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Hello to everyone, here’s Shauntrack Shaun for friends Shaun for friends
Make it clear-inet bro. First of all coment to you I’m again made a rag of the throat So you going to hear me with a old woman voice
But that’s what it is On the other hand we will continue with the metal style You know this lasts weeks
we are combining metal with electronic music
A metal video, a electronic video well until it more or less equal all the genres that I have in the channel. That is already a little,
That is already a little, and we will go back to all kinds of genres and we will do them little by little Today is the turn to Bring Me The Horizon with his song “Shadow Moses” ‘Dammn, my pronucciattion it’s very bad’ That for me, the truth, is my favorite of the career of this band this is a song like a Hymn theme and everything very EPIC
the trust is like… God damn nice
You know I can’t put more than 8 seconds of the song in a row because of copyright issues
in fact this video I’m convinced, as it is Warner’s video
they will end up blocking it in a matter of days
but meanwhile enjoy it
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and after this auto-spam Let’s focus on what interests us Let’s start this song to see how the thing is *SONG* As you can see everything starts with a little bit of aura
as a kind of mermaid making an enthralling song There we already know, more or less, what the tonic is
they are giving us the tone Which is none other than a Bbm
(B flat Minor) *Piano cool stuff xD*
Bbm Scale Let’s continue *MORE SONG AND OLIVER SINGING* Okey!!
there has already begun what would be the refrain of the song
with an electronic base We have a small mattress there as a keyboard The principal voice with the normal refrain
as it will be also after the song starts
and a a small base
a little electronic beat
which is really the song’s drum
but completely filtered so that we only hear the most severe frequencies as if it had 18 pillows in the drum *BMTH IS THE BEST*
*OLIVER RULES* Here we already know the harmony of the song, at least of the refrain that would be something like that 1… 2… 3… *Trying to sing xD* it’s all very minor harmonic
We have the tonic Bbm
(B flat minor) then a pass chord, the 6th grade in this case a Gb
(G flat) Is just that
a pass chord to get to Ebm
(E flat minor) what would be the 4th grade
now we go back to the 6th grade again to Gb
(G flat) To go back to the 4th, Ebm
(E flat Minor) and now to the 5th grade the classic dominant chord to resolve in the tonic again Sure, this if we did it on piano in a little classic, romantic atmosphere It would be something like that *BMTH Version Mozart by Shauntrack xD* If you can see
Changing it all making it with another instrument
In this case the piano We got a super classic piece, sweet, romantic The song what is the refrain is super romantic
(in the musical sense of the word) What happens is that after you give it the metal style
(in the musical sense of the word) and of course, there is much more…
MAGNIFICENT Let’s continue listen *MAGNIFICENT* to all this what we have there is a bunch of little cords Like a epic orchestra but you can see that they are synths In this case, certainly, the voice of Oliver is always with the broken voice I think remember I read that he have powerful throat problems and it does not surprise me because if here it seems to me beast what he does in the first records that I was listening to recently oh my God
thats is an authentic mmm
THROAT CARNAGE anyway, let’s see now when this starts because
here is complicated in an incredible way I LOVE THIS PART
IT’S BRUTAL |..|_ ___ _|..|
| |__(U.U)___| | #HeadbangTime |..|_ ___ _|..|
| |__(U.U)___| | There is a thing I consider it incredible… By the way, the guitar is tuned in Drop B (flat) Of course, because of the copyright issue I will not be able to put all the riff I recorded, ordinarily of course I picked up a drum that I found on YouTube
Then I recorded the guitar and bass over it but at least so we can see the full riff
Okey? I’ll put it because I’ve recorded it
and now we talk about it Bass Guitar
|..|_ ___ _|..|
| |__(U.U)___| | so at least those who do not know the song know a little what is happening I’m going to say something that strikes me Starts obviously in the tonic
the Bbm (B flat minor) but the thing is that the parts
in which they cuts the riff there is part in which the cord is hold
and other in which they cut totally the cord I mean… simply that detail of The first they hold it… And then… and cut everything and then it happens the same after the… …cut completely
then it remains |..|_ ___ _|..|
| |__(U.U)___| | what they do here is a harmonic
and I think it was around here out there each one of those hits… …they all make in unison accompanied by the bass and by the hype
Like this… tucutucutun PA tucun tucun tun tun tun tucutucun PA tucun tupum Let’s hear the drum that point is what I think gives the dynamism to the riff I’ve seen some video of how they do it live
and it’s oh my God! it’s an incredible high all this riff by the way is instrumental until we get straight to the verse
in which the rhythm of the drum is more accelerated
and the voice enters and becomes an aura like more aggressive, more punky Now, what they have done is
leave only the voice and the drum alone all the guitars are silent
and what they do is just stay there with a harmonic.
I think is this… there, coupling with the amplifier
here obviously the coupling …
there is hardly any feedback because I go by line And of course it gives a style to
the super aggressive song There is no any harmony
It’s all screaming, accelerated drum and a background coupling
that during the first half of the turn and from the second half
the guitar starts to do a little bit of riff and the bass start too
like this… until we arrived…
let’s try to hear a little this part… I do not want to put a lot of music
because after this video does not last anything Of course, that’s it, it’s everybody doing the riff
and it’s cool too the thing of how this verse connects with a small interlude, also instrumental, before reaching the chorus which is a part also breakdown style with a harmonic that is hard to make
listen to it that harmonic is supposedly here on the 3rd fret of the 2nd string
I’m going to remove the noise door because otherwise
this doesn’t sound like anything Do you know what happens?
Generally these people do not put too much gain on the guitar preamp
so that you always get that harmonic is difficult with so little gain and in fact this is totally unofficial
I mean I’m not sure about it
but it seems to me that live the harmonic this… …is sequenced
precisely because of this problem because it is difficult for that harmonic to always work out well
which seems perfect to me, it seems ideal
what is important obviously in a live show is that everyone plays, that is real music played at the moment
but if some arrangement you need to release it, then throw it
while it is a little bit not like it happens in the trap that is: “I take the record, I give it to start and forward”
By the way someday I would like to make a video talking about the big trap problem that are the live shows ones
or rather the non-live shows ones But that is another story before the chorus we are going to
comment on those 2 chords because they are very good he do something like… and also shushing the whole band,
give complete prominence to that little arpeggio
that clean would be something like this… Now let’s listen to the chorus There we would have something like that
(Sorry I can’t put it whole ) *Trying to sing xD* *Trying to sing xD*
*Again* *TRIGGERED* And now take another turn
but they put a small arrangement that is an arpeggio
which is really the Bbm but with seventh
(B flat minor 7th) They do this… and it gives a brutal style
listen to it… *We turn to the 2nd verse* this 2nd verse is much more chaotic
with a series of arrangements for example here that everything is silent and only one guitar remains on the right side I love that arrangement
that a guitar and a bass go completely out and only one is left on one side it’s totally disconcerting, it’s very good
and now actually, what we have is another chorus
because there is only the first chorus quiet style
the middle one the most normal and now it would come again but double
and what they are doing is accelerating the beat a bit, putting more arrangements of little voices and little more, that’s the song
but come on, it’s fucking awesome it seems to me one of the most rounded
song that this band has *He came up* *A lot* *calm down bro* Like if you want more ROCK/METAL in the channel And it’s over
we also end with those of the little mermaid song I’m going to remove this
and it’s over my friends up to here the shaun-alysis of today I hope you liked it, that you had a good time And let me reoffend if you want to support this channel
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my friends, see you in a few days with another analysis of electronic music,
I do not know what it will be, but, we’ll see


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