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Now before the show we met some of you and we asked some of you to Stare into a drinking glass and then to visualize an object inside of it And once you’ve done that we asked you to write it down on a single piece of confetti I can see all sorts of things in here. Someone’s written a glass of water a 50 pan there. It’s that sort of thing One of these objects will select itself. I Love stuff like though Simon would you read out what’s written on that piece of confetti? What object is that? It’s something I don’t like okay an egg an egg An egg it is a reminder that everything in our life starts as something smaller it is fragile It is it’s perfect And so all I have to do is visualize that piece of confetti getting heavier And if you listen, you may be able to hear it And I have to visualize it changing form growing Mental That was amazing Thank you all so much Now for this next piece, I will need somebody from the audience. I will take this paper aeroplane I will throw it out into the audience one of you will catch it coming out over there. See it’s always great for me I’m gonna get you to unfold that piece of paper for me where you’ll find It’s not any old piece of paper. What it is is it’s a seating plan of this very theater Take that piece of paper for me. Hold it behind your back. Then I’m going to give you this pen. I’m gonna make you Take this pen and make a dot or a mark somewhere on the page behind your back so that you don’t know where you’re going Do that for me now just a little dot Have you done that? Okay, great. Would you have a look? Where did you put your little mark on the paper? The seat number is L 34. Okay L 34 L 34 is this 34? Hello What’s your name? My name’s Annika Annika Annika. I think you’ll be absolutely perfect with this Auk to help me Would everybody here keep Anika a huge amount of boys she comes on stage Quick as he can Anika follow me watch your step on the way up These are two Auto conductive cages, you can see underneath them. You can see through them. You can see above them This one’s exactly the same and they’re connected in circuit to this Tesla coil. I need you to step up into this cage Nicely done now Anika I need you to keep your hands behind your back. Are you ready? Don’t worry and so all I have to do is to complete the circuit five four three two Everyone thank you so much. Can you help me? Thank you Put a spell on you I’m gonna sing you a song that was dedicated actually to my late wife Pollen I think it’s extraordinary. You’ve come here the stage is yours. Thank you very much It must’ve be cold there in my shadow We never see sunlight on your face Your best but me Sean Walked a step behind I was the one who is all the What I can try Cuz you were the wind beneath my way It might have appeared to go on I have it all here in my heart I want you to know I know the truth I’ve been nothing without you You are the wind beneath my To Hello hello Nice risk area We improvement welcome to our game of mysteries with me Yes, that’s a shell sword the game is soo T of the world of four boxes will be Masood Not knowing where the sword is Oh-ho-ho-ho for yet get out Sit whistle and please approach under one of the boxes We can see which box you choose all those are in your hands As it’s series 13 wisely good luck You decide which boxes reforms Yeah, this one thought would let you fool see which box is silent it’s Silent these four elements did say numbers that correspond to each box You make different boxes for each of us to forward As one of the boxes inside the sword your choice will determine our fate San Diego said that not bad Son above Sir now Joseph power facts At first you don’t want this you push all that yeah. Yes, I mean, don’t try this at all Oh God Oh God and then he died Switch on the deck Is that a foot myself. Yes Wow Hello hi, well that was a good reaction you haven’t done anything yet How are you? Good? Thank you. Just give me a name. It’s an Aegis something with you, please I’m Jacob I’m 14 years old. Okay, I’m Noah and I’m 15 good. I’m Tom, I’m 15 good I’m Jake and I’m 15 okay, so I’m guessing you a Band Yes, got it. Okay. What are you called chapter 13 who put you to that or did you put yourself together? We were all in School of Rock the musical together. Okay, whose idea was it for you to be your own bands? Um, well me and Noah shared a room. Yeah, we all just always just sort of Imagining you know, what would be like to being abandoned then? We’d start talking to these two. None. Good beer. I Feel really good luck. Hope this goes great very much And look great Delivered And that’s not it going I honestly can say I don’t think I’ve ever seen for young musicians So together the drummer you were amazing the guitar playing was spot-on some of the faces you were pulling fantastic you especially I just think you are absolutely incredible. And now you just got to win the whole show Alysha Congratulation, thank you so much. Honestly, the musicianship that I just saw was outstanding your skill level is so impressive Congratulations, Amanda. Thank you very much It was so refreshing that you were so brilliant and also they were original versions of those songs, it was faultless guys You came you conquered This is so well-deserved what you just had, you know, I could imagine kids watching this show 12 13 14 15 So whatever they’ve got I would love to be in that cuz that is more fun than being at school. I Didn’t what’s really exciting is the last time I remember seeing and hearing something like this was a bang we busted that was fantastic Hello Welcome Hello, my name is Julio My name is my day. I have 23 years. Sorry. She has 23 years. Yeah. Oh you have 23 years Okay, and how many years do you have? 27 years he we come from Cuba Wow In a relationship, yes, I know For years, are you married? No, not yet Why Britain’s Got Talent Not America’s Got Talent For us the British girl telling is the best TV show in the world Really really best of luck. Thank you so much. Thank you I’m trying to hold my breath Let it slay this way Can’t let this moment and you said I for Dreaming me Getting loud Can you hear me like who Take my head Where you share this with me? Darling without you Oh Hello hello, hello, it’s like staring in the mirror What’s your name darling, I’m lullaby Lisa. Okay. I’m not gonna ask you anything about your act. I can’t even begin to guess So I’m just gonna say good luck, thank you kindly I’m lullaby Lisa and this is best thing that Britain’s Got Talent would have ever seen say heavy crop Now we’re going to have a tale of King Arthur and the swans I’m going to need some people to help with the stories Oh Oh It’s gone for the churches good some beautiful swans How about those guys I Would like you to be baby dragon and baby croc Oh two roles. Thank you very much My band is actually too big I said that’s a Simon last night David Mr. Cowell you are King Arthur That’s a very good well done right back to our story everyone Once upon a time there lived a king and his name was King Arthur take about King Arthur, please His kingdom, it’s very happy baby croc and baby dragon were very happy and they played happily. Thank you. Mr. William Very happy to one of them wasn’t say God’s grace for me What a crock I Don’t really know what to say David. What did you think you got a second story? I Think that this is a sweet act but I don’t think it’s something we could put in front of the royal family a Swan is about cross aisles. This one’s look dodgy. I actually made them myself. No, well, I can tell To me it’s a no from us it is a no, but thank you. That’s all right We’re all rooting for you the stage is yours Becky Nobody out there, let’s go get ready for the best Get it all Face This latter sources that she sure knows happened Yawn Shut up Shut up we’re trying but I’m clear do we have an electrician in the house? Again yes do it again Check on mr. Ena 13 the sweep, isn’t it? Thank you Our piece is based on the suffragettes and with everything that’s going on now We really want to use our voice to tell the people of our generation To get up and vote and especially women you have a voice and anything that happens will directly affect us Good luck What’s your name Jason Jason where you from just outside Warrington Okay, so why Britain’s Got Talent? I just want to be the winner, you know good answer Tell me what you’re gonna do it. Well, I’m suggesting good luck come on, Jason for My first trick I need to choose someone in the audience Going David. I will throw out an object. Okay, three Yeah I’m only joking. I borrowed this off on some debt. It’s the MCS hammer They cut it back now, let’s say go can’t touch this I Don’t you idolan rightful of it? I mean anything well, you won’t believe how hot it is on this stage. Oh That’s better Oh, so got these baby wipes That’s funny Childish Come here you So it’s nice to be here in London. I’ve been down the magic shop. It was by wand Wow I’m from a showbiz family and my granny she was a spiritualist medium. I’ve got a picture over here. There. She is. Oh She’s on the other side But now for my grand finale I Will do a magic trick Express through the medium of cleaning products. Have a drumroll, please I’ll produce a dove Who is famished Sis by magic I know what you thinking stell Well this, thank you very much David what do you think? I like silly humor? I think if you’re gonna win this show, you got to attack it a bit faster. Okay. You are a nice guy I actually found that very funny. It was just very silly. Well done. Thank you very much Yeah, I loved it because it’s it is very traditional Just a bit of daft. Really. Thank you But I I agree what they’re saying, you know You’re a really nice guy and I like city humor being honest with you you were to do that again I don’t think you’re gonna win the show. So Debbie you pick it up. Well, I think you deserve a chance Oh, I’m gonna say yes I like you to guess for me It’s yes for me I’m gonna say yes Okay, the true to the next round full of power Wow amazing Hello Is that it Na na VI Anyone kiss You


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