BTS’ first feature film “Burn the Stage: The Movie” hits cinemas worldwide

thrilling news for BTS fans out there
the first official movie of the kpop sensations finally hit theaters
worldwide and nearly 1 million tickets have already been sold proving once
again the boy bands global popularity ours Hong Kong has more Byrne just
staged a movie opposition emerges Thursday and the sphere is packed with
BTS fans celebrating their idols cinematic debut I came to see the movie
because I wanted to get to know and understand how the BTS members think the
movie was released on a weekday we’re only 10 to 15 percent of seats
thoroughly occupied the popularity opt has pushed the figure up to more than 80
percent according to one movie theater the BTS film has almost as many tickets
reserved as a summer blockbuster more than 150 thousand people bought tickets
before its release on the first day 95 percent of movies audience gave it a
positive evaluation saying dude recommend a movie to others it was nice
to see RM working with such joy I katella was real his happiness seemed to
spread positive energy around the audience I found it beautiful
the film focuses on the 2017 BTS alive trilogy episode 3 doings tour which took
the Kapus first stars to 19 cities around the world
they performed 40 concert to a total of over half a million fans during the 300
date or an extension of the youtube series of the same name for the stage
the movie showed that group backstage interviews with the 7 members and of
course live performances the movie will be shown you around 70 countries and 940
thousand tickets have already been sold worldwide as BTS fans flocked to see
their heroes on the silver screen Falun Gong Arirang news


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