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–Hello everyone! We are live at five. It is
Monday November 19th. It’s Thanksgiving Thanksgiving week. I’m Paul Wontorek
–And I’m Ryan Lee Gilbert. –And over there we have Caitlin Moynihan.
–Hello –And we are giving
thanks today to one of our favorite Broadway legends
–Legend indeed Ben Vereen –Tony winner Ben Vereen he’s, you can have Thanksgiving with him! We’re going
to tell you all about it. I mean what better way to have a Thanksgiving meal?
Meal entertainment and some showbiz and some stories and music. And I
mean whatever. We’re gonna get to that, first today’s top five. –The Moulin Rouge
is officially taking over Broadway . –Aww this show. We’ve been waiting for this announcement. –We’ve been waiting to be able to give you official news regarding Moulin Rouge,
but now it is official. It will move into the Al Hirschfeld theatre on June 28 2019 that’s when it will begin previews will
officially open on July 25th. Of course Kinky Boots leaves the Hirschfeld Theatre
on April 7
–So everyone can officially take Moulin Rouge off your 2019 Tony Best Musical predicting list. Because I’ve been holding I knew that I knew it
was coming after the Tony deadline –Right
–But everybody kept going like maybe moulin rouge is going to win! –Sneak in early and all that, no
–It’s next season. 2019-2020 Start predicting the 2020 Tony Awards –It’s never too soon. And of
course a lot of the all of those out-of-town stars that were at the
Colonial Theater in Boston are coming with the production. –Let’s name them because
they’re fantastic. –Yes, in case you’ve forgotten Karen Olivo is coming, Aaron Tveit, Danny Burstein, Sarna Gaja, Ricky Rojas, Robin Hurder and Tam Mutu are all coming with the production.
— I’m sorry I saw Robin Hurder in A Chorus Line last night. –That’s right who is getting
–As Cassie, she blew my mind.
–She would have won a Tony Award for that
performance. –That’s what I keep saying, hearing
–It out there by the way we have a Tony winner in the house. –We do.
–Ben Vereen is here. Just wait for him. –But yes get ready for Moulin Rouge. It is coming, just a little while.
–So excited popular good witch is gonna float by
bubble once again. –She is popular,
–She is –She knows about popular. I can’t Katie Rose Clark
–You loved her in the bubble before. She but this time she’s a mom. –She’s a mom. Yes, absolutely.
–She had a baby last year. Uh, and then she of course I saw her in the
heart of rock’n’roll the Huey Lewis musical at the Old Globe, and she is
now returning to the Broadway smash hit you know who else was in that show? Mr.
Ben Vereen, we’re getting to him. Maybe every story, there’s literally going to be a Ben Vereen thread throughout the news. She will start on December 11th. Amanda Jane Cooper the fantastic current Glinda
and vlogger is leaving on December 9th. Katie Rose Clark was
also seen as Ellen and Miss Saigon. She was in Allegiance,
Light in the Piazza, and she’s fantastic so Wicked is in good hands.
–Absolutely. –And some of our stage favorites are all
heading to the small screen to be together. –Okay, so this is
–Another Ben Vereen thread. –This is a big story today. So Fosse/Verdon that is the 8th episode limited series –As in Bob and Gwen.
–As in Bob and Gwen Yes, of
course. So, it’s being produced by Andy Blankenbueller and Lin-Manuel Miranda.
The pilot is being shot by Tommy Kail and will be show run by Steven Levenson,
Tony winner Steven –Oh!
–Of Dear Evan Hansen he’ll be the
showrunner. Listen to this cast, absolutely crazy. Norbert Leo Butz as
Paddy Chayefsky –All Broadway people this is fantastic
–Yes, all Broadway people! Laura Osnes is
Shirley MacLaine, Ethan Slater as Joel Grey, Kelly Barrett as Liza Minnelli,
Bianca Marroquin is Chita Rivera. as Chita Rivera.
Of course they join Sam Rockwell as Bob Fosse and Michelle Williams as Gwen Verdon
incredible. Absolutely amazing. Um, in case you forgotten what the show is about it
will follow the romantic and creative partnership between Fosse and Verdon, and the collaborators they met along the way in their journey. This will premiere in
2019. We don’t know the exact date, but it is currently under production right now,
and that is the most insane casting. –I’m dying to see this. –It’s unbelievable.
–Dying –And then I want Bennet/
McKechnie. I’m just saying that’s I want more Broadway stories! We’re gonna
talk to Ben Vereen about thhis –And the Jellicle ball’s invite list just keeps getting longer. –Okay.
— I don’t think Ben Vereen has ever been in Cats, so there’s not a connection here. But they’re making a movie of Cats. You’ve heard of this. We keep talking about
it. We don’t know what it is. We don’t know if they’re really dancing. We don’t
know if they’re animated. We don’t know if that’s claymation.
–We don’t –We don’t
know if there’s a tire. We don’t really know what it is.
–We don’t know if it’s going to be Tom Hooper’s camera right here . –Tom Hooper, who did Les Mis, is doing the Cats movie so it might just be like Anne Hathaway sobbing… It might just be know music and
just close-ups, live. Anyway, one of my favorite characters. –Yes.
— I have a Gumby cat in mind. Her name is Jenny Annie dots Rebel Wilson! –Honestly, genius –This is
actually great casting because she can sing. She’s a musical performer. She’s hilarious.
She’s adorable. She’s gonna be Jenny Annie dots. We don’t
know if it’s claymation. We don’t know what it is, but she’s in the Pitch Perfect
movies of course at Bridesmaid, Bachelorette. You know who she is.
She was in Guys and Dolls in the West End. –Absolutely, –So she has real real
musical –She’s done like a Hollywood bowl –Cred. Oh, right uh-huh –Anyway, it’s coming out next Christmas
December 20th 2019, and we can’t wait to see what it is. –Yeah –And this actor is
learning how to walk like a man! –Austin Colby, who you might know from the
touring production of The Sound of Music. He was Rolfe.
He also played Tony in West Side Story at the Signature Center, or at the
Signature Theatre rather. He will be taking over the role of Bob Gaudio in
Jersey Boys off Broadway. Of course Bob Gaudio was instrumental in the mounting
of Jersey Boys, so it’s a great role. He will begin on November 19th at New World
Stages. He replaces Cory Giacomo, who played his final pro, who will play his
final performance on November 18th. Is that…
That was yesterday, so he already finished it –Bye
–Then Austin begins today look at all of that.
He joins Aaron DeJesus, Marc Edwards and Sam Wolfe in the production.
Congratulations Austin. Welcome to the off Broadway stage.
— Is that a common career path from Rolfe to Bob Gaudio?
–From Rolfe to Bob Gaudio! That will be the name of Austin
Colby’s memoir.
–I was thinking the same thing, until he does the next fantastic thing. –Absolutely.
–Thank you so much, Ryan –Thank you. My pleasure –For joining us.
Are you ready for Thanksgiving? –I’m pretty ready. Yeah, I’m traveling, so
–Okay yeah all right well Caitlyn, will you tell everyone about
today’s guest?
–Yes, we have Ben Vereen in this studio with us today. He is
currently getting ready for his Thanksgiving concert shows at the
Cutting Room and he’s also going to the Ridgefield Playhouse for another concert
too. He earned a Tony for his performance in Pippin and a Tony nomination for
Jesus Christ Superstar. His other Broadway credits include Wicked, Hair, Fosse, Jellies Last Jam and Grind. His extensive screen credits include Emmy
nominated performances in Roots, Intruders, and the Bell Telephone Jubilee.
Be sure to follow him on social media at Ben Vereen, and leave all of your
questions for us in the comments down below. Please welcome Ben and Paul. –This is exciting
–Hello! –This is truly exciting. Why
watch television anymore? Just watch Facebook! –Exactly
–Come on! Who needs TV?
–Look at this studio and everything! –You can watch us on a TV too, if
you really insist on it. –Yes, we insist.
–Mr. Ben Vereen, –Yes, sir
–The minister of fun is here. –Yes, I am the minister of fun, but I have a question. Who’s gonna play me in the Gwen/Verdon –Well, this is my number one question!
–Bob Fosse I mean come on! –Right? Who would you have
— I mean I was there. Who would play me? –I don’t know!
–We got to figure this out
–We gotta find some young, wonderful person –What do you think about, I love
the idea of us digging into that part of Broadway history?
–I love that –As a tv series, what do you think? –I think it’s wonderful.
I think we need more of that on television in general, just for a fact. –mm-hmm
–Yes, so let’s do this. –Yeah.
–We need we need more. Why? Because we need to educate
America the world what theater is all about. We are the essence of the
Arts, and the art is about life. So, therefore, you need to see where this
wonderful creation comes from and how it interplays into our lives. –Mm-hmm, well you’ve been a thread of my life, so I’m happy you’re here. –Thank you.
–So let’s talk about this. You are stepping out –[sings] Steppin’ out… with Ben Vereen That this is happening at the Cutting Room.
–Yes, it is. –You are actually doing a Thanksgiving show.
–Yes –On Thursday the 22nd and then on Friday.
–On Friday. –If you wanna have Thanksgiving by yourself it’s fine. I don’t know why you –No, no, come out and have it with me. –So, how does this work so and the Cutting Room, I know your shows at
7:30 these nights, –730
–You can go earlier and have Thanksgiving dinner. –I have a dinner there. And come and and they’re giving you free glass of free champagne. –Oh!
–For those of you who drink champagne For those who do not drink, give you a free
glass of water. It all works out. –Well a Ben Vereen show is good either
sober or with a little bubbly in you –Ha ha!
–That’s what they say. –So how the heck are you?
— I’m great. I’m great. –You look great. — Yes, Ram Dass has appointed me the minister of fun.
–Yes. And we have a mantra, the mantra is if it’s
not fun, don’t do it. –Oh
–And if you have to do it,
–I like that –Make it fun. –Okay
–Simple –Yeah is this part of your spiritual enforcer line of fashion? –Yes, it is,
–There it is. –Spiritual enforcers
–There it is.
–We’re the enforcers who enforce fun, spiritual enforcement for fun! We need fun on the planet right now, believe me we do. –How do you have fun?
–How do I? I’m talking to you. This is fun. I’m here, facebook
–You still get excited about this? –Yes, I do, turn my hat around to minister of fun. I do excited about it. Why? Because I’m blessed. I’m blessed to be able to do what I do because of you. So, thank you, thank all of you for being there for me. And you have
been, so thank you.
–So what is this Steppin’ Out show. Well how do you put
together a night of entertainment?
–Well what I do is that people –My Converses.
–I see that –Now when you do a show people have certain expectations, right they want to
hear… They probably want to hear Pippin? –They wanna hear songs I’ve done. Pippin, Jesus Christ Superstar. –They wanna hear that, but aren’t tehy also gonna hear like Hamilton? Is that true? –Mmmm, yes. –Hear a little Hamilton. And what I’ve done is I went on on my on my page, Facebook, and I’ve asked my
audience is what would you like to hear? And they can go on my Facebook and they
can actually say, I want to hear this ! I’ll try to do it
all for you –Oh wow.
— I didn’t know you were taking requests.
–Yes! –Pull a list together.
–Where’s your list? –I don’t know. You
know I loved you, if I think about my favorite, well first of all I loved you,
this is random. Can I be random? –Okay be random . –I love you, love Funny Lad.
–So did I.
— I love that movie –So did I. Okay.
–And everyone it’s a sequel to Funny Girl. check it out. –Mr. Wilson actually choreographed that section.
–It was amazing –Yes
— Yeah it’s beautiful –Jumping on tables
— I also loved the Sweet Charity movie.
–Yes, thank you. Thank you yes Bob Fosse.
–Yes, Fosse McClain These people we’re talking about because you
know these people! –Yes!
— I mean this was this was your…
–That’s what we started talking about. Why aren’t I there?
–You know what I was talking about last week. I was
talking about Golden Boy because Paula Wayne died.
— Oh yes –Fantastic Paula Wayne.
–We thank her for her spirit that came our way and touched our lives.
Thank you. –Because you that was actually an important show in your career right?
–That was yes –And Sammy Davis Jr. Didn’t you end up like covering the role?
–I was understudy Sammy. –Was that a break for you?
–It was a break. Matter of fact, I was playing I was understood he
had me understudy Lonnie Satin, Billy Satin role. And I went on for the Lonnie Satin role. And that’s when I made my break into acting. –Wow.
–He sat in the wings. We’re in Chicago at the Auditorium a Theatre, and he’s sitting in the wings
and he’s watching. It’s halfway through the show, and because of that
during that time it was you know this the Civil Righs Movement was going on. He was going around telling everybody please keep the peace, please keep the peace. So
his voice went out. So, halfway through the show, he turns me he goes, You’re on. And I
had no rehearsal. I had no costume, so I went and made a costume. And I came on a stage, and I got his glasses and I go on and I do Loni Satin. And so after
the show was over, he looks at me, and I get a standing ovation, my first standing
ovation! And he looks at me and he goes , I knew it all the time, kid. And he walks away! [laughs] I said, whaaa –Wow.
–Yeah. –That still happens you know just this weekend at the new musical The Prom, brand-new musical comedy, Beth Leavel, the leading lady, she got sick minutes before she was in the wings from what I
heard. She got sick and the understudy went on with like hardly any preparation. –Yeah, that happens.
— I mean classic showbiz. And theater PEOPLE know how to do that.
–That’s why we almost always must be ready and prepared, because you never
know when that moment is gonna happen. When lightning’s gonna strike,
and you’ve got to ride that lightning bolt.
— And you you’ve been doing a lot of TV work.
— I have been. –I know you’re on STAR.
–Yes, I’m on Star. –What the new Magnum,
–The new Magnum PI yes.
–So, you’re still like you still get excited
by these things? By these projects and getting yourself out there? –It’s
called employment. –Oh, okay. There’s that too.
–There’s that too. The love yeah of the business is why we’re here. And we’ll get employed
we get a chance to to show others and to reach out to a bigger audience to
share our art and our love. –Yeah. You does Broadway still excite you? You want to get up on the Broadway stage? –Yeah, yeah, yes. I want to come back and do and I will. –What should we do?
–Well we’re working on a project called Reflections. We’re talking right now Joe Calarco and and Josh Burgasse about putting this
show together. –A show
— I shouldn’t be saying anything about it , but we’re workshopping it. –Okay.
–Like, it’ll be out soon. –Is it about your life?
–It’s about my life, and about the people in my life, and about our lives together. It’s gonna be quite a
show. [laughs]
–It’s gonna be beautiful. I can’t wait to see that –Thank you. I expect to see you there. –I’ll be there,
–And I’ll come back here to announce it. We’ll
–You can come back whenever you want.
–Back to Facebook. –We always welcome a minister of fun
–Yes! –So, tickets for the Cutting Room
I wanna make sure people know cutting room is the website for the
cutting room. Are you gonna actually eat the turkey? Are you gonna have the Thanksgiving meal before you go on? –Am I gonna eat the turkey?
–You gotta be careful before you go on?
–Yes gotta be careful before I go on –Maybe after?
–After –Some pumpkin pecan pie?
–Yeah of course come out and toast with everybody and have a good time. –That’s a nice room..
–It is a beautiful room. I’ve never been there. It’s
— I hadn’t been there either. I went there for for an event for Pose
that Fox show Pose. I went to an event there’s a really cool big rooms
beautiful. –Well tonight we’re doing a tribute to Stephen Schwartz. –Oh!
–Yeah tonight they’re having an affair for Steven and he asked me to come along and so I’ll be there tonight singing Magic to Do.
–Oh, fabulous –What was Steven Schwartz like back during Pippin? –Oh, he was a kid.
–Yeah he was a kid I know –We had to
use a booster seat when I first met him –[laughs]
–He… I love that. And you were in Wicked.
–Yes I was. Yes it was he called and said I want you to do Wicked. Would you consider it? I went mm, let me think about it –Do I want to go on the biggest show on Broadway?
–Here I was saying Shoshana Bean Megan Hilty
–Oh you did it with Shoshana? I always forget who did it with who. –Yeah, yes, it was a great show. That was great. –You were
great in it. I saw you do that. –Thank you
–And I saw you in Fosse. –Thank You
–Fantastic. –That was my comeback show.
— I know! That’s when I first met you. I interviewed you on a press line. –And Jellies Last Jam
–Oh my gosh! I meant to talk to you about
–That was my comeback show. –Yeah
–I loved that show so much. –I had an accident in 92 –Yeah –And I was pretty broken up. And the doctor said it’d be three years before
I’d even walk again. If I walked again. So, on my birthday that that year, I
want to see Jellies Last Jam, cuz I wanted to see what I did, and what they said I’d
never do again. And I sat in tears, like right now. And Gregory my buddy
–Gregory Hines, the fantastic
–He comes out on stage and he stops
the show. And he introduces me in the audience. More tears. And then have the
show is over, he comes out and he turns to my manager, Pamela Cooper. And he says when will he be ready? He says she says what? She said what? When will he be ready? He says Keith Davids was leaving the show chimney man
on the 3rd and we’d like to have Ben do the role. So I
went back up to while I was rehabilitating, and I said had ahh ahh because I had no voice or
anything. So went to Dr. Gould and went to Bill Riley, and went to some
wonderful dance therapy people. And on March, on April 3rd, I walked on stage in Jellie’s Last Jam and the doctors were sitting in the front row and they’re like this. But that’s what the arts.
–But what is that? What gets you going? –It’s that spiritual thing inside of us. We all have it. It’s
not just about being in the arts. It’s about life itself. But when you connect
with that inner voice and trust in it, all the prayers that are going up for you
and I thank you for all the prayers all the people pray for me during that time
and now, I’m thankful. And that’s what got me going. You know, I tuned into that and that
drove me.
–Mm-hmm –Young
–For Gregory to come out and say, Come this way. I love you, man.
— What was young Ben like? Were you you were you
super ambitious and driven, because you’re such a positive guy. And I
can’t picture, seems like you would always be such a nice guy, but like you
know you know for sometimes ambition isn’t so nice. Sometimes people when
they’re younger can be kind of, I don’t know. What were you like? –I had my days.
— We all have our days –I Was this kid from Brooklyn, and I
think the first show I ever did as a child in junior high school yeah was a
show called The King and I. I had never seen a Broadway show, and there I was
at the Brooklyn Academy of Music, all-black Orchestra, or African American
Orchestra, excuse me. And the cast was all African American. And I was sitting there. I was playing the interpreter, so I was crawling on my knees. I’d never seen
these costumes, an orchestra. It was amazing to me. Then my principal
after the production was over, he came to me said what high school are you going to? I said I’m gonna go to aviation. He says, Aviation? Yeah, I want to learn to fly
planes and shoot guns. He said no no that’s cute. Why don’t you try out for the high school for the performing arts in Manhattan. And Dr. Rachel Yocum,
who was the principal of the dance department allowed me to come this way. And
in my life changed. –Wow. Before it was the FAME school. –That’s right. –Hey, Caitlin,
–They made a movie about it –Yes.
–Yeah, what are the people saying to Mr. Vereen? –We got a lot of questions for
you. –People who are watching
–Watching me? Hi! –Yes, so Kristin says
–Hi! –that Pippin was her first Broadway show, and she wants to know what your first Broadway show was that you saw. –That I
actually saw was Pippin—no, was Sweet Charity I had never seen a Broadway show, and matter of fact the first show I
did was off-Broadway, directed by Burnett Carroll. And it was a show
written by Langston Hughes called The Prodigal Son at the Greenwich Mews Theater downtown. And when I got to Sweet Charity and I auditioned at the Palace Theatre. Remember the Palace Theatre when it was the Palace Theater
–Yeah –Beautiful , and matter of fact, it’s still there.
–Still there they’re lifting it up though, I heard.
–Yeah –I don’t know how but they’re somehow lifting it
–The vibrations, prayers are lifting it up [laughs] –Anyway, so I went through first rehearsal and Bob said, Have you seen the show? I
said, No, Bob. I’ve never seen a Broadway show. He said get him tickets. And I
went and I sat there and I watched Gwen Verdon, Elaine… Helen Gallagher,
Velma Oliver. I was, I’m going ah ah ah because it was an amazing moment in my
life. I could to see an actual Broadway
show on Broadway. My life hasn’t been the same.
–What was Fosse like? Hard to
encapsulate I’m sure in a quick answer. –Yes, because Bob… He’s a great, great, sweet spirit. He wanted
perfection. What I love about this man is that they say people say, Well, he was a
taskmaster. He was this that and the other No, no. He was a taskmaster because he wanted the best
out of you. He didn’t want you to cheat on yourself.
I think the perfect example of Bob is in the movie All That Jazz, when the when
the young lady he pushes he pushes and she runs through to the bar , and he says stop rehearsal and goes over to her and
she says, Look, I can’t make you a great dancer, but if you listen to me, I can make you a better dancer. And then she comes back and kills it, right? That’s Bob’s philosophy. You know? Just, there’s something inside of us all if we trust it. –Yeah
–It’ll do the work for you. –Beautiful
–So how do I trust that? You know I teach master classes. –Yeah.
–And in my that’s one of the questions come up. How do I because
you’ve got to, we have got to, still today, I’ve got to go within.
You see, this whole process, this whole thing here, the studio, this Facebook
comes from a thought. Somebody sat down one day and said I think I’d like an internet station where all the world can have conversation with each other. –Right.
–Boom! Facebook! [laughs]
–Hello! Here we are! –Why didn’t we think of it then?
–Why didn’t we think of it? Because the blessings come universally. It’s he who acts when it gets
the prize. –Mmhmm.
–Simple –Cool
–Absolutely –We can do let’s do one more question. Jack asks how do you feel being
able to choose your favorite songs to do in a concert? –How do I feel? –Why why do you
love doing it? Why do I love doing it? How do you answer a question like that? It’s
what I do. It’s what I feel, what I’ve been thank you! You’re the reason why I
do it. –Right you’re doing it for the people. You asked for them what they wanted to hear. — I asked you what do you like to hear? And I try to find that and
do it for you, or create something that I hope you’ll like. And what I do when I
pick my my lists is I find songs that are personal to me, and if they’re
personal to me, I know that somebody out there is feeling or has had some
sort of the same experience. And we connect. –Mm-hmm
–It’s a celebration of life –Yep. What’s the one thing from your resume that people ask you about the
most? Which project?
–Roots Roots
–Wow. –Is it wow?
— Yeah, history. –Wow, yeah, thank you. Thank you, because we made history!
–Emmy nomination. –Yeah
–It was history –When I took Roots, I didn’t expect, I didn’t know what it was. I knew what the book was I heard there was a book
called roots that ABC was going to do a mini series. I wanted to be a part of it
like a lot of African-Americans wanted to be a part of that show. Also the
business. And I went to my agent and I said get me an audition. He said, Oh Ben, come on! You’re a song-and-dance man. They want actors. I said, Well, I can act so come on. Get real with yourself. So I’m down to Savannah Georgia. I’m doing my show. I used to a character called Bert Williams about black oppression for the
performers in this business. At one time,
African-Americans had to wear black face to be on the American stage. This is
truth. So, I used to do a parody on it. And sitting in audience was a guy named Stan
Margulies, the executive producer Roots. He comes backstage and he says, I want you to be my Chicken George. I didn’t know what a Chicken George was! I didn’t know if he had I said if he’s
on a boat going let me out of here! I’ll do it! And it turned and it, boom, look what we did.
Matter of fact, the night it aired, after it aired, we watched it from my home. I was
watching it every night. And when it was finished, I got a call from ABC to come
to the American Music Awards. They wanted me to take over for someone. Freddie
Prinze who unfortunately went before his time. Bless you man. And I’m standing there with Merv Griffin, and Merv says congratulations. I said, Oh thank you.
Thank you. How you doin? He said good, great. And then the curtain opens. There’s a standing ovation, and I turn to
Merv and I go [claps] And Merv goes, No, that’s for you. I go, What? He said, Chicken George. –I went, Oh my god… –Wow.
–What a moment. –Don’t forget those
moments. –No, you don’t. You don’t. Oh! I can talk
to you for weeks, just sit here for weeks, but we’d get hungry and tired, have to go to the bathroom. –Look you know we can call in food. –Anyway, everybody, Steppin Out with Ben Vereen is at The Cutting Room the cutting room NYC
dot-com Thursday, this Thursday. It’s Thanksgiving, 7:30, and Friday 7:30.
The doors open at like five I think? –At five.
–And you can get dinner ahead if you want. And ,I mean, why wouldn’t you want to spend two hours with this guy? –And let me tell you, also, we’ll be selling
the spiritual enforcer hats, so [laughs] –Oh selling them
–So if you want to get a hat, come on out and get get a hat, and
the part of the proceeds go towards the Arts in schools. And the rest of course
make more hats to send money to our schools for the Arts. –You’re also at the
Ridgefield Playhouse in Ridgefield Connecticut December 6.
–That’s, no 2nd. –Second
–Oh, I’m sorry. –And it’s great because it’s the first day of Hanukkah. –Oh!
–So, I get to do the what is it? The… I get to light the menorah.
–Oh you’re gonna light the oh –The menora…
— Okay, you’re gonna kick it off –Mmmm yes. I’m turning it on. I’m turning on for the holidays people! [laughs] –December 2nd! Ridgeield, Connecticut — Come out come out yes –And in New York City this Thursday Friday. Thank you, sir. –Aww man, Paul.
–Pleasure as always. –God bless you
–I adore you. –And to all our people in Facebook
bless you. — Thank you everyone out there on Faceboook.
–Happy Thanksgiving –And elsewhere, this will go beyond Facebook
–Oh, it will! –Oh it goes everywhere.
–Happy Thanksgiving. –You might even see us on an airplane, who knows? –We’ll be on the
airplane as a matter of fact, sitting right next to you. Have a blessed day.
Caitlin why don’t you take us out? –Thank you guys so much for tuning and today. We
are alive at 5:00 every day. You can listen to us in a podcast form by
searching for hashtag live at 5 and hitting that subscribe button.
Be sure to tune in tomorrow we talked to Andy Mientus about his Feinstein’s
54 Below concert series.


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