#LiveatFive with Hannah Corneau and Ginna Claire Mason of WICKED

(upbeat music) – What’s up fine people of Broadway? It’s Monday, October 28th
and we are #LiveatFive here at I’m Paul Wontorek. – And I’m Beth Stevens. – And we’re joined by Caitlin Moynihan. – Hello. – And some fantastic, hey
Beth, it’s “Wicked” week, month, year, decade, century. We love “Wicked”, we love the “Wicked”. – “Wicked”! – Who’s here today? We have some “Wicked” witches. – We have some witches. – And good, sorry, everyone’s good. Everyone’s good in
“Wicked”, just go see it if you haven’t seen it.
– Are you good? Oh, I’m getting some looks.
– You don’t know “Wicked”? – Ginna Claire Mason. – [Caitlin] Yes! – And Hannah Corneau. – Yes! – Are here from the
“Wicked” on the Broadway. – The reigning, the
reigning witches of Oz. Before we get into today’s buzz, “Seared” is opening, so welcome back. Raul Esparza, it’s good to
have you back on the board. I haven’t seen it yet, but
you saw it, you loved it. – So good and I had so much fun with Raul, didn’t we on his birthday last week. – And he cooks a lot, right? – He cooks.
– He cooks a lot. – He cooks in every sense of the word. – I’m gonna eat before
I, (laughing) clever. I’m gonna eat before I see
it so I don’t get hungry. – Good idea. – Okay, let’s get to
today’s guest but first, today’s top five. (upbeat music) – And we have some thrillifying good news. – [Beth] Aw, thrillifying, well– – [Paul] All the news “Wicked” themed? Only two out of five. – First of all, “Wicked” is about to celebrate it’s anniversary. – Wednesday.
– Wednesday. – 16 years. – It’s Halloween week.
– Sweet 16. – Yes. – And now they have reached a milestone. They are fifth longest running
Broadway show of all time. – Yes! – [Caitlin] Yes! – Top five, top five. – Top five. – I’m gonna tell you the other four. – I know the other four. I was gonna quiz this, I was
gonna quiz today’s guests. – I’m not going to tell
you the other four. – No, we’re gonna quiz them. Don’t tell them. – Yeah, forget it, but
they’re surpassing “Les Mis” and that’s all I’m gonna say. – Yes, exactly so “Les
Mis” is now number six. – “Les Miserable” is now number six. – [Caitlin] Wow. – I’ll leave the other
four to your imaginations and now look at them, they’re
freaking out in the corner. (laughing) That’s amazing. – You don’t have to know. (laughing) – It’s fun. Yes, and speaking of “Wicked”, the original Elphaba is
heading back to the big screen. – Hey, the original Elphaba,
that’s Idina Menzel. We love Idina Menzel, of course. She won a Tony Award for
playing Elphaba in “Wicked”. She was also in “Rent”, if
you’ve heard of that one. (laughing) Anyway, she’s joining this brand new modern movie musical Cinderella. She’s playing the evil step mom, so she’s getting back to her “Wicked” ways and she is joining Billy Porter, as we previously talked about. So Billy Porters playing, I noticed, we say the fairy god mother,
but I actually don’t know what they’re calling the role, because on IMDB it doesn’t
say fairy god mother. – The magical helper. – The person who gets
Cinderella to the ball. And of course, Camila Cabello,
am I saying her name right? – [Caitlin] Camila Cabello. – Cabello, Cabello, she’s Cuban. – Close enough. – She’s a fantastic music artist. She’s playing Cinderella. – [Caitlin] Yes. – And of course, Idina has a lot going on, because she’s also,
Frozen 2 is coming out. – Oh yes it is. – Everyone’s freaking out about that and she has a new Christmas album and she’s coming to Radio City Music Hall, all those things that Idina’s whole life. Shows up and she sings beautifully, whatever people need her to. – She shows up here and there. – Anyway, interestingly this new movie is being produced by James Corden. – Well, he knows about movie musicals. – And we don’t know yet officially
who’s writing the music, so I’m really curious about that, so email me if you’re writing
it, send me some demos. Anyway, but we know it’s modern. So it’s Cinderella, but
it’s modern and Idina and Billy Porter in it so
you’re gonna wanna see it, but it’s not coming out until 2021. – Hmm.
– Hmm. And we do have some sad
news to talk about today. – Okay, I’m going to bring the house down because we have to report an obituary and I’m very sad about this, Andile Gumbi, who was Simba in “The Lion King” for, let’s see what year did he do it? – It was when the 15th
anniversary happened. – 2012 to 2013, it was the 15th
anniversary, that’s correct. – We actually did a backstage, I produced one of the
character study videos with him and he was such a lovely, sweet man. This is surprising news, very young. – He has passed away at the age of 36. He went into cardiac arrest and he was actually performing in a show at the time of his death,
not at the actual time– – In Israel. – In Israel, he was
playing King Nebuchadnezzar in “Daniel The Musical”, sounds very Biblical in Jerusalem and our condolences to him and his family and to “The Lion King”
family for this loss. – Yes. And a star is heading back
across the pond to hit the stage. – You know Beth, David
Hasselhoff is not just an icon of beach movies and cheeseburger videos, he’s also a stage star. – He’s big in Europe. – He’s big in Europe and that’s right and Kitt, Knight Rider. Where’s the Knight Rider musical? – It’s coming, I’m sure. – I actually went to his opening and he was in “The Producers”
in Vegas and I was there. – As what part? – He was Roger De Bris, is that right? – Oh, that makes sense. – I think he was. Anyway, he is getting back
to his musical comedy roots. He will be in “9 to 5 The Musical”, which is now in playing in London. He’s playing Franklin Hart Jr,
which means he’s the nasty, time’s up for Franklin
Hart especially these days. Can’t even imagine how you
do “9 to 5” these days. He’s a horrible, horrible sexist boss, but don’t worry, it all turns out. – The women in the office turn it around. – It all turns out good. He’s replacing Brian Conley who is leaving the show Nov 30th. Hasselhoff will start on December 2nd and I would actually love to see that. I wanna see him strung up
with a garage door opener. – [Caitlin] Yeah. – Okay. – And in a surprising turn of events, this classic novel is becoming a musical. – [Beth] Did you guys
read the Scarlet Letter in eighth grade? – [Paul] I saw the Demi Moore movie. – Okay, that’s different. This is a classic novel
by Nathaniel Hawthorne with the classic heroine, Hester Prynne. – Demi, Demi, Demi? – Demi. I’m here for you. And Kathleen Marshall, the
Tony winning choreographer and director is developing a new musical called, are you ready? – Hester Prynne The Musical? – Close. It’s called “shAme” but
it’s lowercase S-H big A because remember, she
wears The Scarlet Letter. It’s A for adultery. This is not a spoiler, it’s
a nineteenth-century novel. (Caitlin laughing) – I don’t know if I’m
into the upper lower case, but I’m excited for the show.
– I like it. – It’s all good, it’s all good. – [Caitlin] Good for merch. – Anyway it’s penned by
film composer Mark Governor and it’s a sung through musical
so there won’t be a book. – So it’s like “Les Mis”,
which is no longer number five after this week. Like Les Mis, different
story, different continent. – Similar times. – Similar times, similar times. (laughing) The design stage and contemporary score and diverse cast will connect
the story to current times and the residents of the Me Too movement. – Like “9 to 5”,
everything’s different now. – But nothing like “9 to
5” at all, so there you go. – What else is on the site? Oh, Beautiful closed. – Yes, happy trails to “Beautiful”. – Wow, what a fantastic
run for “Beautiful”. We can’t say “Beautiful The
Carole King Musical” anymore. – You just said it. – [Caitlin] You still can. – You’re so good to saying that. – I love a subtitle. Hey Beth, who’s the
London Q and A this week? – Oh, that’s a good question. – Who did Matt Wolf interview? – Matt wolf interviewed Oliver Ormson, am I saying his name correctly? Oliver Ormson who’s the star of “High Fidelity” in
London, “High Fidelity”. – That’s another fun show.
– It’s a fun show. – I wonder if that’s going to
come back to New York, I bet. – Why can’t Encores do High Fidelity? I’m just putting it out there. Anyway, he’s the star of that and he also talks about being
Rum Tum Tugger in “Cats”. He’s got quite a range. – Curious cat. – Now let me just tell
you, the curious cat. Let me just tell you something. “High Fidelity”, it’s a movie
of course with John Cusack. – Yeah. – The novel by Nick Hornby. – Kids don’t know that. – The kids don’t know
anything but the point is the novel by Nick Hornby
was set in Great Britain and then the movie and the
musical was set in Chicago– – So you’re saying is pure to its roots? Is the musical set in London? – They adjusted it for the Brits so it’s back to its roots. – But they’re all speaking
in American accents, no they’re not. – Because the actor is so young, he didn’t know how to handle an LP. How old does that make you feel? He had to learn how to handle record. That’s all I’m saying,
I gotta get outta here. – I don’t have shame about
my age, I just embrace it. – Good. – Also five things to do
this week including tonight, hey the Drama League is honoring
our friend Sutton Foster. – Yes. – Tonight, I’m gonna head over
there and congratulate her. I think Jonathan Groff-sauce
is gonna be there. And Elaine Paige on Sunday had some what? – Yes, some Spooky Tunes. – [Paul] Spooky Tunes with Elaine Paige. – Spooky Tunes! – She hasn’t been Morrible. – But she could be.
– She could be. – She could be Morrible, I’m
just throwing it out there, it’s still playing in London by the way. – She lives in Morrible. – But we’re talking about
“Wicked” on Broadway, “Wicked”‘s everywhere but right now we’re talking about “Wicked” on Broadway. – I’m gonna get out of here. – So were gonna get to today’s guest. Hey, thank you so much Beth. – Thank you. – That was very informative. Caitlin, tell everyone about who’s here. – Gladly, you guys got Hannah Corneau and Ginna Claire Mason here with us today. They’re currently the “Wicked”
witches in “Wicked” on Broadway and we are so excited to have them. This marks the Broadway debut
for both of these ladies. Hannah was previously in
“Renascence” Off-Broadway. Her other stage credits
include, she was in “Hedwig,” she was in “Evita,” she was in
“Les Mis” once upon a time too, look at that, look at that. And Ginna Claire, guys,
she knows Glinda very well. She was a standby on Broadway, she did the tour which
I think a year ago today she left according to social media, so look at that. We have so much to talk about today. Make sure you follow them @HannahCorneau and @GinnaClaire. Please leave all of your
questions in the comments below and everyone please welcome
Ginna Claire, Hannah, and Paul. – [Paul] Thank you Caitlin. (cheering and clapping) Hello ladies. – You guys are funny. (laughing) – [Paul] I’m so happy you’re here. – We were like over in
the corner giggling. – [Paul] You were giggling? – I’m so happy to be here. This is so fun. – [Paul] So did you figure
out “Wicked” is becoming the fifth longest-running
show in Broadway history? – It’s amazing, that is just fabulous. – So did you figure out
what the other four are? – Well you gave us a context clue. You said we just replaced
“Les Mis”, is that right? – [Paul] That was number,
yeah, now it’s number six. So there’s still four more. – I’m throwing “Phantom” out there. – [Paul] “Phantom’s” number one. – “Lion King”? – Number two. (laughing) Oh wait, no, “Lion King”‘s number three. Lion king’s number three, I’m sorry. – Okay, well.
– Is it two? – Say it, say it, say it. – “Chicago”? – Number two. – Phenomenal. – Okay, you have one more to go. – “Lion King” and then– – So it’s similar to “Lion King”. – “Cats”? – Yes! There you go, very good. – Good job.
– Team work. – So you just gotta conquer “Cats” next. (laughing) – Whew, okay! – And of course, you guys have been there for all 16 years of the run. – Of course. – We’ve been there for so long. – I did see the original cast. You did too.
– Same. We both did. – So yeah we’ve actually
done features on both of you and taken very pretty photos
of both of you in the past. – Thanks for doing that.
– Thank you. – That’s what we do here at (laughing) – Just glamor. – And I know that both of
you had a similar experience of seeing the show as kids and saying, “I want to play her, I want to play her.” And you each chose the one you’re playing? – Yes.
– Yeah, for sure. – Which makes you inherently Elphaba and you Glinda, correct? – Mm-hmm, yes. – And something sweet is on
the anniversary on Wednesday. Hannah and I have decided can I announce this very important detail. – You can announce it. – We both bought original merchandise when we first saw the show, so we have our original
OG “Wicked” T-shirts. – Fruit of the Loom. – Fruit of the Loom. – Oh, Fruit of the Loom, fool proof. – That’s what we’re wearing on Wednesday for the anniversary. We’ll sparkle it up at
night time for the party, but we’re wearing our OG T-shirts. – I’m like honey, we gotta wear the shirts like it’s amazing that I
still even have it, it’s cool. – It is pretty cool. So how are you guys getting along? I mean you didn’t know each other, right? – Oh, she’s fabulous. – First of all thank you for
coordinating your outfits. – Can you even believe it, we didn’t. – What’s funny is we talked about like sending each other pictures and— – Yeah, no, we just went with it today and I’m happy we’re here in these outfits. We’re getting along so well,
I mean but she’s so fabulous. – [Paul] So Ginna you were there first. – Yes. – You have a longer history with “Wicked”. – Yeah. – Yeah, for a few years, right? – Four years ago today I
joined the company on Broadway. – Okay.
– Yeah. – Very exciting, happy “Wicked”versary. – Thank you.
– Yeah totally. – So many “Wicked”versaries. – And you, this is actually very unusual. I saw you Off Broadway
in this fantastic musical called “Renascence,” which was,
I was like who’s that girl? I mean I already knew your name, but I’d never seen you perform. I missed “Hedwig,” sorry. – No, it’s okay. – You were so fantastic in
it and the show was so cool. It was actually, it was a crazy show ’cause you sat in the audience and then at the end of the
show the whole audience got onstage and we all
sat like in a circle and you guys did this
crazy choreo poem song or– – In true Transport Group fashion. – Yes, and who wrote that show? – Dick Scanlan and Carmel Dean. Carmel Dean wrote the music, yeah, and D Scanlan wrote the book. – So I sort of fell in love
with you when I saw that and then you got cast as
Elphaba, which was very unusual because typically it’s
very unusual that someone comes into the role not
having a history with it. – Yeah, for sure, it’s a huge honor. I mean it was a huge learning experience and an immense honor every
single day to be here and to find out this news that I mean, it’s the fifth longest running show and I’m Elphaba at the time, it’s crazy. It’s just dream come true every day. – [Paul] It’s cool to be there
when the milestones happen. – Yes, yes. – So wait, so when you get
sort of like shoved together, like hi you’re Elphaba and Glinda, you’re doing the show together. It’s all about the very
important bond between two women. – Definitely. – And you need to pull that off. – Yeah, yeah. – So do you guys like, how do
you get to know each other? – Oh my god well, she’s just, your spirit is just so warm
and loving and accepting and so like from the downbeat
I was like okay, safe. I felt safe you know and, I mean, I’m sorry I’m monopolizing this question, but in the character she is so detailed, so layered, so invested, and you know Glinda so well and it just it felt really
organic onstage and off, but on stage as well as off,
which I really appreciated. – It’s been so fun. I mean Hannah dove in head first for sure. – Head first. (laughing) – I gave her the double named Hannah Rose because that is fact her
middle name, Hannah Rose. – It’s my middle name. – But she’s so supportive
and so encouraging and I feel very fortunate
to have a partner like that on stage every day. – One thing I love about “Wicked” and I remember realizing
this really early on, I think like the first, I think I saw Jennifer
Larsen Thompson play Glinda. – Yes, for sure.
– Me too. – That was the second Glinda I saw and I saw Shoshana Bean,
she was my second Elphaba. – She came to see us this week. – She just came this week. – Oh, that’s right I saw photos. – It was awesome. Hi Sho. (laughing) – We love you so much, love you Sho. – She’s been at this very microphone. – Oh, she’s amazing. – So what I loved when I saw other people, because Kristin Chenoweth and Idina Mezel are obviously very iconic personalities and performers and very specific, but I immediately thought oh my god, these characters actually,
there’s a lot you can do and you can really bring yourself to them, which is what I really
love about the show. I really love seeing every
different performer do it, you see a totally different character. – Of course, yeah. – So Ginna what was it like
for you to find your Glinda? – Well, I think it’s a testament
to first of all, casting, but also I think it’s one
of the reasons the show has run as long as it has is
because they do such a good job at casting people who
they trust to maintain the original integrity
and direction of the show, but also allow them, us, to
bring ourselves to the parts and so that’s been a
really cool uncovering and discovery for me and I don’t know. I feel like every show I’m
trying something different. Even if it’s just a line
reading or inflection or beat or moment or joke or you know,
just trying to keep it fresh and yeah, get to know her even better. – And still playing off
those audiences every night. – Definitely, that’s the whole beauty of live theater, right? – Oh my gosh. – I mean it’s such an event for people to get to see “Wicked” on Broadway. – Definitely. – It’s sort of like you enter
the Gersh when you go up the escalators and you feel like you’re, this is a home base. – Yes. – This is clearly “Wicked”‘s home base. This where it all sort of came from. So what’s it like to,
it’s an enormous theater, even just being on the
stage, backstage is enormous. Everything’s enormous. What is it like Hannah
to go from “Renascence”, where you were literally
I was sitting like– – The Bronzes Art Center downtown. – I mean like tiny, Off-Broadway, but you obviously played
big theaters before, but the Gershwin, what is
it like sort of entering this Broadway world? – Certainly intimidating, but
inspiring at the same time. There’s a responsibility. There is a task at hand but
it’s just such an inspiring task and to go off of what we
were just talking about, it’s being able to
bring myself to Elphaba, to the Gershwin every single night is, is a dream come true. It is, it feels epic in so many ways. – [Paul] Yeah it is. – It’s cool too, the spectacle of it all even going from the tour to here how the the set expands beyond
the stage into the audience. Even up in the balcony there’s lights that were installed
specifically for the show and so I think this set
kind of is all encompassing from the moment you come
and sit down in the theater. It is, it’s a huge spectacle. – So what is it like being
there during Halloween? It feels like Halloween
is your entire life. I mean it feels like you’re
always living in Halloween. This is Halloween week and
“Wicked” very intentionally opened Halloween week, you know, sort of fit the theme of the show. What is it like? Is there anything heightened because it’s Halloween at “Wicked”? – Lots of people in costumes. – Lots of people in costumes. – One of my friends just sent
me a picture of their daughter dressed up as Elphaba Dorothy. So she was like Dorothy
but she had Elphaba face. – We love that. We love that so much. – We saw one in stock
today, the split face. – Yeah, half Elphaba and half Glinda. – I saw that one too. Yeah, I did, I did. (laughing) – A good witch or a bad witch? Yep. So are you guys, are you doing Halloween? Did you do this past
weekend or they’re coming, it’s very confusing this year ’cause you could do it either weekend. Do you dress in costume or you’re like no, I’m in costume all the time. – In costume all the time. – In costume all the time. I’m not sure. We do have, we have Halloween off. – My husband I just rent
out a house in Jersey, so we’re planning on
entertaining trick-or-treaters. We’re gonna sit on the porch. – [Paul] Did you go to
Target and get all the candy? – Costco, Costco size, like full Skittles. – [Paul] Do you have the
good stuff at your house? – The good stuff. – Do you? – [Paul] So if you know where
she lives knock on her door. – Go over to her house you guys. (laughing) – You can come over. – Okay, so I’m going to her house. (laughing) – Were you like Halloween
person growing up Hannah? – Oh yeah, for sure. I was just talking about how
I was Martha Stewart one year and I literally carried
around paint samples. – [Paul] Martha Stewart in Prison or? – No, no it was pre-prison. I carried around paint samples and cookies and that was a great year. It was always like homemade, like what we could do just
like homemade magic wise. – That’s easy, mm-hmm. – What would you do? – I was obsessed with
Wizard of Oz from a child, early childhood so I know there was, I was Dorothy one year,
“Wicked” Witch one year, Glinda one year then
the next year graduated to Sabrina the Teenage Witch ’cause I wanted to expand my witchdom. – [Paul] Oh, that’s a good path. – Yeah.
– Love Sabina. – Who doesn’t?
– who doesn’t. I think I was Sabrina a few years. I really liked Sabrina. (laughing) – I was so obsessed with
Wizard of Oz too as a kid. Like it is so major to me and
that’s why I was so excited when “Wicked” came along because it’s so, it’s just sort of like so cool and I feel like it’s inspired
so many like backstory things in movies and on Netflix and
there’s a lot of stuff now that sort of does a similar thing of like, let’s look at this story again. – What was your favorite
Halloween costume you had? – Well, actually I was a tin man once. – You were? – I have that one. – We need photo evidence. – Yeah. – [Caitlin] Throw it on the screen. – I feel like it might be
in my Instagram archives. I might be able to find that actually. Yeah, I mean Halloween was
major, but Wizard of Oz, there’s something about
the mythology of it. – For sure, for sure. – Are there any other things
or like great mythologies that you would love to
see as jump-offs or– – Oh my god, that’s a great question. – What else inspired you as kids or what made you wanna be performers or? – Oh my gosh. – [Paul] What inspired you? – My dad and sister did community theater so that inspired me. – [Paul] Oh that’s right, that’s amazing. – They did like Annie
together, my dad was FDR, and never did a show after that but like that was inspiring to me. It was just like good community
theater when I was little so that really did inspire me. What about you? – We watched a lot of
movie musicals at my house. We put in the Cats VHS
and then I was a cat and then we’d watch Sound of Music and I was like a von Trapp kid so. – Oh my god. – I thought those movies
were really transportive and like all the first CDs
I owned were soundtracks and I definitely watched
my two older brothers start doing shows and was like oh, I want to get involved that too. But I think even at that age
I didn’t realize it was a job until I saw “Les Mis” in
fourth grade on Broadway and was like oh, people
do this for a living. – [Paul] Wow. – Count me in, I wanna do that for my job. – Yeah, “Sound of Music”
and “West Side Story”. – Which cat were you? – I was like Victoria. – Oh, naturally. – And had such a crush
on Rum Tum Tugger, right? – Yeah. – Isn’t Victoria as well
expanded for the upcoming film? – Is it? – [Caitlin] She’s like the main cat. – That’s what I heard. – I picked well. – [Caitlin] She’s the
main cat in the movie. (laughing) – Victoria’s having her moment. It’s just like Elphaba
getting her backstory. Victoria’s gonna get a whole backstory in the new “Cats” movie. – Get ready. – Hey Caitlin? – [Caitlin] Yes? – I assume there are
“Wicked” fans watching because there are many
but what are they asking? – Amazing, okay. So this fan account
called Mary Space Cadet from I think from Mary Kay? – [Paul] Space Cadet, okay. – Yes, they want to know what was your favorite character trait
that Elphaba and Glinda have? – I think Glinda has such
an arc that I really enjoy getting to dive into, but you
know I think her strength, I think the strength to
stand up to her friends and the community to to defend Elphaba and their moments at school and then ultimately the strength to become a ruler at the end. – [Paul] She really matures. – She really matures, you get to see she gets to go on such a journey and I think that’s what
makes this role so fun. – Definitely. – And Elphaba, everybody
wants to be Elphaba. – Oh my gosh. (laughing) – Not me. (laughing) – Not her. – It’s so hard. – It’s a little bit hard. No, I would have to say her perseverance is a really compelling trait. She just perseveres the whole time and it’s difficult at times
and then it just pays off in such beautiful ways. So we know the tale and
when she flies, it pays off. – Speaking of strength and perseverance, I wanna give a little shout-out to Alexandra Billings is joining the cast. – Oh my gosh, cannot wait. – She is so– – Oh yeah, she’s coming soon. – I’ve interviewed her
before, she’s been here. She is so fantastic. – So fantastic. – She’s taking over Morrible,
be the first trans actress To get to do this. That’s so exciting. – It’s huge. – For the show and the
history of the show. – Definitely. – Have you met her yet? – I have not met her yet. Her artistry is just fabulous thought. I mean I’m a huge fan of Transparent and I mean when I first saw her I was like that is just
quality acting right there and so when I found out I mean it just– – I just started Transparent. – Oh. – I just watched the– – When she comes I want
to be full-fledged fan, but I’m really excited. – It’s so good, yeah, we’re lucky. We’re lucky to have her for sure. – Yeah, it’s so awesome. I love how the “Wicked”
keeps finding new things. – Yeah, definitely. – Love it. So Dylan S Rhodes on
Instagram wants to know what are your pre-show routines? – We have our doors open. – Yes, yes. – I have some essential oils flowing, you’ve got your humidifier on. – And I just try to like
sing some favorite songs and just get my voice going
and get my spirit ready, ready to rumble. – [Paul] Like low key music? – Not all time, not all the time. – Rock it out sometimes.
– Yeah sometimes. – Sometimes Kasey Musgraves. – Yes, oh my gosh, definitely. – Sometimes Maggie Rogers,
we love Maggie Rogers – Oh yes, yes. – And we have voice teachers we both love so definitely some bathroom warm ups. – Yeah, definitely. – You both have very nice dressing rooms, you’re totally spoiled. – Thank you. – I mean when you start at the Gershwin, those are amazing dressing rooms. (laughing) – It’s really fun and we’ve
both gotten to kind of– – Decorate.
– Redecorate and spruce it up. – Cool. – Because we spend so much time there it’s fun for that space to feel– – Like home. – Like home, yeah. – Comfortable. – No place like home. (laughing) – Well done. – I love that. Kylie wants to know what
helps you guys de-stress after a long day or maybe
a long week of shows? – It’s hard to come down after a show. – It’s super hard. – The first thing that comes to mind. – What? – I have this, I don’t
know if I’ve told you. I have this thing it’s
called the Cloud Massage. It’s like a foot, I think like Brookstone but you like put your feet into it. – [Paul] Yes, I’m into this. – Me too. – And I spend about 24
hours a week in high heels on a raised stage so my
sweet little feet love slipping into the Cloud. It’s like the last thing I do before bed and the first thing I do in the morning and I have a steamer I
like to use for my voice. – Yeah, same. I steam every single night
and it’s just honestly, it’s really nice to go
home to my boyfriend Max. – [Paul] Hey Max. – Hey Max. Honestly it’s just good perspective. It’s like that was a lot and I did my best and we climbed that mountain and then to be able to go home and of course take care
of ourselves and steam and Cloud our feet and you know. – We’re very fortunate to have the support of our loved ones. – Yeah. – My husband Prince Eric, he’s a dream. – Prince Eric. – We camped in our living room last night, he like set up the tent. – It’s good perspective, it’s just good. – The weather was precarious. – Yeah, for sure, for sure. (laughing) – [Caitlin] Now this is
a hard-hitting question. – Uh-oh. – Liberty Bell Dogs on
Instagram wants to know what are your thoughts on dogs? – [Hannah] Love ’em. – Wait, I’m obsessed right now. – Love ’em so much. – Like if I’m on my phone,
I am looking at dogs. (laughing) Like while I’m Cloud Massage machine. (laughing) Every day I’m like on
Craigslist looking for dogs. I really want like, I really
want like a two-year-old dog like someone who can’t
take care of a dog anymore. – Yes, do that.
– Yeah, rescue, yeah. – But it’s gotta be hypoallergenic because my husband’s allergic
but I want a dog so badly because of the house we
just finished renovating. It was always like we’re gonna
wait till we have a yard, we’re gonna wait to my have
a yard, and so ya now– – You have a yard. – Now it’s time so we have, yeah. Looking for adult hypoallergenic dogs. Send me your best Rex. – Hit her up. (laughing) – [Paul] Yeah, sometimes
the allergies go away. – Really? – That’s a good point. – I’m not trying to throw
your husband under the bus but sometimes when you get
the dog, then they’re find. – Really allergic to cats,
subtly allergic to dogs so. – I’m allergic to cats. – Yeah. – But I’m excited to see the movie. – For sure, for sure. (laughing) – Perfect, great. – Do you have an answer for– – Not allergy inducing. – We just love dogs. – Yeah, who doesn’t? – Love, love. – [Caitlin] Who doesn’t love dogs man? – Who doesn’t?
– Who doesn’t? Do you have any pets? – No, but I’m definitely a cat like I think I’m a cat in life. – You’re a cat? – But yeah. – Okay. – But I don’t love cats, but I am one, but love dogs, you know what I mean? – Yeah. – Like spiritually I think
I’m a cat but I love dogs. (laughing) So, hi. – You could be Grizabella
in the Victoria production. (laughing) – Oh my god, I would love. – You would like to play Grizabella? Yeah, who doesn’t like singing Memory? – Oh my god, who doesn’t? – Caitlin sings it all the time. ♪ Memories ♪ – Come on, yes. – I’m ready to go anytime,
Andrew Lloyd Weber, I’m ready. We can bring it back, it’s fine. Okay, we can end on this last question. So Andrea wants to know,
Hannah what is it like, do you always have green on you and Ginna Claire, do you
always have glitter on you? – Oh no, I don’t see green or glitter. – [Caitlin] No green or glitter in sight. – Don’t look too closely you know. – [Paul] Lemme see your ears. Yeah, look at your ears. (laughing) It’s always in the ears. – The ears the give away. – It’s always in the ears. I try to really thoroughly to get it off, but it’s always in the ears
so don’t look too closely. – [Paul] I don’t see much. – Good. – I don’t see a tint on you. – It definitely stays with you for sure. You’ll find it, I’ll
find glitter on my pillow on my husband’s cheek or oftentimes, for dressing room visitors I
like to put glitter on them with the warning that you
may be finding glitter in your hair on your face in a week so. (laughing) – [Paul] Amazing. – Wear it with caution. – You know what, it’s
kind of worth it right? – Yeah, it’s like a badge of honor. – For like two of the best female roles ever written for Broadway musicals. It’s worth it. – It’s so worth it. – Even If you’re green
like 50 years from now and you find glitter, you might. You might find glitter
like 20 years from now. – I put glitter on you, but you
haven’t put green on me yet. – Tonight’s the night baby. (laughing) Tonight’s the night! – That’s the obvious
Halloween Instagram post. – Put like streaks. – Switch roles. – Oh my god. (laughing) – That would be kind of fun. – Thank you so much ladies. – Thank you.
– Thanks for having us. – Congratulations on passing Les Mis. We all love Les Mis, but hey,
“Wicked” stayed around longer. (laughing) – We love Les Mis.
– We love Les Mis though. – Number five and 16 years on Broadway, your fourth year with the show. – It’s fabulous. – It’s Halloween, there’s a lot going on. It’s a big week so thank
you for making time to come to #LiveAtFive. – Thank you.
– Thank you for having us. – Go see Ginna Claire and Hannah at the Gershwin Theatre in “Wicked”. – Yes. – Hey Caitlin, why don’t you take us out? – Thank you guys so much
for tuning in today. We are live at five every
single weekday here on Facebook. You can listen to us
wherever you get your podcast by searching for #LiveAtFive and hitting that subscribe button. Be sure to tune in tomorrow
to talk to Andrew Bancroft and Kaila Mullady of
Freestyle Love Supreme. (upbeat music)


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