BroadwayCon NYC 2018

[Jenny] BroadwayCon day one. [Kacie] Eeeee, hi! [Jenny] Are we ready? [Kacie] Very. I’m just not a cat now.
* alarm rings * [Kacie] Oh no, I guess we’re taking the stairs. [Jenny] I guess we’re taking the stairs. Okay.
* music starts * [Ben] Make a new friend, here we go my friends. The 3rd annual BroadwayCon!
* cheering * 🎶 They say the neon lights are bright
On Broadway They say there’s always magic in the air
But when you’re walkin’ down that street And you ain’t have enough to eat
The glitter rubs right off and you’re nowhere. I won’t quit till I’m a star
On Broadway! 🎶 [Kacie] Yay Hamlet. [Jenny] Yay Hamlet. * Phantom of the Opera music *
[Andy] Very convincing. Very very convincing, I’m frightened. I’m frightened that you’re going to stalk
a lady. So here we have a birthday cake for the Phantom
of the Opera! [Jenny] It’s not BroadwayCon without the Phantom
and Raoul. Aww man. [Lindsey] I have no voice so.. [Jenny] Rest those vocal chords, dear Phantom. [Lindsey] It’s not my BroadwayCon. [Jenny] Man, so this is like, this is our
friendship is like, once a year at BroadwayCon, Andrew Lloyd Webber crew hangs out. I love it. [Lindsey] Yeah. We need to hang out more though ’cause we
live close to each other. [Jenny] I know, I know. I was thinking that. We were gonna make plans and it didn’t happen
and I’m like…we’re so close! [Lindsey] It’s gonna happen. [Jenny] It’s gonna happen for real this time. [Lindsey] For real and you’re going to get
to see the video. [Jenny] No excuses. No excuses, I’m gonna become the Phantom,
you’re gonna become a cat. [Lindsey] Yup. [Janna] * laughs *
[Jenny] It’s, it’s gonna be amazing. [Janna] I’d pay to see that! [Lindsey] She’d pay to see it. [Janna] I’d pay to see that! Yup. [Jenny] Oh yeah, oh yeah. [Lindsey] It’s gonna happen guys, just be
patient. [Jenny] Just…just you wait! [Lindsey] Just you wait. [Lin-Manuel Miranda] I’ll never forget, opening
night you said to me, you said: “You are throwing a rock in a pond and you have no idea the
ripples that are gonna come back to you.” Do you remember this? [Nyssa] Hi! [Jenny] I love it, you look great! [Nyssa] Thank you, thank you. [Jenny] How are you enjoying BroadwayCon,
it literally just started. [Nyssa] Literally just started and I am already
speechless, I’m so excited! [Keira] Hi
[Jenny] Hi [Keira] Hi
[Jenny] Hi [Jenny] It was Rumpelteazer, not Mungojerry
[Shannon] It was, it was. [Jenny] That’s what I…
[Shannon] It was Rumpelteazer. [Jenny]…that’s what I think. [Shannon]It was Rumpelteazer. [Jenny] Explain to me what just happened. [Girls] Um, we saw MagicCatJenny! And we love her! Yeahh!! We love you. We’re such big fans. Iconic. You’re an icon. At BroadwayCon. Oh my god we’re on your vlog. [Jenny] I don’t know what to say. [Girls] You’re wonderful. We love you. Yes!! [Jenny] Don’t make me cry I’ll ruin my makeup. [Ilana]Singing is definitely the answer to
recharge, right? [Britton] I was gonna say, that’s a way in. I mean, if you can get together and sing about
the issue or like use like an artistic lense. The arts bring like about a level of hope
that I don’t know many other forms that do that. [Jenny] How’s it going? [Kacie] Good, waiting for In the Heights. [Jenny] How has BroadwayCon differed this
from last year? [Kacie] There’s a lot more people, there’s
a lot more people. I wanna sleep, but I’m good. I’m very good, I’m very happy. [Jenny] Yeah. I’m very happy too. [Jenny] BroadwayCon day two. It’s Belle. [Chris] Bonjour
[Jenny] Bonjour [Chris] Oh my god you’re…Demeter? [Jenny] Je’me’ma, Je’my’ma.
[Chris] Jemima. [Jenny] Je’my’ma Je’me’ma, Je’my’ma. Some of us are here getting ready, getting ready for the
cosplay panel. Here is Veronica. Veronica and Jemima. [Lindsey] Hi BroadwayCon
[crowd] Hi! [Lindsey] How’s everybody? [crowd] Good! [Ben] Elain from The Great Comet and Cats,
oh so pretty kitties, from the musical Dogs. And Grizabella! Nessarose from Wicked. Look at these cat hands, well done. [crowd] Paws! [Ben] Paws, I’m so sorry. Only in this room, “they’re paws damnit.” Weird-o. Okay, Tommy Tune has a question for you cats,
Carbuckety, Jemima, Grizabella “Where do you see yourselves 10 years from now?” Tommy Tune wants to know. [Jenny] At the Jellicle Ball in 10.years. [Ben] Jellicle Ball, solid. [Shannon] Under the Jellicle moon. [Nat] Hopefully in the Heavyside Layer. [Ben] Work. [Michelle] I already made it to the Heavyside
Layer. [Ben] Give it up for the cats. [crowd] * cheers *
[Ben] Well done. [Jenny] So I just filmed, uh, some pretty
cool stuff with these guys! [Chris] Hey! [Jenny] How is it going? [Chris] Just, the gayest. It’s been a gay old time. [Luis] Gays and their things. [Chris] Oh my god, now we can see what we
look like cause our, my wig has been like boop! [Jenny] It’s Belle and the Beast. [Luis] I’m the Beast. I’m just casual Archie from Riverdale when
I’m not the Beast. [Chris] Ahh! [Jenny] Swoon. [Chris] This is actually an authentic Archie
comics costume. [Luis] Yeah, I have it with me but like I
don’t have it on me. [Jenny] Wow. Epic. [Chris] No, she did an awesome job. Seriously thank you so much for everything. [Jenny] Ohhh. [Chris] I’m saying it so that you can include it in this video and that I look like I’m actually a nice person. So… [Luis] Looks are deceiving. [Chris] The video that we’re working on together
is gonna be on my YouTube channel, it’s uh, it’s gonna be wonderful. Absolutely. [Jenny] Yes. So exciting. Happy BroadwayCon. [Chris] Happy BroadwayCon! [Jenny] Meow. [Luis] Happy BroadwayCon. [Jenny] Meow. [Jenny] Good morning. [Kacie] Hi, good morning. [Jenny] Day 3, BroadwayCon. [Kacie] BroadwayCon. [Jenny] It’s uh, it’s just some kittens. [Kacie] Yes, I don’t have my wig on yet but… [Jenny] It’s Jemima and Victoria. Meow meow meow. [Kacie] The white cat. [Jenny] The white cat. [Kacie] Not right now but… [Jenny] The about to be Cats, cats. So this is the last day of BroadwayCon. Don’t cry in your makeup, like I did, on Friday. [Kacie] I wasn’t about to. [Jenny] We walked the main stage yesterday. [Kacie] Yes we did, I wasn’t a cat. [Jenny] …for the cosplay fashion show. Yeah, she was a human, um I was a cat. [Kacie] They made the top 10. [Jenny] Yeah, we made the top 10. I got to paw at Ben Cameron and Anthony Rapp. [Kacie] I screamed, um, it was great. It was great. * singing Hamilton ‘Helpless’ * [Ben] Favorite part, scream it now. What was your favorite moment? [crowd] * screams different things * [Ben] That’s so weird, me too. That’s also the part that I liked so much. [Jenny] So, what’s the most exciting thing,
what do you look forward to most about BroadwayCon? [Kate] I look forward to most are the people
that I meet, i.e. like miss Jenny here. It’s just incredible, you get to be somewhere
and when you’re in a room full of people who love something and you love it too it’s just,
it’s so much love that goes around, and excitement, and the energy in the room is incredible. Yay!! * Kelli O’Hara singing Pure Imagination * [Anthony Rapp] It’s been a really crazy year,
that 2017, that we lived through. I think most people in this room probably
agree. We had this to look forward, we hope you had
this to look forward to. I think that this has proven that this community
can create an oasis of hope and positivity and love and joy in this sort of, sea of nonsense that we’re having to navigate these days. So thank you. You know, you’ve helped lift us up and we’ll help lift you up. * Kelli O’Hara singing Pure Imagination * [Kelli] Thank you, Anthony Rapp. * Kelli O’Hara singing Pure Imagination * [Jenny] So, BroadwayCon 2018 has just come to a close. [Bronwyn] It’s over. [Jenny] I feel like I’ve ended every BroadwayCon
with you, like by my side. [Bronwyn] That is very true. Like, end of year selfies. I remember last year, I remember that, I still have those. [Jenny] Yup. [Bronwyn] It’s been fun. [Jenny] It’s been fun, I love it. [Bronwyn] Yeah, it’s amazing. [Jenny] Meow. * Everyone singing On Broadway *


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