#BwayZone Visits “An American in Paris”

We’re at the Palace Theater on Broadway to see “An American in Paris” Is there a reason you’re super excited to see “An American in Paris”? Well I really like it because me and my mom saw the movie
together so it’s like a connection between us. -It’s my favorite musical. – I like musicals. The reason we’re going is my marching band just did a show and we had the Eiffel Tower on the field. -They did American in Paris on the field. -Oh wow
that’s really amazing. We are just so excited to have you here. I mean, I saw my first Kids’ Night On Broadway Show was Miss Saigon when I was… Do you think it’s really important for kids to be involved in musical theater at a young age? There are so many things you learn. I
was a dancer when I was young and you learn so much about poise and how to
carry yourself and how to present yourself in front of people and not be afraid of
being in front of people. There’s a lot of life lessons and skills that can be
gained from being in the theater, but also you learn to use your
imagination and you get transported and you’ll learn what it’s like to
communicate to other people. Why do you think it’s so important for young children to experience live theater? I’ll go back to the first piece of theatre that I saw it was Desmond Richardson in Fosse and I was on the edge of my seat and it was here
is this man who was just so inspirational I’ll never forget that turned to my mom and I said I want to do that. You have an experience where you’re actually away
from that all that technology and you’re experiencing something that is flesh and blood and can make mistakes
and can inspire and make you listen

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