Budugu Telugu Full Movie | Lakshmi Manchu, Indraja, Sreedhar Rao | Sri Balaji Video

This movie is fun man..
we really got scared…hmm Yes man.. really.. We shall see movie later..
you go and open the door.. bro you mix the drinks.. Veeresh must have come..
go and open the door ok Hey jimmi..
Ya.. Ya Bhoo.. (trying to scare)
ooh.. aa.. ha ha ha..
hey sudha.. Hey sudha..
Its me Jimmy Ya it is Jimmy come.. jimmy?
its me only.. come Sudha..This was a prank Come on sekhar..
you really scared us to death.. ha ha ha.. what sort of joke is this..
really? Lets go..
this short fellow is getting angry ha ha.. hey sudha..please keep
them in the refrigerator Why should we keep them
in the refrigrator now, i think we should have it now..
otherwise.. I am mixing a drink for you here.. keep them in the refrigerator
so that they will be cool Go man..go..put them
in the refrigerator Guys you are irritating me Bhoo.. aaahhh.. ahh.. Ha ha ha..
Ha ha ha.. Yes!!
ha ha ha.. Friends laughing.. see how he got scared and fell down
ha ha ha.. what sort of guy.. Dont tell me..has he died I think..he opened the
refrigerator and.. First check him man..
check..what happened to him.. Wait man..let me check hey! blood.. blood? Check whether he is alive or dead.. You check..
move.. What happened man.. What happened.. What do we do now.. His stupid videos and
stupid ideas.. I was warning you guys that
something like this would happen.. see what has happened now.. Why are you blaming me alone.. What do we do now..
Sudha.. whatever had to happen has happened..
sudha.. lets do something before veeresh comes.. We are his friends..
should we hide him somewhere.. Please do something man..
tomorrow if someone gets to know.. If someone gets to know
what happened, we shall be in trouble.. lets clear the body from here..
please help.. Come man..hold him what should I tell if his wife asks me
we will see later Ah.. Leave me Man..Leave me.. leave me.. leave me..
someone has come.. Bhoo.. Hey..Ah.. Hey..Ah.. Ha..Laughs.. Laughs.. That was a prank..
come inside man.. come.. see man.. Ha.. How was my acting..? Really superb.. I have never
experienced such enjoyment in life.. I know.. If veeresh was here the
enjoyment would have been different He will surely join us..
he must be on the way.. Laughs This was a bit too much..
what was that sadism.. Dont we get scared for horror movies..
in spite knowing that its a horror movie. you are right man..if we dont have
a background score same scene would be so funny hey..you guys dont know the
fun in horror movies.. In spite of so much development..
we are unable to change human mentality Its there in human DNA to get scared..
anyways its time to get the cake ready.. Happy Birthday to you.. Happy Birthday
to you.. Happy Birthday to you.. We caught him man..
rushi get the masks.. he already leaked our plan..
Why would we do what he expects.. Come on ..Catch..
Daya..Switch off the lights.. Bhoo.. bhoo.. Uu..Ah.. Aha..
is no one there..? Uu..
no one is here.. Is it a devil..
Ya waiting for you come.. close the door man.. what happened.. harder..
this door is not getting closed lets open.. Ah..Aa..Ah.. Ah..
Ah..Ah.. Ah.. (people screaming) hmm..hmm..hmm.. Diya. Hu..Hu.. Hu..Hu..Hu..Hu..
Hu..Hu.. Om Bhim Namah Sata Om Bhim
Namah Om Bhim om Bhim Om Bhim om Om Bhim Namah Sata Om Bhim
Om Namah Om Bhim om Bhim (Chanting) Uh..Uh.. what is this hair
why do you hit me mummy.. dont please..mummy please Dont move what is this mummy.. noodles
so early in the morning you know that
I dont like noodles I know that..
you just eat.. Yuk..I dont want this. Okay I shall call your dad then Hey!! Yes.. Good Morning Daddy Hmm.. Ask about his progress card
hmmm.. Bunny! Dad.. Dad..
daddy.. daddy.. hmm.. Sorry daddy next time.. surely.. Hmm.. Thank god.. What are you murmuring.. I know that you would
not do well in studies.. where about your games
and activities progress card..? da da da.. daddy.. Daddy..Dad..Daddy..
what.. they would anyway give
you marks for the fees I paid. Do you have games period..?
what are they teaching you in games? dont you want do well in games
and become a champion..? yes daddy.. I want to Its been how many days since I
bought the new version of PSP did you check..
what games are there in it..? I didnt check as
I have my exams now Exams..we also passed
the same exams I shall check them
today evening daddy.. I am getting late to school..
I will leave now.. okay..go..but first go inside and
take the new PSP i bought for you Okay Daddy..
Stupid Fellow.. Bunny.. Bunny..
yes.. Why are you not ready.. still
we are getting late for the bus.. get ready.. fast.. hurry up.. If you are late daily..
they will make you stand outside.. You dont have any fear.. Sidhu.. come. Hold the bottle Bus would have left by now. Please finish this last one.. good boy.. Kids should be like this.. chaa.. You want one more? No please.. go.. Sidhu..Bye.. (Dog barking) (Dog barking) if you are in a relaxed mood..
please take sidhu for a walk sorry I have to leave early to office. Then what are you waiting for..
go and get ready (Dog barking) Oh.. Were you shouting
for this water bottle.. Hey..Please Stop.. Hey..Please Stop..
Please stop.. Hey stop man..stop thank you
its okay.. Bunny..
You son has not come madam Has he not come
Yes.. Please wait for two minutes..
i shall search him and get Sorry madam..I already waited
so long for him..lets go Bunny.. Bunny..What are you doing here..
come No mummy..My teacher told that
we can go by flight in one hour to chennai So what.. Now you missed your bus
will you go by flight to school.. Did he miss the bus again..?
yes.. Mummy..My shoe lace Mummy..
Tie it.. Rakesh Please get ready fast
I am getting ready.. what happened..? Bunny missed his school bus..
so if you can get ready fast.. What..Shit.. Sidhu..Come sidhu..Come you should take care of such things
please rakesh.. You get ready quickly and drop him
then go to office.. No.. I cannot.. you only drop him.. me? I have still not finished my work.. my office is in a different direction..
I have to drop apple also.. God..we should have also joined
bunny in apples school.. is there no chance..? Common Rakesh.. Pooja.. I have an
important meeting in office today.. Does it matter if he dont
go to school for one day. Just 10 minutes rakesh.. Always like this.. hmm.. look at his hair..
cant you comb it Messy look Rakesh
Ah.. Hello! am I your driver..
come front. he and his attitude. Stupid behaviour Hey phani.. sorry.. I cant make it in the first hour
what happened again? what happened again? I am going to drop my son at school.
oh.. Sorry.. please..
okay.. I will wait then.. bye Security open the gate..
sir.. please park the car there.. Sir you have to see the madam hey..come fast.. come fast.. Excuse me
tell me sir.. I would like to meet madam..
someone is there inside.. please sit here.. sir.. please.. May I come in madam.. Yes Mr. Rakesh..
please have a seat. Yamini Ask the teacher of Vamshi Krishna of 3rd
class to come with his work sheets.. immediately..
thank you.. Ya.. Its okay madam..
I know What do you know That he is not performing well.. forget about your kid..
how about you.. we have informed you twice to come
and meet us..but you never responded and forget about that too.. have you ever been to even a single..
parent teacher meeting or an annual day.. I am really sorry madam..
it wont happen again.. but now i have to.. See Mr.Rakesh..
we are here for teaching and this is a school
not a day care center.. do you understand.. yes madam.. And if you are that busy..I suggest you put
your child in a boarding school. Madam excuse me..
Madam please.. Hello.. sir morning sir..
sir I am on the way sir.. ya..I will do sir..
definitely.. ya.. Madam.. Good morning sir. Hello! Hai rakhi.. did you drop bunny. No..I thought he would help
me at office.. so i got him here.. do you want to talk.. Common rakesh..
Morning Sir.. Hello listen.. Good morning sir. dont get so worried.. I have dropped your dear
son at school..now put the phone down.. Thank you..
Bye.. hey.. wait..
dont be in a hurry.. hmm..
lets go.. I dont understand
how it gets to know.. you open it.. open.. Yes..
stay like that.. Hai Sidhu.. sidhu come.. jump sidhu..
jump.. jump my boy.. jump jump sidhu jump.. Mummy.. Hi Mummy..
Hi.. Again.. you are watching TV..
why dont you go and play outside.. Hi Sweetheart. No mummy..
nobody wants to play with me. go out and atleast get some fresh air.. Mummy No.. see how excited is sidhu to play with you.. atleast take sidhu out for some time.. go and play with him.
please dear.. See sidhu is feeling bad.. go.. go.. go Please dont panic..nothing to worry..
sidhu is given injections regularly If you give.. does that mean
we have to get bitten by him and take injections.. No I did not mean that..
what happened.. Nothing to worry..its about sidhu..
I will handle it.. What happened.. you are asking what happened..
your dog has bitten my son. What? Sidhu.. they are lying daddy..
it was they who.. Hey.. shut up..
you dont talk.. Let me see..
let me check .. what will you see..
and what will you check If you want to stay here..
It is better to train your dog.. you know about the dog policy
in our community.. right Mr.Rakesh.. I am really sorry..
but it is a very friendly dog. See Gentleman..it was your son
who incited the dog on to my son What.. Bunny come here..
no daddy.. He is the one.. he..
Oh.. oh.. You will never ever understand.. Oh.. I have been facing problems since
morning because of him I will see the end..
not the dog.. training should be given to his son.. i will not spare that dog as well..
hu..hu.. pooja.. Where is he..
Its a small issue rakesh.. what is this..morning because of him I was late to
office and everything I dont know about all that.. actually
he did not want to go out.. it was me who asked him to go out. our neighbors also.. they made
a big issue out of a small one.. what are you talking..what did they do..
he must have done something.. because of him my whole day..
you always come home with irritation.. Atleat you come dear..
please.. Sidhu is here..
you sleep.. hmmm… Ah.. huh!! Ah.. huh!! Ah.. huh!! hmm..
huh!! He is getting mischievous day by day It is ok.. I will take care..
please go.. huh! [00:00:00.-1]Please go.. both of them
I shall decide tomorrow..[00:00:00.-1] Ya..Darling.. Brother is not there in home.. what? bunny.. Bunny.. Pooja.. Bunny.. yes sir.. Security Tell Me Sir I am calling from Villa Number 14..
Yes sir.. yes sir.. My son is not at home
since last night.. have you seen him.. Sidhu is also not there.. Ah.. Huh..
Huh.. sidhu.. Bunny.. Bunny.. Bunny.. what happened dear.. Grandmaa..
I am hungry.. Oh.. Mom I will talk later What will you talk mom.. Is it about Bunny.. what? Bunny.. He is here with me. Bunny is with you? I did not call to inform you that.. I called to inform you that here after
bunny would stay with me.. Mom.. I.. mean.. hello mom.. Pooja..
what did she say.. She disconnected the call
Relax pooja.. he is with my mother.. okay its fine that he is with
his grandmother.. its okay.. okay lets go.. okay..Thank you
Its Okay.. no problem.. lets go.. Come Lets go to Bunny.. Oh my god.. Small kid..
Midnight.. Two kilometers That thought itself.. what would have happened if
sidhu was not there with him what happened why are
you not talking anything.. what are you thinking.. I was thinking
why is bunny like this. again you are blaming him.. yesterday also for no reason
you shouted at him.. cant you talk to him peacefully.. he is so afraid of you. what? What are you saying..
You are responsible for everything. If he doesnt listen to you..
you made him listen by taking my name.. It is you who projected me like
a ghost in front of him. me? If you were so caring with the kids,
why would have I done that pooja..
pooja.. Listen.. Whats the point of we
arguing like this now.. if both of us keep pampering him,
would he ever be afraid of his parents? You mean afraid.. Why should kids be afraid of
their parents.. Leave it. He ran away from the house
only because of you.. Can you deny that? Why are you blaming me
as if I dont love him? Its not me but he
who should understand this. Have you ever spend little time with him? huh!! spending time with him..? whenever I tried talking to him.. I could never understand what he speaks.. Even if I want to listen to him patiently,
there is no meaning in what he says. Tell me how should I tolerate him? That is what spending time with him means.. It does not mean listening to you.. He wants to find a bonding with you you are trying to find meaning
In what he is saying Enough Pooja.. I cant be spending
so much of time with him You know how important this year is for me. I have told you so many time that
I am under so much pressure this one year.. if u tell so many times.. will the problem be solved? Now did you see what happened.. Thats why I have decided.. Otherwise we would spoil his future.. Since yesterday, after meeting his principal.. I have been thinking about it.. But now I am convinced. Putting him in the boarding
school is the only solution. Boarding School.. What are you talking.. He is just a kid. He is just 9 years rakesh.. Thats why we have to decide now.. What are you saying.. He cannot even manage to
wear a socks on his own how can he be alone in the hostel why you are saying alone
There are many kids of his age group. So you mean to say, all the kids in
boarding school are not like Bunny. Then why do you think their parents are spending
lakhs of rupees by joining them there.. Look Pooja.. Whatever
may be the reason.. their love for kids made them
join the boarding school.. Dont you think they care
about their kids future tell me.. I dont know about them..
I know very well about my son.. He cant stay there..
Thats it Ok he cant stay.. then
what do we do. He is not my problem actually you are What?
Yes.. Yes. When I ask you to quit
your job, you wont Apple is like this.. Bunny is like that.. and you.. What are you talking Rakesh. You know, In what circumstances did
uncle give us this job.. He is opened another branch
just because I am there. you only.. You had only pressurized me
for the job in the beginning. All of a sudden how
do I quit my job. I mean Pooja.. We have discussed this
enough number of times. Keep this issue aside. Think how would you
convince your mother now Apple.. come on!! Your kid, your wish Mom.. not like that.. Boarding school is better for Bunny If I would have also joined you there.. you would have never dared to say this.. Is it so difficult to raise two kids. During those days, did I not
look after five of you and brought up.. And arent you all well settled now.. Hey.. You were just five years when
your dad passed away. hmm.. sister.. Havent you noticed.. what did he do yesterday night..
while we were home.. if something would have
happened to him.. We cant work peacefully at office
with these thoughts in mind Just leave it for now. Lets see next year Next Year.. No No sister.. What ever I decide is for his own good.
He needs special care and attention What do you say pooja? I am not interested.. I dont like but I think I am getting convinced
after listening to your brother.. They would drop him every saturday
and pick him up on monday. As you wish.. Madam if you want to talk
anything please do it here.. If a caring mother go far away If a loving father go far away Who will bear you childishness
and naughtiness who will wipe your tears.. Not knowing whether your
parents love you or not You are so upset in your little heart If a caring mother go far away If a loving father go far away Without having your noise early in the morning Did not know there is a pain like this too Not knowing whether you had
food or have gone to bed or sitting and crying all
alone in some corner Even if hearts prompts to come and see you I have made my heart into a stone If a caring mother go far away If a loving father go far away Whenever there is a sound in the
courtyard I feel it is you I feel your foot steps in the house Atleast come and meet your
sister in her dreams Please spread love with
your sweet little talk Dont get upset that your mother is not with you Close your eyes
I will be in front of you.. Ok guys, lets first review
phase 1 of the metro project. Mean the way .. lets go
on the metro project.. Its LB Nagar to Miyapur..
and.. LB Nagar to Miyapur will be
completed by mostly this year end and second phase.. Secunderabad to
Jubilee hills will be completed by Dec 2016.. Excuse me.. Hello..! Is it Mr. Rakesh
yes.. May I call you in a few minutes.
No! No.. You have to be here in few minutes
what? Otherwise your child will be in big trouble hello..! Excuse me.. Gentlemen..
I will see you in a little bit.. sorry guys.. hello..! Hello rakesh..I have been trying
to reach you on your mobile.. Have booked your flight tickets
Hello.. Hello Pooja.. Listen.. Hold a second.. What happened? It seems something has
happened to our bunny what? I just started now.
You also please come soon What happened madam?
what happened.. Why didnt you inform us that
your kid behaves abnormally huh! Where did he study earlier
Why was he removed from there It is wrong to conceal the facts you know.. How can you send such an
abnormal child to the school dont you think about
other children studying here? Madam, But what happened what happened.. (Breathing) Ah.. Hoo.. Mummy.. Mummy.. Bhoo.. oh..ha.. hmm.. hello..!! Yes madam.. When madam.. where madam.. Ok.. I shall just check now Hey Boy, who are you.. hey boy.. Why are you sitting here..
go inside.. hey! cant you hear me? Hey boy.. who are you.. What are you doing here.. Hey boy.. I am talking to you.. get up.. come on get up!! Listen, I shall tell to madam Huh! Madam.. Madam..
Madam.. Madam.. What Happened.. D..D..D.. Devil Madam Your Son needs treatment..
not teaching Sidhu..Wait.. Sidhu wait.. Sidhu..wait..
wait..sidhu..wait.. Bunny.. Bunny..why are you watching TV so early in the
morning.. please take bath common bunny..
you are getting late. You can stop watching him TV now.. but what will you do
after we leave for office.. so do one thing..take the
remote along with you. I am really surprised that you are
getting ready for office after all this.. Great.. what shall we do with them? Now also you are not bothered
your leaving them and going.. what are they here for.. Rakesh.. Actually is there a need for you to do job..
Tell me.. hmm.. hmm.. Shall we go to school.. Today we are not going.. why? I am also not going to office.. Hu..Hu..Laughs Manga.. yes madam..
get her ready.. ok madam.. Bunny..Go get Ready..
why mummy.. Shall we go to funzone?
Really? Today no office? No.. Hurray..Hurray.. Lets go..
Yah!! hello.. Good Morning Madam..I have still
not sent it Madam..next.. Sudha.. Sudha.. Sudha..
Yes madam.. I will not be able to come to office today..
you please take care. Madam..we have to send a
parcel to Calcutta urgently.. Sudha.. Madam..
I am not coming..Bye.. Mummy..can we take sidhu along..
How can we take sidhu dear.. they would not allow him inside the
shopping mall. Please mummy..Please Did he ask..? No mom..
He is goodboy.. Okay.. ask him to come.. Sidhu come.. wow super.. common.. Huh! Oh.. ok..fine..go.. Its your turn now.. here.. Oh.. two.. seven.. mom.. phone.. Hello Uncle..I was thinking to call you.. Thats okay dear..how are you and your family..
We all are fine.. actually what happened.. ha ha ha.. They must have misunderstood
for small things.. by the way which school is he studying..
Future India uncle.. Oh..Future India.. I and that School chairman worked
together in BL company 20years back.. if you need my help
I can talk to him directly.. thank you so much uncle.. when are you planning to take him..? who is that mummy..
Your bangalore Grandfather.. Bangalore grandfather?
Then why did he not speak to me.. he asked about you..
I told him that you were playing outside.. why did you say so.. Since i did not
go to office.. he is asking about it.. I thought he may ask you the same..
I told like that.. Sidhu..Eat..
eat Sidhu.. Mummy next time when you come back
from office please get chewy sticks for sidhu.. Hmmm..
how can I.. I quit my job..No school
for you..no office for me.. Why did you quit your job mummy.. You like your job so much.. how will grandfather manage.. Keep aside that..
he will manage.. I quit for you only.. since you dont want
to go to the boarding school will you go.. just for this year dear.. Please.. Okay Mummy you are such a darling..
I know you would listen to me. Hello.. sir..
Why are you saying that.. sir..
since you forgot to come home.. so thought of reminding you.. nothing like that..we have to complete
laying a line by this ugadi(festival).. everyone in office is tensed.. above all the court cases..
and the new government. Hmm.. I know lot of tensions..
above that me and bunny..isnt it.. No..No..I am really relieved that
you are managing everything. I think we have
plan this weekend.. you know what..I am
really proud of you.. even your career wise.. ok..ok..fine.. I think we need not get worried now Any good news.. Yes.. Guess..What.. uh…
Bunny? yes.. When you were spending time with the kids..
I know you would do some miracle.. Great.. Pooja.. But I think we have
to talk to the principal.. I shall talk to them tomorrow..
Not to worry.. you even managed that
Uncle spoke.. A while ago..
he knows the boarding school chairman very well.. Bunny please dont go to boarding school.. please stay here.. Just one year only..
after that i will be here only.. please.. If you go
away I will get bored.. Sidhu is there for you.. bunny has changed so much.. he does not require my help to get ready. Really Pooja..
superb.. lets party man..
its been such a long time.. shall plan to come early
tomorrow..we shall enjoy. hmm..fine.. I will talk to you later..
apple still has not slept. Okay then.. Okay..Good Night Smiles.. hmm.. Bunny..
what are you watching dear.. morning we have go to
the boarding school. come.. sleep.. Mummy.. Mummy.. Mummy.. Mummy.. Mummy.. Mummy.. Mummy.. Mummy.. Mummy.. Mummy.. Mummy.. Mummy..
sidhu.. Mummy.. Mummy.. Mummy.. Mummy.. Mummy..
Bunny.. Mummy.. Mummy.. Maa.. Mummy.. Mummy.. Mummy.. what happened dear.. ghost..Mummy Mummy..there is a ghost D.. D.. ghost mummy.. Mummy.. Ghost mummy.. where? Mummy Mummy..
its there to your right Mummy Mummy.. Mummy.. Mummy.. Mummy.. Mummy.. Mummy.. Mummy.. That side mummy.. Mummy.. its there on your right..
mummy.. Mummy.. Mummy.. That side mummy.. Mummy.. Mummy.. Mummy.. It is coming mummy.. Mummy.. Its behind you mummy.. Mummy.. It is coming mommy.. Mummy.. Its behind you mummy.. Mummy..
Crying.. Mummy.. Mummy.. be careful mummy.. Ah..
Mummy.. Mummy..
Bunny.. Mummy.. Mummy.. come here.. Mummy..
Dont get scared.. Mummy.. Mummy.. Mummy.. Mummy.. ghost is there.. Diya is there mummy.. Mummy.. Behind the door mummy.. Mummy.. she is near the door mummy.. Mummy.. Mummy.. Di.. its sister diya mummy.. Di..
Di.. its sister diya mummy.. Mummy.. She is there.. its her mummy.. There is nothing.. Mummy.. it is there mummy.. I am here with you.. I am here with you.. where is your brother?
dear.. He is taking bath upstairs.. Bunny.. your breakfast is getting cold..
please come fast.. Bunny.. Yes.. mom.. Who is taking shower upstairs.. Its sister diya..Mummy Diya.. Sister.. who is that dear the one you saw last night.. Huh! Ah.. Bunny get up.. Yes..mummy
we all will go for a movie.. Get up dear.. Lets go come.. walk.. Manga.. Manga..help the kids get ready.. Huh! Uh..! huh! Crying.. Crying.. Mom.. We are ready.. Hm.. Hey..Pooja.. Who is it..
Its me.. Ah.. Hey.. Hi baby.. What is this..behaving like a kid..
dont you have any sense.. What happened..
I got so scared.. What do you know..
Where are your keys.. Its not even 10’o’clock.. why were you so scared.. I forgot my keys in the car.. you could have rang the bell.. I wanted to surprise you ..pooja what happened.. Pooja..
Ha.. what happened..
what happened? Why bunny has still not
gone to the boarding school.. Do you have to shout like that.. he said he would go after two days.. He has already missed
so many classes.. yesterday night you were getting
worried about his exams. I am surprised to know
that you are so concerned.. Why are saying like that.. its ok.. please go and
get fresh..I am hungry I am home so happily..
but.. huh! Huh! happily.. Listen.. Tell Me..
We shall take bunny to someone.. what..
to whom do you mean.. I mean.. Dont you think we should be careful after
what happened in the boarding school. What are you saying..do you want me
believe that he has gone insane.. Did you not tell me proudly yesterday
that bunny has changed completely.. what are you talking now.. Ya..But i feel we should not ignore
what happened in the Boarding school Common pooja.. Dont you remember what
he did the other night.. with all the flour on his face.. he must have done such a
stupid thing in the school also. you are with him since last four days..
did anything happen to you.. hmm.. Yes it happened.. what? Not only the other day.. even yesterday night also.. What happened.. what did he do.. I will take him to task..
Where is he.. Bunny..
Bunny.. Hey..
Please.. he just slept.. please dont wake him up..
we will talk tomorrow.. No.. I came just for you.. tomorrow morning I have to go to Mumbai.. I have to talk to him right away.. Bunny.. Bunny.. Rakesh.. Please.. cancel your trip.. we have to discuss about him seriously.. First tell me what did he do.. I came all the way to
spend this night peacefully.. but he spoiled everything..
If you think like this i can’t say anything.. Ok.. tell me now.. I think he is possessed by a spirit.. Shit! Not he..I think you
are possessed by a spirit.. are you not educated..
use your brain.. Go to sleep.. No..
please listen to me.. even yesterday night also..
what..did he turn into a ghost or devil.. instead of teaching him a lesson..
Huh! you are talking like this.. Sleep.. I will be back tomorrow evening..
after that I will talk to him.. Hello..
Who is it.. Mom..
Did you not go to office yet.. No..Mom
what happened? You dont get worried..
I am coming there.. Madam.. hmm.. Do you remember
who is diya.. who is that.. Dont you remember a family which had
come from Delhi used to stay in that last villa.. Yes.. did you forget.. One night she was staring at me.. Did she stare at you too.. Ya.. Do you think.. bunny also.. May be madam.. while everyone is so scared
to go that side.. bunny is going to that
villa side every night.. I saw so many times..
Madam.. oh.. I think our Bunny might be
possessed by a spirit.. Ah.. Shall we take him to that Swamiji Which Swamiji..where is he available.. Hey!!
Stop it.. whats happening? Huh!
Hey! what is this nonsense.. you stop it..
Stop it I say.. Rakesh.. you come here.. Sister What is all this here.. What is this disturbance.. Disturbance?
me common.. sister you are educated and being
a professor in the university.. I cant believe this.. Leave about me..
and my education.. what happened to your
education and intelligence.. mother felt this was right.. what about you.. when everyone at school
and hostel were telling about his odd behaviour Running away from home.. Waking up in the middle
of the night and screaming.. You are not bothered
inspite of all this.. okay.. what do you say now.. do you think he is possessed
by a spirit and so your are doing all this.. If we perform such rituals..
what would our neighbors think.. we are doing publicity that
something is wrong with him.. Okay..
Fine.. Okay..let us
think that this a blind belief only.. What will you do now.. will you show him in
the hospital or not.. Ok ok..
First get him out of the house I shall take bunny to
a good doctor tomorrow.. that guy has to be out now.. okay.. okay..
Do it now.. do it.. just relax.. Mummy.. hmm.. I will never see Diya
sister again.. right? Ok.. hmm.. All the reports seems to be normal.. get the boy once.. need to examine him in private.. ok Doctor Please come madam.. Hello.. Say Hello to doctor..
Bunny.. hi ohh.. He is a grown up boy.. come come.. go.. Madam Please.. come.. come.. sit.. So.. So.. what is your name..
Bunny.. hmm..
good. ah.. huh! What is this.. Yes madam ..what is this padma.. you said this is
a new pen..but its not writing.. go get another blue pen
Yes.. Please give it to me.. Wow..thats wonderful..
how did you do that.. Very simple.. Ssh.. Oh.. okay..
briliant.. See padma has come.. you go out with her
and play..ok.. Common Bunny Take care padma
ok madam.. Bunny is perfect.. nothing to worry.. But..we may have to do
some I.Q tests.. by the way.. was it a normal
delivery for bunny Yes doctor.. okay.. Was your husband there with
you at the time of delivery No.. he was on a tour.. But my mom was there.. Then I may have to talk your mom.. Anything wrong doctor.. Nothing to worry.. but you may have to accompany
him for four sessions.. four Sessions.. I think you are complicating the situation.. he does not have any problem mentally. just need to reduce his
troublesome behavior .. I think he should be
perfectly alright.. for that do we need four sessions.. You are right.. just because you are here, you need
not think that there is a major problem.. May be due to stress he must
have behaved a bit abnormal.. but we cannot arrive at a decision
without observing him closely.. Sorry..
I am unable to follow you.. Huh!
You are confusing me more.. rakesh.. Hmm..What is your Fee.. No thanks.. Excuse me.. I am yet to start the treatment.. Thank you Doctor.. Problem is not with the kid. its with his father huh! She told everything right..
now what? why are you behaving like that..
What happened to you.. what is your problem.. what are you planning to do with bunny..
what will happen to him? What did I do sister.. Why are everyone blaming me.. you are asking what did you do..
whats your problem.. ha.. Ok You will not manage him..
we will take him.. Shall we leave him like this
or try something.. tell me.. I should have discplined you
during childhood itself.. then you would not have
been like this today. Actually when bunny was born.. As he did not cry.. the nurse brought
him from labor room.. She held bunny with her two hands..
calling doctor.. doctor.. she came running.. our luck or good deeds the doctor took unconscious
bunny and breathed in his mouth.. and our bunny started crying.. now after so many years this
doctor is advising something.. She found something suspicious..
should we not think about it? ok ok your wish.. do whatever you feel like..
I have no problem.. ok.. hmm.. my suspicion was correct. Bunnys problem is.. kids generally
cry as soon as they are born.. kids who dont cry on their own, doctors
give them artificial respiration.. hmm.. But what most of the parents dont know is.. Meanwhile there is a possibility of some cells
getting damaged in the brain. What do you mean.. These kids I.Q level and grasping power
would be less compared to the normal kids.. well if I have to explain you in detail..
now bunnys actual age is eight years.. but.. but his mental age is only six years. without realizing this.. you sent him to school at the age of four
when he was mentally only two years old. Because of this will
bunny face any problem.. Yes..He cannot be like other kids.. he cannot compete with them.. You know.. unknowingly you have put
tremendous pressure on him.. Unknowingly even his friends also.. Because bunny was not at their
level they did not mingle with him.. Think what bunny must have gone
through without even knowing his problem.. Do you think bunnys behavior is
because of this.. maybe.. but..we will know the actual reason of his abnormal
behavior only after counseling him.. If you do like this..
Finish.. Hi..
Bunny.. come come.. good boy..
how are you.. Hey!
what is this.. Are you playing magic
tricks with me? Show me your other hand.. Turn.. turn again.. wow!! Whats this.. You like It..
huh! i have many magic tricks like this.. Sit down.. hmm.. you see this picture right.. set these things accordingly.. okay.. common.. sidhu.. Oh.. sidhu.. Where did he go.. Where did he go.. Sidhu.. Sidhu.. ha.. Bunny.. what are you doing there dear.. Nothing mom.. I am unable to find sidhu..
did you see him.. He was there outside mummy.. outside? why dear.. I tied him..
You tied him? yes.. You like sidhu so much.. Yes Mummy..but sister diya is
scared of sidhu..so i tied him.. Bunny.. Which game do you like.. do you like puzzle games..
Yes.. Okay.. I have a game.. its very interesting game.. In next two or three sessions we would
surely know the reason Then..what about Diya.. Please give me some time.. I will surely tell the reason why
only bunny is able to see Diya.. Hi aunty.. hi..
Okay i will call you back.. Hey Bunny
common.. common.. you look very excited..
whats the matter Aunty, do we have any
games today also.. games.. What
games do you like. Dino storm, Xspeed race Oh.. I dont have such games with me.. but I have another
interesting game.. you know what is that..
No.. Do You have a chart in front of you..
yes You have color pencils also..
now.. Common..Common..common..
Yes! ha ha.. your son has mingled with us so nicely Usually he is not like that.. but somehow with you.. Bunny.. Shall we learn one more magic today..
one more magic.. No hmm.. Now sleep.. What should I do now.. Bunny.. Look there.. Keep looking there and listen to me.. Look at there.. Is this a magic..
shh.. silence you should look there only.. Ya.. I am coming right now..yes.. Today all the sessions have been completed.. hmm.. Please come alone tomorrow..
we shall sit and discuss Is everything Okay Doctor..
ya..ya..ya..Dont worry..will meet tomorrow.. okay.. Bunny is absolutely
Fine..nothing to worry. Thank you..Thank God.. But you have to give him a hope. You should make him feel like he is the most
important in this whole world for you. By the way If his father
becomes close to him.. there is no better treatment
than that.. You know..Three “Ts” are very
important in parenting Touch.. time and talk there is no better advice than this..
which I can give..Okay I am spending more time with
bunny since you told me.. Thats not enough.. you should complement them..wish them..
and you should hug them..and also kiss them.. there are no better gifts for them. I will do that doctor. But why does he behave so abnormal
in the middle of the night I am getting scared in the night.. Ah..I can Understand.. that night in the boarding school,
bunny was not sitting there to scare someone, he went into a severe depression.. without realizing that it is so dark
he was alone in the bathroom and crying. Same time.. other kid came to
the bathroom switched on the light and it was mere coincidence
that bunny got up and the kid saw him and got scared. Bunny was afraid that the kid would
complain to the warden, so he went and sat under
the tree and started crying.. When he realized that watchmen
was frightened to come near him. bunny gained some confidence. When watchman went and told the
warden that bunny is a ghost and bunny started getting some new ideas.. The three days you spent with him recently..
were the best moments in his life. Really? Bunny self confidence has
increased tremendously.. If that three days was
not there in his life.. I am very sorry to say this.. Bunny might have committed suicide.
No.. I know..I will explain you.. first time..When bunny
ran away from the house.. you did not bother because he had
gone to his grandmoms house.. without even discussing with him You
put him in boarding school.. If his real intention was to
run away from the house why do you think he behaved
like that after joining boarding school. is it because he wanted to
come back home..no.. no.. No..If it was not for coming back home
then why did he do all this.. Bunny is very depressed.. he is not in a position to
understand what is he doing. we call this AD-HD in
scientific language.. Attention Deficit – Hyper Active disorder kids having this problem will
never do anything on time.. they dont know time calculation.. instead of understanding this you get
upset with him and scold him.. Bunny is not just having this problem.. he has developed
Attention seeking behavior too.. another problem has started.. That means?
He feels no one is bothered about him.. so he is busy thinking how to
grab every ones attention He started thinking about it.. Next level of this is Conduct behavior..
I mean Conduct disorder.. if you notice kids who are at this level they
behavior is very dangerous. The first part of this is..
he started telling everyone that he sees Diya. Then how doctor..
who is Diya..? I could understand few things about
diya when I hypnotized him.. see we have deal very carefully
with Bunny now.. If we dont start a proper therapy now..
this will go to a different level Hi mummy.. madam.. Mummy I am feeling hungry.. Take something from
the refrigerator and eat.. I dont want anything
from the refrigerator.. then tell manga what you want.. Babu..tell me what you want to eat..
I shall prepare.. I dont want anything..go what happened? you are already on bed..
apple is also sleeping here. What did the doctor say about bunny..
today was his last session right.. Oh..You remember.. Why are talking like that..
what happened now.. you go to sleep.. Isnt he is fine now.. you keep betraying yourself like that.. some day our picture would
come in TV and Newspaper.. Please stop it Pooja.. Let me know the problem.. what happened to bunny.. anything serious.. Yes
serious problem.. I am confident that he will be fine.. But you.. I am not understanding
what your problem is.. what? what happened to you.. Nothing happened.. I am really very scared Scared..Why are you scared.. Did you see sidhu shivering in rain
while you were entering the house.. you are so fond of sidhu…
even before bunny was born.. have we ever kept him outside.. go and try getting him inside..
go try.. Try.. Please pooja.. what happened again.. what happened? Hu.. Hu..Hu..Ha.. Budugu.. Budugu.. Budugu..
Budugu.. Budugu.. Budugu.. Hu.. Hu.. Hu..Ha..Ha.. Hu.. Ha..Hu.. hmm.. ha.. hmm.. ah.. ha.. ah.. Ha..Hu..Hu..Ha.. hu.. ha.. ha.. Hu..Ha..hu..ha. haa.. Hu..ha..ha.. ha.. Mummy..Mummy..Brother.. where is bunny Upstairs bunny.. Bunny.. what happened dear.. ha.. ha.. hmm.. ha.. um.. From then onwards I started
taking sleeping pills for sleep.. do you need.. oh..no..no hope you can have
dinner by yourself.. Ya..I shall have dinner.. ha.. hu.. ha.. ha.. Hey sidhu.. Sorry dear.. sorry sorry Good boy..
come.. come.. come.. sidhu.. come on sidhu..
come.. Sidhu.. what happened? come on sidhu.. dear..come.. lets go inside come.. come come.. come on.. ah..
Sidhu.. Sidhu this is too much.. stay here only.. Pooja.. Pooja.. Pooja.. Pooja.. pooja.. Pooja.. Pooja.. Ha.. ba. ba. Bunny.. who?
What happened son.. Its me son.. da.. da.. da.. daddy..
Daddy.. Have you come.. ha.. hu.. yes.. yes dear.. Ha..Hu.. Ha.. hu.. haa..
hu.. hu.. Please no dear.. you.. Please dont do anything..please..no.. son.. Pooja..
pooja.. No..ha.. Pooja.. How dare you hit me..
I will.. Bunny.. put it down.. I said put it down.. Mummy.. what happened to me? Why is daddy fallen down there.. Go to sleep bunny.. I said go to sleep.. Now.. Good night mom.. Good night dad.. hmm.. Pooja..
pooja.. Why did you beat him like that.. I got scared seeing him.. What to do..
I got used to it.. Oh my God.. Thanks pooja.. I thought I was dead today..
He showed me hell.. feeling scared even to imagine.. Thanks pooja.. If it happens to you once.. You will understand bunny and our situation,
So I also told you a story like him.. story.. Why does bunny behave so abnormal
at the middle of the night.. I am getting so scared every night. Ah..I can understand.. but.. I am unable to understand
how to explain you.. but as a doctor I think
I am duty bound to inform you.. hope you understand it as a mother.. Please.. tell me doctor.. Whatever he is doing
now is acting.. what..
its impossible.. hmm.. To miss school, we used to keep
onions in armpits to get fever.. these days kids are so advanced.. well.. do you have any idea what
bunny does in his free time. hmm.. Ya.. TV, video games..
I know.. you must have not observed.. In these four sessions..
The things he said to me.. And most importantly.. Fourth day.. when i hypnotized him.. he shared some interesting things with me.. Bunny watches movies in TV.. especially horror films.. with so many channels today,
its not difficult to trace a horror movie each day.. that means.. You mean is bunny getting influenced
by watching such movies No..No..He gets inspired
and take some ideas from them.. The story he is telling about
diya is also a Hollywood film.. If we allow him to prolong this story..
it would be dangerous for all.. what do you mean.. I got to know about Diya
from the sessions I conducted.. Diya is a mad girl who used to
stay in your community.. right? But she is perfectly alright.. Yes..She had earlier gone through
appendicitis operation.. Whenever Diya complained of stomach pain her parents would forget their
problems and stay together.. after diya got operated and went back home..
her parents again started to fight.. diya used to complain of stomach
pain whenever they fought.. to stop fights.. During counseling when her parents understood the
real reason for Diyas stomach pain.. They stopped fighting..
and came out of this problem.. This is..
Diya story.. then.. Then whom does bunny see.. When he realized that all of
you are scared when he mentions Diya and all your attention is focused on him.. He started continuing that story.. Now we have only two options.. bunny should forget diya on his own Or he himself should surrender and confess
the story of Diya Not that I want someone to
learn seeing our story.. It is not that we should learn from others..
there is lot we can know from internet.. we can learn from them also.. I am really sorry dear.. I dont have anymore fears.. Mom is talking to doctor about you only.. Oh.. I did not hit him intentionally..
It just happened.. Oh..
Common pooja.. If he comes to know that you know the truth..
he may attempt suicide or may kill anyone who comes in his way
on the pretext of Diya.. As usual I will be careful and will manage.. Bunny.. You want to watch TV at home
or you want to come out with us.. I am ready mom..
I will also come.. sidhu..come..come Laughs.. huh..! ah ha.. what is this? huh! Bunny.. No mummy.. How can I do.. This is russian language.. This sofa.. me so small..
how can I lift mummy.. And I was with you only.. Huh.. ha.. hu.. ah.. ha.. Mummy.. Do you know something.. Do you know who is staying along with
us in this house.. who?
Diya sister mummy.. Diya sister?
Yes Mummy.. She committed suicide as her parents
tortured her to study. then? Then what happened to their family.. They all died.. ah.. She killed them all and
then killed herself.. thats why she is staying here.. where? There mummy..can you see her.. Are you not able to see her mummy.. Sidhu.. you go out.. Small kid.. Even apple plays with her.. is it so?
Yes.. is it sweetheart? Sidhu.. Crying.. crying.. What happened pooja.. who messed up the house.. I am unable to understand.. Common pooja please
dont cry..please Diya sister.. daddy.. what? Yes.. Mummy also saw.. Diya sister?
Why will diya sister do.. Ya.. Yesterday i slapped bunny.. May be she is angry..
when did you hit me mummy.. Yesterday night mummy
thought it was you.. she did not know that it was diya.. Hope you took the keys..
Yes..I took.. Bunny.. Is it okay if am late..
No problem Mummy.. ok dear..
please call if you need something.. you did not want to come
to grandmothers house.. take care.. Bye son.. bye..see you
Bye dad.. Sidhu
shut up Sidhu..
Shut up.. ah.. huh!! Mummy.. ha.. Mummy.. Mummy.. Happy Birthday to you..
Happy Birthday to you.. Happy Birthday to you.. Happy Birthday dear..
Thank you daddy.. Okay go to sleep.. good night.. Go to sleep..we need to go to
temple tomorrow morning.. common pooja.. Daddy.. Yes dear. Can I sleep along with you for today. come.. Sidhu is not there.. Sidhu.. Sidhu.. Sidhu.. sidhu.. Sidhu.. sidhu.. Sidhu.. Sidhu.. sidhu.. sidhu.. Daddy.. Mummy.. Mummy someone killed sidhu.. Someone killed our sidhu.. Mummy someone killed sidhu.. Daddy someone killed sidhu.. Who will kill.. son.. Food poisoning may be.. Let me see once.. No dad.. they killed it.. Who will kill son.. Why would someone kill sidhu.. our neighbors only.. who
complained on sidhu the other day Kiran uncle? yes.. He hit sidhu that day.. knowing today is my birthday he killed sidhu..
because I am very fond of him.. you please give a police complaint on them..
I will..you first get inside.. First get them arrested.. how son.. its not possible
they are not in town.. what? Yes!
they are not here since three days.. lets go.. then it must be manga.. Manga has still not come.. may be.. it must be diya No diya sister
no.. why son.. May be its diya..since
she does not like sidhu.. No..There is no Diya at all ah.. What do you mean.. not there..
what? Sorry Daddy.. I lied to
mom..and told stories.. Ah..
Oh.. my budugu.. I got really scared you know?
Sorry mummy.. Daddy..I want Sidhu..
Please do something Daddy.. okay..cool..lets go inside.. Please daddy.. Bunny.. Bunny.. Get up dear.. we are getting late for the party.. How can I celebrate my birthday on
the same day when sidhu is no more.. what is this daddy.. Laughs..
Please tell him.. Cool.. I will not celebrate my birthday anymore.. sorry mummy..how
helpful sidhu was to me.. Even now sidhu will help you.. sidhu.. Hey look there.. See..
laughs.. Really dad? Yes son.. Sidhu.. Hey..Sidhu..come..come..come..
Sidhu.. Laughs.. Sidhu..
Laughs.. Sidhu..
Laughs.. what are you searching dear.. I am not able to see his wounds.. oh..you mean those.. As it was your birthday we gave
him bath and all wounds disappeared .. what? You didnt understand? that day when mummy went for shopping.. I saw you coming back home silently.. Not only that.. breaking the mirrors..spoiling
sofa.. and everything.. Do you know what I did after
you broke the flower pots? I put them all at one place.. Not only that.. switching the TV
on and off.. Birthday stars suprise.. You made sidhu act so well all these days.. But I had to literally beg
him to act the death scene.. Daddy..This is..
Too much! we also could not help but watch
the same horror movies. Yes dear..all this was acting.. Bunny..
Sorry GrandMaa.. Come and take bath.. Come.. hmm.. Daddy..
I am able to see Diya sister.. Daddy.. Not only you..even we
can see her..dear.. what?
Ya.. how its possible dad Like you even she lied to her
parents about having stomach pain.. Told stories
and acted very well but see her now..she has
become such a good girl.. Ya..I understood daddy..
doctor auntys therapy.. Hi bunny.. Hi bunny..
Hi sister.. Hi bunny.
Hi..Happy Birthday.. Thank you sister..
Happy Birthday.. Thank you ashu.. Hi Diya..
Hi Diya.. how are you? Fine uncle..
shall we go? Hey..
Ok.. lets go.. Come on..

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