BTS w/ Kira Kosarin & Jack Griffo on ‘Thunder in Paradise’ | The Thundermans | Nick

What’s up, guys? Jack and Kira here. We are on location, shooting the
awesome, amazing “Thundermans” special. It’s pretty epic. [INAUDIBLE] evil. He’s got to stop me from
taking over the world, which is super weird. JACK GRIFFO: There’s
going to be stunts. KIRA KOSARIN:
There’s dark mayhem. JACK GRIFFO: There’s
a 4-wheeler chase. KIRA KOSARIN: There’s
a fight on the sand. All sorts of stuff. Check it out. Yeah. I’ll never be like you. Huh. I’ll be worse. You hear that, Griffo? What’s up, guys?
Jack and Kira here. – We’re taking–
– What’s up, guys? Jack and Kira here.
– Sorry. Hold on. Thanks for hanging in– See? It’s not just me. Sorry. We’re on location for
the first time ever. So being outside in the– KIRA KOSARIN: We’re
exposed to the elements, and they are powerful. Action, everybody. You OK, buddy? I think so. From the day we
started this show, we said we want to do an
episode where Max is good and Phoebe is cruel. And for years we asked,
and we finally got it. Four and a half years later.
We’re so happy. We made it. Oh, I’m sorry guys. But this is a bad time, for you. Wow. Great luau. My favorite part of the
special is the luau scene. It’s really beautiful. And we’re all together. And we get to hula
dance at the end. We should show them the hula. Wait, what was our hula dance? What was– oh, yeah. So today at the hotel, we are
shooting the arrival scenes, once we get to the resort. Zach, go check in so
I can get to the beach and introduce the ladies
to these big kahunas. The 4-wheel scene, dude. The 4-wheeler
scene was awesome. We had to chase. We had a whole rig of
4-wheelers to look like we’re riding in the close-ups. KIRA KOSARIN: They had us
on the actual 4-wheelers, and then on this rig that made
it look like we were riding– JACK GRIFFO: So we
could get our close-up. It was so fun. It was a good time. That was so awesome. It’s like a roller
coaster but more fun because you don’t know
where you’re going or when the bugs are coming. What was amazing. I can’t wait to
see how it looks. Ow. Thanks for hanging out
with us here in paradise. We can’t wait for you guys
to see this epic episode. (TOGETHER) Aloha.

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