BTS DRAMA | who stole seokjin’s phone?

JUNGKOOK: Who’s the one of you bitches that has been stealing things in this shitty village. JIN: One thing is sure. It ain’t me. JIMIN: People who say this are the guilty ones. YOONGI: I agree with jimin. JIN: Yes but I am not people. I am seokjin. HOSEOK: Oh my god, I don’t think I will be able to bear with this dude. JUNGKOOK: Stop, y’all are giving me a headache. HOSEOK: Shut up jungkook. JUNGKOOK: I never signed up for this. jungkook is mad TAEHYUNG: I personally think that Jin has something to do with this. JIN: What?! HOSEOK: I caught him stealing something in my store one night. HOSEOK: I remember it very well. It was around lunchtime. NAMJOON: Hum, you mean dinner time? HOSEOK: Yes whatever let me tell my story. Look who’s here? I don’t know what the Frick Lee is doing, but it looks kind of suspicious to me That is very interesting. Yeah, Dumba’s it’s not what you think. I was just looking for my phone, by the way I still haven’t found it. I’m pretty sure one of you bitches has it I mean, why would someone steal your old s phone because it has my handsome face on it Obviously someone please get me out of here Guys, why don’t we split up by teams and go find more proof. God. I’m so lazy gungi. Get your King s up So let’s go you’ll better hurry up because we don’t okay. No one arm. Oh Here you are, okay. Look this is my plan to steal jungkook from Jimin, what do you think? Oh my god He is right head dumb fuck. Did anyone say my name? Oh, yeah it I am in trouble Oh baby. Look there’s some food Jimin. That is dog food. What the Frick? Haha, you just saved my life you two, shut up. I am trying to concentrate. Oh Gosh, where did that damn phone go. Ugh watch me lose my head one day Who the fuck did this I hate them all but not gonna lie. It is funny. I Might have found something. I Found this paper in T hayoung store. I Don’t know what to think anymore Have you found something let me remind you that you’re the police officer here and that is a job. I never asked for whatever Are you the most handsome man in this world? Oh My god, I am stealing this book Hey jungkook. Have you seen a paper by any chance a paper yet? It’s something important like a plan or something like that. Yes. Wait, how do you know? Oh my god. He left Jimin I gotta confess something I Think I love T. Hi Honey, wait, I think I know who the thief is Will the bonds find the actual thief and we hurry up a bit? Maybe if you stop talking, oh my god, I love this drum Find out more on the next episode Also guys are big thank you for 10k subscribers I Am thankful for each one of you and Happy New Year Everyone stay happy and healthy cause that’s what you deserve wink Wang. Adios. Amigos

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