[Brown Dust] Granhildr & Eda (Audio Drama)

A man wielded a sword on each hand,
slashing around as if he was dancing. ‘That sword looks familiar.’ By the time the thought crossed her mind,
it was too late. She couldn’t help but close her eyes. But the pain she was expecting did not come. Eda slowly opened her eyes. She saw nothing but white, all around her. It looked as if a child took a paper
and scribbled all over it. It didn’t take her that long to realize
that it was a wing covering her body. Eda sat there,
feeling the warmth of the feathers around her. She could almost remember this feeling
from somewhere before. Her sickly mother never left the house. Her father was always somewhere far off. Her sister was too busy playing
with her friends in the forest. Unable to stand this boredom any longer,
Eda walked out into the Winter forest, alone. Wolves, and bears bowed to her
and stood away from her. No one dared to come close to her. Young goddess did not understand
what it meant to reign over others. Plop. A droplet of water
slightly melted the snow it touched. Within the cold that could freeze even loneliness,
Eda aimlessly walked on, shedding tears. Soon, even the sparse trees disappeared,
and endless field of snow was in front of her. Her father once told her: “Underneath the field of snow,
there are old scars of war.” “Snow covers the painful memories of the past.” Eda sat down on the edge of the cliff, looking down at the white field below. Imagining that it will be filled with her friends one day. “Eda” Something soft slowly wrapped around her. Eda slowly raised her head
to look at the person calling her. “Why are you crying?” When Granhildr asked the question,
Eda shook her head. “I didn’t cry.” “I see.” A long slim finger brushed Eda’s eyes. A warm droplet slid down her finger but Granhildr did not say anything. Eda turned around to lean on Granhildr. Her wings shuffled around. Granhildr’s embrace never failed to keep her back warm. “No one is willing to be with me.” “Are you lonely?” Eda quietly nodded. Granhildr held her breath for a moment. Wondering if she could say such thing.
After a long consideration, she opened her mouth. “I’m here for you.” The fact that this was the best she could come up with after such a long consideration made Grandhildr blush. She was never good with words. She was worried that she might have
hurt her master’s feelings. Eda spoke in a soft voice. Thank you. But Eda wasn’t able to say anything this time. A severed wing dropping on to the ground
reflected onto Eda’s eyes. Soaked in blood, Jormun shouted at his old master. Blood-ridden feathers scattered everywhere. The man who committed such atrocity
clicked his tongue as he saw Eda unharmed. Eslok! How did you get in here? When Frellea let loose her power,
people screamed everywhere. Unable to withstand the power,
Eslok was knocked away. He glared at her, holding his wound on his chest. However, the plan had already failed. It was impossible to face an angered goddess
with an injured body. He had no choice but to call for a retreat. He wasn’t willing to trade off his life for
merely a wing of the Valkyrie commander. Loud noises and screams echoed around the temple, but Eda sat there dumbfounded, covered by Granhildr. One of the wings that never failed to keep her warm,
was now missing. It couldn’t even fully cover Eda’s back anymore and grew colder by the minute. “Eda…” The quiet, wavering voice
brought Eda back to her senses. ‘Why… are you… crying?’ ‘Hang on! I’ll heal you right now!’ Eda shook her head, wiping the tears off from her face. Then she immediately focused her powers. However, she started feeling dizzy soon. Eda’s power as a goddess has long been gone. After the humans betrayed her,
she was powerless. Her powers and appearance,
both were as if she were a kid again. “I’m… fine…” “Do not speak!” Eda scolded Granhildr as she embraced her. Thick blood was pouring out of the deep wound
where the wing was severed. Granhildr tried to move away,
not wanting her master to be covered in blood. But Eda wrapped her arms around her even harder,
preventing Granhildr from moving. “Don’t… do it…” When Granhildr noticed what her master
was trying to do, she tried her best to speak. But her blood was clogging her throat,
preventing her from speaking. Eda stopped breathing in order to concentrate. Her body started glowing brightly. The few remaining Valkyries who stayed
to protect Eda, dropped their heads solemnly. The goddess was spending her remaining bits of power
for one last miracle. The light that had filled the temple subsided. Granhildr’s injury was cured. But the cost was severe. “So this is what it feels like, to be cold.” Eda shivered at the chill that
she felt for the first time in her life. Eda spent the last of her powers to save Granhildr. She now had to live in a weak body like a human. “Why… why would you use your last blessing… on someone like me?'” Granhildr silently wept in Eda’s arms. Eda softly patted her head. “Stop crying.
People won’t know who the crybaby is.” “Crybaby is… you, Eda.” “Yes, you’re right. I’m crying now because you’re alive. The only one who can wipe this crybaby’s tears… is you, Granhildr.” Granhildr smiled back at Eda with teary eyes. Her single wing awkwardly covered
her master’s small body. At that moment, they felt the warmth of a family.

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