Boys Over Flowers Ep 22 EngSub [CC] Korean Drama 2009 꽃보다 남자

Tell me not to do it. Tell me to not go!! Jae Kyung is looking for Geum Jan Di. It seems the groom is running way too late… The groom is entering. The bride is entering. Starting now, the ceremony for the union of Goo Joon Pyo and Ha Jae Kyung will begin. To this couple comes marriage and the union of the bride and groom. If anyone objects, please speak now, or forever hold your peace. The Lord . . . What are you doing right now? I… I object to this wedding. Jae Kyung! Jae Kyung, what are you doing?! I, bride Ha Jae Kyung, object to this wedding. Wh-What? Aren’t there any others who object? I also object. I also object. Me too. Me too. I also object. Jae Kyung. This joke seems a little overboard. Having fun is fine, but… Madam Chairman, also Mom and Dad; This isn’t a joke. I can’t go along with this marriage to Goo Joon Pyo. No matter how much I think about it, marriage just doesn’t suit me right now. I’m sorry. Because of my conduct, I’ve caused a lot of trouble. Dad. Because this is all my fault, please don’t take it out on Shinhwa Group. Madam Chairman. and Goo Joon Pyo, I’m sincerely sorry. Please forgive me. Unbelievable. What happened? I’m usually a pretty cool girl. Unni! Oh yes, Chen… Chen, how’s it going? We’re taking her there right now. Goo Joon Pyo! Jan Di. Until when are you going to keep crying? If someone saw, I would look like the bad guy. Where can you find something more beautiful than a happy ending? Jae Kyung unnie is so cool. That day… You asked why I didn’t go, didn’t you? I… don’t believe in happy endings. Are you ok ? This is why I always tell you to be careful! Sorry.
I’m okay.. You have guests, so I’ll get going. Weren’t you waiting because you had something to tell me? I have a favor to ask. Jan Di… I can’t let her go. Even though I always make things hard for her. I’ve sometimes thought it might be better to let her go to you. I didn’t even want to think about it, but if I had to I thought you should be the one. It can’t be anyone else but you, Ji Hoo. Goo Joon Pyo. Even so, I don’t think I can. This lawn (JanDi) is the same as usual. I missed it. Don’t you regret it? I do. I’ve been regretting the moment I let Goo Joon Pyo go. Ji Hoo, I was supporting you, but . . . it’s now a waste since I’ve given up. So I can’t even do that. Not long ago, I asked Joon Pyo: “Between friendship and love, If you were to pick only one, What would you choose?”. He said he wouldn’t give up either They say people get as much as they are greedy for. Neither you nor I have enough greed. I’m leaving for New York tomorrow. Can you give this to Jan Di for me? That J J You have no idea how much I hoped it meant Ji Hoo and Jan Di. Ji Hoo, you probably don’t know. Good luck! Take care. Miss prepared this so that you can be comfortable. Excuse me. Please give this message to Jae Kyung unni. If it’s okay with her, nothing has changed with our sister relationship. Eat. Geum Jan Di. Would you like to dance with me? I can’t dance.There’s something I’ve been wanting to ask you from the beginning.What is it?Why was it me?Me, I’m not pretty, I don’ t have money or anything.Why do you even like me?Because I have everything.What?Because I have money, status, and looks. I have all that.I don’t need anything.Geum Jan Di, all you need to be is Geum Jan Di. It’s really pretty. Do you see the brightest star right there? Yes. It’s a star called Sirius in the Orion Constellation. It’s the brightest star in the winter sky. You could say its existence looks like Goo Joon Pyo. How? Then I’m that one. That one, that one, that one! I want to be that one. You sure do have taste. Thats the second brightest star, Procyon. That’s it, benevolence at someone else’s expense. You’re always so outgoing and obnoxious It suits you perfectly. What? But… How did you get to like stars? When I was little, my Dad sent me a telescope for my birthday. He wrote in the card, “Study the stars well and we’ll go look at them together.” So you went around looking at stars with your dad. No. I never went, not even once. Why not? Believing in that promise, I studied enough to go to major in astronomy, but do you know what I got for Christmas a few years later? A telescope. It was then that I realized it wasn’t my Father sending those gifts, but his secretary. Do you know what my dream is? In the future, going to see the stars with your son. How lame! Not making promises I can’t keep. Jan Di. I’m sorry for hurting you. Jan Di. What now? I love you. Look at this bliss. When did you arrive? Jan Di! Ga Eul! It’s a relief. What is? That you’re smiling. Here. This… I don’t know why she had it, but she told me to give it to you. Where is she right now? She’s about to depart. Miss, it’s time to go in. Unni! Jae Kyung unni!
Hey, monkey! Jan Di! Goo Joon Pyo! How did you get here? How can you just leave like this? You weren’t going to say goodbye to your little sis? What kind of unni does that? Sorry! I’m really weak when it comes to saying goodbye. Even the fierce Ha Jae Kyung has a weak point? That’s right. Have a safe journey. And… Thanks. If you guys break up, I’ll die from the injustice of it. So, if you want to break up, come report to me and get permission. Got it? Unni… Let me hug you once, my little sis Jan Di. I’m leaving. Have an enjoyable flight. This is mine. I picked it though. I had dibs on it first. Hurry, let go! What are you? Hey! Hurry up and apologize, you jerk! Get down! Apologize! Hurry! I know this also originally belonged to Jan Di. But, just this one thing, this one thing, give it to me, please. Don’t you think I should have at least one special memory to treasure? Shinhwa Group and JK’s merger has become uncertain, and the stock market and government are watching Shinhwa’s movements. Shinhwa Group were to become in-laws with the American-based JK but due to the broken engagement, Shinhwa is… Hey. Open the door. Hey! Open the door! Hey! I said open the door! Hey. Can’t you hear me? I said open the door! This time, shouldn’t you just come to my house? What’s the point of getting another house? Who’s to know whether that Evil Witch might tear down your house or kick you out in the middle of the night? I should probably pack my belongings right away. I’m really in trouble. There’s no need for that. I knew you were something else, but I didn’t see you as someone who could pretend to be innocent, yet run around doing these kind of sly things behind people’s backs. It really is unbelievable. It was my fault that I couldn’t completely take care of things, but I didn’t know I would regret it so much. Excuse me! Why are you treating Jan Di like this? Jan Di did nothing, but actually helped the two of them so they could work out. If you have eyes, look at it. Because of a worthless thing like you, do you know what a huge problem has been created? A child like you couldn’t even imagine the amount of damage that you’ve caused. Look at what you have done to our household! I’m not going to just sit back and suffer anymore. It’d be best if you don’t think I’ll let things go like I have been. I will make sure that you realize and understand and come to regret
how monstrous a problem you’ve created. Isn’t this what you wanted? Hey there! It seems you’re going a bit too far in the way you’re talking to the child. Grandpa! Sir, how did you come to be here? It’s been a while, Shi Su. Or do I need to call you Chairwoman Kang now? You’ve changed a lot. Let’s talk about us later. Let’s talk about her first. How do you know that child? She’s going to be my granddaughter-in-law. What do you mean? She’s the girl I picked just for Ji Hoo. Grandfather! Are you serious? Until now, I just kept an eye on her, but now, she’s no different than family. I would appreciate it if you didn’t treat her so carelessly in the future. Jan Di, what are you doing? Get your bags and follow me! Y-Y-Yes. Sunbae. Starting today, she’s going to be living with us. What? J iHoo, what are you doing? You should be showing her to her room. I came because Grandfather dragged me here, but I can go to Ga Eul’s tomorrow. You kids! Who said you two, all grown up boy and girl, could be in the same room together with the door closed? Grandfather, I’m sorry and I’m grateful. I’ll spend the night here today. Don’t think about running away, and there’s nothing to be grateful for. You’re the person that forced me into this house with that kid. I brought you here to punish you. What? Do you know how hard it is for me to walk on eggshells around that grandson of mine? Grandfather and Sunbae are . . . and I’m- If you have caused trouble, then you should take the blame for it and accept your punishment. Jan Di might feel uncomfortable here. It’s not you who’s uncomfortable? I don’t know anything about young people and their feelings being such and such. I suppose things will happen as fate wills it to. But that child has no place under heaven to go. I want to become a guardian for that child. There’s nothing to like or be uncomfortable about. But for a child like Jan Di to be paired with someone as stoic as you… I’m against it, my boy. When I think about it, That was the first time Eun Jae asked for a favor. That day, do you know what I was doing? I have a favor to ask. Favor? Tomorrow morning, by 7 come here to this place. Don’t ask me for a reason. Cha Eun Jae. What is this? I’m leaving. Yi Jung!! I really hope that you’ll come out.MotherWhat is it now? A farewell trip? And if I get him for you? What’s the use? Mom. Can’t you just let him go now? Please. I said to give up now! Please get in. To be honest, I have a favor to ask of you, Miss Jandi. A favor? Whenever you have spare time, as a part-time job, Can you come visit this person? Me? You can tell him stories or you can just show your face once in a while. Who is this person? To me, he’s like an older brother. He’s the same as family. But why did you ask me to do this? Because what this person needs the most…is warmth. If I tell you that among the people I’ve met, you, Jan Di, seem to be the warmest person, would that be an answer? Of course, you will be adequately compensated. Oh, no! If it is something I can help with, then of course, I’ll do it. This is a personal favor; neither the young master nor the Chairwoman must find out. Okay. Okay. Hello. It’s nice to meet you. My name is Geum Jan Di. Though I’m lacking in much, I’ll be a good friend to you. Starting today, let’s get along with each other. Fighting! Young Master. What happened to Jan Di? Is she okay? Dr. Yoon took her to his house. To Ji Hoo’s house? Right now, that is the safest place she can be. Lend me your cell phone. I feel assured since she’s at your house. Joon Pyo. Why am I feeling so anxious? My heart keeps feeling anguished.Goo Joon PyoJan Di. Woo Bin Sunbae. These days feel like death warmed over. Yi Jung is acting like an invalid. Joon Pyo’s under house arrest. It’s so stressful. Look! Even my skin is a mess. Don’t worry too much. It’s nothing big. He’s just not allowed to go out. He destroyed a wedding in front of that important figure. It’d be even weirder if nothing happened. In any case, I was planning on going to see Joon Pyo. Do you have any message you want me to pass on to him? Jan Di, are you okay? Ah! As for me, well, I’m doing really well. What? Why are you looking at me like that? Just because. Living at Ji Hoo’s house, both you and Ji Hoo look comfortable. Geum Jan Di, Goo Joon Pyo, Yoon Ji Hoo. You three. Whatever kind of fate it is… it sure is complicated. I’m just saying that’s how it is. Be strong, Geum Jan Di. And thanks. For what? Ji Hoo. I don’t think I’ve ever seen him look so comfortable. And about finding his grandfather. It’s all thanks to you. It’s not. No, lately I’m the one that is being a burden. Here. I’ll clean your hands. It feels refreshing, doesn’t it? The worst kind of encounter is the fish meeting, because meeting leaves a horrible fishy smell. The encounter one must be most careful with is the flower meeting. Because when it blooms, it has a wonderful fragrance, but when it wilts, it is thrown away. The most beautiful encounter is the handkerchief meeting. Because when you exert yourself, the sweat is wiped away, and when you’re sad, the tears are wiped away. I really like this phrase, a handkerchief-like meeting. Sir, how was it with you? It would be great if I could be like a handkerchief to you. Don’t you think? Isn’t that right, sir? Then, I’ll read you something different next. Do you want me to do it? It’s alright. If I leave you to yourself, I don’t think you’ll be able to go to school tomorrow. You can’t right there! You can’t cut the hair in the back! I’ll help you. It’s okay. I’ll do it myself. You have to let me pay you back for trimming my hair. It’s a car wash! I wanted to tell you. That… I love you. I wanted to say it out loud like that. That is all. Are you quitting? Are you really going to run away like this? Do you think that this is what she wants? It doesn’t matter anymore. It matters to me. In order to make your heart strong so that it isn’t easily broken you said it needed to be molded and shaped and burned in fiery oven to endure that. So that you don’t have any regrets. You said that. It was all nonsense. It’s not over yet. You haven’t done everything yet. I can’t give up like this. I’m going to make this hand move again. I just need to get in.
Go over there. Thank you. Take care. Hey, GaEul. What’s wrong?
Are you okay? Hey! What are you doing these days? You haven’t been sleeping and you’ve been coming out before the crack of dawn. Tell me. What’s wrong? Is it something I can help you with? Don’t worry. I only have a little more to do before it’s over. Are you ready? Yeah.
Okay. Let’s move out. One. Two. Three. I’m going out with my friend. Whether you decide to follow or not, do whatever you want. Then we shall go as well. Manager Lee, you’re ready, right? Catch them!
Hey! You almost caused an accident. Don’t worry and do whatever you need. I’ll take good care of him. Mom will be right back. Have fun with Noona. Please take care of him. Say “Bye, Mom.” Bye, Mom. Take care. Let’s have fun. Goo Joon Pyo! Are you okay? Right now? I’m tired. What is it? This isn’t an ‘it’, it’s a kid. We haven’t seen each other in forever, why on earth would you bring a little leech with you? Did you adopt him from somewhere? Noona, let’s go here. Okay, let’s go. I was wondering why you asked to meet at a zoo. Is that little leech more important than I am? If you don’t want to be a leech yourself, then stop whining and follow me. Let’s go. Let’s go together.

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