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Right now on UCB Innovation Inc. (rock music) – No rice, no dice! – No sauce, we’re at a loss! – How dare you!
– How dare you? – Order, who ordered poke? – That’s mine. – Oh my god this coin has a dog on it! – How much is it? – Oh my god it’s 63 cent! – How much is that? – I don’t know! – Do you wanna come to a free comedy show? – When is it? – Right now. – My name is Eugene and
I own a funeral home. – The father, the son, and Dave Matthews. – You call this wine? – It’s pronounced goad! – Because I’m rich! – (gasping) Bodega tiramisu! – Damn you science! (rock music) (upbeat music) – Coffee time! I’m so glad it’s socially acceptable to be addicted to coffee,
because I am, and it’s great. (sniffing) That’s right on the border. I can’t tell whether the milk is bad, or whether that’s just how milk smells. What does the date say? Likely sell by, that’s vague. Right on the line again, not enough left to
waste a cup on bad milk. Okay, I’ve got to test this out. (rumbling and trickling) That could be curdle, or it could be bottom of the pot sediment. The results are inconclusive,
damn you science! It’s too risky to waste another drop of that sweet, sweet java. Dare I drink it black? (slurping) Ugh, oh god, that’s like
drinking a sweaty sock. How can something be so disgusting before you add milk and sugar to it? There is one other option. Almond milk, it’s not even milk, it’s just dirty almond water. Ah fuck it. (inspiring music) Maybe I’ll get sick, but
it’s better than almond milk. (dings) – You don’t know shit, but you could! So sit up and take notes
while your favorite genius and his cabal of brainiacs download some knowledge into your cranium. You can’t learn it all at once, but you can learn one fucking thing. Oh hey there beautiful
geniuses, it’s me, MCK. The world’s foremost
expert on expertise’s, and we’re here to talk
about one of my very many areas of complete mastery, divisibility. The best part, by the end of this video we will have exposed the
most famous lie in history. I’m not talking about Richard Nixon saying he wasn’t a crook, or Allison faking her own
death on Pretty Little Liars. I’m talking about your
fourth grade math teacher Mr. Caldwell saying there is
no divisibility rule for seven. Bullshit there isn’t! There’s a rule for every counting number, but Mr. Caldwell either didn’t know it or was told by big math
not to teach it to you. But I’m gonna share that
sweet secret with you because unlike Mr. Caldwell I don’t need a union
pension because I’m rich! Let’s start by defining
divisibility rules. Divisibility rules are
ways to tell on sight whether a particular positive
integer can be divided by another positive integer
with nothing left over. Let’s start with the easy shit. A number is divisible by two if it’s even. In other words, if you imagine the number represents a bunch of kids on a field trip can every nerd partner with a
jock to create school harmony? That’s even, or divisible by two. Or will one kid be left over and grow up to become a super villain? That’s odd or not divisible by two. Want it another way? Okay, if your number ends
in two, four, six, eight, or zero it’s divisible by two, boom! Three, you’re divisible by three if I can add all your digits
and get a multiple of three. So let’s say you finally
get up the gumption to ask that guy who you know
likes you for his phone number. He says his number is 800-555-0199, and you’re like whoa, why
do you have an 800 number? Are you a business? Also, those digits add up to 42, which is a multiple of three so that number is
divisible by three, boom! (whooshing) How about four, it’s easy! Is the two digit number at the end of your
number divisible by four? Then your number is divisible by four. For example, 60 hundred billion,
457 million, blah blah 220. You see that 20 at the end? This is divisible by four, boom! Divisible by five, you just
gotta end in a five or zero. Boom! By six, you gotta satisfy the
rules for two and three, blam! We’re gonna skip seven for a second so we can build that
sweet, sweet suspense. Eight, same rule as four but with the three digits at the end instead of the last two digits. For example, four million
600 (ululating) 808! See that 808, this number
is divisible by eight, boom! With nine it’s the same
as the rule with three but the digits have to
add to a multiple of nine. For example, 9,108. Nine plus one, plus
zero, plus eight is 18. Eight plus one is nine, that’s
a multiple of nine, okay! And 10, all you gotta do is
end in zero, it’s that easy. If you don’t get the rule for 10 I think there’s a chance
you are not a human but in fact a smart donkey. Congrats on getting this episode to play you big old donk’ but
maybe cast the remote back to your farmer, okay? And that brings us to
the end of this episode. I’m just kidding, I know
you’ve been waitin’ for it. Here we go, they told
you no rule for seven. But they fucking lied! They didn’t want to share that good shit ’cause they were afraid
you’d become too powerful! But this is how to check if your number is divisible by seven! Okay, take the last digit of
your number and cross it out. Multiply that crossed out number by two and subtract it from the remaining number. Do you get a zero, a seven,
or a multiple of seven? Then you got a winner. Again, that’s cross,
double, and take it away. I’m talkin’ cross, and
double, and take it away. Come on let’s cross it, and
double, and take it away. Let’s try. Okay, take 791. Cross out the one, multiple it by two. You get two, subtract that from the remaining 79 and you get 77. That’s a multiple of seven,
congrats, you did it! Tell Mr. Caldwell he can suck your pubes. Is this real pretty? No, it’s gross, but so
what, it works baby! Let’s do another one. How about 1,512. You take off the two, you
multiply it by two to get four. You subtract that from 151, you get 147. Is that divisible by seven, I don’t know! So I cross out the seven,
I double it to get 14. I subtract that from 14 and I get zero! Zero, that means it’s
divisible by seven, yes sir! We have a winner! Okay, now I am amped up. You want a piece of bonus knowledge? I don’t care, I’m giving it to you anyway! What about the divisibility rule for 11? Insane, crazy, can you believe it, yes! We are coming in for a bonus. To tell if a number is divisible by 11, start with the first digit
and add every other digit. Circle the sum, do the same thing but start with the second digit. If the difference between
these sums is zero, 11, or a multiple of 11, your
number is divisible by 11! Here comes an example! Try 823,163! Add every other digit
starting with the first digit. Eight plus three plus six that’s 17! Now add every other digit
starting with the second digit. Two plus one plus three is six! Subtract them, you get 11. It was divisible by 11 the whole time! (whooshing) Wow, that was amazing. I’d love to share more but I
have to go take a fuckin’ nap. I’ll see ya’ next time
on one fuckin’ thing. Ah, get a water? (jingling and distant chatter) – I came here in the 60’s
right after the summer of love, and this town has never disappointed me. And the Dave Matthew’s
community here is on fire. I can’t think of a town
in America or Europe even where you can go out every single night and see a Dave Matthew’s
cover band, and hear his music and be part of that family. It’s unbelievable. First I was here for my education, but then when I had children I realized this is my value system. ‘Cause I want my children to know good music like
Dave Matthew’s band so that they don’t go to the bad place. Because there’s a lot of kids out there that end up going to really, I hate to say it but Burning Man! (eerie music) (clamor) – Humans of the planet Earth! I am the orb lord. You are accused of trespassing
in private orb space. – Oh we’re so sorry, we meant you no harm! – We’re on our way to a space wedding. – Yeah and we lost control of
our tursla space ox rock gear! – Yeah, it’s our fault because
we went with an off brand. – We had to save money,
it’s a destination wedding! (clamor) – Quiet, human scum. What ever your reasons may have been your excuses are meaningless. I now sentence you to death. – No! (clamor) – Please just give us a moment to make our last peace, please! – Eh, very well. But make it fast, I’m missing the latest
episode of the orb show. (playful music) – That’s a show? – It’s a little slow,
and I do get ahead of it. But there’s really nothing
else on these days. Now make your peace! – This is all your fault
for insisting on tursla! – What it was a bargain! You’re the one who spilled iced tea all over the rocket control panel! – I wouldn’t have spilled ice tea if James could drive straight! – I could drive straight
if I wasn’t a coward! (loud clamor) – (laughing) Oh dear. I enjoy how you petty creatures bicker. That kind of banter is notably
missing from the orb show. Now, have you finished making your peace so I can kill you by orb-ing? – Wait wait wait, if you
like that, you’re in luck! There’s this old Earth story
that humans tell each other in order to make their last peace. – Yes! – A story? I like stories. – There’s no old Earth
story that humans– (smack) Ow, oh, oh! The old Earth story we tell
to make our peace, yeah! And James tells it so good. – He does, yeah tell it James. – Yeah, I do. There was a family. – My grandmother’s vase. (crashing) – That is the last straw. Honey, get my belt. – Yep, yep, there. Now, my pants won’t fall
down, don’t misbehave. – That’s it? That is your story? – No no no, there’s so much more. – Yeah, the younger brother has a hat! (popping) – Yes, a cowboy hat! – Ugh, dad you’re so lame, god! – Don’t use god’s name in vain! – I’ll say it if I feel like
it, god god god god god! – For the last time, it’s pronounced goad! – Goad, latte for goad? Goad? – Uh yeah, iced tea with sugar please? – Yeah, for here to go
or thrown in your face? – Thrown in my face. – Okay. (splashing) – Thanks. (laughing) – You humans do make your
peace in a very strange way. – Yes my orb lord, we do make our peace that way on planet Earth. – Well, I guess it’s time to die now. – No! (clamor) – Still making peace! – Okay so there was this high stakes game. – Of cards! (ominous music) – Gentlemen, lady. I tap my 10 10 creature with trample to attack and win the game. (dramatic music) – Flip for it? Uh, yeah. (whooshing) – That didn’t solve anything. – We can both do flips. – Huh, yeah. (upbeat music) ♪ Skipping through the woods ♪ ♪ On a beautiful summer’s morning ♪ ♪ The sun is shining brightly ♪ ♪ And the birds are singing their song ♪ ♪ Oh slipping through the woods ♪ ♪ On a beautiful summer’s morning ♪ ♪ Everything is perfect what
could possibly go wrong ♪ ♪ My oh my what do we have ♪ – Oh, aw! – Thank you so much superb man! – No problem citizen. – Boy, now I wish Clark
were here to see that. – Say, do you ever realize
Clark and superb man are never in the same
place at the same time? – Gee, now that you mention it. – Aw what are you talkin’
about, I saw ’em together! – Really?
– Where? – On the bus. – Really? – Hello everybody, what’d I miss? – We were just talkin’ about how we never see you
and superb man together. – Oh, um. – But then Jimmy here said
that he saw you two on the bus? – Yeah, oh yeah! We were on the bus together! Separately as two separate
distinctly different people. – Yeah yeah, and they were smooching. – Yeah, we were smoochin’. – Yeah, I heard he’s
got a tongue of steel. – Well Clark, that’s the best news. To the happy couple! – Hey uh, let me get three
beers and a cosmo please. – That’s like the world’s
most basic drink order. – Why ’cause we’re three straight guys and one chick, so what? – Yeah, who cares if we’re
bein’ a little cliché right? – (clinking) Cheers! (slurping and mellow music) (screaming) (peaceful hymn) – Behold, what once was
water I hath turned to wine. – Oh!
– What vintage? – What? – I’m detecting a chocolatey tannin. – Mm, seems like a cab. – Cab frank or cab sauv’? (laughing) – Well, there’s one way to find out. – Oh, you call this wine? – Yes. – Well, luckily I brought my own bottle. – Oh, Napa Valley. Your wine sucks, Jesus. (splashing) – Thank you. – Wow. Well now that you’re
done making your peace. – No no!
– No! – Once upon a. – No no no, so okay, there was a. – Happily every after!
– No! – No, uh. (clamor) – Pardon me my orb lord, it is
time for the orb-ing ceremony and the orbs are awaiting you
in the orb palace orb now. – Oh shit the orb-ing ceremony! And I haven’t even put
on my dress orbs yet. I’m very late, all right human filth. I will have to deal with you tomorrow. All right Gorby let’s go. Oh my god this is the fifth
orb-ing ceremony this week, I am so sick of shrimp! – I guess we live to see another day? – Thank god. – It’s pronounced goad! (clamor) – But it’s really not. (clamor) (energetic music) – Wow that looks good. – Does it? I don’t even like honey
glazed blackened chicken, ugh. – Well I could help you out with that. – I’m listening. – Any interest in my trader
jim’s frozen tikka masala? – I’m not normally into frozen curry, but I’m a culinary explorer, I’m
willing to try something new. – Then this is the deal for you! – I assume that that bowl of rice would be included in this offer? – Well not necessarily I mean I’d need it to eat with your chicken. – Well I would need your rice
to eat it with my masala. – I don’t see the relevance. – Rice and curry are a package deal. If you trade one you must
trade the other, it’s included. – Included, interesting choice of words because in fact the masala did not come with the rice
included, I cooked it separately. – But were you or were you not planning to eat them together? – I object. – I’ll allow it. – Then what of this low carb diet you’ve been incessantly talking about? – Bikini season is around the corner. – Well the rice isn’t
admissible on that diet. – Yes, it would be inadmissible,
were today not a cheat day! – The day of the week is
immaterial in this case! Either the rice is a party to
the transaction or it isn’t. – Actually the day of
the week is essential when you’re talking elimination diets! – I move to strike! – I’ll show you due process. – Order, order! Who ordered poke? – That’s mine. – I will throw in this apple sauce if your rice stays on the table. This apple sauce is meant to be paired with this blackened chicken. – Well then by your own
logic, it should be included. – No rice no dice! – No sauce, we’re at a loss! – How dare you? – How dare you! – Well my offer is hereby reneged. – Consider it mutual! – Yeah, wanna watch something on my phone? – Yeah, I really don’t wanna eat this. – Yeah, okay. (whooshing) – I was workin’ like three
jobs just to make rent, make electricity and
Dave Matthew’s tickets. It was really hard for
a long time, you know? Like if I wanted to
buy the new live album, I have to take that cost
on completely myself. I have to maybe get
another job, another shift. Bartending, somethin’ like that. Now I live with my girlfriend and it’s pretty great,
’cause we share costs. So like if we see on Ebay something, like some basement stuff
that we didn’t know about, she helps me out with that
and then I can help her out in the summer time when I’m
doin’ a little bit better and it feels good. I got like a whole dinner
date planned with her and I’m gonna propose that we go to the MSG show. It’s gonna be exciting. (jingling) – Hi guys, I’m Marie Faustin. Today I’m performing stand up for one. (rock music) I have never flier-ed for a show before. Do you wanna come to a free comedy show? – Dunno. – He’s like. (gasps) Hey sir you like comedy? – No. – What? I’ma probably make fun of people who don’t make eye contact with me and like belittle them a little bit. – Hey sir you like comedy? – I got no sense of humor at all. – Aw come on, you look hilarious! You got orange shoes on, it’s Tuesday. Are ya’ll on a field trip, what is this? I feel like I’ll probably get
maybe a couple white women who are like afraid to
say no and look racist? – Hey sir, do you wanna
come to a free comedy show? – When is it? – Right now. – Better be good. – Oh my god it’s gonna be so, regular. It’s gonna be decent. Here we are. – My name is Eugene and
I own a funeral home. – I have a special seat
for you right here. – I’m kinda desensitized to death, but I do love a nice laugh. – Ladies and gentlemen, welcome
to the hottest comedy show in New York, it’s the greatest
comedian in the world, Marie Faustin! (clapping and whooping) Thank you guys so much, thank you. So excited to be here,
Madison Square Gardens! – Woo! – Gentrification is making it really hard for me to leave my house. My pre-war windows face the street. You know I’m doing really well,
the apartment it’s pre-war. I don’t know which war, but I know a bunch of white dudes died so my ceilings could be so tall. And I used to just look out the window and see what my community had on, and I would know how to get dressed. It’s cold, people have on coats. It’s hot, people have on sandals. But now with gentrification,
I’ve learned recently that young white people don’t get cold? Because I’ll look out the window and there’ll be like a white dude in like a sleeveless tuxedo
blazer and swim trunks, and knee high socks and boat shoes. And I’m like, is it hot? Dating is dangerous. I went out with this guy
and he was like “Yo, Marie!” And I was like yes? And he was like, I should
probably let you know that I just did a bid. And I’m dumb, I don’t know what that means I’m like a bid? What you buyin’ us on
Ebay, what you biddin’ on? And he was like no, a bid. I just got out of jail, and I was like oh! Jail, or prison? Because I’ve learned recently
that’s not the same place. I don’t know if you know this but jail is where you get your GED, prison’s where you get your PHD right? So I’m like jail or prison? And he was like, prison. And I was like, oh! Professional jail, right
like he’s a scholar right? He knows about cigarette economics, and so I’m like what’d you do? He was like, nothin’. I was like oh my god,
I do nothing every day! We have nothing in common, right! And I was like, how long were
you in prison for nothing? And he was like, are you ready for this
number that he gave me? – Yep. – How long do you think he said? – 12 years. – 15 years! And I said, that sounds
like a something number! That sounds like you did
something to someone, sometimes. Because I do nothing every day
and I’ve never been to jail. I’m lying, I went to jail once. But I went on one of those
scared straight trips and now I’m straight,
but I do still steal. But I only steal things
that I really really need to not pay for. What’s the last thing that you stole? – A mattress. – A mattress? How do you steal a mattr– Oh, you set it off, okay you had like a truck waitin’ outside and every? You didn’t take a mattress on the train. – Amazon. – How do you steal a mattress from Amazon? Like you put the wrong
paypal information in? – No I told them the
mattress wasn’t good enough so they let me keep it for free. – Oh, is it a Casper? ‘Cause that’s what I want. – Tuft & Needle. – I don’t know what that
means, tough to needle? Is that one of those that’s
advertised on the train? ‘Cause if it’s not on the train then I don’t believe it’s a good product. Is anybody in here doing resolutions? Do you do new year’s resolutions? – No.
– Oh, this is peak you? Oh you can’t get any better
than you are right now? – It’s as good as it gets. – Okay, wow, okay wow! Well, my resolution last year
was to strengthen my core because I accidentally sat
on a public toilet seat. Can we talk about this? So as women we have a couple
options when we pee right, you could hover, you could just
like float like a butterfly pee like a bee, or you could put that thin tracing paper down. You know you pull it, it rips. You pull it, it rips, you pull it. It rips, you put all the
ripped pieces around the seat. I always hover ’cause
I have an amazing body! You guys probably can’t
tell ’cause I got my baggy work sweater on, but if I took
all my clothes off right now you probably still
couldn’t tell because black is a slimming color, so I
look skinnier than I am. But like, my body is bomb. And so I always hover,
and I’m at this Starbucks. And I caught like a charlie horse and my whole body fell back. And I fell so hard that like my elbow dipped in the water a little bit. You know the sound that
your naked body makes on the shower wall when it’s wet, that. (high pitched squeaking) That’s the sound that my
back made on the toilet seat. It was like. (high pitched squeaking) And I screamed, because
I’m dramatic right. And somebody outside the bathroom was like are you okay in there? And I was like no. And she was like did you just have a baby? That was the followup question
to are you okay in there. Ya’ll are awesome for coming all the way to Madison Square Garden and spending all this money
on these expensive tickets to see me perform live in
New York, just for you! Anyway ya’ll have a
beautiful day, thank you. Bye! (clapping and whooping) – I kind of didn’t know how to behave. Whether I should applaud, ’cause I’m the only guy in there or not. – The crowd was like a little quiet. But I think that’s ’cause they were laughing on the inside ya’ know? – I like the part where she
was just talking about stealing and then got me involved, ’cause
I did steal a mattress so. – Thank you for coming to the EGB theater, we have another show right after this so if you could please clear the house we have another show right after this. (mellow music) (whooshing) – My family, I grew up going to church. But then in high school I was introduced to the Dave Matthew’s band. I joined a Dave Matthew’s youth group and they really opened me
up to passion and love. The love that I didn’t feel
like I was getting from you know, god or Jesus. But I mean, Dave Matthew’s and Jesus have a lot in common actually. Like they both preach compassion,
they both preach love. The father, the son, and Dave Matthew’s. (laughing) They need to rewrite that book. Man. (orchestral music) (buzzing and energetic music) – Block chain! – We’re gonna live forever! – Okay guys, team meeting. We are all familiar
with the more prominent in traditional crypto-currencies such as BitCoin, Ethereum, and Ripple. But this company is also
heavily invested in Altcoins. Now with the success of Litecoin we thought, what about it’s counterpart? What if someone wants crypto
that’s a little heavier? That has a little bit more weight to it? – It just made sense. – Yeah, and we know there’s
another Heavycoin out there but this one is spelled
slightly differently. It’s spelled H-E-V, dash
E, and then the word coin. – And what made you
invest in this hev-ecoin over the more popular one? – Because the spelling’s cooler. – Now if you turn to the next page you’ll see one of the other alts that we’re heavily invested in. – The next page of what? There’s nothing in front of us. – Okay, cool. The next coin we’re
investing in is Dollarcoin. Now, what’s exciting about Dollarcoin is that the value of
Dollarcoin is directly tied to the value of the US
dollar, which is dope. – Which reminds me you owe me a dollar from
the vending machine. – Yo can I hit you back, I
don’t have any Dollarcoins. – Yeah yeah yeah.
– Cool cool cool. – How is this coin different than Tether? – It’s not, it just has a way better name. – We’re gettin’ off topic here. Guys we can’t just
invest in cryptocurrency ’cause it has a catchy slogan. – Totally get that. – We are with you a hundo-p. – Yeah, I mean we just
gotta be smart you know? – Yeah, we need to be really
careful with our approach. We need to be more conservative. – Mhm, we just need to take
this one step at a time and oh my god this coin has a dog on it! – Oh my god we have to
buy it, how much is it? – Oh my god it’s 63 cent! – How much is that? – I don’t know! – Well we gotta buy it!
– Okay! – Sold to the man in the blue shirt – Yeah!
– All right! – Okay, guys. I’ve been doing some research
and I’m really intrigued by this new cryptocurrency SALT, which offers customers loans
backed by the blockchain. – You know, that sounds great but we’re actually really excited about a token that we just
launched ourselves, pepper. – Yeah, actually these
cryptocurrencies pair well together. SALT and pepper. – Wait, you guys just
launched a cryptocurrency? – Yeah.
– When? – Just now. (dinging) – What, don’t you think we should’ve talked
about this as a company? – Probably.
– Probably. – When did you have time
to work on the white paper? – We didn’t. – Yeah we just copied and pasted
the white paper from TRON. – And they copied and
pasted from Filecoin, so we gucci man! – That is incredibly irresponsible. – Yeah, you’re probably right. But we were just so focused on
driving lambo’s on the moon, you know what I’m sayin’? – No, I do not know what you’re saying. – You know, drivin’ lambo’s on the moon? Driving Lamborghini’s aka
lambo’s on the moon aka the moon? – I am seriously considering
quitting right now. – Okay, hey, we totally understand that. – Yeah.
– But, you know, you’re just not gonna be able to
drive a lambo on the moon, so weigh your options. – First option is you quit
right now and you walk away. Second option is you hold out with the prospect of maybe one day drivin’ a lambo on the moon. – Yeah, if we haven’t said it enough. – Yeah, I quit. – You can quit. – You’re gonna quit, okay.
– Okay that’s fine. – Cool, we’ll cancel the
pre-order on your lambo then. – Yeah, and the one way
ticket to the moon, great. – Yeah, we’ll have to cancel that one way ticket to the moon. – Yep, sure okay. – Great, okay cool.
– All right, cool. (chiming) (laughing) – That was a good one! – Yeah we are incredible writers. – Time for dessert, ah! (intense music) – Is that? – The official state treat of your native Maine, a whoopie pie? – It’s not just any old
regular whoopie pie. – No, it’s a. – From the regionally famous
pastry truck big guys! – But how did you get it? – You know, funny story. I was doing some foliage
tourism in Maine last September. You know, I came across
the big guy’s truck and you know I took a little bite-ski’s of one of these whoopie pies. And I was like I was entranced, I had to have an entire year supply. I bought it all up. – So you have more? – Oh, today I got two baby! – Can I have one? – Uh, for free? Is this 1835, are we like
in the Pennsylvania town where the whoopie pie was
invented and shared regularly among all the Dutch
socialists that lived there? No, no. – Well would you trade for my tiramisu? – You’ve got to be joking. – Oh come on it’s really good! (knocking) Okay fine, what would you trade for. – I wouldn’t. – Oh come on, what’s your price? – I wouldn’t! – That looks incredible,
where’d you get that? – Oh, they’re not for sale. – Ew, not that! Where’d you get that tiramisu? Oh, the bodega on my corner? – (gasping) Bodega tiramisu, yum! What do you want for it? – Well what are you offering? – I just so happen to have. (gasps) – Is that? – The official state treat
of your native Indiana? Hoosier pie. – Would you trade for my whoopie pies? – No, I want the bodega ‘misu. – Okay hold on a second,
if you want the pie and you want the tiramisu and
I want the whoopie pie, then. – Why’d you stop talking? – We should do a three way trade. – Oh, I’d be down for that.
– Me too. – Okay.
– Okay. Yumma’ yumma’ yumma’ and yumma’. – What are you doing? – The ice cream is part of the package. – No it’s not! – It’s called pie à la mode? – Here we go again. (rock music) (beep) – Time for dessert! – Is that? – The official state treat
of your native Maine? – Yes! – A whoopie pie! Oh, I have to explain it. – Yeah, what. – The state treat of
your home state Maine? – Yes!
(laughing) It’s. – The famously, fuck. Yeah, from the famously regional
famous whoopie pie cart. From the famously regional road truck? (laughing) Mm, yum yum yum. (humming) Yeah-huh? (growling) White fill-illa. (rock music) (energetic music and cheering) (intense music)


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