egg? (rolled up like an omelette log) Yeah that. To be honest…
I wanted to try it the first time I saw you eating it. Why are you laughing? I’m wondering if this is the same Goo Joon Pyo that I know. Are you making fun of me right now? I’ll make it for you. Let’s pack a lunch and go on a picnic together.
The two of us. JanDi!
JoonPyo! Joon Pyo, are you okay?
Are you guys okay? Yeah, we’re fine. The attorney general’s office has opened an investigation on Shin Hwa-gate, and word has it that Beijing-based Chairman Goo is in serious condition. According to an official spokesperson from Shin Hwa Group, Chairman Goo collapsed from shock and he was taken to a hospital in Beijing. Hello? – Sunbae!
– Hurry and get on! Why? What’s going on? It’s urgent. What? What?
We have to hurry if you want to see Junpyo.before he’s leaving. Sunbae. Everything is ready. President. We shall go now. Joon Pyo’s dad… collapsed.
What! The plane is leaving in 30 minutes. I…
didn’t even get to say thank you. I didn’t even get to tell him how I felt about him. I’ll return no matter what. Just stay there and wait for me. I love you, Geum Jan Di.

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