#LiveatFive with Daphne Rubin-Vega

(upbeat music) – What’s up everyone? We are Live at Five. It is Wednesday, October 16th. It’s a rainy matinee day
here in New York City. – Two show day! – I’m Paul Wontorek.
– I’m Beth Stevens. – And we’re joined by Caitlin Moynihan. – Hello!
– Hello! – And her jazz hands! – So, Beth, we have a
fantastic guest today. One of our favorite human beings and Tony-nominated, Broadway stars, Miss Daphne Rubin-Vega! – [Caitlin] Whoo!
(drumming hands) – Also Tony-nominator, Daphne Rubin-Vega. – [Caitlin] True!
– I see her shows all the time, she’s very fancy!
– [Caitlin] She sees it all! – She gets good seats.
– Yeah. – It’s pouring rain out–
– Yeah. – in New York City, it’s stormy. Daphne’s not here yet, but,
she’ll be here any minute. – She’ll be here.
– She’ll be here in a second. – We’re just gonna start, I
wanna say before we even start, that “The Lightning Thief” is opening. (gasping)
So, congratulations– – Happy opening!
– to everyone over at the Longacre Theater,
it’s happening right now. It is raining on the
red carpet a little bit. – [Caitlin] Just a little.
– But, I’m sure the party’s inside and
everything’s gonna be fine! (laughing) – They’ll be okay. – So we’re gonna get to
Daphne and everything else, but first, today’s top five: (upbeat music) – It’s a new Broadway show, deary! – [Paul] Oh, is that a Mrs.
Doubtfire impersonation? Is that what we’re doing?
– [Caitlin] Maybe. – That’s what she’s doing.
– So, go to this “Mrs. Doubtfire” musical, which everyone’s buzzing about
because people really love this Robin Williams, Sally Fields movie. And, of course, we knew Rob McClure was playing the part originated by the late,
great Robin Williams. And now, we have learned
that Jenn Gambatese is playing his ex-wife,
they’re divorced, correct? Is that what’s happening?
– It is. – The kids, tryin’ to get–
– The Sally Field role. – The Sally Field role. – [Caitlin] Yes.
– He dresses as a British maid, I,
they sent some British– – A nanny.
– Nanny! They’ve sent some British cookies to us, the production, today, so
thank you for those wafers! – [Caitlin] Delicious!
(laughing) – Wafers.
– Biscuits! – Biscuits! Anyway, they’re fantastic, thank you! So, now we know that
Jenn Gambatese is in it, also, we know Brad Oscar
is in it, Analise Scarpaci, Jake Ryan Flynn, J.
Harrison Ghee, Mark Evans, Charity Angel Dawson,
Avery Sell, Peter Bartlett. – [Caitlin] Wow.
– Lotta these people were in the recent
readings, and we also know that it’s officially
now opening on Broadway. It’s already been announced for Seattle and that’s happening, I
believe, starting in November– – November 26th–
– at the 5th Avenue Theater– – to December 29th.
– and now we know that it’s going to the Sondheim! (gasping) – What a “Beautiful” place to go! – Currently the home of “Beautiful”– – That’s good.
– the Carole King Musical. (laughing) So, it starts performances
at the Sondheim, I like saying that, on March 9th, 2020, and officially opens April 5th. So the best musical race, is heating up! – Yeah, it’s on! – Yes, and this stage star is going from the Island to Gander. – [Beth] We’re talking
about Kenita R. Miller, the talented and wonderful
Kenita R. Miller. – Gander is not an island, correct? – You know, you guys have–
– It’s in Newfoundland. – Newfoundland.
– I now know how to say Newfoundland.
– Newfoundland. – Thank you! – And, when Caitlin was talking about the “Island”, she was talkin’ about “Once On This–
– “Once On”, yes. – “This Island”, which
is where Kenita Miller recently was.
– Love her. – And, now, she’s going to
play the role of Hannah, which was originated
by original cast member Q. Smith.
– Yeah, Q. Smith’s been there the whole run, up til now.
– The whole run, and, it’s been running for a while now. She will play her final
performance on October 13th, and Mrs. Miller will
begin on October 15th. – She’s amazing! – New stuff goin’ on–
– You’re in good hands! at the rock, yes!
(laughing) – And we got even more stars
who’re gonna be heading to a funeral home for a musical? – [Paul] Everyone is super
excited to see a musical at a funeral home.
– [Caitlin] Creepy! – [Beth] I’m one of’em!
– Hey, I would see “Once On This Island” at a
funeral home, but luckily, we’re seeing Fun Home
(laughing) in a funeral home.
– Okay. – It’s where it takes place,
because it’s about a family, and the dad is an underta–,
it’s a whole thing. – It’s a whole thing.
– It’s a whole thing. It’s in a funeral home, but
it’s not really about that, but it kind of is.
– It’s set there. – So, now we have
learned that Will Swenson will play Bruce, that is the father-role that Michael Cerveris played.
– And won a Tony Award. – And won a Tony Award, and
brought his second Tony. And Kate Baldwin will
play his wife, correct? Helen, the Judy Kuhn role,
so, they’re both fantastic, and they’re joining, who are they joining? It is Jenn Colella, Caitlin Kinnunen. And, I’m assuming the cast
is just gonna keep growing, because–
– Wait, where is this? – Huh? – Where is this gonna be? – It’s on the Upper West Side, it’s the Plaza Jewish
Community Chapel funeral home. It’s on December 19th, it’s at 8pm. Daniella Caggiano’s directing, and Georgia Stitt is Musical Director. And we also learned some of the kids, Noelle Hammond, Lennon Nate
Hammond, great name, Lennon, Pierson Salvador, they’re
gonna dance around on coffins. (laughing) It’s Fun Home, it’s a fantastic musical and this, you know, it’s funny, because everyone clearly
wants to be in it. Right?
– Yeah, of course! – Because they’re all like, “We’re in!” “Let’s do this!”
– They all wanna sing at the funeral home! – Yeah, so, I’ll be there!
– [Caitlin] Yes! And we found out who’s gonna help bring some “Harmony” to
this Off-Broadway show. – [Beth] The long-gestating
“Harmony” by Barry Manilow and Bruce Sussman.
– Yes. – We first wrote about it, I looked it up, guess which year we first wrote about this musical?
– 2003. – 2004, very good!
(gasping) – [Caitlin] Wow!
– Very good! – Close.
– It now has a director! – We probably knew in 2003. – We knew, we just didn’t–
– We used to hold it in. – We don’t wanna talk about it yet. (laughing) Tony winner Warren Carlyle will direct and choreograph “Harmony”. It will make its debut in New York at the Museum of Jewish Heritage. It begins February 11th
and goes through March 29th and will open on March 4th. This has been going on for so long, I’m so glad that they’ve found a home. Listen to the creative team, this is newly-announced
creative team, very fancy. Are you ready?
– Yeah, I’m always ready for fancy!
– Always ready for fancy! Set designer, Beowulf Boritt; Tony winning Costume Designer, Linda Cho; Sound Designer, Dan Moses Schreier; and Lighting Designers,
and my favorite people, Jules Fisher and Peggy Eisenhauer. Super talented!
– Now you’re one-upping me! And, I have to mention that David Korins, who designed this beautiful set– – Yes.
– is designing “Mrs. Doubtfire”. (laughing)
– Oh, well, that’s important! – Now that we’re talkin’ about designers!
– That’s important to know! (laughing)
– Always have to throw Korins a mention!
– Yes. So, “Harmony” will be–
– Yes, it’s really happening. – in New York in the spring. – And, Warren Carlyle,
you’re in great hands with Warren Carlyle. – Can’t go wrong.
– Everyone’s in great hands. It’s my phrase today!
(laughing) The whole thing.
– [Caitlin] Love it! Yes, and we have some really
exciting West coast info to throw at you guys right now. – [Paul] Yes, so–
– [Beth] Breaking News! – [Paul] You know a lot of things, a lot of things start in the West coast and then come to Broadway. A lot of big Broadway hits
started on the West coast. And, so the most pressing news that we just found out is “Lempicka”, the musical that had a premiere
at Williamstown last summer, they have now, it’s by,
Matt Gould wrote the music and Carson Kreitzer wrote
the book and lyrics. And Rachel Chavkin is directing. This is, it got amazing reviews when they did it up at Williamstown and there’s been a lot of
Broadway buzz and we just got news that it will premiere in the
Spring at La Jolla Playhouse, and then they’re saying
it will come to Broadway in the 2021 season.
– They’re calling it a Pre-Broadway run.
– 2021 season, okay. – That sounds very far away. – So, that’ll be the same
Tony race as “The Music Man”, different categories. Anyway, “Lempicka”,
it’s gonna be fantastic. But, I wanted to bring up the fact that I was actually in the West coast. – I thought you were gonna say
you were in “Lempicka”, but no. (laughing loudly)
– No, no, no. But, it’s related news,
I was in the West coast this past weekend, and I
saw two fantastic shows and I just wanna tell people,
you really should see them! ‘Cause time is, time is running out! So, the first one, I think
it’s very well-documented that I love “Little Shop of Horrors”. – [Caitlin] Do you?
– Little obsessed! – It’s been documented!
(laughing) We’ve discussed it!
(laughing) – Little obsessed with
“Little Shop of Horrors”. And, so they’ve been doing this production at Pasadena Playhouse, which
actually closes on Sunday, so, last chance, guys! I think you can still,
probably, squeeze out a ticket. It is so good! Now, look, “Little Shop
of Horrors” is opening Off-Broadway tomorrow–
– Right. – in, sort of, the classic staging of “Little Shop of Horrors”. Intentionally, they’re
doing it in the classic way. Michael Mayer is directing
the new production, and that is fantastic, but,
what’s really interesting is to see a show that you love, which is usually done
in the same, basic way, totally stripped down and done in a completely different way. – So, how did they reimagine
it, what’s different? – Well, first of all,
the plant is hot-pink. – Oh!
(laughing) – So, I mean, you start that–
– Audrey II got a makeover! – This is very different! You walk into the theater,
and the flower shop is like, it’s very modern,
it’s weird, fluorescent lights, it’s very, it just feels very modern. It feels very, sort of like,
in a weird part of town, which is, you know, which is what it is, Skid Row.
– Right. – “Da-doo”.
(laughing) But, we really have to
talk about the stars. So, first of all, the
director’s name is Mike Donahue. And, George Salazar,
who is playing Seymour, told me that Mike doesn’t really, he’s more of a play director.
– Oh, okay. – So, I think he kind of
entered into the whole project with a very fresh take on it. So, George and MJ Rodriguez, who we love, is playing Audrey.
– Yes. – And she is so different than any Audrey that I’ve ever seen, you know, obviously Ellen Greene created this stamp that started the role.
– Put her stamp on it. – MJ and George are both
playing the roles so real, so honest, and it sort of has lost that, I don’t wanna say cartoon, because the original was not a cartoon, but when you play the characters
just as very real people, in the very beginning, it’s
kinda like, wait a minute, What’s gonna happen here? Where’s the comedy gonna come from? What’s the tone of this? But, it totally works,
they find their own comedy, the quirkiness is still there, the emotions are so
heightened, it’s beautiful. You know, you got to see George and MJ sing “Somewhere That’s Green”
on The Late, Late Show. – That was so good!
– Thank you, James Corden for documenting that!
– Mm-hmm. – I wish he, I wish we
also got to see MJ sing “Somewhere That’s Green” because,
another beautiful moment. The whole thing is a little more Sci-Fi. By the way, the puppets
are totally different. It’s totally, it’s just
done very differently. Go see it, if you’re anywhere near the West Coast–
– Tell us about Mushnik. Tell us about Amber Riley.
(gasping) – Okay, well, I wanna say–
– Yes! – Sean Cawelti created and
operates the puppets with a team, Amber Riley is the fantastic
star of “Glee”, and we saw her in “Dream Girls”.
– So good. – And, she is the voice of Audrey II. Kevin Chamberlin,
Broadway’s Kevin Chamberlin, is Mr. Mushnik and he has a very clever– I’m gonna give one thing away, in Act II, when Mushnik suddenly has a lotta money, he has a little toupee, which I thought was a hilarious touch.
(laughing) And Kevin said it came from
his personal collection. Inside info!
– Good to know. – Matthew Wilkas, who actually
got his start Off-Broadway, but he’s been on the West coast, is so good as Orin Scrivello, D-D-S. And all the other characters,
so sick, so funny, so good! Dane Laffrey did the
sets, they’re really cool. And I also wanna shout-out, ’cause you don’t have a good “Little Shop” without great urchins,
and Brittany Campbell, Tickwanya Jones, Cheyenne Isabel Wells, fantastic!
– We love good urchins! – I love this show so
much, so I wanna give it a proper shout-out because
it closes Sunday night. I wish it would have some sort of future. But, at the very least,
I can’t wait to see, I want MJ to do a big, Broadway musical. – We’re ready!
– I want more MJ Rodriguez! She hasn’t been on Broadway, yet. – [Caitlin] Yet.
– No? – She was in Rent.
– She was in Rent. – And at City Center, but,
we need MJ on Broadway, and George Salazar, fantastic! Just more, I wanna see more of them! And on Sunday, I know I’m talking a lot, but we’re also waiting for Daphne. (laughing) On Sunday, I got to see “Almost Famous”, which–
(gasping) (clapping)
is coming to Broadway. – Definitely.
– But not officially. – [Caitlin] Not officially.
– Trust me, it’s coming to Broadway, it’s at
the Old Globe Theater, the beautiful Old Globe Theater, where a lot of musicals have started. “Almost Famous”, a lotta people know, is, obviously, the Cameron Crowe film, which is about his own teen years writing for Rolling
Stone and Cream magazine. And getting into the
whole Rock and Roll scene. Tom Kitt has been working
with Cameron Crowe. Cameron Crowe has
actually written the book to the musical, so it’s
very faithful to the movie. But, it also adapted in really clever ways and all the lyrics, and Tom
Kitt wrote music and lyrics. So, it’s been a real collaboration. Jeremy Herrin, who is also not
really a musical theater guy, as far as we know, we know him from “Noises Off”.
– “Noises Off”, the revival. – Yeah, the revival of “Noises Off”, the recent one, he directs it beautifully. Lorin Latarro, really clever choreography. Hey, Casey Likes, I liked you!
(laughing loudly) Casey Likes is a super-talented– – [Caitlin] So good, so good!
– teenager, who is playing William, and he is just fantastic in the show. Colin Donnell and Drew Gehling
are sort of the lead members of Sweetwater.
– That’s the band? – Yeah.
– Right, okay. – Sorry.
(laughing) – You said that like–
– Did I say it right? Sweetwater? Stillwater! Stillwater!
– Okay. – Stillwater.
– Somethin’ water! – And they’re totally
unrecognizable in their costumes, by the way. Anika Larsen’s fantastic
as the worried mom, don’t do drugs, don’t do drugs! (laughing) Rob Colletti is Lester
Bangs, a part played by Philip Seymour Hoffman, anyway. The whole cast is fantastic, it’s definitely coming to Broadway, and I also have to mention, Solea Pfeiffer.
(gasping) I finally got to
experience Solea Pfeiffer. (laughing)
She’s Penny Lane. And it is sort of, “the” role.
– Yes. – She did not disappoint,
she’s so incredible. I finally got to meet her,
and she’s doing “Evita”. “Evita”, “Evita”!
– I like how you said that. ♪ Evita ♪ – So, anyway, there are no official plans for “Almost Famous” to come to Broadway, but, trust me, it will.
– Unofficially, there are lots of plans.
– Yes (laughing)! And if you’re in California,
for anywhere near San Diego, you have until October 27th. And, I highly recommend that you see it. – Thank you–
– So, anyway. – for your reviews, Paul!
– That was my very long take– – [Caitlin] Wow!
– on the West Coast. And we have a fantastic
star in the room now! Hey, Beth, what else is on the site? Are we missing anything?
– Oh, I don’t even have that piece of paper.
– We had our opening last night!
– You know what? (all talking together) There is a “Show People” episode. – And, Marisa Tomei opened
in the “The Rose Tattoo” and we’ve got video and photos of that. – And Emilio Madrid
took gorgeous portraits of the cast last night.
– [Caitlin] Yes. – And, who’s on “Show People”? Javier Munoz–
– Whoo! – is on “Show People” and he is, I really loved having him here. And he had a lot of, can’t
wait to hear what you guys– til you guys see what he
has to say about Twitter. – Oh, yes.
(laughing) – Because, he’s a lot on
Twitter, but, let’s hear him out. Hear him out!
– [Caitlin] Hear him out. – Anyway, thank you, Beth.
– Thank you, Paul. I didn’t do much here.
– Once Daphne’s here, you gotta go!
– Yea, I gotta get outta here! (laughing loudly)
Daphne Rubin-Vega’s in the room!
– Yes. – Hey Caitlin!
(gasping) Tell everyone about today’s guest. – Gladly, yes, we have
Miss Daphne Rubin-Vega here with us in the studio today. She’s here to talk all about season two of “The Horror of Delores Roach” podcast that just dropped today! And we’re gonna talk about
it’s becoming a TV show, it was based on the play
that she starred in. You guys know her, she was Tony-nominated for her turns in “Rent”
and “Anna in the Tropics”. She’s also known for her screen credits, which includes “Smash”, “Hustling”, and she’s gonna be in the
“In the Heights” movie. And she’s gonna be in “Katy Keene”. She’s a busy lady, we gotta
whole lot to talk about. Make sure you follow her on
social media @daphnerubinvega and leave all of your questions
in the comments below. Everyone, please welcome, Daphne and Paul! – [Paul] Thank you, Caitlin! (cheering) – Caitlin, hi Paul, hi Beth!
– There she is! – [Caitlin] The queen!
– It’s raining out. And there’s traffic, right?
– I know, oh, my goodness! (laughing)
– It’s a mess, that’s okay! You’re always worth the wait!
– And they’re claiming that there’s explosions in the underground – [Paul] You know about this underground! – It’s Delores! – I know all about it!
– You went right in to your– – I was like, “No, there are
no explosions underground. “I know this.”
(laughing loudly) – Because Delores Roach
knows all about underground! – That’s right! – We’re gonna get to her.
– Okay. – But, first I just wanna say,
– Yes. – you look fantastic!
– Yes! – Well, thank you! – I saw you actually, I
saw you a few nights ago. – I know.
– You were at “The Rose Tattoo”.
– That’s right! – You had two rows better seats than me ’cause you’re a Tony-nominator. So, that’s where they put them. – Wow, wow, put me on Front Street. – I could see over your head beautifully. You know, because people
can’t see over mine. – That’s what they all say. – And you looked fantastic, right now I’m loving the nails are gray. – They’re a souvenir from “In The Heights” ’cause I started growing them for the film and I haven’t stopped. – Wait, they’re real? That’s all real? – Yes. – [Beth] Drama! – [Paul] I thought you
glued them on this morning. (laughing)
– No I did not, I did not. No I did not! – [Paul] What people can’t
see is that you’re wearing, of course Daphne Rubin-Vega is gonna have the most fabulous rain boots ever. You have hot pink rain boots on. Anyway, it’s just, you know I adore you. – I do indeed I do. – Thank you for being here. – Thank you for having me, Paul. – So today’s a moment because– – You look wonderful too. Thank you, I appreciate it. So today’s a moment ’cause Season Two– – Yes. – Of The Horror of Dolores
Roach is out today, correct? So people can be
listening to it right now. How do you feel, how does it feel– this has been such an interesting
part of your career now that this character has
sort of turned into a thing. – Yeah, yeah, it’s been, it’s been 2014 it’s five years I mean, you know, I can’t count but yeah five years. This is season two of the podcast it’s really exciting to just
sort of jump back into Dolores. There’s been so much going on that today is actually the
first day that I got hear it. – [Paul] Oh wow. – Aaron Mark who’s the
director and the writer, he was down to the wire
and he took a plane to– he’s in Kauai right now. – [Paul] He was at “The Rose
Tattoo” with you actually. – He was at “The Rose Tattoo”
but now he’s in Kauai. – Well good for him. – I know right (laughing). Anyway, I mean last night
he was in the studio just finishing it up
with our engineer Armando and the producers, anyway. So it just was done so I just,
I have not heard it before. – Wow. – So it’s kind of, you know, terrifying to think that
something that I’m producing hasn’t been vetted to the
degree that I would like. – Yeah but you’re in good hands. – I’m in such good hands
and I’m so excited, it’s so scary, it’s deliciously scary. – I love your voice. I love just sort of living
with your voice it’s fun. I mean you have such a distinctive voice. – Yeah, Dolores has such
a distinctive voice. – Dolores, yes. – And she’s a good storyteller, I mean I gotta say it’s like
I like this chick she’s scary I would like to hang out with her. – You kind of do. I had first hung out with her,
she was an off Broadway show “Empanada Loca” and you
were so great in that. And so plot wise we’re still kind of coming off of that, correct? – Yeah so the first season
is like “Sweeny Todd” in that like I accidentally
on purpose kill people and Bobby Canavale makes
them into empanadas and that just goes– – Tasty.
– Yes very meaty. And so that sort of goes really wrong and I have to blow up the shop and escape so I go underground and so I season two I
live under the subway. – [Paul] Yeah and that’s where
you were in “Empanada Loca” it was actually taken place in the– – Correct. – She was telling her story.
– That’s right. I was telling them from the subway. So now I meet people like Lea DeLaria. – Yes I know this cast! – Dascha– – Yeah, Amy Ryan– – Everett Quinton – Josh Hamilton, Llana
Levine, yeah it’s so– Everett Quinton. – Donnell Rawlings. – Yes all of them, it’s so fun
how podcasts have taken off and so many talents want to be a part of this whole new thing right? If any of us had predicted 10 years ago. – It’s a great way to tell a story, it’s a great way to just– the way we can conjure
the way a character looks or an essence of the
character when we read that is sort of greater
than just having to see it. I think that happens when we listen, you know we can sort of build
a character just sonically. – [Paul] So you recorded this, when? Because you’ve been very
busy, we have to talk about ♪ Carnival the party– ♪ – So right after Carnival. – Wait, by the way Andrea
Burns was here last week, she’s in “The Rose Tattoo”. – I know! – And she played Daniela on Broadway. You’re doing another movie, she was so lovely talking
about it and talking about you. Which is so nice because people
sort of immediately assume– I remember I had, I’ve had separate interviews
with Chita and Rita. (laughs) – Right and the– – And them talking about how Hollywood creates sort of weird energies
or people assume weird things between actresses but that’s not really, that doesn’t really exist.
– No I love Andrea Burns and I found it a huge honor to be able to inhabit a character that she gave birth to, absolutely. – So Daniela, lets talk about
her ’cause she’s amazing. – Hence the nails.
– Yes, hence the nails. – Daniela. – Because she’s in the shop. – She owns a salon.
– “In the Heights”. – The political, spiritual hub. – Was I clear that Daphne is
in the “In the Heights” movie, which is literally one of the things I’m most excited about, about 2020. – And just to be clear–
– And some political things. – The Horror of Delores
Roach, “In the Heights”, and this other show that I’m doing, they all take place pretty
much in Washington Heights. What happens is I’m
underground in Delores. – Oh my god, I didn’t
even think about that. That’s so weird. So the whole time you’re Daniela you’re thinking is Delores
under the store. (laughs) – Daniela doesn’t think
about Delores, trust me. (laughing) – No me diga but actually Delores
migrates further down town so I stand corrected. – [Paul] That is where it all went down. – It all went down. – [Paul] What’s the third
thing you’re talking about? Is it a secret, what’s the third? – It’s not a secret, it’s a TV show that’ll
come out in February? – The “Riverdale” spin-off? – Yes.
– Oh okay, yeah. And that’s called, what’s that called? – “Katy Keene”.
– Yes! Wait that’s in Washington Heights too? – Well no, I live in Washington
Heights in the, yeah. The girls actually live
in Washington Heights. – That is so funny. So it is sort of like your home base now. – Yeah you know, gentrification
runs deep in New York City. (laughing) Always back to gentrification. – Always back to that, well
it’s a plot in the podcast? Right?
– Yes. – And now apparently in your career. – Yes it’s a running theme. It’s in the tapestry
of Daphne, absolutely. – You have to fill me in a
little bit on “In the Heights”. What was it like to
actually film this movie? I saw some pictures of you
on the street, I think. Yeah I did, like you
filmed some stuff outside. – Yeah. – And there were paparazzi
like taking pictures. So i got like a little– I’m like losing my mind about
this movie, I love the show. What was it like to actually get to, make a big movie musical like that? – In New York City, first of all, New York City is the most
photogenic city in the world. I don’t care what anyone says. You know, with all due respect Paris and you know, all those
other lovely places but, you know, Washington Heights it’s like immediately there’s love. There’s just love everywhere. I mean, I’ve said it before
and I’ll say it again it was like the best
experience in my life. I’ve had very good experiences, and that was definitely top three. You know, having a baby was one. – Yes, yeah, you did that well too. – Yeah thank you. (laughing) – I mean I wasn’t there
but he’s a great kid. (laughing) – You can download it on my bio. (laughing) – You’re gonna have some crazy costumes. – Oh yeah, yes.
– Lot of colors. – Yes, Mitchell Travers
took very good care of this. – And I assume “Carnaval
Del Barrio” is in the movie, you filmed that. – I hope so.
– You filmed it, okay. – I think that they’re in the process. See that’s the thing when you make a film, you know, you’re out of control. It’s not like– you know, you do the best job you can, pray for the best, and hope
that they don’t cut you. – You know?
– Right. – Like Delores. She’ll cut you. – So how are you– do you feel more a Broadway– – So can I just tell you that I made– so well, I mean, speaking of cutting, like no I don’t do that anymore. That’s not funny, I
shouldn’t say that, anyway. I’m joking people. (laughing) Now I’m totally lost. Speaking of cutting, Dascha
Polanco she’s not a cutter. – [Paul] She’s from
“Orange is the New Black”? – Yeah, yeah, yeah. Now I’ve just given it away. We have a nice exchange,
we have a lovely exchange. – On the podcast.
– Yeah. Now I just totally gave it away. – (laughing) Speaking of cutting. (laughing) She’s fantastic. – And she is not cut, oh yeah. – Do you feel because
you are a Tony nominator, do you feel, which is why very fancy– – I feel like a Tony– – Do you feel more Broadway than ever? ‘Cause you see everything. – I do see everything. – Because you have to see everything. – I do. – You’re almost like one
of us here at – I’m almost like one of you. I will never really
truly be like one of you, lets just make that clear. – What’s that like, do
you feel it’s very– does it almost make you
understand things more about the industry in a weird way to have such a large sort of view on it? – Absolutely. – ‘Cause as actors you
can sometimes be very sort of specific in your own path. – It’s myopic. My experience, my trajectory
has been very specific and so this is a, ♪ whole new world. ♪ It’s extremely educational. It feels– yeah it’s very rounding to see sort of how the sausage is made. Right? Ya know, how the drama is made. And yeah, like how– what it takes. All the integral parts. You know, the politics of it and then the craft and how they jockey for position. For somebody like me who is talent, it’s really wonderful to see. And I can also tell, ya know, I stand up before other people– I mean, I don’t always stand up. And I don’t, I try not to be pretentious. But I honor and appreciate
the performances and everyone’s showing up
because that’s what we do. And so, especially for my homies and people that I think are good even if I don’t know them I’ll stand up. Even if it’s not the end when you’re supposed to
all sort of stand up, the protocol of theater,
I’m always like, can I– – [Paul] Well there’s
this interesting thing people talk about how standing
ovations are just a given, everyone stands for every show– – That’s not true. – But what doesn’t happen is they may all stand up at the very end but it’s very rare that you actually– I found myself leading standing ovations a few times recently. – Do you feel like a pendejo? – Because I stand for a
performer I’m really– what’d you say? (laughing) – I said, do you feel like a pendejo? (all laughing) – No I’m very– I do know what that means. – Pendejo has a very deep etymology but basically like jackass. Like okay I’m the fool.
– No I’m proud of that. I’m proud of it because I don’t care if other
people like what I’m liking. – Good for you! – They usually then all jump up. – Bring it in, yes. – And I actually remember
specifically seeing you jump up at “Rose Tattoo” and so did I. But it’s like, it’s so interesting. Sometimes, just get up when
you actually feel the passion not when everyone’s supposed to get up. It’s not church, like this is the part where everybody stands.
– But it is kinda church. – Yeah but you can’t just like randomly stand up in church
when you’re feeling it. – I’ve seen some people
randomly– (laughing) – Okay some churches. – Theater is like, sit down this is not about
you, it’s about me right here. So sit down and don’t like– but I still feel empowered. Like, it is like church. So, you know, you’re talking to someone that doesn’t really go to church that much – [Paul] Same. – So theater is–
– [Paul] It’s all memories. – Yeah theater is just– I’ll dip into a church every so often ’cause the architecture– – [Paul] Dip in, I love that you dip in. – I do, I think that churches
are for dipping into. (laughing) – Well I feel good that you’re
on the nominating committee, makes me feel good to know people I trust
are on the committee – Dips into churches is a nominator. Yes be very afraid. Hey Caitlin. – [Caitlin] Yes. – Speaking of cutting, what
are people online saying? – Yes, we have a lot of questions. We have a lot of people
actually wanna know what is the difference like
for you acting in a podcast versus acting on stage and how do you kinda get in that mindset because you’re in a booth to
a microphone acting, speaking. – I, first off, I don’t have to worry
about what I look like, so that cuts off a
certain aspect of vanity which is refreshing. It just sort of focuses into… Sound. I mean that sounds so basic but yeah, I love working with my voice and I feel comfortable there so I get to play. And yeah it’s fun to create
a world that way, I love, like you know, listening to
stories when I’m driving. When I was little we
used to like read stories so it’s kind of like that,
you know, I love that. – She also started in a
recording booth in Pajama Party, I’m just saying. – Yeah, yeah, no, I have experience. I like recording booths their kind of, cocoon-ish, womb-like. You know you sort of get to
create a reality (mumbles). – [Caitlin] Amazing, so
Shannon wants to know, what is the actual recording process like, do you do it all I one week, or do you do it go in once
a week like how many– how often are you in the studio and then the break before
people get to listen to it? – Okay so hey Shannon, I think– well what
happened this time was, when we got the first chance that we got, recording at piecemeal like you know, sort of a nine to five except you know it’s like at 10 o’clock we record till three o’clock. Usually we have what’s slated for the day. Sometimes I’m with the other actors, sometimes the actor is on a location and we’re away from each
other so we do it separately. Yeah and just like piecemeal
like maybe one episode a day. Um, I started with narrations first and then my voiceovers in
the scene with other actors, that’s one way to do it. And we just do it until it’s done. – So when you actually heard– you said hearing your final episode, that might be your first time hearing yourself play with somebody that you weren’t in the
recording studio with which is kind of fun. Yeah with all the elements
together, you know music. – Yeah music is so important. – Yeah and foley, the sound
of unwrapping a Ramen noodles. – Right, right, right. – Stabbing people. (laughing) – [Caitlin] Right, so
Michael wants to know, what is your favorite like spooky thing ’cause the show is very scary and spooky, did it ever spook you out
while reading it and doing it or you just like love being in that world? – Well I’m familiar with the
role, I love spooky feelings, I love horror, you know, I’m huge– when I saw “Get Out” I
was like my head exploded, I was like yes! (high pitched voice) My wheelhouse. You know, it was so wheelhouse. I’m that guy. I like to look at things over
and over and pick up clues, so yeah, but no Dolores, (laughs) I’m completely comfortable with Dolores, she doesn’t scare me at all. Now I don’t want to be alone you know, in the house up in the country with no one like 20 acres– you know I don’t wanna, I mean I would dare myself and listen to me in the
podcast because I’m a– you know, I would use my intellect and it’s not the subway but no, yeah. I have a certain discernment. – [Caitlin] Amazing. We can do one more question,
and Shannon wants to know, if you could’ve told
yourself all those years ago when you first started doing the play that it would’ve turned into all of this and you were gonna be able
to do Dolores for this long, what would you– would you ever thought
this would have happened? – Um, I’d have been like, yeah! Yeah, that’s fantastic you know. I mean I’m a Rocky Horror
alum so dream it, be it. – [Paul] Is that reunion
happening next year? – Who, where? – I want a reunion, 20 year anniversary. – Of what?
– Rocky Horror! – On Broadway?
– Yeah let’s do it. Yeah 20 years! – I’ll make some phone calls.
– Talk to Jordan again. – Yes! I think we can pull out
a bustier somewhere. – Yes, absolutely. – Um… yeah that would be fun. What a blast but yeah. I’m lucky, I get to do things that I love. – But I do know that you
reacted to Aaron’s talent you told me that before that
like when he first came to you you definitely knew
this was something cool. – Yeah I wanted to you
know, write my own stuff and have him sort of do my bidding and help me further my project. And I really go distracted
with the thing that he wrote that like, oh my god I have to do this. And so, yeah, it’s a lot of fun going on
a journey with Dolores she– she’s very exciting.
– Yeah. Okay so how do we find her, this is produced by Gimlet, which is one of the big podcast companies you can download it anywhere. – Gimlet, Spotify. – Yeah so it’s owned by Spotify right? – Yes, so Spotify you can– – Is the place, that’s
sort of the place to go. – Yeah and if you follow me on Instagram it’s like on my bio. – You have to follow Daphne
Rubin-Vega everywhere. – It’s link in bio. There’s like I just learned
what a link in bio is, I thought link in bio
was like a person’s name. (laughing) Hello, Linkin, Linkin Bio. Related to Scott. (laughing) I swear. I was like, oh okay link in bio. So yeah you can link in bio. (laughing) – That’s amazing. But yeah, follow Daphne
Rubin-Vega everywhere you can, I would follow you anywhere, as you know. Thank you for coming in, thank you for getting through the traffic which is honestly the
biggest horror of all. Everyone check out The Horror
of Dolores Roach on Spotify. Caitlin, why don’t you take us out? – Yes, thank you guys so
much for tuning in today, we are Live at Five every
single weekday here on Facebook. You can listen to us anywhere
you listen to podcasts, I literally breathed down the wrong tube, all right, you can listen to
use wherever you get podcasts by searching for #LiveAtFive and hitting that subscribe button. Be sure to tune in tomorrow when we continue to talk to
more of your Broadway favorites. (upbeat music)

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