BroadwayCon NYC 2017

So this January was the 2nd annual BroadwayCon and it was much bigger than last year and it was so much fun! I had an amazing time! I went all three days, I cosplayed all three days. And actually got to see Cats the day before, on Thursday, and I went to Cats in costume as well. (That deserves its own video) But I wore the same costume for four days in row and that was MEOWexander Hamilton. My two favorite musicals are Cats and Hamilton. Let me tell you, it feels so good to make other people laugh! I understand comedians and actors. And you know I get it now, because it’s like, it’s just, you just feel so good seeing other people get joy out of whatever it is you’re doing. My gosh, it’s so much fun. And I’m normally introverted person! I’m also shy and on top of that I also have social anxiety at times, so I don’t normally go up to strangers and start talking. That’s not something I can do. But for some reason at conventions, especially when I’m in cosplay…and that may have something to do with the confidence part of it, but, I become this like, social butterfly that’s just going up to people and talking. And like, you know, I’m doing all these video projects and will you be in them and can I put you in this. And it’s just like, I don’t know where this person came from. The energy too. You’ll see, in this video, the energy is amazing! And I need that kind of energy and confidence in my everyday life. So many amazing things happen this year at BroadwayCon. For one, I was on a panel talking about cosplay with a bunch of other amazing women cosplayers. It was an all-female panel, which is really really exciting and totally unplanned. It just happened to be that way because we were all awesome. The BroadwayCon playbill, I am in it, i’m in it!! Also, randomly, I’m in the Falsettos playbill, uh, for an ad for BroadwayCon. My gosh, what? That’s from last year. What? Why… am I in all the playbills? Here’s my BroadwayCon vlog from all three days. Stick around for the end of this video. Here you go. So day one of BroadwayCon, I have not been vlogging yet. I’ve seen a lot of things. I saw Quentin! Old Deuteronomy. We got a photo again, it was wonderful. And I just gave away some pins! I heard them talking about pins and so I gave them some because pins, right? So I just ran into Alyssa here and what is your favorite part About BroadwayCon so far? [Alyssa] Ya know, meeting people in costume like you and seeing all the Broadway people, it’s amazing! It’s so fun! And it’s only day one. Alright, I haven’t really been vlogging very often. Oh, some Schuyler sisters. Uh, day two of BroadwayCon. It is pretty great. I did my panel it was pretty great. There’s a lot of uh “Here kitty kitty, meow!” BroadwayCon, I just ran into Christie who watchs my videos. [Christie] Yeah! [Jenny] That’s really exciting. What is your favorite thing about BroadwayCon? [Christie] Um, seeing you! [Jenny] Stop it! That’s not true! [Christie] It’s true to. [Jenny] What is your, no, who is, who have you met? What have you seen? What panels? [Christie] Um, I’ve seen the cosplay panel. I’ve seen the Asian American artist panel. That was really cool and I’m I’ve met these friends from the International panel and we’re now having a ball! [Jenny] Awesome! It has been a wonderful weekend hasn’t it? [Christie] Yeah. [Jenny] And it’s not over yet! [Christie] Nope. [Phantom] Videoing you videoing me. [Jenny] Vlogception. [Phantom] Wow! [Jenny] VLOGCEPTION! This is Phantom on a Budget. [Phantom] That’s MagicCatJenny everybody. Hi! [Jenny] This is really funny. How you doing? [MC] I am well. I’m very well. [Jenny] Awesome. I’m just gonna like, do a once-over ’cause I love those. I found my cats. It’s Maxine and Haden from The CCDB! Don’t they look great? Look at them! Look at this. Look at this magnificentness. So many Jellicles this year. There was only one other Jellicle last year and this year there’s just… [Maxine] Yeah I know, I think it’s the revival. [Jenny] It’s the revival. [VO] Hamilton meet up, Hamilton meet up, Hamilton meet up, Hamilton meet up. This is the Hamilton meet up. [singing] Yo who the eff is this? Why do you always say what you believe, Why do you always say what you believe, every proclamation guarantees free ammunition for your enemies. We’re wrapping up day 2 of BroadwayCon. I’m here with Chris. [Chris] Hi! [Jenny] Check this out. Isn’t this great? I love the gender-bent costumes. It makes me so happy. [Chris] Thank you, it’s like the only thing I’m good at so it’s yeah, it’s my thing. [Jenny] It’s great, it’s great, I love it! You should do Grizzabella! [Chris] Oh my god, no. If I do anyone from Cats gender-bent I want to Victoria. [Jenny] Oh my gosh! [Chris] ‘Cause she’s like… [Jenny] If you ever do Victoria once and you need somebody to be your Mistoffelees. [Chris] Hey. Yeah no defiantly her ’cause I love like, I love ingenues. Like tomorrow I’m gonna be Christine, I mean, Glinda’s not an ingenue I wouldn’t call her that. [Jenny] Yeah [Chris] She’s a character character. [Jenny] She’s very much a comedic role. [Chris] She’s insane. [Jenny] Yeah [Chris] But she’s so graceful in this costume. [Chris] And I just love it. [Jenny] And blond. [Chris] Yeah and it’s just so fun. I’m very naturally blond. [Jenny] Oh yes, yes. [Chris] This is my real… [Jenny]That’s not wig lace that you’re seeing there. [Chris] No. [Jenny] At all, no no. [Chris] This is my natural hair color. [Jenny] Yeah, oh mine too. This is… [Chris] That’s yeah. [Jenny] Yeah, it’s completely my…[Chris] I thought it extensions. [Jenny] …actual hair. Yeah, no, it grows form my face. [Chris] Yeah. [Jenny] Like a beard. [Chris] Like all women. [Jenny] Yeah like all women, yes. Side beards. [Chris] That’s great, and I was just like… carrying this. Like maybe I’ll be Glinda today. So, here I am, at BroadwayCon. [Jenny] Here we are at BroadwayCon. [Chris] Here we are. [Andy] Without story I’m not really interested in it. Like, I’m not really interested in an abstraction. And so, storytelling has lesson after lesson after lesson in history, and so you can pull from people’s amazing ability to tell stories. 4th day in a row as MEOWexandar, 3rd day of BroadwayCon, last day of BroadwayCon, and look who I found… [Rye, singing] Oui oui, mon ami, je m’appelle Lafayette! [Jenny, singing] The Lancelot of the revolutionary set! [Rye] I came from afar just to say “Bonsoir!” [Jenny] Tell the King “Casse toi!” Who’s the best? [Rye] moi! [Jenny] It’s her! [Rye] Yes. [Jenny] It’s her, she’s the best. [Rye] Um, I am Marya, today I’m Lafayette. You can call me Rye. And you can find me on YouTube as Rye on the Rise [Jenny] Rye on the Rise [Rye] Yes! [Jenny] Yes! Showtube! [Rye] She’s amazing! [Jenny] MORE SHOWTUBE! [Rye] She’s amazing! [Wormword] YAS! [Demeter] YAS! [Wormword] Hello I am Nessarleme(?) as Mrs. Wormwood. [Demeter] And I am Kate, as a cat. [Wormwood] You’re Demeter! [Jenny] Demeter! [Demeter] Demetri, Demeter… [Jenny] Demeter. Hey! [Hayden] Hey! [Jenny] I found Hayden! [Hayden] Hello! We’re at BroadwayCon. [Jenny] Super Cats mega fan! [Hayden] Yes. Yeah. [Jenny] Oh yeah! Yes, yes! [Hayden] Yes. It’s good stuff. yeah it was because [Jenny] Hayden went to see Cats last night in costume. [Hayden] Yup, it was awesome. [Jenny] As Skimble. [Hayden] Yes. [Jenny] So great! [Hayden] It was so much fun. [Jenny] This year… has been full of Cats fans, and full of Cats cosplayers. [Hayden] Yes and full of the Skimble lift yesterday. [Jenny] Yes! [Hayden] The most amazing thing I’ve ever done… in my life. [Jenny] Yes, cut to photo of the Skimble lift. This is for Jenny in editing in the future. There she goes, there you go. Great! Awesome. Yeah, I’m just like so happy I got to meet you. [Hayden] I know me too. [Jenny] And become friends with you. [Hayden] You’re like the best like…[Jenny] You are! [Hayden] Max and I were like talking about you last night, we were like, we love her so much. [Jenny] Awwww! [Hayden] We were like, yeah. [Jenny] Friends, Jellicle friends! Always such a wonderful thing. [Hayden] Yay! After BraodwayCon a lot of didn’t want to go to bed and end it. So we ended up going to this underground theatre/bar thing for Ben Cameron’s Broadway Sessions. There was a lot of singing on stage and a lot of drinking. We all, at the very end, got onstage and I’ll show you a clip from that. Obviously I can’t play the music because of copyright but we sung All That Jazz from Chicago and Seasons Of Love for RENT. And it was the perfect way to end an amazing weekend with amazing friends and people that I only met a year ago and haven’t talked to in person for a year. I miss everyone! If I met you, if we talked for a second, if you saw my costume from afare but never talked to me, please please, comment, please subscribe. There’s so many more BroadwayCon videos coming! I’m going to be posting the closing ceremonies! I’m going to be posting my entire cosplay panel! I’m going to be making a BroadwayCon cosplay montage video! So you might see yourself in that if you were at BroadwayCon in cosplay and I talked to you, or MEOWexander Hamilton talked to you. And I will be making a video on talking about going to see Cats in costume and that experience! Meow!


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