BREAKTHROUGH Official Trailer (2019) Drama Movie HD

Rise and shine breakfast is ready in ten minutes and don’t make me come back up there This is our town, it’s a close-knit community a kind of place where everyone knows everyone I miss dad Hey, how are you girls, and we’re always there for each other nice sermon pastor Well you guys have on for the rest today. Well, John has a basketball game Yeah, I’ve seen this guy hoop it up around here. This kid is so lit Text your mom tomorrow when and where to pick you up and don’t do anything stupid We’re training for the Olympics Cinndy He’s been underwater for more than 15 minutes it’s gonna be a recovery little rescue You’ve done everything medically possible. There’s nothing more we can do Please God, send, your Holy Spirit this in my son A fourteen-year-old st. Charles boy who spent 15 minutes trapped underwater is continuing to fight for his life I don’t believe Tom will survive the night. You don’t know my son. He is a fighter So I need you to be the best for John and you just let God do the rest You are my pride and joy, I can’t wait to see you because baskets and run up and down again The Smith family asks for one thing, please pray for John In the water that day, I was ready to give up but then I hear this voice is telling me go back there are nuts or God’s talking to you, but I don’t believe in God Believe but maybe that only goes so far something like this I’m your pastor. I’m supposed to walk alongside you even for as long as it takes Did you see the Facebook page? It’s going viral Tommy, hope is gonna be okay. We’re not gonna get through this alone. Whatever you have for me From Bryan From John I surrender You


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