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His name is Somaraju He came to Vizag three years ago But he is the talk of the town
3 lakhs of Vizag people talk only about him All port contracts go to him To move anything from here
his permission is a must Don’t show interest
in this port contract business I had killed 20 people for this Don’t be the 21 in that list I have also killed 2 to
3 persons recently sir! These are all common in business sir! It’s getting late for my train, Bye! He is going to Hyderabad
to bid for the tender – In which train?
– Godavari Make a call to Mysamma His name is Mysammma!
Right hand for Somaraju in Hyderabad He’ll do whatever that man commands Ok brother!
Forget about it – What is the arrival time of
Godavari express? – At 5:30 a.m. Don’t booze tonight
We have a work tomorrow morning The death should be terrible
and nobody should have… …the guts again to do that to Bhavani! …or even think about it Brother! Train has arrived No one should identify the corpse This baby’s name is Mahalakshmi
Daughter of Somaraju She is everything to him. His loves
his daughter so dearly like… – I don’t want that!
– Then what do you want? I want that doll dad My daughter likes this doll!
Give it to me My baby also likes this Why don’t you buy another one? Why can’t you do that? Did you refuse to give the doll
when Somaraju brother asked? He asked me to bring the doll
after killing you Will you give this or will you die? This girl is now 18 years old Studying in Bullaiah Collage in Vizag Pour here! Try it once Come on – What is your name?
– Vasantha, Which ‘Santha’? (Market) What is your father? My father in law is a Constable
I need not buy Vegetables Don’t fall in love for the sake
of vegetables. This girl is not beautiful I have heard that girls
not so beautiful study well Look at me Study well and get a good job Because I am a lazy fellow
You should take care for me after marriage Study well! Go Mahalakshmi has come! Why everyone is scared seeing you? Without a guy looking at you
your beauty is futile! – Has she gone?
– Yes Daily she makes us tense! – Write a love letter
to her -Me? You write, we can send
it through some one I have written it
Who will give this to her? Whoever enters the gate first! He will die Who is this lucky fellow? Come here – What is your name?
– Bunny, brother! – Are you new to
this college? – Yes Give this letter to that girl Mahalakshmi! – Why?
– This is ragging That means, what people
do early morning in parks? That is jogging
– What is meant by ragging? You will understand
when you give this letter to Mahalakshmi He is finished Who is Mahalakshmi here? You are too beautiful,
you must be Mahalakshmi-Take this- – Get lost from here
– Take this If you won’t take this, they’ll beat me I told you, they’ll beat me, take it – Listen to what I say
– Listen to what I say – Are you giving a letter?
– This letter is… Don’t stop me!
You don’t know anything Listen to me! Whoever stops me
I’ll break his legs – I think he is finished
– Brother- They are beating me Will not they beat,
if you give a love letter? Why brother? They are coming brother!
Tell them please Nothing will happen
if you get few blows Ragging must be amongst us
and not with the rowdies Normally I don’t hit anyone… …but I start hitting, I’ll smash them Whatever happened has happened
Don’t take it to heart! If you do anything…
You won’t Hope you would have
understood. Ok. They only asked me to give the letter
You never knew that, so you’ve hit me I thrashed them for
the wrong they have done! I gave that letter that
that was my mistake, so you can hit me It’s ok. Go I am at fault.
Beat me! – No. – That was
my mistake, hit me – I said no.
– Does it mean I was not at fault? – No
– Then say sorry Say sorry Silly fellow!
I am sorry. Go Why are you scared of him? Am I scared of him, nonsense!
Go and hit him Me alone? Are you scared? – Why should
I be scared? – Then? We are not scared of him!
Just maintain that Is it wrong to speak with you? You are speaking with me My thing is ok!
Others are not like me! If your family is worried about you
let them keep you in a locker Speaking, laughing and seeing you
is common in the college We are students. Nobody should
feel bad because of you Mom! A guy spoke to me in the college You have said this 200 times so far! He has hit them very badly I thought our guys would also get hit Will you shut up!
You shouldn’t talk like that, it is wrong Hey man!
Will you talk with me? How dare you? What are you doing, man? It’s a young fire brand age
Mind jumps in joy, no worries! Our style is the latest Our life style
is different! Ask for the centre! Play with guts and euphony! Fire the bullet!
Pay heed to my words! Fire the bullet!
Don’t know if it will last tomorrow! One guy said earth is a circle
He was branded mad! When Vemana read his poems
he was looked down as bizarre! Leave aside insults and
don’t leave any chance! Come out from wrongs! World and universe would nod their heads! You need power, cognizance
and a means to use them! You need grief, delight and
also the strength to laugh in misery! Whatever it is, reveal
and share at least a little The world and universe would
honour you and follows your foot steps! – Is my daughter sleeping? – Yes
– Had her dinner? – Yes – Did she drink milk? – Yes
– What about egg? – She had! – Did you give her the
yellow matter? – No Switch on the light Gently! Dear! My beloved! – Mom
– Swich off the light Why is she not talking to me? What wrong did I do? – Has anyone brought up their
ward like this in this world? – No one! He is a demon
A student called Sudhir gave a letter Suri had seen that and then… Do you want our Mahalakshmi?
– No sir! – Will you give letter
to her? – No sir You looked at her because
you have eyes, isn’t it? I’ll dig it out
– Don’t do that Brother I’ll dig his eyes out Why I did do that? Because I love my daughter How can I bear
if someone gives her a letter? Why can’t she understand that
she is not talking to me Leave it brother! She is a kid Don’t surrender just for this You are doing what others do! What’s your opinion on this? It would better if
we keep a distance from her But I feel, I should love that girl
and I wants to marry her! Let me see her dad to the end Before you think on it
you would be terminated from college You are dismissed from this college What wrong have I done? Wrong?
How dare you hit your seniors? That was just a small clash It might be a small clash
but the wounds are big No problem, keep it with you What do you mean?
Are you kidding? I am giving you time
until 5 O clock You should withdraw this within that time After that I won’t come to the college
even if you ask me to enter! Why should I do that? In case you change your mind,
inform me You are given time until 5 PM! What do you mean by that? Because you had beat some one,
do you think that you are a rowdy? This world know me
only as Principal Deivasahayam But 25 years ago,
I was a don in Jagadamba Centre Do you want evidence for that? Look! So far I was hiding this under my shirts! Have you seen the scars? These scars are not due to stabs
but due to dog bites In tipsy he went to the neighbour’s house… …and the dog has bitten him Do you know ‘Soda’ fighting? How do they know about that?
Only a retired rowdy like you know that! That was well said, though you are a peon! Do you know I am the
best soda bottle hitter in Andhra! Are you wondering
why he has changed the topic? Though a soda seller,
his dad gave him a PG education! Dad! Now onwards,
you don’t sell Sodas like this Are you going to do this job? No dad! I have passed my PG in first class I’ll make you live in a palace Our life would change
from tomorrow onwards Is it? You have given a great news! I’ll give you a color soda No dad! I’ll do it for me Don’t think it is easy like passing PG He doesn’t even know to open a soda bottle
How would he be a rowdy? I have forgotten all those days
and am living as a Principal Don’t try to wake me up from my slumber! After all you are kids
Go How dare you give me an ultimatum? I have seen a lot like you! I forgot to ask yesterday
What is your name? He is talking to our girl – Who talked first?
– Our girl Then, there is nothing wrong on it Why did they terminate you
from the college? – Because of you
– Because of me? Because I hit them yesterday I’ll talk to the Principal, come on Not required! I’ll be back tomorrow They have give n you TC
then how it is possible? Anything can happen in the night I am going to use your name
for an issue in college Pardon me if it is wrong! Who is that? Why did I name you as Sahayam(Help)
To help others I am helping others! They why did you terminate
‘Bunny’ from the college today? He is a rowdy! Don’t you know? – Are you not a rowdy?
– Be quiet It was just a hype by me
to scare the students… …when was I a thug
without your knowledge? That is correct. For your personality
you should have such hypes But Bunny is not like you.
He is a courageous guy He will helpful to others Because of him,
you have got a worship of mine He is my dearest son! If you chide him, It’s like chiding me – So, you don’t make him
leave the college -Sure Jesus I’ll bring him to the college tomorrow! That is great! Shall I take leave? When will you come back? If I want to come back, I have to go now – Yes
– You pray I have understood Have you disappeared? We should take him back to the college
– Don’t worry, I’ll manage Who is that Buddy! Dear Bunny Who are you?
You look like our Principal, buddy! Buddy? It’s ok.
Not looking like, I am your Principal Don’t crack jokes!
How could you be my Principal? – He is a fool.
– Look properly, he is that fool I don’t think so! Seems he will not believe you! Once again you remove your shirt,
show that scars and prove it I can’t! – Why?
– I did that emotionally yesterday Now I am tense,
and feel like going to the toilet Prove him, that I am his Principal Look at him once… Look at his rotten face… Look at his broom like hair style,
sand sac like belly… …and look at his pants
which looks like a manhole Who would’ve all these
other than our Principal? He is our Principal.
So what? He gave TC to me
So, I am going to my town Are you going to your town?
Are you sure? Why are you getting tense,?
– Not like that I had thought about you after my prayer! I don’t want to lose
a brilliant student like you! Let’s go out college I have given you time till
5 ‘o’ clock. You didn’t care Do you think I’ll come for
your pleads? I won’t come Will you become
Prime Minister after 5 O clock? Why are you telling like that?
You wait buddy! He is treating you like this
because of his bad time! – Let’s go.
– I beg you, wait! If you beg me…
Why should we plead him? You are just a kid! You don’t know about yourself I don’t know what I would be
if you won’t attend college – Yesterday a big incident occurred
– What is that? Tell me
Let him hear! That is a divine secrete
I can’t say that to others Please come with me to college, son I’ll come because you behave properly now! If you give trouble again,
I’ll get my TC back – Do you understand?
– Clearly They had given you TC!
Again you are in college… Come on. I told you
many things will happen in night He is talking to her again r! – This time… – He only talked first – Then, is our girl talking
with him? – Yes Then there is nothing wrong in it How? – I’ll tell you afterwards What is this nuisance? Tell me and then laugh! Will you get her love? How? She will not come outside!
You can’t go to her house It’s not possible in the classroom when will you talk with her
and how will you do it? If I send all of you out of the classroom,
can’t I speak with her? How? I underestimated you
but you are really great Did you understand it only now?
I knew it before It is getting late for the show Why are you alone in the class room? I’ll also go out if you start the lessons Not required, I’ll go out Why are you alone in the class room?
– All of them have gone for a movie Why? Because today is my birthday They have gone because
I hosted a treat to them Then why did not you go with them?
Because you would stay here alone It’s ok, you may go I don’t want to go alone Our friends are there for your company If I go you would be alone, here Are you asking me to come with you? I don’t like this at all Why are you looking
like that? I won’t come Anyway, why did they
go for a movie, evading classes? How can we go
when the rowdies are outside? What do you want?
Can I ask you one thing? You can except TC Is this a college or rowdies rest house? I left rowdyism 25 years before
– He is talking about the rowdies Is there any bigger rowdy than me? – Ask him
– Who? Those guys They? They are Mahalakshmi’s securities Then, shall I bring securities for me? Why do you need security?
She is the daughter of Somaraju My grandpa’s name is Veeraraju
and I’ll bring 100 persons for my security! If you irritate
I will give him a TC Shut up you mad peon – Look sin… – I can’t concentrate,
if they are here On what? – On my studies! Do you also study?
Do you also… Are you insulting me? Do you feel like that? Is it?
– You said like that – You did not mean like that
– You also… This story is unnecessary to me!
They can’t stay here -ok Will you come inside? – For what? Because here it is too hot
Come inside and… It is nothing new for us
We’ll stay here I know. Rowdies can stay anywhere
and do anything But they don’t know about it
and is asking for TC What is TC? Not TC, I meant AC Why don’t you stay in AC
Where is it? – In my room Come on If we sit in the AC room,
where would you sit? If you allow me,
I can sit somewhere in that place Won’t you give?
– We can move, because there is AC Come on Welcome sir This place is very cool AC will be like that
But I am feeling hot I don’t know where it is Let’s go in my car It is nothing if we go in a car,
it would be a thrill if we go by a bike If anybody watches us?
– Is that your problem? Brother, he is going with her He is going with her
Move aside Oh my god!
Come on quickly That can not open.
He has locked it from outside Brother, he locked us here brilliantly Did you bring us here to lock like this?
– I don’t know anything Why do you say like that?
You both talked about this isn’t it? Did I keep quiet? It is true I talked to him
but I never knew he would lock us inside I swear on my mother! If brother comes to know about this,
I’ll kick you like a foot ball – You the short fellow.
– Don’t scold me What should I do now?
– Don’t get tense Did she get on to the bike
or did he compel her? Who ever did it
there is nothing wrong in it, isn’t it? Increase the AC My daddy! Don’t look there
Don’t be tense! Brother
Is my daughter in college now? Talk to me properly! I am not getting the signals right – Signals would be better near
the window -It is your uncle You brought us inside for
AC and has locked us in! You and your dirty face! What are you talking? Do you know
who is he? Wait Do you know about
his past? Wait 25 years before, he was a rowdy I am a retired rowdy and
they are current dons Why should we fight with them?
– So what? Do you know soda fighting? Show him the scars sir
Show them Oh Gosh!
Why this tension? Oh Gosh! Brother is coming Not here! Dear, do you know
where Mahalakshmi’s class room is? Upstairs in B section Tell him! Tell him that you have send his
daughter with someone in the bike You and your jar face Your grandma is… Dear He has opened the door – Where have you all gone?
– We went for a tea Why did you not respond to my call?
– The signal was not clear – The girl…
– She is there Stay here
Unnecessary tension! Even thought he has locked us,
he brought her on the right time For looking at her
we have plucked a guy’s eye I am leaving you because
you are an young fellow You have a long
life ahead! Go on I did that because
she asked for ice cream… Who are you to do that? It is wrong. I won’t repeat
this again. I promise you – Do you want him to die?
– Not like that If you look at her, I’ll pluck your eyes You mad guy! …oh Gosh
Shouldn’t use abusive language! – Are you crying?
– I am not crying, it is my anguish Why did he blame like that?
How can he blame me like that? Anyone hearing those chides
would hang himself! Hs is alive because he is the Principal,
he would die if he had been a peon It’s true Whatever happened is because
of me. Give my TC Pour some water It is burning Does your dad has no faith in you?
– No, he loves me a lot I don’t think that it is out of love
I feel it is because he doubts you! Faith is the foundation for Love
and suspicion is the tomb If your father had faith in you… Even if he had seen you in the traffic signal
he wouldn’t have believe that… …and wouldn’t have
looked for you in college If he trusts you why should
the rowdies accompany you to college? Go and ask him Dear, what happened to you?
Tell me the matter, dear Dear, sweet heart! – Does he have faith in me?
– I have faith in you You are my beloved! Ask him to stop the rowdies
coming to college with me! I won’t go college, if they come with me! Not like that! Because we are rich
they are for our security! – Not like that
– Are you mad? Why are you breaking the valuable things,
I’ll beat you -Shut up When she gets angry
she would break things costing Rs 1 lakh What is wrong in it?
She is my daughter Dear! Sweet heart! I feel when you throw like this
it would ache your hands! Do you understand my dear? You can go to the college from tomorrow No one should go to the college
from tomorrow onwards From tomorrow
you are relieved of a tension Our Mailu has got liberated today! – We are celebrating that
– What is Mailu? It is Peacock in Tamil
What is it for you? Will you get out
We want to enjoy Oh peacock! Oh peacock! She is an 18 years old file!
All the pages are beautiful! Oh train! The train maiden has departed
Form a queue and say hello to her! Fish eyed babe has crossed the china wall!
Has planted rose in young minds! She is a jeans wearing moon! Say ‘what a freedom’ and follow me! Look at front, back and down!
Shall I loot your beauty with laser look? In the native dress, don’t toss me like
a dice! Your waist contour is dangerous! Don’t burn with your inflammable smile
Young hearts are like cotton If nightingale would envy your voice! Your gait would make
the entire street engrossed Oh creator!
Hats off to you! It is a little treasure!
Oh myna! Why do you hide it? Oh samosa(a snack)!
Don’t make me crave! Oh Mona my Lisa!
Give me a VISA to your heart! You are an innocent and haughty girl
Give me your orange fruit beauty! With your chubby face don’t breath hard!
My soft heart will blast! Your moon like body has a soft touch! For your beauty is floral! Even beauty said
you are the most charming! You have given life to the college!
You have brought the moon in daytime Highway turned a rose bed and smiled! Touching your sole even the
earth has turned as dew and chilled me! Central Jail, Rajamundry A letter for you Why are you chewing the letter? Because I don’t get the man
whom I want to eat! If I get him, I’ll eat I can find him – Venu, when are you going to marry
– After I get my kind of girl – What type of girl are you looking for?
– Her figure should be like a moon Should be invisible in day
and visible only during nights – Dirty face! – Every one thinks
their face is beautiful Like your think about your face – Why are you trembling?
– Why has he come here? Sit down – Has he gone? – Not yet
– Will he not go? – Shall I call him? Just watch him He has gone – Come on! – Yes – Why do you shudder like that?
– I am getting upset when I seen him Why are you scared?
Give him a TC – I will not do that
– Why? Give it Why did you keep your hand on me?
To boost your morale! I don’t want your moral support
Then give him TC -Don’t talk Don’t know – Why Mahalakshmi has not come
to college? – Don’t know Ignore her, if her dad
finds out he’ll incinerate you Love is more powerful than that Stop your story and find out
where Mahalakshmi has gone We could not find why
she has not attended the college – I can
– How? Why are you not talking? – They should
pick up the phone for me to talk! Let them pick it Madam, I am Principal Deivasahayam Why your daughter
has not attended the college? She has gone out for an urgent work She has gone out for an urgent work – Find out on what work she has gone?
– How will they say that? – Lf you ask, they will tell
– Behave like a peon Madam, why she has gone out?
– She went to meet a guy called Sudhir She has gone to meet a guy called Sudhir I’ll burn out if you don’t go from here Look dear! They plucked our son’s eyes
because he saw you If they know that you
have come here, they’ll kill us I thought he will become a collector
and not a blind person Don’t come here anymore dear!
– Not like that – I came for his birth day
to cut the cake… – Dear, go from here Why are you crying? Are you sad that Sudhir
has become blind because of you? I’ll give him eyes -What? Make a call to Dr. Neeraj
in Vizag’s Eye Bank Centre Ask him to be ready for an operation Who’s going to donate eyes? Buddy! Who are you?
Why are you beating me? Oh gosh! Take them away Oh gosh, a bus! Mad fellow!
Why are you beating me? Oh gosh It is fire! We have not met before!
Tell me the reason! My god! – Why did he bring him here?
– Sign here Why should I?
I will do! – Brother! – What happened?
– They have looted my eyes – How did they looted your eyes?
– I was having tea… …one guy came there
he brought me here and they looted my eyes – Have you enquired about him?
– Every one says he was dark in complexion! – Yes he was dark
– Shut up He was with us before
He will be with us hereafter! I never thought I will get vision again
I never thought that I would see you again What is this? Your parents want you
to become a collector! Become one
That will do! A great man said that you help others I have understood why he said like that We can’t award marks
without exam for a student But as a human being,
I give you a centum marks How can I tell this? How can you say better than this? – Greetings sir!
– Welcome Mysamma. Sit down Sit down – Why have you come suddenly
– Nothing sir To give a surprise gift to your daughter
because she has grown – He is my son from America
– I have understood You have come here
with a marriage proposal for your son! – That is… – Shut up Do you think because
he is in suits he would suit my daughter? Do we have equal status? You were behind me like a dog
for the biscuits I have thrown, forgotten? All days would not be the same – I have also grown in the
last 20 years -It is true My shoe cost Rs.500,20 years ago
now it is Rs.5000 We cant keep the shoe on our head
because it’s worth has enhanced It has a place in the leg
You also like that My daughter is a princess You would need 100 births
to look at her face Excuse me sir.
Don’t get angry I had desired a lot!
I like you even if you chide me I’ll take leave Come on How dare he ask for my daughter!
Nasty fellow The guy who will marry her
should be in the sky It was very hard
to select this dress for you After coming out,
why are you tense? – Lf dad gets up in the
midnight. – He won’t I had mixed chloroform in his night milk They would drink and would be in deep sleep.
They won’t get up until morning Forget it and enjoy the atmosphere I feel thrilled to celebrate my birthday
in between the sky and the earth not yet over and we have lot more to enjoy I’ll show, come on – Give me a special tea
– Ok brother Children, today is Mahalakshmi’s birthday
have the bun and wish her! – Take it -Give it to me brother.
– To me also – Take it -Happy birthday Mahalakshmi Madam!
– Happy birthday sister – Why are you looking like that?
– I feel thrilled Not yet finished. We have a lot more
Gangamma Festival, record dance! – What is all these? – I’ll tell you, come on What a beauty
Hats off! My cravings have grown Your charm is praiseworthy
The music stirs me to dance! Did you enjoy like this everyday? Not only me, all poor people
would be happy like this Rich men would stay in the AC rooms I like the sweet kiss – I also feel like dancing
– Is it? Come on Fantastic! The girl who
makes us crave is fantastic! Fantastic! The courage
that outshines is fantastic! Shall I control your charm?
If it does not submit, shall I fell it? Crawling over your bod
shall I hug you for kisses? Fantastic Fantastic Wearing anklets and white sari Wearing anklets and white sari
If a girl comes, it is fantastic! With piercing and macho looks With piercing and macho looks
If a guy walks majestically, it is fantastic! Yourjasmine like beauty arrest my eyes! Seeing your ruggedness
I removed my mind’s veil and reached you! Holding slim waist
after measuring your contours Holding slim waist after measuring your
contours, I’ll give kiss, it is fantastic Tying the seven colour rainbow in sky… Tying the seven colour rainbow in sky
if I remain with you, it is fantastic! Seeing your glittering smiles
shyness will send new messages! Darling’s games appear new
and pave way for progress! – Come let’s have tea.
– Should I come to have tea? Bring it! – Though you have lost your eyes,
you are still fussy. – What did you say? – Can’t you hear? – No.
What did you say? You will not hear even if I repeat I have become cheap
ever since I became blind! Anyone seeing me
would think I am blind! I should pretend I am not… There is a worthless blind guy
in the jeep, give him a tea! Buddy! Are you the blind guy? Who is blind here? Do you think I am
blind because I wear dark glasses? – I’ll kill you. – You are talking
in the wrong direction, you are blind only – Have the tea
– Damn it It is Suri Are you fine? – Yes I am happy!
Who is that? – I am Bunny – Are you fine? – Fine! Is it true that your eyes were looted?
– What do you meant by loot? For looting, is it a cash?
I had kept it in Central Eye bank… …because I don’t want to see the
atrocities of the society I’ll get it back once our society prospers! Will you go away from here?
– Ok take care – I know that. No one said
my eyes are nice when I had eyes Now everybody is asking!
I cannot tell them Does he know that you had looted his eyes? I had an oil make up, when I hit him
how would he know? Will he be like this life long? – I did that
because he has to realize his mistake You don’t get tense!
I’ll arrange for his eyes. – Ok POALAVARAM, West Godavari district,
Telengana Border Poalavaram Post Office What Janakamma? Make a call to this number Just a minute
A call for you – From where?
– Tell him I am Janakamma from Poalavaram Mom! – How are you? – I am fine.
What about you? – Fine. Tell me Ratha Saptami on coming 22nd.
The chariot would not leave until you come I made the call to remind you
I did not forget that I never forget that
I’ll come surely What about ‘pedaiah’?
– I have given a petition to the Jailor He will be released on same day Rajamundry to Polavaram Give me a ticket to Polavaram Be quiet son
Don’t cry Dear! What happened Dear,
whose child is this? Take this child What happen to your leg?
Why are you silent? Don’t say anything. Today onwards
he should be brought up like my son Go inside
Shut the door Dear! Don’t beat him
Leave him Don’t beat him – I beg you, don’t beat my husband
– Where is the child that he brought now? – Tell me! Otherwise I’ll
kill you -Don’t say! He is inside go and get him Don’t kill him! Don’t kill him! Why are you crying? I brought him with great risk. You killed my dear friend’s son! I did not give the child that
you brought. I gave our child! – What are you saying?
Yes, the child is alive I have seen woman
sacrificing their wedded life, but… …now I am seeing a woman
who sacrificed her own child! You did a great sacrifice!
You are divine! He is not only God’s son
He is like our son Is our son ok? – I thought you would ask about me! But you asked about the son, you are great Do you know how he is now? Vicotry be yours! – Lord Narasimha
– Hail! – There are a lot of eyes with tears son!
– I’ll wipe it, Dad! But I want to know the fact
that you have hiden from me Why did you bring me up secretly
from my childhood? Why did you admit me
in Mahalakshmi’s college? Why did you ask me to make her love me? Tell me, Who am I? You are a son of a King!
That’s why we brought you up secretly Your life was in danger! That’s why
we changed your name from Raja to Bunny Mahalakshmi is your Aunty’s daughter – What?
– Yes Your father’s name is Rangarao Bhoopathy Though Narasimha was
the presiding deity of this temple Your dad had a place
in the minds of the people! He was a Simham(Lion)…! Even though Godavari is flowing near by… …the water was not available
for agriculture At least this year provide some rain
and help the farmers to live happily – Lord Narasimha, -hail!


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