C/O Bangali | ” Bengali Restaurant ” at Hati Bagan

Whats up ? Whats up ? Welcome To Foodie Traveller , myself Ishaan and today’s video is on C/O Bangali The main aim for doing this video is because Durga Puja is approaching and many of us do shopping in Hati Bagan The location of this Restaurant is near Star Theater in Hathi Bagan i will also provide the Google Map location in the description Box This is a Multi Cuisine Restaurant They offer Indian Tandoor let me show you some items from the menu this is the Chinese Menu the offer and this is the Bengali Menu . we will try some items form it . All the Prices in the Menu are Including GST You will also find Thali and Combo in this restaurant Combos like Chinese and Bangali combo so i have placed my order Please Like the Video it Really Motivates us and Dont Forget to Subscribe if you Haven’t already you can follow me on Instagram also . @Foodie_Traveller_Vlogs I have Booked table using Dine Out and i will also pay using Dineout pay i will show you guys the Bill at the end of the video and how much discount i am getting using Dineout many of you requested me to do a video on dine out i will post the video on my Instagram profile and will share you guys the link in my community tab its raining outside and the view is awesome this area is 4 way crossing and i can observe lots of traffic the aroma is just mind blowing this is Plain Rice : Rs 62 all prices are including GST Moong Daal : Rs 65 Jhuri Alu Bhaja : Rs 35 Next is ALu Posto : Rs 75 Chitol Macher Muitha : Rs 165 and the Last main course Item is Mutton Dak Bungalow : Rs 250 i will show the dessert after completing my main course The reason i did not go for Bengali thali because of its price , i didn’t find it value for money The price of the Bengali Thali is Rs 690. Here is our Dessert, Caramel Custard : Rs 75


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