Boys Over Flower Ep 23 EngSub [CC] Korean Drama 2009

Are you okay? Yeah. Even if you weren’t okay, you’re not the type who would tell me. I’m really okay. Wait just a little. This time, honestly, even if I have to leave my home, I’m going to protect you. What are you saying? The Witch’s personality isn’t the kind to sit back and do nothing. She’s definitely up to something. I’m just saying that I’ll be preparing, too. Don’t do that. What? Whatever you do, you have to be the reason for it. I don’t want you protecting me. Why do you not like it? Because you’re my girl, it’s a given that I’d protect you. Someone protecting someone else; someone guarding over someone else… If it’s only sustainable by that… I don’t like it. Until now, I’ve already received so much from you, F4 sunbaes, even Jae Kyung unnie. At the very least, I want for you and I to be on equal footing. As I overcome what needs to be overcome. Do you know? What? You’re the type of girl on whom “cuteness” is wasted. Huh, what’s wrong with you? Chan! (the boy’s name) What’s wrong? Why are you so sad? What’s wrong? What?! Is this the time to be laughing? Hold it in. You’d better hold it in! Chan, what is that? Can you see that? You can’t see it well, huh? Let me ride on your shoulders, okay? what? A shoulder ride. Is it fun?
Yes. He’s going to fall.
No, I’m not going to fall. It must be spring . . . the weather’s mellowed. It’s weird. What is? I feel as though I’m in a vague dream that I’ve had before. I’m just saying… How come this small kid’s so heavy! Hey, Manager Jung. Young master, I think you’d better come back now. Madam Chairman will find you. Chan… Oops… Happy birthday to you! Happy birthday to you! I love you Yi Jung! Happy birthday to you! Happy birthday, Yi Jung. Come on, you should make a wish and blow out the candles. This is a gift. “One meeting, one opportunity ” What does it mean? A once-in-a-lifetime fate. Ga Eul. Yi Jung sunbae… I found it. What? I finally found it. On that day sunrise was at 7:00 am. This was only visible right at sunrise, for just a few seconds. That message. Idiot. Even knowing I was an idiot . . . She knew it better than anyone in the whole world. How could she give me such a tough problem to solve? Yi Jung. I really would like for you to show up. The breeze… can’t go back to a place it has already left, Yi Jung. Do it over! Do it over! Let me redo it! Yesterday, the lovely spring weather brought out many families to the city zoo, where flowers were in full bloom. Mr. President. Are you serious about keeping this buried? Even if they say it was an accident that a zealot committed? It’s not as though it would bring these two back to life. I can’t let Ji Hoo see his father and mother’s death be used in political strife. President. I had no fear about something that I always believed was right. But it wasn’t until after I lost them that I realized that that was also a form of arrogance. . . It was because of the fear that I might also lose you… The years that I was unable to see you was my punishment. When you should have been blaming your Grandfather,
you had been living with that terrible burden. Now, even if I die, I have no regrets, child. Can I ask that you take care of the Foundation and the clinic? It was your father and mother’s wish to cure the heart by the arts and to cure illness by medical practice Grandfather, I’m not yet… Come over here! Spicy fish soup is ready! He he, that kid sure has a loud voice. You’re going to chase away all the fish with that loud voice of yours! Is it all done? Yes. How is it? You rascal, know that I’ll eat it because I don’t want to waste the perfectly good fish. Ji Hoo, why don’t you taste it? Amazingly, it tastes a lot like your mom’s. Ok, you two, look over here! one…two…three! I have good news and bad news. Which one do you want to hear first? Ah, I know your style. Bad news first? I probably will not be as good as before. This hand… whether the pottery gods will choose it again, I don’t know. No, it won’t be that way. They will. But, what’s the good news? Even with all that, the fact that I will continue. I’m not going to avoid it anymore. If you give up once, how much you regret it… I learned thanks to you. Sunbae. Ga Eul, do you want to try it? How did you know that I would listen bad news first? Because good girls like happy endings. I definitely am a cool guy, but not a good guy. You need to get rid of your misconception that good girls want good guys. Yes, mom. What? Is that true? All right. I’ll be there right away. We worked really hard through the Foundation, and the hard efforts of a lot of people went into this. Jan Di, take a walk around. Okay. It’s quite something, isn’t it? It’s so spacious. Oh! What’s that grandpa? Over there are all meeting rooms. Hold on a second. Yes, it’s me. Hey, is that true? Who would have the nerve? How on earth did this situation come about? No! Whatever happens, we must take care of the foundation! No! Grandpa! Grandpa! Grandpa! Grandpa! Grandpa, your medicine! The medicine! Sunbae! The hospital, the hospital! He did not want you to know. He said he’d be fine as long as he was careful. Let’s go and get Grandfather’s things. The preparations are going well, I presume Chairwoman, Apart from anything else, could you reconsider regarding the Sooam Foundation? You know better than anyone that I’m not doing this out of greed for the silly foundation. What are you intending to do? At this chance, I’m going to pull it out the roots. It’s so fortunate that that little upstart child values something more than money. I have a proposition. A proposition? The fact that the marriage didn’t happen… I’m sorry about that. But… it’s not like the ties are completely cut with JK Group. I will do my utmost to save it. Trust in me. And so what? Whether you put spies on me or keep me locked up. I’ll take whatever you dish out. Except. Except… leave Jan Di alone. If I don’t do anything to Geum Jan Di, then is that enough? Yes. I’ll make that promise. I won’t lift a finger against Geum Jan Di. In return don’t forget what you’ve said just now. Don’t worry. This isn’t the time to be moping around. Granny? Do you still not know your mother? This is not the time for you to feel at ease. When you can’t even take care of your own girl, how do you plan on taking care of Shin Hwa Group in the future? I did not raise you to be such a pathetic person. Just because a person is born as a male doesn’t mean you’re automatically a man. Since you’re furious at your defeat, you can’t bear to step back, and you’re embarrassed about running away, you overcome your weak character over time. That’s how you become a real man. Do you understand? Granny! Thank you.Ji Hoo in KindergartenJiHoo in elementary schoolJiHoo in college.Ga Eul… Didn’t you say your father had tenure of 20 years at his company? It hasn’t even been that long since he was promoted to assistant manager. Why did they suddenly force only your dad to resign? Why did they do it? Seriously? Shinhwa’s Group subcontracting company forced GaEul’s dad to resign,
all of those things in just one morning? It looks like it. I was wondering why she didn’t do anything after the wedding. Then again it seems Ji Hoo has been put into a mess too. Ji Hoo, why? It seems Chairman Kang is going to take over Ji Hoo’s foundation as well. What? The development of the new art center in Song-do has already been postponed. Then… This is all? Her plan to destroy the one, Geum Jan Di. Grandfather… Jan Di, I’m glad you came. Why? Did you miss me in that short period of time? You and your delusional thinking! Jan Di, since you’re here, why don’t you take that boy out of here? He’s completely stuck on me and won’t move an inch. It’s suffocating. Why aren’t you guys both getting out of here? On such a beautiful spring day! You young, pathetic things, Get out of here now! Let’s go.The development of the new art center has already been postponed.So, this is . . .her plan to destroy the one, Geum Jan Di.The desire to protect someone, I never thought would develop in me. But since I met you, I’ve started developing it. Grandfather, the clinic, the Foundation, And… you.Now since Grandpa is with Sunbae, I’m really relieved.Sunbae, you don’t know that, right?
But Sunbae, you were always like sunshine to me.
Now since Grandpa is with Sunbae, I’m really relieved.
Sunbae, you don’t know that, right?
Goodbye, Geum JanDi’s firefighter.
A dandelion lives as a dandelion, while a horseweed lives as a horseweed. A plantain also lives as a plantain. On the harsh grounds, though the plantain that lives on the side of the road can only grow angulated, In the rich soil, it shows a different side and is dignified in its own way. This way, and that way, it does not forget its shape and lives as a perfect plantain. That’s where I learned it. That I too, must live as myself. Mister, I don’t think I can come here anymore. I wanted to see you get better. There were a lot of books I wanted to read to you. I apologize. I… can endure hunger. And even being cold, I can endure. But there is one thing… that I can never endure. It’s seeing those that I love endure hardship because of me. It’s not something that I can make better by trying harder. Don’t you think it’s a little unfair this time? Mister, I’m not running away. Mister, you know that, right? Even when I’m not here, you have to get better.
Chairwoman, Geum Jan Di is here. She came here quicker than I expected. Let her in. Hello, Miss. Oh, Jandi!
Hi! Has everyone been doing well? But what’s going on? Is it okay for you to be here? It’s OK. They won’t kill me or bite me! Geum Jan Di! Fighting! We’re all on your side! Hello Sunbae nim. Welcome, Miss Geum Jan Di. Why are you acting like that? It’s me, Geum Jan Di, your apprentice. You’re a guest when you come to this house now. But, what brings you here? Ah..Goo Joon Pyo… I mean Master Joon Pyo… I came to see Goo Joon Pyo. Young Master is in his room. Okay… Joon Pyo, let’s play! Goo Joon Pyo, let’s play! Now I’m even hearing Geum Jan Di’s voice. Hey, what’s going on? Goo Joon Pyo, let’s play. Why are you here? Did that Witch do something again? Is that it? Let’s play, Goo Joon Pyo! Are you crazy? What’s wrong with you? Goo Joon Pyo, let’s go on a picnic. What? Picnic! Is today a special day What? I don’t know well but isn’t this what it feels like to have a birthday party or to win the lottery? Are you that happy? Yes. I wish every day was like today. Just think about it. You asked me out on a date. And we haven’t even fought once. You’re right. While we’re on the subject, can I ask you for one more favor? What is it? Why haven’t you told me that you like me? I’ve told you many times. Do I really need to say it in words? I want to hear it. What kind of person am I to you? I like you. No matter how much I’ve tried not to like you… Even though I’ve tried to erase the feeling, I can’t. It’s to the point where I’m just frustrated. Didn’t you come because you had something to say? Leave them alone. What My friend Ga Eul’s family. Also Ji Hoo Sunbae’s Foundation. Just leave them alone. What’s your offer? What are you going to give me in return? If there’s nothing as collateral, I don’t have any desire to agree. I’ll leave. I’ll leave Goo Joon Pyo. I’ll transfer schools and move. I’ll move to a place Goo Joon Pyo can never find me. Is that enough? If only you keep that promise.. I’ll keep that promise. Fine. I think we’ve come to an agreement. I’m not losing to you. I’m not running away or stealing either. You are… The most evil person I’ve ever known. The people that I love… I don’t want them entangled with you so I’m leaving. From you, the person I love the most I can’t save, and it makes me feel so anxious. Goo Joon Pyo. Hmm? Stop the car here. Here? Why? Just stop the car. What’s up with these bags? Is this a surprise event? Goo Joon Pyo, I’m not going to see you anymore. What?? Today was my last day with you. Hey, Geum Jan Di. Are you bothered that we didn’t fight once today? Even if you’re going to joke around, what kind of a joke is this? I’m not joking. What’s your reason? Did the witch do something to you again? No. It was my decision to take you out of my life. Geum Jan Di. Thank you for everything. Take care. What’s wrong with you? You said you liked me. Just a while ago you said yourself that you liked me so why are you doing this? It’s because of the witch, isn’t it? Right? No. It’s because of me. What? This time, I realized that you and I live in two separate worlds. Even though we met in a dream-like fate, but now it’s time to return to our separate worlds. That’s a lie. You’re lying to me right now. Tell me. I’ll solve it. I’ll protect you! Don’t leave!!! You said you liked me Your love is like this? You said that you liked me and you’re going to end it so easily? Maybe it was just this much. No matter how much I liked you, maybe this is all I could put up with. Just this much. Maybe it was just that. Say it. Aside from ShinHwa and being a plutocrat, have you ever seen me as just a guy? No. No matter how much you struggle, you’re still ShinHwa Group’s Goo Joon Pyo. I never forgot that, not even for a single moment. Pull Over! Jan Di! Geum Jan Di! Jan Di! I said pull over! Jan Di! Jan Di ! Ever since I’ve liked you, I’ve always wished for it… that you were a normal guy that had nothing to do with ShinHwa or being a plutocrat. I’m so sorry Joon Pyo I’m really sorry. Jan Di! Grandfather is here. Where is she? Jan Di?
This child!I’m sorry that I have to leave this way.Thank you for everything.I’ll never forget how grateful I am.Both of you, please take care.I’m telling the truth. Why won’t you believe me? Oh, you’re starting again! If your future son-in-law is some heir to great fortune, what are you doing here? And not just any heir, ShinHwa Group?! Then my future daughter-in-law is Jun Sul Group’s daughter! My daughter goes to ShinHwa High School. I’ve even made dinner for ShinHwa Group’s heir, Goo Joon Pyo. Why won’t you believe a word I say? Fine, all right. Then why don’t you go to your future son-in-law and have him take care of your debts? If you don’t, something might happen to you Oh, welcome. What can I get you Give me one of these Here you go. Who is that? He came here in kind of the same situation as you. He was the president of a startup company… M, M . . . However, he lost everything because of some large corporations. He was divorced and lost his kids, too. Oh, no. What to do? Seeing that he’s been hanging around here for the past few months, I think he’s hiding from creditors. That’s really too bad. You’ve got problems of your own. You’re in no position to worry about others! Yes, that’s right. Isn’t that Jan Di? Oh, my. Oh, my! Jan Di! Mom! What brought you here?
I wanted to see you. Is this the daughter that you’ve been talking about? Yes, yes. This is her! Watch this. See this? See? This is ShinHwa High School uniform! Oh, my, you said she went to ShinHwa High. She really does go there! Jan Di, come on. Let’s go talk! Why don’t you all watch over my little store? Okay, okay, don’t worry. Oh, what kind of luck is that! Watch it carefully! How and what brought you here, Jan Di? She looks like she’s grown well. What? Dad’s on a boat? What were we supposed to do? Our debt kept growing. We have to send your brother Kang San, to school. It seems like we can’t even support the three of us. Why didn’t you tell me then? What good would it have done except to make you worry? I could have quit school, gotten a job. I could have done something. And that’s why I didn’t say anything You need to graduate from ShinHwa High and go to ShinHwa University. Get married to Master Joon Pyo or someone so we can survive. That’s our hope. Mom… That’s rubbish. Wait, you…why aren’t you going to school and why’d you suddenly come here? I came because I missed you guys. Mom, dad, San. Honey! Our daughter, Jan Di, came. You’re doing well right? Daddy! I came. You’re healthy, right? Please look after your health! Dad! Dad!
Have you heard any news about Jan Di? Well… I’ve searched just about everywhere. It’s harder to find her than I thought. I wonder where she’s hidden herself so well. That Joon Pyo, I don’t think he’s ever been so unreachable. He wasn’t even this bad in Macao. I know… It’s as if he’s sitting on a time bomb. It’s hard to watch from above or below. The weird thing is, Ji Hoo is the same way. He’s doing well with his grandfather. Do you think Yoon Ji Hoo going to work every day at the Foundation is normal? For a guy who used to sleep all the time and mess around with his instruments to act like that is… I think is more strange than how Joon Pyo is acting, and it makes me quite worried. That is true. How impressive Geum Jan Di is! To put the great F4 into this state and then disappear. Yes, Grandfather. It’s me. Yes. I’ll come get you right now Oh, what should I do! Our Jan Di has come to visit and the banchan (side dishes) are lacking. What about the ban chan? Just the fact that I’m having a meal with you makes me so happy I can die! Noona, how many days will you be staying before you leave? It’ll be nice if you could stay a long time. I’ll be staying a long time. What do you mean you’ll be staying a long time? You have to go to school. Stop worrying about your family and accomplish what you need to do. Kang San’s mom… I wonder who it is. We came. What are you guys doing here? Oh, she is definitely future daughter-in-law material for a filthy rich family. Only the rich attend ShinHwa High, so you must have lots of friends who are rich! Who cares about the friends? She’s dating the heir to ShinHwa Group! Living in the country, I never dreamed that I’d come to know the in-laws of ShinHwa Group! Oh, I know, I know. Try this Oh, and the money that you borrowed, just take your time in paying that back. Oh, really? Oh, yes. Of course. Oh, and take this. Take this too. Take it. Take it. What’s the occasion, this late at night? Eat it.
Okay, we’ll eat it well. You got it! I got it!You said you liked me.Is this how your love is?Can you really say you like me and end it this easily?This must have been the limit.No matter how much I liked you,The amount I could put up withMust’ve been only this much.Hey, what are you doing? Master, why are you doing this? Why are you breaking somebody else’s machine? Don’t touch me!Why haven’t you told me that you like me?Do I really have to say it in words?I want to hear it.What I am to you…I like you.No matter how much I’ve tried to not like you,even though I’ve tried to erase the feeling,I can’t, to the point where I’m just frustrated.Joon Pyo.

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