Buva Tithe Baaya – Superhit Marathi Comedy Drama with Subtitles

‘The leader of endless
millions of galaxies.. ..glory to Maharaj Aai Baba (parents)!’ “Glory to Maharaj Bajaba!” “Prayers to Aai Baba.. the great Lord!” “Prayers to Aai Baba..” “Prayers to Aai Baba.. the great Lord!” “Prayers to Aai Baba..” “Prayers to Aai Baba..” “Prayers to Aai Baba.. the great Lord!” “Prayers to Aai Baba..” “The leader of endless
millions of galaxies.. ..glory to Maharaj Aai Baba!” “Glory to Maharaj Bajaba!” Please come in a queue..
please form a queue! No crowd before the statue.. Please come in a queue.. here.. here.. Come on.. come, come. He is alive and sitting there.
And he is calling him a statue! Here.. come.. Here.. come.. Son.. son, where did you cut your hair? What questions he is asking! Where he cut his hair! Here too.. yes.. go. Bai (woman).. Sagar, Vaiju, Saru.. why are you
just standing there like atheists! If you bow down completely before him.. ..will your bones break!? If you sing glories to him,
will your tongues shed?! Right.. right.. ok. Brother..
– Hey! Please get aside. Baba is here.. here. -I’m just a channel! -Yes, yes. Sagar.. throw away that cigarette! I’m not scared to smoke in
presence of my parents even.. Devil.. what are you saying! If your father. Daji
Saheb had been here.. ..he would have bashed up your face! Child.. -Child?
– Child? – Child? Even if you color your hair,
you still are a child for me. Why do you get furious? What can I do Baba? -When these youngsters
commit sins.. -Commit sins.. -Their path of
salvation clears. -Clears. I’m going to preach about that today. -Please tell us!
Please do! -What nonsense! Tell us quickly! Has kerosene arrived
at the ration shop?! Look at him! Did you hear? Why this ruckus?! Turn by turn, ask me.. -We are blessed with a human body,
just once. – Just once. When we complete 84 lakh births,
we are entitled to a human birth. We are entitled. From this cycle of birth and death, – only one person
can save us. – Save us. -And that is God.
– God! Because.. – Listen!! – Yeah!! Listen!! “Be careful, the
branch has grown a fruit!” What is this? “Be careful, the
branch has grown a fruit!” “The devotees have come to pray to you!” What a tune! “The devotees have come to
pray to you!” – Stop it. “Be careful, the
branch has grown a fruit!” “The devotees have come to pray to you!” “The devotees have come to pray to you!” “The devotees have come to pray to you!” -This body is pampered
so much.. -Pampered! -This body is pampered
so much.. -Pampered! – It is made to wear ornaments! – Wear! – It is made to sit in a vehicle! – Sit! – It is made to ride a horse.. – Ride! But at last.. – ..at last the body will remain
down here. – Remain down here. -The spirit will rise up.
– Spirit will rise up. -That’s why the saints have said..
– Have said. “Vehicles, horses, clothes, ornaments..” “Vehicles, horses, clothes, ornaments.. ..and gold bangles too..” “All will remain here,
your naked body will go up?!” “My beloved.. my God..” “God.. god.. god!” -This human body..
– Human body. -Is born..
– Born.. -A human body stinks!
– Stinks! You have to spray yourself with perfume. That’s why it is said.. “A bottle of perfume..
get for me, beloved..” -Beloved?!
– Beloved?! “A bottle of perfume..
is like your body, Lord.” “Like your body, Lord!” “A bottle of perfume..
is like your body, Lord.” “Like your body, Lord!” “A bottle of perfume..
is like your body, Lord.” “Like your body, Lord!” -But even if the body is good..
– Good. -The mind..
– Mind.. -The mind is devious.
– Is devious. All 24 hours of the day, this mind
is filled with unwanted thoughts. Filled with! -Sometimes you feel..
– Feel. -To rob someone’s house. -Rob. -To do away with someone’s jewelry.
– Do way. -Loot a bank.
– Loot a bank. -Sometimes you feel..
– Feel. -Like looking at a female.
– What!!! -The mind feels like!
– The mind feels like. -Sometimes you feel..
– Feel. -Like raping someone.
– What!!! -You feel like.
– Feel like. Yes. -Don’t you feel like? -Yes. Then which female was
in your mind yesterday? Baba.. what is the solution to
free the mind of these sins? -Am telling you that only.
– Tell. -Sins are born from..
– Born.. -Attraction and greed.
– It is. -This Sagar smokes.
– Smokes. -He is attracted to cigarettes.
– Attracted. -That’s why he smokes and
commits a sin. – Commits a sin. -What?!
– Yes. -Smoking is a sin?
– It is a sin. -Smoking ‘Beedi'(local
cigarette) is a sin. – Is a sin. -Chewing tobacco is a sin..
– Is a sin. That’s why.. don’t do this!
Don’t do that! Yes.. you say, don’t
do this, don’t do that.. -Then what should we people do?!
– Yes! -Chant God’s name. -What! Chant God’s name. -Drinking tea is a sin.
– Is a sin. -Drinking coffee is a sin.
– Is a sin. -Then this?
– Yes, you can blow a trumpet. What trumpet will you blow! Shiv! Shiv! Shiv! Quit alcohol. Yes.. you mean add alcohol to soda
and drink. That’s what he means. -No! Drinking alcohol is a sin.
– Sin. -I asked you to quit that.
– I see. -Reading a book is a sin.
– Sin. -Reading novels is a sin.
– Sin. -Watching movies is a sin.
– Sin. -Watching dramas is a sin.
– Sin. -Wearing such beautiful
clothes is a sin. – Sin. -These two have worn these clothes.
– Have worn clothes? -Have your eyes burst? They
are clothes, right! – Yes. -They have worn these clothes,
it’s a sin. – Yes. Sin. – What?! This is a sin? -Yes. -This is a double sin.
– Double sin. Because you are wearing such clothes, unwanted thoughts
come in people’s minds. -They do. -Now, since they are
wearing such clothes.. – Yes. -Some thoughts are coming to my mind.
– What!!! -Would there be any
thoughts in my mind? – Yes. -But others will surely have.
– They will. -And these sleeveless
blouses that they wear.. – Yes. ‘Yama’ (God of death),
slashes the hand with a saw. What!! -But what do they need saws for?
Their counterparts.. -Sagar! They need saws. Really! Then tell me something. Women who wear nine yards
Sari or a ‘Dhoti’ style Sari.. ..what punishment ‘Yama’
must be allotting them, right.! Can’t even imagine! -It’s better not to imagine that. -Yes! -And Baba.. – Yes. And you stay in
people’s homes in luxury.. ..is that not a sin, is it?! -And Aai (mother)..
– What dear? -Not you.. that Aai.
– Ok. And Aai.. the way you are
sitting decked up with all ornaments.. ..is that not a sin?! No.. we are not
attracted to the ornaments. -But you humans do.
– Ok.. ok. They have themselves put
on the ornaments on her. Yes dear girl.. your
father-in-law himself put this weight.. ..of ornaments on me. I took his sin on myself. Glory to Baba! Baba.. please take this sin
that is in my hands, into yours.. -Oh!! What are you doing!!!?
– Shut up!! Take this sin in to your hands
and free me of this sin, Baba. -Very good! The path of your
salvation has cleared now. – Cleared. Keep it in the bank. Safe deposit vault. Oh my God! There is a
white mark on Baba’s hand! That’s right. He has to take all
the deadly sins of the world.. ..on to himself. And it is
the result of that, isn’t it? -Of course.
– Yes. According to this logic, by
now you should have got leprosy. Sagar!!! Speaking this way
doesn’t befit you, understand! What doesn’t befit?! If he is taking all the sins
of the world on to himself.. ..then the white mark is not enough. Vaiju.. lets go from here.
Else your father will come here. And just as your grandfather
donated his gold chain to this Baba.. ..similarly your father will
donate his golden daughter to him! Wow! -What? -Wow! How did this thought
come to your mind at all!? Kaustubh , have you gone mad?! Am I lifeless like that golden chain?! And I am in love with you. There.. When someone even
mentions being in love.. ..my anger knows no bounds! No bounds! -Humans should stop loving each other.
– Stop. That means? Even parents
loving their children? And a sister and brother’s love? And brother and sister’s love? That is just to get a money
envelope on ‘Bhau Beej’ day. -That is the greatest sin! -Sin. -When a person stops loving
another person.. – Stops.. -AT that time.. at that time,
we’ll achieve salvation. – Salvation. -If you want to love..
– Yes. If you want to love, then love me. What!!! -I mean love God via me.
– Love God. I’m just a by-pass.
That’s why it is said.. Listen.. “No being strangers..
call me your own..” “No being strangers..
call them your own..” “Treat us like your family.” “Treat.. treat.. treat..” Treat! “Now sing the prayers loudly!” “Now sing the prayers loudly!” “Now sing the prayers loudly!” “Now sing the prayers loudly!” Glory to Maharaj Aai Baba! Glory to Maharaj Bajaba! Maharaj.. I have got for you..
bananas from my garden. Wow! Very nice. Very nice. Next. Aai!!! Hey! I’m Baba. Baba.. Baba..
yesterday, my buffalo delivered. That’s why, I’ve got
for you, without fail.. ..this ‘Kharvas’ (milk
sweet) from an bull. Take it Baba! Why are they laughing? -Bull! -Oh! I’m sorry! Have
got this buffalo ‘Kharvas’. Please accept it. Baba, he has got ‘Kharvas’,
please don’t make him nervous. -Keep it. -Keep it. Take this. Tie it so that you
get both, a bull and buffalo. Next. Slowly.
– Baba. -Have you got leftovers or what!
– I’ve got for you, the first brewed. Give it to me then. Then give him. Take this. Hey.. disciples.. Please sit. You’re not
chief guests to stay here. You get so many things for me.
But what is it of use to me? Yes. -Why?
– Why Maharaj? Maharaj is right. Whatever you get
for Baba, he doesn’t consume it. -Baba, doesn’t eat anything.
-Doesn’t eat! -Baba, doesn’t drink anything.
-Doesn’t drink! Whatever you get for him,
I’ve to consume it all. Oh God! Baba doesn’t eat anything,
Baba doesn’t drink. -Since when?
– Tell him. So many decades, so many ages
have passed. Isn’t it, Baba? -I don’t know Baba.
– What!!! -I know very well. -Ok. Ok. Right from the Treta
Yug (Third phase), son. From Treta Yug?! Then how does this Baba survive? How does he survive?! -Because of Aai. -What?!! -Get lost. -What?!! The great mother. Because
of the great mother goddess. Yes, yes. -But Baba, forgive me for asking this.
– Forgiven. What is your age? What kind of a question is this?! Does the father of the world have age? He is limitless and endless. Wow! – I can still see the whole
‘Ramayan’ happening before me. See! Meaning?! You were present
during the Ram Avatar (incarnation)? Tell him now! Present.. present..!
When Ram executed Ravan.. ..who wiped off the
sweat from Ram’s forehead? -Who wiped.. -I did! What are you saying!! Meaning.. even then you had
a white mark on your hand?! What’s happening? What’s happening? Crazy boy! When mother Sita gave
the fire sacrifice.. ..who made the preparations for
the pyre for Mother Sita? Baba did! Wow! Wow!
– At that time, his hands got burned. They are the scars of scalding,
not leprosy. Yes! Get it? That is India Penal Code. That means you must remember the
‘Krishna Avatar’ (Krishna’s lifetime) too. Remember?! Here.. here.. he has
played here on this lap of mine. Yes.
– Slowly.. The saints from the later era,
Saint Ramdas, Saint Tukaram .. ..you must remember even them. Who got out Maharaj
Tukaram’s holy books? Who got them? -I did. -He got them. And Ramdas Swami.. who helped
him elope on the wedding horse? Who did? -I helped him elope.
– He helped him. -Else what Samarth
(great one) he is! -Yes. -I.. I made him great!
-He made him great! Oh God! That means.. it is hard to imagine
the age of people who have seen.. ..’Ram Avatar’ and Krishna Avatar’. Then! Even after all this..
what condition is Baba still in? What condition? Like a youngster in his thirties. Yes, yes.. only you must
be knowing that very well. Get lost there!
– Come on. Come on. Come on. It is
time for ‘Chakra Pooja’. Come on.
– So disciples. Remember one thing. -Don’t be greedy. -Don’t be. -Don’t commit sins.
– Don’t commit. I’ll just be back.
– Ohh!!! No.. I’m just relaxing my legs. -Come on. -Yes.
– Come on. Come on. Announcement!
– Announcement! “The leader of endless
millions of galaxies.. ..glory to Maharaj Aai Baba (parents)!” “Glory to Maharaj Bajaba!” So.. get going now.
There is no lunch facility. Get going.. get going.. Yes, let’s go. We have
to come back tomorrow. -Yes, yes..
– Get the tie too. Yes. – Don’t come here again. Where do these people go.. Oh god! My legs are aching! Sit down. Sit down. Rascal! Scoundrel! Idiot! Fake! Sagar.. softly.. he will hear! Let him hear.. I don’t care. From where has our father got this
nuisance of a Baba in the house.. ..God only knows! I’m
about to lose my mind! Not you. It’s time that I lost my mind! Get it. Sagar.. I didn’t imagine
that you would be such a donkey! What’s wrong?
– That’s what! What I say, Tatya(father).. You don’t even utter a word! You have proven to be
a very good daughter! Hopeless girl! A house where Aai Baba are so insulted.. ..I wouldn’t prefer
even water in that house! Just a minute.. you don’t water,
isn’t it? No water, right? Then at least have
some tea before you go. No.. you only drink that and go to hell! I don’t want to go to hell by
drinking tea along with you all. Get it! Hey! Firstly, you are suffering
from blood pressure, diabetes.. ..then why are you
screaming your brains out?! -What shall I do if not scream?!
– What happened? You’re lighting a
cigarette in presence of Aai Baba. Be thankful that I just
lighted a cigarette, not them. What! You’ll set alight Baba!?! Not just ordinarily.. I would
have sprinkled petrol on his head.. ..and set him on fire! Hey! Hey! If you speak
against Baba this way.. ..your mouth will be
filled with worms! Worms! You don’t know how powerful Baba is! Hey grandfather.. Baba cannot heal
the white spots on his own body.. ..then why are you telling
us stories about his power?! Yes.. you’re right.
After all you are his sister. You pointed out his white spot and
he called him a leprosy patient! I don’t understand something. If this person takes
the deadly ills of.. ..the world onto himself, then why
isn’t he suffering from leprosy? I just asked that.. where
did I go wrong? – Right! -Great men have that style of speaking.
-What kind of style is that! This God who has descended from
heaven is living in your house. And that’s why this filthy house
of yours has got some piousness. Be aware of that! But grandfather.. this God of
yours who has descended from heavens.. ..is today, trying to
throw us out of our own house. What about that?! Of course. This house belongs to us,
our father, our ancestors! And today.. this unknown
person is living in it like a owner! We’re not happy in this house..
because we don’t have any freedom. -Yes. -Right. Eat this, don’t
drink that, don’t sit here, sit there. Don’t drink tea, don’t smoke. Don’t watch dramas.. don’t watch movies. Don’t party.. don’t read novels! Don’t wear ornaments,
don’t wear good clothes! We’ll do whatever we feel is
right or else we won’t! – Yes! Hey! Do you all want to
go to heaven or hell?! we want to live on this earth only. Yes.
– After death, we’ll decide what to do. Yes. Do you get it?! And
if he is going to heaven, then we’re definitely
prepared to go to hell! -He’s right. – Look.. this
good for nothing bald Maharaj.. ..before coming here, he was
begging in the neighboring village! -Hear that!
– I’ve seen with my very own eyes! -Really! -There was not
even a rag on his body. Tatya.. ask Diwanji(treasurer) too. Someone has told him too .. Hear that. As soon as he was released from
the jail, he became a Maharaj. And his disciple, Bajarang! I
feel he is a first class fraudster! How he roams around
the house like a thief! When he sees some good article,
his face turns red. In the last month, many things
from this house have been stolen. All this must be his doing! And that Aai Maharaj too. Looking at her face she
doesn’t seem to be a decent woman. – Right. – Didn’t you see
how she was singing songs on .. .. the tune of cabaret songs! -Yes, yes.
– Every song has a tune of a cabaret. Yes! Four times a day,
they sit in the prayer room.. ..and god knows what kind
of ‘Chakra Pooja’ they do! Gosh!! Your brains are
rotted with such lowly thoughts! If you’re going to criticize
them in this lowly manner.. ..God knows what kind
of hell you will be in! As for this great man,
criticism and praise, both are same. May be criticism or devotion. His
business is of social betterment! Tatya.. I’m surprised at you. That Baba tells you some story,
and you believe him?! Why?
– You gave away your gold chain to him?! And when your daughter
asks you for something.. ..you think twice about it! Look Mai.. I’ve fulfilled
every wish of yours. Understand?! I’ve given your mother’s
jewelry worth10 lakhs.. ..to Daji sahib for safe keeping.
Do you know that? I know. But I’m sure that
the jewelry will end up .. .. at Aai Baba’s feet tomorrow. And if not, I’m ready to
undertake any punishment. I tell you beforehand! Without asking me.. Daji
Saheb wouldn’t dare to! I’ll break his leg! Yes! Am I so nave?! Hey grandfather.. you don’t
consider yourself nave, right? ..whom even a small kid from
the village won’t believe.. ..you feel those lies
are from holy books! What lies? What lies? Baba is limitless,
endless.. he has no age! When Ram executed Ravan, he
says he was standing next to Ram! Wiping Ram’s sweat
with his scarred hand! Yes. And when Krishna was
teasing the Gopis(females), he was sitting near Krishna.. ..like a crow on some tree
branch saying ‘caw caw’! And Baba’s age what they say..
4000 to 5000 years! And Baba.. as they say..
doesn’t eat at all! Then does he live on air like a snake! This is all about faith. Those who don’t have faith,
how will they believe it? Oh yes.. this Baba is
a dexterous fraudster! I can get you
innumerable proofs for that. Get them.. get the proofs
and I’ll see what they are! Just wait a little. Kaustubh
and I are trying just that. Once I get the proofs,
I’ll sit on his chest! And tell him.. show me your
father or get a funeral done! Tatya.. let the Baba have
any number of misdoings.. ..but I want to tell you one
of my experiences. – What? His way of looking at woman is not good. -Correct.
– What are you saying?! You’re a mother of two grown up kids. Forget him.. no other man can look.. .. at you with bad intentions. Get it?! You won’t understand that science. He looks at me, who is a
mother of two kids, that way.. ..then do I need to tell you
how he looks at these two girls! Grandfather.. I tell you..
as soon as he sees me.. ..he starts coughing! I don’t
even wait near him! Scoundrel! -And when he looks at me,
this way.. -What! Hey! His eye starts flickering! -I get scared, Sagar!
– I’m here, right. -Rascal!
– Who.. him! -But I say, what if he is
a Maharaj.. -But of course! Why should he get so close
to women in the first place! Why should he always pat their backs! And why does he need to hold
women’s hands and massage them?! – Then what! -This..
this is your proof!? Hey! So many times I
pat you on your backs. Your father takes your hands in his. Isn’t it? Then even I’m a sinner? Do I become a sinner? Does
your father become a sinner?! -Not that..
– Just the Baba is a sinner!? -Not that grandfather! -Why? As much difference there is
between a garland and a snake.. ..so much is the difference
between your hand and that Baba’s. Hear that?! And I don’t understand.. why
do these Baba’s need women.. ..around them all 24 hours a day! I’ll tell you why they need.
I’ll tell you! Speaking in his own words.. Where there is a tree, there is shade. Where there is world,
there is attachment. And where there are these ‘Buvas’
(god men) there are ‘Baya’ (women) That’s true! That’s true! I mean, when we go and
start talking to him.. ..he charges at us like mad dog! But the same case, if
women go and talk to him.. ..even if they are so old.. .. he becomes like a puppy
running around their feet! Hey! The reason why
women are so important for .. .. Baba is very different.
– He is a flirt! -Swear if any person in the
town speaks well about him! – Yes! People speak whatever they like.
Who can stop their tongues! And as it is, the people
of our village are idiots. Bhokarwadi Institution’s queen has
come and is staying at his feet.. ..is that for no reason?! Is she mad?! What is this grandfather? That Aai Saheb is the queen of.. ..Bhokarwadi Institution? -Of course! Not a joke!
– Impossible! I feel that this lady is a folk dancer! Any holy song, she will
start with.. ‘Listen.. ‘ “Be careful, the
branch has born a fruit..” Is this how a holy song starts!? Oh god! Oh god! I can’t hear any
more of your nonsense! I just can’t! Any person who makes such dirty
criticism will never progress! Never! I’m going! He is very angry. I’ll
go and calm him down. Ok. Go. Vaiju.. -What is it?
– Are you coming or not? We have to go to the
registrar office right now and.. ..give a marriage
notice for our marriage.. But I’ve to first take
permission from Dada. Will your Dada give
permission for your wedding? Have you gone crazy? If he doesn’t, then our path is clear. All right. I’m leaving now. If I
stay here even for a moment more.. ..I’ll go crazy. Bye! Kaustubh.. listen to me.. Kaustubh.. Ladies.. what are you doing here? Baba is calling out for you since when. It seems Baba has finished his prayers! His ‘Chakra Pooja’ is over. But after that he needs a massage,
have you forgotten? Hey Bajrangya!! Why
can’t you do the massage? And your Aai.. why don’t you
ask her to massage his legs! Or has she broke her limbs!?
Otherwise wait.. I’ll go! Hey! Why you? No ways.. I’ll give him a good
massage.. Scoundrel! Rascal! Look.. it is Paaji
(naughty) Saheb’s orders.. Look he’s saying ‘Paaji -It’s is Daaji Saheb’s orders. -Really! -If they don’t want to come..
-What will you do? -Then let them have their way. -Yes. But when Daaji Saheb returns.. ..just think about what
miracle will happen then. Vaiju, Sarita.. come on. If he returns and comes to know,
he will create a big ruckus! -But.. -Till the time we have to
live with them, we have to do this. You go and sleep inside. We’ll massage that
rascal’s hands and legs. -Come on sister-in-law.
– The scoundrel! -Sagar.. -Mother.. mother listen..
mother.. they.. mother.. What is this Bajrangya! -What do you mean by this? -What
do I mean by this..! Bajrangya.. Wow! What Bajrangya.. Baba’s disciples call me Bajaji Maharaj. Really! Then even I’ll
call you Bhajya Maharaj! Bhajya Buva.. till now you were
stealing in this house secretly. But now you’ve started
stealing openly! Aren’t you ashamed?! -Watch your tongue! -What happened? Think about whom you’re talking to. I never touch other’s things. Get it? Hey! You’re waving
this watch before me.. ..and you tell me, you
don’t touch other’s things?! Who gave you this watch? Baba gave it to me. ‘Baba gave it to me.’! Is Baba the owner of his house to
gift you things from this house! Baba is the owner of the whole universe. Why are you talking
about just your house! Hey! Talk to me properly else I’ll
remove universe from your mouth! Remove that watch.. remove it! -But.. mean..
– It’s my watch! -Is it yours.. oh.. it’s yours..
– Yes.. remove it.. Showing me my own watch.. ..and to top it you dare to
ask me whether it is mine! -Oh no, oh no..!
– Meaning? Baba’s teachings haven’t
made an impact on you. That’s why you are
behaving in this manner. -This is mine.. this is yours..
– Yes, it’s mine. This is his.. until these
feelings of belonging are cleared from.. -..our heart, we won’t get salvation.
– No, right! I may wear this watch on my hand,
or you may wear it on yours.. ..but according to the teachings,
both things are one and the same. -Wow! Wow!
– What is this now!!? What is this?! Whether
it is your ear or mine. According to the teachings,
both ears are the same, right!! -Let go, let go, let go!
-First give me the watch! -Let me go, I’ll
give you. Take it. -Yes. -Are you satisfied now?
– Yes, I am. It is not good to get
carried away like this, Mr. Sagar! -Really! -Remember.. anger..
anger is the number two enemy of man. Hey! The five types of addictions
in this world that are present.. ..being fake saints is the
number one addiction and fraud! -Will you get lost now or
shall I.. -Yes.. coming.. -Who’s calling you!!
-they are calling me.. Talking to me.. saying
they are calling me! Diwanji.. Diwanji.. tell me something. This black snake in the house..
how can we get rid of him? – Even I’m thinking about that. – What? -Yes. – In these three months,
how much has this dacoit looted .. ..my master are you aware of it? If Dada doesn’t tell us anything,
how will we know? -Look.. don’t tell anyone.
– Yes. He has swindled 10
lakh rupees from master! -10 lakhs!! -Yes, yes.. softly! Softly! That is nothing. Master has even stuffed jewelry
worth 19 lakhs down his throat. Oh God! Oh God! Diwanji.. you
should have told this to us before! Why did you keep it a secret? Who am I to tell? Who am I?
I’m just a servant. Will master listen to what I say? Master tells me and I just obey him. -Master is such an intelligent,
smart man. -Yes. Just at the mention of his name,
the neighboring villagers tremble. -Of course.
– But this Baba.. in last three months, he has made him a puppet. Just a puppet! But Diwanji.. I don’t
understand something. Father wasn’t so much
interested in godliness. Yes. Even I’m wondering. He
was not so much into Godliness. After taking a bath, with his
dripping body, he used to take.. But now.. he keeps the prayer room
door closed for hours together.. ..and he takes Guru’s
teachings from that Baba. Hey! What teachings can
this devil give our father! -I’ll tell you. -What? -I’ll tell you. -What? I’m trying to tell you since
when about what teachings he gives. -But you’re not listening.
– Then tell me. From last two days, I’ve
been eavesdropping on them. You do that also! Not so. It was that saint speaking,
that’s why I eavesdropped. Yes.. what was it? That Baba says.. ‘My wife, my son,
my daughter, my daughter-in-law..’ No one is mine! ..’My estate, my property..
all this is of no value!’ -That’s what he says..
-That’s what he says! Baba.. Baba’s blessings..
that’s my only savior. Except for Baba, I’ve
no one in this world. Baba.. Baba.. is my whole world. -That’s what he says.
– I see. My God, my religion.. nothing is mine. My entire world is just Baba! Just Baba! I see. I see. Such teachings
he gives to father! I see. But tell me something.
What should we do now? Whatever teachings he gives, he listens. Not just listens, but
repeats them like a parrot. -Really?
– Yes. But tell me something..
what is the solution.. .. to this? What should we do? -The solution to this is..
you won’t believe this. – No? It is not believable too.
But I agree a little bit. – What? – Because.. however small
a things is and whatever it is.. ..whether it is a lie even.. .. if it is repeatedly
said a thousand times a day.. ..then some day, that lie too
gets the status of a godly truth! That’s right. It does happen. True. But what is the solution to this? -Solution? -Yes. -‘Keshava..’ -Hey! What is this!? -No.. just listen to what I say.
– Ok. You’ll have to sing ‘Keshava
Madhava..’ and beg on the roadside! Then where has father
gone now? On the streets? I don’t know that. He
didn’t tell me where he went. -But it is my estimation.
– Ok.. -Our sugar mill..
– Yes.. -Our sugar mill..
– Yes.. He is busy with the process of
transferring that to Baba’s name. Sugar mill to be
transferred to Baba’s name! And what will this Baba
do with this sugar mill? It seems that Baba is going to
build a dairy over there. A dairy. A dairy in sugar mill! Oh my god! I think master is here. I’ll go.. ‘My mind don’t get
entrapped in attachments..’ ‘My time has come
closer to take me away.’ ‘Take the Lord’s name from your mouth.’ ‘Take the Lord’s name from your mouth.’ ‘Who will count our good deeds..’ Diwanji.. what are you
counting with such concentration? How is Baba’s health? What has happened to Baba’s health? ‘The moment is gone..
and the time is rumbling..’ Mistress needs to be taken to a doctor. ‘What is a wife and what is a son..’ ‘Just chant Govindam and
Gopalam in your mind.,’ In the last two days,
you have taken good care.. ..of Aai and Baba, haven’t you? From our reserves, a lot
has been already spent. That’s why, running the
household has become very difficult. ‘Ram dear.. you are my guest.’ ‘You have nurtured me in your womb.’ In the Chor Alandi.. Shri Baba
had asked to donate Rs. 5000. Have you done it? When he comes, ask him
to meet me immediately. Tell Baba that as soon as I bath,
I’ll come for his blessings. Ok.. Baba had asked to get a Pushkaraj
(precious stone) ring for Shri Aai. Did you get it? I mean.. if you haven’t then
please order it immediately. No.. actually the thing is that..
I inquired about that. -Ok. So then..-It will cost Rs. 15000 Diwanji.. this greed
for money is very bad. It causes the downfall of a man. Why should we worry at all, right? -Yes. – Don’t worry so much.
It affects your health. Hey.. please prepare for my bath.. ‘Chant Govindam and Gopalam’. ‘Chant Govindam and Gopalam’. ‘Chant Govindam and Gopalam’. ‘Chant Govindam.. Now become a nomad, take a ‘Iktara’ (string
instrument) in your hand.. ..and roam the
streets singing holy songs! Tell me, what is it? How come you are not ashamed of
starting a holy shop of Bhajya.. ..in a happy family home!? All this is Aai Baba’s blessings. If Shri Baba hadn’t met me .. ..and if Shri Aai
hadn’t kept her holy hand.. ..on my head, then just like a
fly which is entrapped in phlegm.. ..I would have remained entrapped .. .. till my death in this material world. Shri Baba gave me the Guru’s chant. And he cleared the
path of salvation for me. Is it?! That Baba showed
you the path of salvation.. And he has ruined my
whole home and family! You are not
concerned about that at all?! Since Shri Baba has decorated my
eyes with the kohl of spirituality.. ..I am not at all unhappy
about leaving my family life. I’m not attracted towards it now. No one in this world is mine. Family life is a waste of time! I’ll achieve salvation as early
as I leave all my attachments. Have you taken drugs? Or are you intoxicated? Hey! I’m your wife. We’ve
been married for 35 years. -Unfortunately. -I gave
birth to your son and daughter. And I’m no one to you?! No. You are no one to me. Repeat it! Say it again! Why once.. I can repeat it
hundred times. You are no one to me. If I am no one to you,
then who am I after all?! You are a bag of skin. Today.. and tomorrow,
you’ll be just a pinch of ashes! I’ll be a pinch of ashes? Should I say a fistful,
considering your obesity? And after that Baba dies,
would he be a pot full of ashes? -Hey! – Has he made you
consume some toxic substance?! Otherwise you wouldn’t
speak like a mad man this way! I’m your wife. Your son, your
daughter-in-law.. we’re no one to you?! Then who is yours in this world? Baba.. just Baba! Baba is mine and I belong to Baba. ‘He is my God and I belong to him.’ ‘He is my God and I belong to him.’ ‘Baba is mine and I belong to Baba.’ ‘Baba is mine and I belong to Baba.’ To hell with your Baba! If Baba goes to hell.. what will
remain in this material world.. ..just ashes!! God knows what inauspicious moment.. … it was when this
devil entered my house! Why would Baba enter our house? In fact it was me.. I
myself with my very own hands.. ..brought that God into my house. That day.. Baba came into my dreams. He said to me.. ‘Donkey, why
are you sleeping? Wake up!’ I got up and started walking ahead. And what did I see.. .. Baba was waiting for me
outside the Maruti temple. I recognized Baba immediately. At that time, I got a vision. To save this world, the Lord
himself had taken this form! And at that very moment, I
brought him to our house. Yes.. to ruin us all! Hey! He is the great soul
who loves all the world.. ..why would he ruin anyone? Baba loves this land, this nature,
every being on it so much that.. ..one day when an ant was
crushed under his foot.. ..Baba was wailing the whole day! Oh Gosh! Oh gosh! That Baba was crying the whole day?! And you are so moved! And in this mad house, our
daughter is suffocating to death.. ..and is there even a drop
of tear in the father’s eyes? What has happened to her.. What has happened to Vaiju
that she is suffocating to death? Our daughter has completed 23 years .. .. and has stepped into her 24th year. Are you aware of that at least? Our daughter is of a
marriageable age now. When will you marry her off? When Shri Baba asks me to. Hey! I’m her mother.
I’ll get her married! What has Baba got to do with it?! I am unfortunate. For, you are my wife. What has Baba got to do with it.. Why are you saying what
has Baba got to do with it?! Baba has a relation with everyone. -With me.. with you!
– What! Baba is related to
everyone in this world. That Kasturi family’s
Kaustubh has proposed to her. He was waiting for
you till now over here. Now say yes to him. -Mother.. that tom cat..
– What? -Baba (father)..
– Say Shri Baba. Mother, Shri Baba is insisting .. .. that you should apply
almond oil to his scalp. Go, go.. don’t make him wait. Go.. Wait! I’ll pour kerosene on
his head and set it alight! And then get my daughter
married to that corpse! Vaiju dear.. please come here. -Come.. -What is it Dada (father) -Do you have a sour throat? -No. I’ve gone a bit deaf. So.. Ok. Tell me something. Do you love me? What are you asking Dada? Till now, have I done
anything which was harmful to you? Not at all. Has this happened even once till now? Never. Then suppose .. .. if I decide to get you
married to someone. Will you mind? But with whom are you planning my
alliance with? Let me know first. Why are you concerned with that? I can fix your alliance to anyone. Suppose I decide to get you
married to Shri Baba. Do you mind? Whom did you say?!!! Whom did you say? With Shri Baba.. the great man
that I’ve brought to our house. Dada, such humor doesn’t suit you. This is not humor, dear. I’m telling you with a stone heart. Since the day Baba has
come to this house.. ..this thought has
been coming to my mind. Dear..to get a man
like him as a husband, you need good deeds of seven births. My main aim is that if
he gets married to you.. ..that holy soul will
stay in this house forever. He won’t go anywhere. Dear, you will have the good
fortune to give salvation.. .. to our past and
future 42 generations.. .. by getting into this alliance. Don’t let go of such an opportunity. Instead of giving your
daughter away to that wolf.. ..why don’t you cut off
her head. And murder her! So till now, you were
eavesdropping on us? Why eavesdrop? I was standing
here itself and listening to you. I was wondering why a
father was pampering .. .. the daughter so much today! What heartfelt talks were
going on, let me hear them! Why are you wasting time
saying all these things? Go, he will be waiting for you. Other than you, who will
apply almond oil to his scalp? He wants almond oil applied, is it?! I’ll pour kerosene on
his head and set it alight! Then you can get my
daughter married to that corpse! Look.. she is my daughter. I can get her married to anyone I wish. How will you get her married to anyone? I’m still alive! It’s my misfortune. I say, why does that Baba of
yours want to get married? Meaning? Why has he kept that Aai? Kept!!! Kept? How come your tongue
didn’t scald before saying that? You said that to the
great Aai Saheb herself? Baba is the father of the world. And she is the mother of the world! Because she is here, Baba is exists. And because Baba is here,
you, me and all of us exist. Tom cat Baba is remembering you. What? What did you say? Shri Baba is remembering you! I’m the most blessed
person in this world! Look.. whatever happens, I will
get Vaiju married to Baba only. -Hey!
– Baba.. Baba.. You damsel.. sit here! Couldn’t you open your mouth and say.. ..I won’t marry a dog like him! Mother, you know father’s nature. Is there any point in
arguing or disagreeing with him? That means you’ll
marry such a scoundrel! I’ve given my heart to Kaustubh. And I’ll marry him only. Where has this Sagar gone? He
needs to be informed about all this. Sarita.. come inside. If Sagar is inside, we
need to tell him all this. Yes.. come on. Vaiju.. Vaiju.. Vaiju.. Vaiju!! What? I’m here. -Vaiju.. -What is it? How are you? I mean.. what am I hearing? Your father has fixed
your alliance to that Baba? Who told you that? I met that Bajrang. He told me. Hmm.. father has that in mind. Just now, he told me that. What did you tell him then? What could I say? I can’t think clearly. You tell me. What should I do? -Me?
– Yes, you. You should respect your
father’s wish and marry that Baba. -Do you advice that? -Yes. Ok. I agree with your advice. You will, you will! You must
be happy to agree to my advice! Yes. As much happy you
were in giving me the advice.. ..I too was as much happy, to accept it. I thought that you loved me. Yes. Even I felt that you loved me. Look.. don’t make an
issue out of my advice! Before taking my advice, you
had decided in your mind.. ..to get married to
that Baba. I know that! You are such intuitive man! Then..- How you guessed
what was in my mind so fast! I know you never loved me. Really. Then now, if I
marry someone else.. ..there is no reason
for you to feel sad. I must be very happy to be
released from your grasp!! -So what next? -What next? You must marry. Be happy. And
I should grieve in your sorrow. That’s what you wish? No. I have no reason to expect that. Yes. You can find for yourself, a girl who you like
and who suits you well.. ..and lead a happy married life. You don’t worry about that, ok. I’ve found my to-be bride long back. She is thousand times
prettier and loyal than you. I am going to her right away! I’m missing her so much! What is this? Why are you crying? I didn’t understand a thing. You have ruined my life!
I’ll never see your face again! This is the last
thing I want to tell you. Kaustubh.. listen to me!
Kaustubh! Kaustubh! Vaiju.. Vaiju.. Vaiju.. why are
you screaming that Kaustubh’s name? If you want to scream, scream out
Aai’s name. Scream out Baba’s name! Scream out sister-in-law’s name. It is good news. I am so
impatient to tell everyone! Come.. come.. come.. come Maharaj! Please come.. come.. come.. Sit down! ..I can never repay
your favors, Maharaj. -Hey! Are you listening.. -What? Diwanji.. Diwanji, come out.. -Please come soon. Don’t
waste time! -Why did you call me? Come, come.. It’s fixed. There’s good news. What has been fixed? Shri Baba’s alliance
with Vaiju has been fixed. What!!! He accepted my request, and Shri
Baba has decided to marry Vaiju. Yes. And Respected Aai Saheb
has given her blessings too. Yes.. yes.. Hey! Why are you
speaking like a crazy man? Do you understand anything? My condition is like a crazy man itself! Hail!
– Hail. Aunt, don’t worry. The marriage of the two of us is
not union of two human beings.. ..it is the union of soul and God. It is the wedding of Lord
Shiva and Goddess Shakti. Righteousness is under threat. Sins have increased
manifold in the world. A divine son will be
born toy your daughter. I am just the medium. -What?!
– Did you hear that? Did you hear that? Just like Ram was born to Kaushalya.. ..just like Krishna was born to Devki.. ..just like King
Shivaji was born to Jijabai.. …in the same way the
future divine soul.. ..is going to be born to our daughter. You are going to become a grandmother.
A grandmother. Aunt…aunt, your luck knows no bound. The whole universe is going
to wait to spoil this wedding. -What?
– It is waiting. 33 million deities are
going to attend this wedding. What! 33 million deities are
going to attend this wedding! Accountant.
Accountant, don’t waste time. Go to the town right away. Book all the wedding halls,
lodges right away. Hey, idiot.
– Oh. Mr. Daji.
– Mother. You are such an idiot. The 33 million deities.. ..are the 33 million deities
going to eat ordinary food.. ..at the local hotels in this town? And will they stay at
cheap wedding halls? Lord Kuber will make
arrangements for them. Don’t worry about them. Hail Ganga! Hail Ganga! Ganga, where are you? Are you descending to the
earth to attend my wedding? -What are you saying?
– Miracle! What are you saying? Did you see? Did you see, Mr. Daji? You are blessed. River Ganga is descending to this house. You are blessed, your
daughter is blessed.. ..your family is blessed. Aunt, I didn’t understand. River Ganga is going to
descend to this house. Is River Ganga going to
descend to this house? -Yes.
– Where will she stay? There is a well in the back courtyard. Shall I make
arrangements for her descent there? You are such a miser. Mr. Daji, you are being so stingy. She dwells on Lord Shiva’s head. Will you make her descend into a well? She is Mother Goddess Ganga. It’s not a pool where you dip your feet. Right. Look! Look! Look! I can hear the sound. The sound of Mother Ganga’s sacred flow. Yes.
– Wow! “O Lord Ram, the Ganga
has become polluted..” Hey! Hail Ganga! Hail Ganga.
– Hail Ganga. Hail Ganga. Hail Ganga. Look there! Look there! Hail Ganga!
– Look there! Look there! Hail Ganga!
– Did you see? Hail Ganga.
– Yes. Touch her feet. Touch her feet. Hail Ganga.
– Hail Ganga. Hail Ganga. Hail Ganga. Bless you, my child. My child. On Lord Shiva’s order I
have descended to the earth. Mother Goddess Parvati
has sent these gifts.. Vaiju, don’t waste time. Touch her feet
immediately and accept the gift. Go.
– Sister-in-law! Mother! There is only one gift. Go. No.
– why are you doing this? Brother! Brother! Don’t worry. I told her. There is only one gift. Set the rhythm. Set the rhythm to the three beats. “Bow, bow, bow, bow to the Lord.” “Bow, bow, bow, bow to the Lord.” “Bow to your parents. Bow to them.” “Bow, bow, bow, bow to the Lord.” Are you flying a kite? “Bow, bow, bow, bow to the Lord.” Have you gone crazy? “Bow to your parents. Bow to them.” Hey, have to smoked marijuana or what? “Bow, bow, bow..” She is asking about marijuana,
not bowing. Whose crutches have you brought? “Bow, bow, bow, bow to the Lord.” Hey, stop your song
about bowing to parents. Tell me whose crutches have you stolen.. ..or else I will beat you with them. Bow. “Bow, bow, bow, bow to the Lord.” “Bow to your parents. Bow to them.” Are you going to shut
up or shall I kill you? Bow. “Bow, bow, bow, bow to the Lord.” What? Forget it. Where are your mother
and Baba rolling in dirt? And my husband too must be
rolling in dirt along with them. It is you who roll in dirt,
they don’t do it. Really? – My father does the
job of destroying mounds of sin.. ..people like you accumulate. Today is the auspicious day of
Kapila Shashthi (6th day of the month). Okay. – Mother and father had
gone to river Ganga for a bath. A big crowd of the people
had gathered to watch them. You should have come there. “Bow, bow, bow, bow to the Lord.” “Bow to your parents. Bow to them.” Since morning she is there only. It is 11 o’clock now and
still she hasn’t returned. She will return. But let me tell you
the amazing miracles.. ..Shri Baba performed on the river bank. What are you saying? Are you going to tell us or not?
– Come here. Yes, I will tell you. I will tell you. Had you come there to witness it,
you would have realised.. ..that Baba is an
incarnation of the Lord. “Bow, bow, bow, bow to the Lord.” Even a dog won’t believe your lies. What miracles has your Baba performed? What do I tell you? Come here and tell me. Is there only one miracle to tell about? This is the solid
proof of Baba’s miracle. Crutches?!
– Yes, crutches. But what is the connection
between crutches and miracles? Now you asked me the right question.
– Tell me. Do you know the lame
beggar Lakhya from our town? The one who begs near
Lord Hanuman’s temple? These are his crutches. Is he dead or what? “Bow, bow, bow, bow to the Lord.” “Bow, bow, bow, bow to the Lord.” What about the crutches? It so happened.
– Yes. In the morning, lame
Lakhya went to see Baba.. ..limping like this.
– Who would limp like this? He fell at Baba’s feet. Baba caresses both his feet. He applied scared water. And a miracle happened. He threw away the
crutches and went off running. So I took these
crutches and rushed here. Oh!
– Oh! – What? “Bow, bow, bow, bow to the Lord.” “Bow to your parents. Bow to them.” “Bow. Bow..” Hail the mother and father
of the limitless universe! Welcome. Welcome. Hail Baba!
– Hail! Please come. Please come. Come. Sit. Sit. Hail Lord! Please sit. Those who don’t have
faith in mother and father.. ..all such non-believer pretenders.. ..come and see with
your eyes the miracles.. ..performed by mother and
father and fall at their feet. Bajrang. Bajrang, did you tell them.. ..how I made the lame
man walk without crutches? Baba, I was narrating that
miracle to them in detail. Have you heard? There is Subedar Hindurao
Jagdale from our village. His leg, left leg was
amputated from the knee. Baba simply placed his hand on his leg.. ..and a new leg made
of flesh and bones.. ..grew from the knee
like a new branch on a tree. What are you saying? Don’t talk about just that. I will tell you my experience. My personal experience. Since past 10 years there
was a dark spot in my eye. Yes.
– It had grown big. Wow. I was unable to see anything. But with Baba’s
grace…with Baba’s grace.. Baba just applied sacred water on it. On my eye. Baba just applied sacred water on it.. ..the spot fell in water and it
was carried flowing to Baba’s feet. “Bow, bow, bow, bow to the Lord.” That is nothing in comparison. Baba has performed a very big miracle.. ..in connection with my wife. What are you saying?
– What? I was married for 20 years.
– Okay. But we had no children.
– Oh, my God. I took my wife and got
her checked at many places. So. – I took my wife
to doctors, physicians.. ..and even to hospitals. But nothing happened. Finally I brought my wife to Baba. Baba simply placed his
hand on my wife’s stomach.. ..and a miracle happened.
– What? My wife started to get morning sickness. He just placed his hand.. ..and within one hour
my wife became pregnant. What? So your child’s face
must be exactly like Baba. It is exactly like Baba. “Bow, bow, bow, bow to the Lord.” If you say any bad
things about Bab’s miracles.. ..your mouth will rot. Baji, why are you telling him that? When a person has no experience.
– No. How will he understand anything?
– Nothing. Bring a heavenly beauty
before a blind man. – Yes. How will a blind man know?
– Yes. Play beautiful melodies
before a deaf man. – Yes. How will he know?
– How? Wait. I will perform
a miracle before him. Then he will understand. What is this?
– It is a chilli. Ask him to eat it. Take this. It is pungent.
– Isn’t it? Bring it here. You eat it.
– Okay. What? What happened? It is sweet. Oh!
– It is chilli. Baba, do you have one more? “Bow, bow, bow, bow to the Lord.” “Bow, bow, bow, bow to the Lord.” My child, what did you say? What do you say?
– I want more. Do I own a chilli shop? Did you see? This is called faith. Come here. I won’t come. Smell this.
– What? Smell this.
– Oh, smell it. Why are you behaving like this? Isn’t he asking you to just smell it? Ugh! It smells of kerosene. Oh, God. Oh, God. You smell it. Ah! It is not kerosene. It smells of kevra. You know, kevra, don’t you? It is the heavenly smell of kevra. Where is Vaiju? Call her outside. Let her
actually witness all these miracles. Call her. The other day you created
a scene about her marriage. Since that day she has
given up food and water. She is sitting before
God’s idols in protest. Where is God in our prayer room? Our God is before us in
the form of Baba and mother. Tell her to sit in
protest here, and not there. She is not going to even look at
your and your fraud Baba’s face. Oh, God.- Sarita, let us go,
otherwise we will go crazy.. ..watching his mumbo-jumbo. Let us go. Oh, God, oh, God. Bajrang Baba.
– Yes, Make preparation for
‘Chakra pooja’ (veneration). As you wish. Baba, tell us the
secret of the miracles .. ..you performed in the morning. What secret? Miracles flow through my veins. That is what we can’t understand. What is there to understand? I am the incarnation of God Almighty. Look. All of you look at me. Remove all thoughts from your minds. Bring only my face before your eyes. Now close your eyes. Your eyes are closing. You cannot see anything. Only my face is visible to you. Now tell me. Now tell me how I look. Wow, you look like Lord Shiva to me. Baba. Baba, you look
like Shri Krishna to me. You look like Lord of Gods Vishnu to me. Baba, I see the moon
and the sun on your head. Did they think this is an airport? Okay, now open your eyes. Do you realise now who I am?
– Yes. Are you satisfied now? Touch his feet. Not just to him, but I am
going to bow to all of you. I haven’t come seen stupid
persons like you in my whole life. Don’t speak another word. Get lost!
– I am not going to get lost. Get lost! – I want to watch
all the programmes in this place. Why avoid him? Yes, I will do it as soon as possible. Okay, sir. Sir, I forgot to tell you
in the middle of argument. What is it? Sir, yesterday you appeared in my dream. I appeared in a man’s dream? Yes, you had appeared. Lord Shiva had taken you on his lap. Mother Ganga was bathing you.. ..and Mother Parvati
was applying soap to you. The funny thing is,
when your bath was over.. ..I was about to come
forward with your towel.. ..your bull gave me a push and
from the top of Mount Kailash.. ..I fell down into mother’s bed. In my dream. Brother, I too had a dream about Baba. Tell us. Tell us.
– Baba. Tell us. Tell us. Will you get angry?
– Not at all. Have you got your sense back?
– Yes. I mean his…not his, the
one whose face is like.. I saw a donkey having
the face similar to him Baba and the mother who keeps
chanting Lord Shiva’s name.. ..were placed by the
villagers on that donkeys back.. ..and were taken round
the village in procession. Perform your miracles
in foreign countries. They will hail you over there. Over here they will ridicule you. Lord Shiva. Lord Shiva. Why do I need to go abroad? Sitting here I can see what
is going on in which place. Day before yesterday I had said.. ..that there will be
heavy rain in Konkan. It happened.
– Wow. There will be heavy rain in Mumbai. It happened.
– Well done. Bush, interfered
where he shouldn’t have.. ..and he attacked Iraq. How many people dies? There was so much suffering. That day…that day Baba
placed his head on my shoulder.. ..and sobbed aloud. That day. That day. He cried so much…he cried so much.. ..that I got tired while consoling him. I mean I got tired consoling him. Baba can see the next birth also.
– Wow. Baba can see everything. Baba can see where your ancestors are. Baba can see everything
inside the heaven and hell. Really?
– Yes. Can you tell me what my
grandfather will be doing.. ..up there at this moment? What do you mean by up there? In the heaven.
– In the heaven? Your grandfather? He seems to have died over there. Hey!
– What? I can’t see him there also. Oh, no! Your grandfather is
not in heaven. He is in hell. There he is.
– Hell? Grandfather, why are you in hell? Baba, what is my
grandfather doing in hell? Wait, it is a bit dark
over there, I can’t see. He is drinking illicit liquor. Lord Shiva. Lord Shiva. Why does he need to go to
hell to drink illicit liquor? It is available here. I bottle for 10 rupees.
– Give him a bottle. Can you guess what is
going on in my mind? Just like you can see through glass.. ..your brain is
visible through your head. So tell me what is going on. You are wondering when can
you kill me and mother.. ..at the earliest. Absolutely right. And you are also wondering
about when your father will die.. ..and when you will inherit the estate Hey, boy.
– What? Are you waiting for my death? Keep this in mind. As long as baba and
madam’s blessings are with me.. ..I won’t die even if I breathe my last. Mother! Mother! Sister-in-law! Brother! What happened? What happened? Bajrang caught my hand. You eat at our house and
you misbehave with our women? Calm down. Calm down. Calm down. Please listen to me. Let him speak. Let him speak.
– Listen to me. Then you can hang me if you like. ..to do preparations for your
‘Chakra pooja’ (veneration). Sister Vaiju was
sitting there in a corner. I couldn’t see anything in
the dim light of oil lamp. I went to check what was there. She is like my sister. How can I think
wrong thoughts about her? Don’t tell lies! He caught my hand and
hugged me without fear. Wait, wait, wait. Do one thing. Go inside and do
preparations for ‘Chakra pooja’. – Okay. Take along five or six candles.
– Okay. Then there will be light
and you won’t feel confused. Brother, I am telling you clearly. Throw out this crook right now.. Lord Shiva. Lord Shiva. Mother.. Sister-in-law, let us go. Lord Shiva. Lord Shiva. Come. It is time for my veneration. All of you go.
– Okay. Come.
– Come. Bye. Bye.
– Bye. Bye. Mr. Daji, I am going
to sit for veneration. Keep a watch. If there is a mistake
don’t start fretting. Keep quiet. Go inside and keep a watch. Accountant. Accountant, I am getting very angry. I feel as if my head will explode. What do I do? Sagar, I know that the
problem you are facing right now.. ..is of a very serious nature. So keep your head cool. Then only we will succeed. This Baba is as much a
frauds as he is smart. He knows very good
tricks to confuse people. Accountant, is it possible that
he possess some kind of powers? How can he possess powers? Even the street-side snake charmers.. ..perform this kind of
miracles and sleight of hand. He was talking about
performing miracles this morning.. ..on the riverbank in front
of people. All that is lies. It is publicity. I was present there in
person at that time. I have seen with my eyes. He hasn’t performed even
one miracle of this kind. What about the lame
man starting to run.. ..the stump of leg grew a new leg.. ..and the woman became
pregnant after 20 years.. ..all that is lies? Yes, yes, all those are lies. It was a drama. His cronies are panted everywhere. They do publicity favourable to him. People hear it and
they start following him. I had no idea there will be
such stupid people in the world. The world is full of
such people that is why.. ..such fake godmen and
pretenders find success. – Right. Right. I suggest all
these fake persons.. ..should be arrested and sent to prison. No, no, they must not be sent to jail. Why?
– They must not be sent to jail. These people who worship
them should be sent to jail. Correct.
– They put blind faith on these godmen. Yes. – The people deceive
each other in a bigger way.. ..than these fraud godmen.
– Yes. That is why he succeeds.
Tell me one thing. What should I do? What should we do? I will go and
tell brother about all these things. Okay, go, I will handle the rest. But if I tell him the
matter about his jewellery.. ..he will realise the truth. Your brother is quite practical. Yes.
– May I go? Go, I will handle this. Go.
– I am going. How to do this? Idea. Sarita. Sarita! Sarita, come here. What is it?
– Come here. What? It’s not like that, you crazy woman. You start imagining things. No, no, I am feeling scared. No, no. Why do you feel scared? I will be standing
behind that door. Get it. Don’t feel scared. First let me catch him red handed.. ..then I will thrash him. Don’t worry. I will do one thing. I will send Bajrang to call Baba. Wait.
– Don’t worry. Okay. Don’t feel shy. I have
told you, don’t worry. Don’t worry. Sarita. Sarita. Sarita. Sarita. Oh, Baba. Did you call me? Yes, yes, I had some work with you. Did you have some work with me?
– Yes. But who knows whether
you will do it or not. Will I do it or not? I will do it right now. Don’t keep distance from me .. ..and don’t shy away
from me and tell me. Okay. First promise me. Extend your hand.
– What? Extend your hand! I promise. I promise you. Oh! Oh, my God! You have caught my hand so tightly. Let me go. Let me go. What will happen if somebody saw us? Please let me go. Wow! Wow! Your hands are so nice and soft. How were all the hands of
women I have held till now. They were rough as if they
had just cleaned utensils. Wow, wow, you have got such nice hands. Wow. And arms. Your arms. Your arms are so firm. Just a while back hadn’t you
said that the God of death.. ..saws off the arms of the
women who wear sleeveless blouses? Death doesn’t even glance at
the woman whose arm I will touch. Why?
– I have made a contract with him. Okay, okay.
– Yes. Then it’s okay. You are praising my
beauty so much today.. ..but until now you
haven’t even glanced at me. It is your misconception. There are only three
women in this house. One like this and the
other one is like this. I like only you. Really?
– Yes. But don’t you like sister-in-law? Aren’t you going to marry her? I agreed because your
father-in-law asked me. But can she be compared to you? On hearing her name I feel disgusted. Oh. I promise you that I will marry you. Really?
– Yes. Will you promise me?
– Yes. Will you promise me?
– Yes. Please promise me. I promised you. Shall I promise you again? No, it’s okay.
– Fine. Who will look at that dull girl
when such beauty is before me? But what work did you have with me? Oh! Did you remember it now? Will you understand only if I tell you? Oh, I just forgot. I am feeling impatient to hug you. But what about mother? My mother is dead. Mother. That mother. That mother? Why fear that mother when I am here? But I am scared of my husband. What if he comes here? I know a spell. I will cast it on him
and turn him into a statue. Oh. Come, come closer to me. Come closer to me. Close your eyes first. Then how will I see? Please, Baba, close your eyes.. ..and keep your hands like this. Are you going to sit on my hands? I won’t do it. Why are you behaving like this?
– Ok. Keep your hands like this
and I will just be back. Do come back soon.
– I will just be back. Are you back?
– Wait here, okay? – Are you back? Are you back?
– Yes. Where are you? Are you back? I am back.
– Wow. Wow. How do you find me?
– First class. Sarita?
– Yes. Why have your arms
suddenly become thicker? Open your eyes. I am Sarita’s husband. Am I a bullock? Weren’t you going to
turn me into a statue? Cast a spell at me now
and turn me into a statue. Brother! Sister-in-law! Brother Daji! Come quickly! Come here! This Baba. I have caught him red handed. He was hugging my wife.
– Yes. – What? Leave his hand. But..
– Leave his hand! – I won’t leave it! Don’t you feel shame while
speaking such obscene words.. ..about a saintly man like Baba? Tell him now. Tell him. It’s true. He is absolutely right. I became greedy on seeing your beauty. What?
– I am a fraud. I am a cheat. Sir, please don’t hurt
me by saying such words. I know that all the
members of my family.. I really cast a lustful glance at her. I am a sinner. Please listen to me. Baba, please don’t torture
me by saying such words. I know all these members of my
family are waiting to harm you. Don’t go by my outward appearance. Do you think I am like God Almighty? Baba, I not only think
you are like God Almighty.. ..you actually are
another form of God Almighty. No, I am a cheat and a sinner. Listen, even if you
utter derogatory words.. ..and defame yourself,
I won’t believe it. Baba, I don’t want to become
like them and tread a path to hell. Brother, listen to me. He is a fraud and a cheat. Don’t fall prey to his schemes. Don’t say another word.
First apologise to him. Place your head at
this saintly man’s feet. No, no. I will touch your feet. Baba.. Baba, please
don’t test us like this. I will touch your feet.
I will touch his feet. Please don’t touch his feet. What is going on? A drama is going on about
bowing by lying on ground. Mr. Daji, is it true
what Kaustubh is saying? What did he say? That you are going to
marry off Vaiju to Baba? Yes, grandfather, it is absolutely true. Look, Tatya, Vaiju is my daughter. I will marry her off to any man I like. Don’t interfere in my family matter. Mr. Daji, mind your language. She may be your daughter,
but she is my grandchild, okay? And you cannot decide her
future without my consent. Baba, are you
agreeable to the whole matter? What can I do? God Almighty has told me.. ..that a divine man will
be born through her womb. Look, Baba, we are ordinary people. Go to another family and
talk about divine man. Don’t do it here. Tatya, this fraud man
who wants to marry Vaiju.. ..was trying to molest
Sarita just before you arrived. And if I hadn’t come here on time.. ..he would have raped her. Right. This Baba and his disciple
Bajrang is also like him only. And even after all this happened.. ..this Baba and mother, who
keeps chanting Shiva’s name.. ..continue with their affair. What?
– What affair? Yes, yes, I have seen it.
– Total lies. Total lies. It is true. It is true.
– Hear that. I call it ‘Chakra pooja’ (veneration). ‘Chakra pooja’? Baba, you and your mother
are free to do ‘chakra pooja’.. ..celibacy and anything else you like. I have no objection,
but not in the house of.. ..worldly people like us. There are lot of empty spaces outside. Go there and celebrate
celibacy over there. Disgusting. I had no idea such things
were going on in this house. Even I had got even more
influenced by this Baba.. ..than Mr. Daji is. Today I am free of that influence. Mr. Daji, return to me
immediately the jewellery.. ..worth 10 lakh which I had
given to you for safekeeping. I haven’t kept your
jewellery in kitchen cabinet.. ..which I can return on your demand. Come back in two or three days
and get back your jewellery. Fine, but if you don’t return my
jewellery within two or three days.. Got it? Let us go. Vaiju, Kaustubh, Sagar, come on,
there is no point in living here. This house has become a den of vice. There is no use of
decent people living here. Anyway, I was going
to disinherit Sagar.. ..and was going to
throw him out of the house. What did you say? Are you going to disinherit Sagar? Yes, and I am going to offer
my entire wealth at Baba’s feet. What are you saying?
– No, no. I want nothing of that. ..I am going to offer at
your feet all that I own. Are you going to give this sinner.. ..your house, property,
jewellery and everything? Is there any other
saintly person in this world? He is the only one. Look, if God Almighty
descends to the earth in person.. ..and tells us then only
we will believe this man. I can do that. Listen to him. Are you going to bring to the
earth God Almighty in person? Yes.
– Call Him. O 33 million deities.. ..your devotee is in trouble. Lord Shiva! Lord Shiva,
rush to your devotee’s aid. Look over there. Look, Lord Shiva is coming from there. Look at him and bow to Him. Look there. Wonderful. Wonderful. Lord Shiva, you heard my prayers. Look at this. Look there. My child. My child, you
are not a sinner. – Yes. You are my element.
– Yes. I have sent you to the
earth to liberate it. Hail the Lord of the universe.. Baba and mother.
– Hail. Hail the Lord of the universe,
Baba and mother. – Hail! “Radha-Krishna. Gopal Krishna.” “Radha-Krishna. Gopal Krishna.” “Radha-Krishna. Gopal Krishna.” “Radha-Krishna. Gopal Krishna.” “Radha-Krishna. Gopal Krishna.” “Radha-Krishna. Gopal Krishna.” “Radha-Krishna. Gopal Krishna.” “Radha-Krishna. Gopal Krishna.” “Radha-Krishna. Gopal Krishna.” “Radha-Krishna. Gopal Krishna.” “Radha-Krishna. Gopal Krishna.” “Radha-Krishna. Gopal Krishna.” Lord Krishna was born in Kamsa’s prison. Hail Baba Gopal Krishna!
– Hail! Hail Baba Gopal Krishna!
– Hail! Baba, pardon me if I
talk beyond my position. Do talk. I will
correct you if you are wrong. Baba, people believe that you
are an incarnation of Lord Krishna. Is it true? I used to behave the same
way Lord Krishna behaved.. ..in his childhood and youth. Lord Krishna used to
chase shepherd girls.. ..I chase women.
– Hari Om! Lord Krishna was
thrashed in his childhood.. ..in the same way I too was thrashed. Tell me, how many
wives did Lord Krishna had? 16,108 women and still
he is called celibate. We find it difficult to
take care of one wife. That is true. It has to be. It is. The husband has to stand
in queue to buy ration. It is the rule made by the Government.. ..but it has become troublesome for me. Some people are suffering. They cannot have two wives. But baba, you are Lord
Krishna’s incarnation. I am Lord Krishna’s
incarnation and she is my Radha. Move away. But Baba, it is said that
there were not good relations.. ..between Lord Krishna and Radha. In your view. In your view but not
in God Almighty’s view. Okay, I will give you an example. Come here. Come here.
– I? I won’t come.
– Baba, ask her. Why are you behaving like this? Come here. Come. Don’t misbehave with me. Do whatever misbehaviour
you like with your mother. You see, the sin was in
her mind, not in my mind. Did you understand? Get up. Get up and go out. Come back in one hour and
view the aspect of Lord Vishnu. Baba, where do we go for one hour? Go to the river.
– To the river? Take a purifying bath and
chant the mantra I tell you. Come back in exactly one hour.. ..and view the aspect of Lord Vishnu. Hail Baba Gopal Krishna!
– Hail! Hail Baba Gopal Krishna!
– Hail! Hail Baba Gopal Krishna!
– Hail! Come, let us go. Go out and come back in one hour. And while leaving, send
your wife to serve us. I will send her right away. You have to go and serve the Baba. Baba, I am going.
– Okay. Come back after one hour. Okay, I will be back.
– Don’t get angry. And don’t do anything in a rage. Baba, I am going. Well, how long do we
have to keep up this drama? We have to end it now. The last act is remaining. Better end it soon. I am getting very scared. I suggest, we have
already got in our hands.. ..jewellery worth 10 or
12 lakh from this house. Let us take that and run away. We already have got the jewellery.. ..stolen from the rest of the village. Let us go otherwise you and
Bajrang will go to prison. I am not used to getting handcuffed. I am feeling very scared. Yes, I was born with handcuffs. What are you saying? Go there and bring me a glass of liquor. It is sacred water in front of people,
when I am alone it is liquor. I am asking you not to drink. Bring it, I say!
– But.. – Bring it, I say! Why didn’t she come till now? I understood what they call a
walk like a swan on looking at her. She is so graceful. Take this. Wonderful. Wonderful. Now tell me. What do I say? Every night the same thing happens. Every night you fall
unconscious by deinking liquor. And your unfinished..
– Do you want it? Bajrang finishes your
unfinished ‘Chakra pooja’. That is why you are becoming thinner. Okay, okay, clean this
and send the woman inside. But am I not there? I said send the woman inside. She is very plump. Taking so long? Is she applying lipstick or what? Wow.
– What do you want? I want you.
– What? Are you in your right mind? Ugh! Have you drunk liquor? It is not liquor. It is sacred water. Come. – If you take one
step forward I will kill you! How will you kill me? My neck it so high. Will your hands reach there? A rat should never try to kiss a camel. Look, I beg of you. Take everything else. What do you have? I have got jewellery
worth 10 lakh with me. I have got this house. Once I get you I will be satisfied. Aren’t you satisfied as yet? No, not satisfied as yet. Come here. I…I will call my husband. Listen.. You can shout but nobody will come.
– Listen.. Mr. Daji! Mr. Daji! Baba, you called me so
I am here to serve you. I had told you to come after one hour. We finished bath and veneration.. ..and now we have come here to
view the aspect of Lord Vishnu. The devotees are waiting
outside for your permission. Answer my question. Answer
after thinking properly. Tell me, Baba. Don’t hesitate.
– Ask me. Tell me, what is your
relation with this woman? Tell him, I am your wife, right? Baba, this woman.. Baba, I don’t know her at all.. ..and she certainly is not my wife. What else do you want? Why are you talking like a crazy man? Don’t you realise what kind of service.. ..this man is asking from me? Look, sister..
– Sister? Baba has told us that other
women are like mother to me. I don’t want to get
involved in this matter. No..
– I am leaving. Listen..
– Sister, please don’t touch me… I am going. I am going. Why are you involving
brother in our dispute? No
– Don’t involve him. No!
– Hey. No.
– Listen to me. – No! Let me check.
– Listen to me. What is going on? Don’t shout. Lord Vishnu will be coming. Who is Vishnu? Lord Vishnu Himself will be coming here. Lord Vishnu Himself will
be coming here? – Yes. Call him. Lord Vishnu. Lord Vishnu, come to
the earth immediately. Come immediately…look there. Look, He is coming.
Look there, he is coming. Look there. Fold your hands. All of you fold your hands. Look there. Wonderful. My child. My child. I am here.
– Wow. I have come down for the inauguration.. ..of Baba’s World Peace Temple. ..for this auspicious occasion. No, Lord Vishnu, no. This house is ancestral property.. ..and Daji has no legal
authority to give it to anybody. Human beings must no
interrupt when the Lord is speaking. I will interrupt. I will interrupt. Lord Vishnu, if you
speak against the law.. ..we will boycott you. Boycott of Lord Vishnu? Yes, we can do so. No, no, don’t talk like that, Tatya.
Don’t talk like that. I will talk like that. I will
boycott Him ten times, not just once. Lord Vishnu!
– Must be boycotted. No.
– Lord Vishnu! – Must be boycotted. Must be boycotted.
– Shut up. What happened? There is confusion. Where are you running away? I have caught Lord Vishnu. Who are you? Bajrang?
– Yes. Inspector, tell brother what
mother says about herself. Is this your jewellery box?
– Yes, it is mine. What?
– What? Let us settle the matter. This woman, along with
this jewellery box.. Don’t call her this woman.
Call her mother. She is not mother. She was escaping by train
along with this jewellery box. What?
– I have caught her. I told you it is my jewellery box.
– Yes. Is this your box? The box and the jewellery
inside the box are also mine. I had given them to
Daji for safekeeping. This Baba and this mother stole it. No, no, don’t say that they stole it. Greed for wealth is very bad thing. I offered them to him
of my own free will. What will you take to
keep quiet? Keep quiet. You still don’t know who they are. They are Baba and mother. What Baba and mother? This Baba is Bandook
Bilander from Pandharpur. He is Bandya.
– Bandya?! He has raped and killed woman. And he was even
sentenced to life imprisonment. He escaped from there and
he is staying with you.. ..as Baba and mother.
– Oh, God. And this is Bajyaba Maharaj. What Bajyaba Maharaj? He is the thief Bajya. There are many cases of
house breaking against him. And this woman. Whose mother? This woman is a
member of a drama troupe. An actor?
– Yes, and a long time back she
was very popular drama actor. Baba and mother are this kind of people. Disgusting. How ironical your baba and mother are? It is not that there are not real
saints and ascetics in this world. There are, but very few. But they don’t make a
display of their saintliness. They never tell anybody to make lockets ..and pen with their images. These are thieves, crooks and robbers. Thief! They become fraud godmen and.. They ruin their married life. There must be no
punishment other than hanging.. ..for such fraud Baba and mothers. That’s right. What is right, Tatya? Inspector, no matter what
you say, but I still trust him. God, please forgive them. Keep quiet. Why forgive them? Tatya, I will tell you. You have seen what fraud was
going on in your house, right? – Yes. And do you know what
claim he made this time? What?
– What? The lame man near Hanuman temple.. The one who sprouted a new leg? He ran away with what wasn’t even there. Oh, God. No matter how much you
instigate me against him.. ..but I will shout and tell the world.. Enough. Keep quiet. And I am warning you not to
follow such Baba and mother. Go and mind your own business. Come on, go away.
– Thrash them. Come on. Wait.
– Wait. Why stop now?
– Why stop now? Baba, mother, Bajaba, what
will happen to me? – Oh, God. Tell me who will help me? Show me a way. Look, I have no hair on my head.. ..so I will give you a hair from my ear. Venerate it. It is your protective shield. Shall I come to your house? He didn’t say anything. Baba.
– Baba? Baba, I feel blessed. I feel blessed. Such stupid people will
never realise their folly.. ..and the crooks will
never mend their ways. They are a curse on the society. Hail Baba and mother!
– Hail!


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