#LiveAtFive with Christiane Noll & Aaron Lazar from the DEAR EVAN HANSEN National Tour

dot com. It is Friday September 14th. We made it through the week, Beth!
–Finally, yeah –I’m Paul Wontorek
— I’m Beth Stevens –And over there we have Eric King
–Hello –And two fantastic guests today. I’m super excited they’re both here. They’re about to hit the road to make people cry is what I just said to them
–Oh, well that’s encouraging –Yeah Christiane Noll and Aaron Lazar, the Murphy’s of the Dear Evan Hansen tour. I know you’re all super psyched to see them come to your town, so we’re gonna talk to them about it, but first today’s top five. [music]
–Chim chimoree Charlie
–That’s all you’re saying,
–That’s all –I love it. Okay, Mary Poppins
–I remember that. –Mary Poppins is returning to the West End and there’s some really exciting casting
–Isn’t the movie what is the movie called coming out because the press release we got said Mary Poppins Returns, and I was like that’s a little
–Returns to the West End –Listen
–No, Charlie Stemp! –Charlie Stemp will be
–who is fantastic –playing Bert in the return. Zizi Strallen, sister of Scarlet Strallin, who played Mary Poppins on Broadway.
–The famous Strallens –Strallen sisters of the West End –of the West End and Broadway— will be playing
–Zizi has never been here –No but we’ve seen her a bunch of times
–We need to get her here –Are they like the Muellers.
–They’re like there are three of them.
–Are there only three? You sure there aren’t a few extras
–Four or five I don’t know. I know you can write in let us know. Of course Charlie Stamp earned an Olivier Award nomination for his turn as Arthur Kipps in Half a he made his Broadway debut in Hello Dolly. We all remember that we all had a wonderful time seeing him. And this will be back at
–The West End –In the West End I gonna tell you the theater Oh Prince Edward Theatre, fall 2019.
–And you can say his name three times, but he’s still not coming until April
— I’m actually gonna watch Beetlejuice this weekend because I’m a big Tim Burton fan and I only saw a Beetlejuice once for some reason and it’s like the one I don’t even remember, like, I sort of remember the three times thinks I’m gonna know more about Beetlejuice on Monday. But the musical, I hear the musical’s fantastic
–Oh good good buzz. That’s good –Fantastic buzz actually. It’s so it’s going to DC and now they announce it will open April 25th 2019 at the Winter Garden Theatre. The first preview we don’t know when that’s gonna be. Let’s say late March. It’ll be in DC at the National Theater starting October 14th, so that’s super soon. Eddie Perfect, who is also writing the score for King Kong is writing Beetlejuice. This guy has two new musicals this season. Book by Anthony King and Scott Brown and Alex Timbers is directing it. And the cast is amazing, led by Alex Brightman as Beetlejuice Beetlejuice Beetlejuice.
[gasp] –I don’t know what that means, but I’m excited about it –And everyone will be able to get to see the stellar London production. It’s not as good as a Funny Girl on Broadway but it’s almost as good.
–Right, so Funny Girl was in the West End a while ago we saw that.
–Sheridan Smith we did see it. But we’d never seen her on stage before. I’d never seen this except for Paper Mill
–I saw Leslie Kritzer do it, speaking Beetlejuice. She did it at the Papermill Playhouse.
–Forgot about that. This is going to have a global cinema release,
–Except the tri-state area according to Harvey Fierstein on Facebook.
–Except for the tri-state area –The only people who want to see it
–Why am I bothering to talk about this –It’s an international show, so all of you can go see it.
— Michael Mayer directed it, it was filmed by Digital Theatre during the final week at the Manchester Palace Theatre. And if you live somewhere other than the tri-state area, you can catch Sheridan Smith. And Don’t Rain on My Parade, Paul,
–Anyway there you go –You got a silent applause from Aaron Lazar on that joke. –And we’ve got a new promo bitches for Broadway.
–Oh, wow. Okay I’m gonna move past that quickly. So there’s the show called The Cher Show that’s coming. It’s about Cher that’s what that’s what Eric was just
–Trying to do –Right that was that was Cher. –Good attempt.
–And there’s there’s new artwork. They’re really branding it. There’s new poster right with the really cool illustrations? You can see the cool new artwork, and a little promo. And and it says here SJB, that stands for Stephanie J Block, for those in the know, can be heard singing if I turn back time in Cher fashion. These are Eric’s notes.
–Mhmm –So I listen to it and it’s literally like like two seconds. –Yeah but she also says like
–You can barely hear but anyway it’s exciting.
–And The Cher Show starts November 1st.
–And we got news of a new musical headed our way starring Harriet Harris. Well we hope it’s headed our way.
–All right. This is The Rivals. Do you know The Rivals?
Of course you do
–It’s like a classic play isn’t it? –It’s a classic play from 1775 by Richard Sheridan. I looked it up for you guys. And it has the famous Mrs. Malaprop, which is where the word malapropism comes from. Which, I think we’ve done a lot so far today. Harriet Harris, Tony winner, of course will be playing that role. And Aaron Mackie will also be in the show as Lydia Languish look at these names. This features a book and lyrics by Tony nominee Peter Kellogg he wrote Anna Karenina in 1993 and got a nomination nomination for book and score.
–Melissa Errico was in that. –So you know everything. And music by Steven Whiner, directed by Eric Tucker, choreography by Jason A. Sparks. This is at the Bristol Riverside Theatre in Bucks County, but they’re calling it Broadway bound.
–Oh it’s in Bucks County
–Yeah it’s it seemed Bristol Riverside sounds very British, but it’s in Bucks.
–Oh –Um, so there you go. It’s previews on October 30th and then look at this two days later, it opens because that’s how it is over ther. –Bucks County I never miss a Harriet Harris role. –Never
— Well, sometimes I have. –Time moves faster there
–She’s very busy –You know what? I also wanted to point out our fall preview’s in full effect. Full swing thank you that’s better. Laura Benanti hosted our fall preview special. And we are doing features on nine of the great new Broadway offerings, so every day there’s new features. And look for it, every day. It’s awesome. Get into it. –Thank You Christiane Noll… Okay, Beth, I think that’s it. We need to make room for the Murphy’s. Thank you for have a great weekend.
–Thank you too –And hey Eric, won’t you tell us more about these two talents?
— I’d love to. Christiane Noll and Aaron Lazar are about to embark on a journey across the United States as Cynthia and Larry Murphy on the national tour of Dear Evan Hansen Noll has been spotted on Broadway in Jekyll and Hyde, the revival of Ragtime, which earned her a Tony nom, It ain’t nothing but the Blues, and most recently Chaplin. She’s no stranger to the road, having toured in Miss Saigon Urinetown and Grease! amongst others. Lazar was most recently seen in the Great White Way in The Last Ship, but his Broadway credits also include the 2006 revival of Les Mis, The Light in the Piazza, Mamma Mia, and many many more. Maybe you’ve also seen him on TV in The Good Wife Quantico or The Strain. Be sure to follow Christiane and Aaron on Instagram at Christiane.Noll and AaronScottLazar. Leave all your questions in the comments below and please welcome Paul, Christiane and Aaron! –Hey, guys! –Yes!
–Thank you for coming –Thanks for having us.
–You both have dot names on social –Yeah.
–You guys have a lot of credits it’s actually a little intimidating. I was I was was trying to prepare myself and I like reminded myself because it’s almost too many. Like you do do a lot. And so I was wondering which credits Eric was going to say because it’s kind of hard to pare it down.
–Do you know how orchestras this woman –A lot
–sung with? Because we met singing like with pops orchestras and symphonies and –That was the first time you ever did anything? — The first one we ever did was the Cleveland Orchestra. Not shabby at all. –Not too shabby. It’s a big deal orchestra for those of you who may not know the orchestra world –Well when you when you’re a Broadway star with I’m gonna do this when you’re a Broadway star with great singing voices, you get paid you get these gigs right? And you get paired up and you do like first of all you do endless benefits, but also you do these big fancy so you’re saying you met at one of those? –Pops concerts all over the country have their amazing orchestras because they all want to play Mahler, they have you’ll pay for the privilege to play Mahler. So they do these pops concerts, and lots of times Broadway is a way to like just get more people in and make a lot of money.
–Yeah and if you can if you get to sing with someone like this human here, who has one of the greatest voices on planet earth.
–Sweet –it’s pretty remarkable –A whole year with him!
–But but you know we have whatever little BIOS going into the playbill you know for the tour thing and it’s it’s just a fun Christiane Noll fact that I did not appreciate, which is over 100 orchestras.
–It’s in print, so it must be true. –That many orchestras! –That’s what I said. –All over. I’ve been all over.
–Wow. –Not just the country.
–And you know what else? I’m just gonna show off, and I’ve seen because I’ve seen both of you do really phenomenal things recently that Eric did not mention.
–Thanks a lot Eric –And you know everything is not happening just on Broadway people. I mean first of all they’re happening on the road, but like Aaron, you were in that Merrily We Roll Along I saw in LA. Michael Michael Arden directed. You were Franklin Shepherd Inc. You were fantastic.
–Oh, thanks
— I love that production. And Christiane Noll, you guys did Next to Normal at Theatre Works in Hartford, which like blew my mind, that
–Special –production. You won an award for that too.
–I did. –I was there the night you won an award, so congratulations! –Thank you.
–So these you guys are both favorites of mine, so and I’ve seen you do phenomenal things, in addition to all your amazing things you’ve done on Broadway. So it’s good to have you here, and it’s good that you’re paired u.
–I know
–It’s great –And you both done tours before.
–Yes –You’ve done a bunch of tours –I I started the whole beginning of my career was was on the road.
–What was your first tour?
–City of Angels –Right! Dun dun da da da
–Loved it. That was oh my god –I can’t sing, but I wanted to do that. –Such an amazing show. That was an incredible way to
–That show needs to come back. You guys could do City of Angels together.
–I… yes. –Yeah would you be a stone or Stein.
–I’d like to just do the True West version where switch it up.
–I think you would want everyone of the your Stone but you’re really a Stein deep underneath everything.
–Eh, eh, I think so. It’s probably a good call. –Whatever pays the bills Paulie. –Well Dear Evan Hansen is paying some bills, so this is a big tour.
–Yes, sir –This is like everyone is so excited about this tour. –The truck was out front today
–Yeah, they had the –Wraparound
–They bring the truck to New York? –Well because they had to
–One of nine Trucks, apparently –The last one
–They had to load everything out of the rehearsal studios. And our our trunks and our makeup stuff. and then they have the wrapped truck that says yeah, the big blue truck.
–Just like a rock and roll truck, like the big blue Dear Evan Hansen
–Dear Evan Hansen truck –All kinds of wrong things going on in that truck
–Blue all over the country. –People love this show. Of course it’s like a Broadway phenomenon, still is. Won the Tony Award of course. Michael Park and Jennifer Laura Thompson are are still playing these roles on Broadway, right, the Murphy
–They are, which is why we’re going on the road [laughs]
–They’re not letting go of them yet. –That’s right.
–But these are great parts. The Murphy’s are going through it.
–Yes. –You know what I mean? I was really thinking like the the journey of the show. It’s all a lot of drama right from the start, for these two
–Shot out of the drama cannon
–Yeah –Right?
–Totally. –As you said, we’re gonna go cry. Cry.
— It’s a very emotional –[sings] Tears Across America –And you emotionally go through it during the show. I mean like it is it’s it’s a lot
–It was interesting. We did the last our last run-through in the studio today and the creatives have already gone out to Denver to start teching the show and get it ready for us to be there. So you know I was coming to rehearsal today thinking let’s just sort of like just go by the numbers. You know let’s not really like aim to hit the wall. Let’s just kind of see what’s going on. And our wonderful resident director Sasha it’s gonna be like coming around to you know make sure we’re okay. It’s like no no I think now is a really good opportunity to just you know do it one more time. And I’m like Oh, God. So, I was like okay well here’s a good opportunity to just sort of do it in the frame of mind of when you come to the theater and you don’t want to do the show because that that will inevitably happen over the course of the year
–Not for me. Maybe for you –For me, yeah
–Never happens for me –Yeah like you said there’s a lot of emotion. But this show is so brilliantly written and constructed because I was like okay I’m just gonna go and do my B-show whatever that might be? And I was still
–Isn’t it amazing? You can’t –I mean you can’t, like I mean I was just like snot.
–In fact, in fact even just there’s an interesting thing that happens when you just all the actors kind of just relaxed back, and then the play it’s such a
–The play took it –These guys wrote this giant, we were saying this the other day a couple days ago. But you can just you just. You can just jump off the cliff and there’s just this net of a play that will catch you no matter where you land on. It’s really special and we’re really lucky. –Really lucky.
–And the score. I mean do you guys like –That’s what I mean. When I say the play, I mean the play, the music, the lyrics –The score… I don’t sing very much in the show. –You don’t sing. –I don’t sing
–Very much. — I’m the play in the musical.
[LAUGHS] –There’s a musical happening around me –That’s true. That’s true. Yeah. It’s interesting. I mean it’s like but it’s such a emotional, rich like this this woman at the very beginning, they seem like total like suburban, maybe a little Next to Normal in that sense, like suburban
–Yeah –Dad mom and dad with a family right. And then it sort of just sort of like crumbles right? I mean like when you first see them, they’re just sort of like
–Well there’s, so, you know what what I love about it is that you realize that what Evan’s going through, they’re all like he says, you know, I wish I never wanted people to see how broke if you saw how broken I… Everybody’s broken.
— Yeah –We all are, so so it’s brilliant in that sense because you think it’s that. Just typical suburban… but it’s like you’re about to see how we’re all sort of just doing the best we can every day.
–And I think the other cool thing is that what we’ve discovered as we’ve been working on it and watching it is that you know Connor and Evan are kind of two sides of the same coin, you know? Like one just it just different circumstances. And Jessica Phillips and I were also discussing similarly with the moms.
–At least the way we’ve come to it at this point, anyway, that they are very similar. And just but now we they’re in different circumstances so it’s yeah it’s been fun to just kind of delve into this.
–And Ben Levi Ross right? –From Broadway
–20! –Kid’s turning 21 in Vegas, who’s coming? –You guys coming? I don’t know what camera to look at. –Really, is that happening?That’s a tour stop? –In Vegas
–Sure, yeah –I probably shouldn’t have said that. Now there’s going to be 3,000
–Happy Birthday… We’re sorry. –So you’re starting where in Denver ?
–Denver first –Denver Center
— Denver Center. I think at the Buhl, which is gonna be huge.
–Right –And then we’ll be at the Ahmanson for six weeks, right? Is that correct? –Get to go home for six weeks.
–Yeah you’ve been living in LA for a while right? –Yeah
–You guys both have families so what is it like hitting the road with families?
–It’s great. It’s so good.
— I mean it’s gotta be tough. It’s gotta be tough
–So excited –I haven’t toured. I’ve not toward since right out of grad school. First job I got was killing Roach’s with a shoe over in Murray Hill and then I got the national tour of The Scarlet Pimpernel. And I went on the road for five months. And the tour closed, and I came back and and my MCAT scores had expired to get into medical school. So I was officially an actor then.
–Right –I have not toured since that.
–Wow –And now it’s kind of amazing cuz not have these kids and we have come full circle. Touring is way different man I’m gonna sound like such an old man right now. But everything’s like, our whole tour is online, on apps, ubers
–Yes, there’s no more signing up on the wall –It’s so cool, so so far so good, like touring pretty incredible. Plus, we have the greatest producer ever Stacy Mindich is unbelievable. And it’s easy it’s easier though for me to say this then you cuz I get to go home to LA for six weeks. I’m like it was in New York for a month, Denver for a month and home for six weeks. And then tour starts. So talk to me in December when my kids are like where you going Dad? I just got a nine-month thing I got to..
–I’ll be right back. –Right. I’ll be back in nine months.
–Stacey is –Are you feeling the excitement from theater fans about having this show come to you know around the country? I mean
–We’re selling out, like yeah. It’s going well
–Yeah we were talking about it earlier that there’s obviously such a fury about this show from the from the show here in New York but I would say predominance of the fans haven’t necessarily seen it. They know it from the disc, and they know the soundtrack. Or I should say the cast album
– — I was gonna say you’re gonna get –Yeah I’m in trouble. Cast recording
–Laser disc –I’m sure it will be a soundtrack eventually when the movie gets made, but right now, it’s a cast album.
–Right, the cast album, and so they have a very specific idea of what they think it is because of what they’ve been listening to, and now they’re gonna get a chance to actually see it which, I’m so tickled to see what that’s gonna be like.
–What about doing something you you both seen I’ve seen both of you in a very fancy period costumes and you both look great in period, but this is like modern just, like you’re just like
–My clothes….oh.. –Comfy?
–Did you get some great clothes? –I got some great clothes! There’s this sweater set that’s cashmere sweater set that I’m we were saying you’re gonna have to Jedi mind trick everybody, and be like yeah this wait this next outfit, you’re gonna have just when they see it they go oh, let’s keep that. Let’s keep that. Oh, there’s some beautiful well we’re the Murphy’s, so>
–The Murphy’s have money –They do
–The Murphy’s are well off yeah –Fancy.
–They got some stuff. –Oh, yeah. There’s jewels [laughs] –So, if you guys have any questions for Christiane Noll and Aaron Lazar, please put them in the comments. Eric does anything people want to know?
–Of course, so one thing what’s asking more specifically about Christiane’s Diana in Next to Normal and was wondering if you brought any of that to your current character. But I’m gonna open it up and say has there been any role in both of your careers that you think has prepared you for these roles?
–HMM –I will say that the the same notion of trusting the material with Next to Normal and that here’s the runaway train, and it’s going to leave the station, so you better be on it. And we just ride it and don’t try to do the play, let the play do you. That it was definitely a lesson that that taught me that I am incorporating in this experience, I would say.
— Awesome what about you Aaron? –I would say fatherhood the role of being a dad a lot has helped me
–Life role –Life role, but also Piazza. Like I find myself I find myself remembering, Oh I remember what it felt like to just live and on that Vivian Beaumont stage in that play because it was that felt like the same where you’re not aware that you’re in a musical or doing a musical, you’re just letting the play happen and so how many years later here we are you know but if I just feel like I’m remembering that coming like oh yeah.
–He asked a question of Michael Greif brilliant Michael Greif the other day at rehearsal.
–We love Michael Greif –Because we’re gonna be playing me we’re playing the Fox and Atlanta. I mean we’re playing some some really large houses, which— this is an intimate little show. And so he was like you know are we gonna have to kind of
–Get it to the people –That’s the question with national tours
–You know we’re not in a thousand seat theater.
–Yeah –And he’s like, No, I think the stillness. I mean just to be reminded stillness counts for a lot. Then let them come to you, so
–Plus we have Hollywood Bowl-style cameras, screens on either side that are just
–Yeah, there’s not –No. No.
–Not true. –Right on the tears, all up in
–THat’s what I’m counting on. –Snot, everything
–Yeah, the lighting is such that you’ll know because it’ll be –Yeah, tear lights. Tear spots
–Tear spots. –Ryan had a great question. He said since we’re working with so many young cast members in this show who are at the beginning of their careers, how do you feel about and approach being role models for them during this experience?
–Well Ben, Ben Levi Ross –Who’s apparently 20.
–Apparently –21 in Vegas
–Is as, I mean he is as grounded and old and gracious and I mean how he he does not need a role model. I mean I he will he likes to wallow in mediocrity because I think you know all of the stuff that is happening to him he’s just like no no no no I don’t deserve them you know. But he doesn’t need that. I think the the notion that we’ve done this before and I think just you asking that question is a good reminder of to you know to go and be the positive attitude in the theater and and on travel days, if they haven’t experienced that yet but there are so enthused and ready to go
–I keep looking at these kids and I’m like who needs a –Nobody. They don’t
–These kids they lived and you know –Different generation
–Super different generation, and so I’m sure we’re that were there for them when they need us, but so far these they’re not really I mean these young young adults are pretty impressive. –It’s it’s wild to say, How old are you? It’s like Phoebe is, her mother is her mother traveling with us until she gets to her hometown where her birthday is because she’s still 17.
–And it’s her first Broadway thing
— –It’s her first professional anything, like her first job. It’s amazing
–And yet you’d think it was her fifth, sixth Broadway show.
–She’s so grounded –Now, you, when you did your first things when you were young, you didn’t get to do shows that we’re so much about being young, you know what I mean? Like you were like what was your first big professional thing? –Well other than covering The Pimpernel which was a joke because –And then you were in Phantom, weren’t you? –Yeah then Phantom was my first Broadway show.
–Right it wasn’t really about the teenage experience.
–No, I didn’t have that until Piazza which hilariously when Piazza was happening out of town first, and I auditioned, they’re like no no he’s too old. And then I got cast later
–But I’m older now –But I’m younger now. So, I’m trying to get younger as I get older, Paul –It’s working.
–Yeah, what about you Christiane? What was your first like thing you did her first professional thing? –You mean like well my first principal, my principal equity job would have I was waiting to become a leading lady.
–You didn’t play kids, either.
–No, you know I never really I mean I I had a couple ingenues, but as Jay Binder reminded me, He’s like everyone thinks you’re an ingenue. I know better. You’re not! We’re waiting for you to turn into what you are. I’m like thanks Jay..
–Uh-huh and of course Christiane was Tony nominated for playing Mother in Ragtime in the revival
–Yeah, who knew that becoming a mother was now going to be my milieau –See that? That starts the whole thing.
–Yeah you you you’re afraid to become a mom because you think I will never work again. And then it’s like, Oh no that’s that’s who you are. Yeah.
–So you were talking about some the intergenerational aspect and that also like factors in the digital age.Valentin would like to know how relevant do you feel Dear Evan Hansen is in such a digital age and how important do you think it is for Broadway shows to stay relevant and updated like Dear Evan Hansen is? Do you think digital is becoming more of a…
–The the the digital the social media, the marketing, the PR on this show… I’ve never seen anything. They are aces. I mean they’ve got their hand on the the pulse. All of the videos they put out.
–Makes you cooler just being attached to it.
–Yes, thank you! –You guys are super cool
–Have you seen my IG, bro? –So cool
–Yeah, I don’t even know what that is. –I think they call it –Instagram
–Oh, they call it that’s what they call Instagram is IG –I don’t know. I really don’t know.
–Oh, come on. You can say Instagram –It’s not that long a word.
–But, also, inside the show –Did you see my Insta?
–No, but seriously, it’s —They are, it’s they are on it.
–Yeah — I mean and I think that’s where most the the word of mouth. That’s where it is now.
–But but in the plot of the show too, I mean, right such a it’s such an important factor in the plot. Do you think that is also gonna be continued? –Yeah well that’s a commentary on on what it means to lead a well curated life you know? And because we put our lives on the internet for all to see or we put our versions of the lives that we want people to see. This that this definitely has a lot to do with that.
–I mean think about how if you think about how it how it plays out and you know the havoc that the the social media and the internet and YouTube and everything wreaks on Evan’s life and on our lives, and then you arrive at this place of just this orchard at the end
–Where it’s simple. We’re back to nature.
–You just and that’s just life. It’s like especially in New York, but it’s just everybody on the thing all the time, and if you can just sit next to a tree. I mean seriously. I haven’t talked to Steven Levenson about this, but now that I’m saying this first time live at five yeah there’s this thing about trees. And it really is like, if you just take a second and appreciate some nature you know and that’s what Evan’s really good at. It’s just so interesting how Stephen has juxtaposed those things. Yeah. I think brilliant play, people brilliant play. –I’m thinking about Dear Evan Hansen from a whole other perspective now
–Time to go sit by a tree –Check out that national tour to see a whole new a whole new take on it. Is there anything else.
–There’s just one more thing, and I think this will be our last com— it’s more of a comment it’s not a question. It’s, I’m not saying both of you would be perfect for a Bridges of Madison County revival
–But we would be perfect! –But I’m not not saying that either
–I would love to sing that score –Ooh!
–I’m so into that –Yes. Maybe you guys could do like a little concert series like after the show on the road. Like.
–You know we’ve got our cabarets and we’re trying to help each other out. Christiane just helped me out at Birdland the other night, so on the road we’re trying to keep up our legit chops.
–Yeah –I’m so into that. Thank you for that comment. There’s a lot of things I would like to see you guys do together now, now that I see you together, see that? You bring together two talented people
–George, Dot –Sure.
–I could still do Dot [laughs] –Sure. There’s so much. Uh, hey guys thank you so much. I know you’ve been super busy getting this big national tour together and they’re leaving. They’re like leaving leaving town and hitting the road, and they’ll be in Denver first and then LA and Aaron’s gonna be hanging out at home. And then then he’s gonna really hit the road. And
–My family is coming out every two to four weeks, I think we worked it out. So I won’t be a miserable SOT while I’m out there not having my child with me.
–Make sure she gets good food, eats well –It’s gonna be good. I’m excited.
–Yeah –Oh, it’s going to be incredible
–Cool. Thank you so much for being here.
Thank you guys for watching. Check them out on the road and Eric why don’t you take us out?
— I’d love to. Thank you guys so much for tuning in we are live at five every single day on Facebook right here you can also check us out on YouTube and if you like podcasts we’re also on podcast so just type in hashtag live at 5 wherever you get your podcasts tune in Monday when we talked to Terry Kelly and Edward Stoudenmire from the first national tour of Anastasia you

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