Café | A Woman’s Dilemma on Moving On | Award Winning Hindi Drama Short Film | Six Sigma Films

Yes mom. Where are you? Here only, in the café. He won’t come back by going
there again and again. I know. So why do you go there? I don’t know… You don’t worry,
I will be back home soon. One cold coffee. I think I know you. No, I don’t think so. But I really believe we know each other.
Please… I need my personal space right now. Ok, no problem. Listen. Did you study from D.A.V Public School? Yes. We were in same class i think. 2005 batch. Yes. see, I told you, we know each other. Shit.
Keep it here. You know, we use to study together.
It’s been a long time. Would you like to eat anything else? No thanks. What are you doing these days? Why are you standing come and sit here. No sir.
Please come. Come and let’s talk. So were are we. Yes. What are you doing these days? I am doing event management. Oh, what do we do in that? Organizing a program, coordinating… Telling people to do work. Oh so you organize marriages and devotional functions. No…not marriages functions, celebrities management… Production work… Corporate event types, man power providing and further more. Okay, what else do you do? Excuse me, I do this only. so after the school ending did you directly
went into event management? No… First I did my bachelors in animation… Then in middle went in events through a friend… which I really liked so thought of doing this only. What do you do? Theatre… What! Theatre… I direct plays, teach in a nearby school,
right now I had a break time so came here. Okay. I have a show on this Sunday, do come. Sure. I will make you meet my girlfriend too.
Girlfriend! I am not married yet, so she is my legal girlfriend. Okay. She is also director like me so we
both direct plays together usually. That sound’s cool. Okay listen. I heard most of our girl classmates are married. Almost, I myself went to most of marriages. Oh. Why what happened? Nothing. I really liked a girl in school days,
I mean she was my first love. Was she in our class? Yes, I really liked her. And love at that time was just like
veer zara(Indian movie). In extreme, as in even if she is not there I
could spend my whole life in her memories. We talked very less. But whenever we talked. I wrote down every conversation in a dairy with a date. And use to read them again and again to remember her. Can I tell you one thing? Just don’t laugh. Yes I won’t laugh. Tell me. I use to keep karva chauth fast for her.
What! Yeah I did not keep fast for god but for her. So did you tell her? yeah I proposed her. Bought some greedy
chocolate for her. Temptation
Yes, Temptation chocolate, whose name I heard for the first time. So what did she say? She rejected and even took the chocolates. I cried a lot that day and remembered her for years. Reading that dairy also made me cry. Didn’t you try again? Did, for 2 years I did, then she shifted school Then I waited for so long so that somewhere I can just see her. And whenever I saw her I had a big smile on that day. And my heart beats very fast. My face become red.
And eyes open very wide. I use to become very happy. But then she shifted her house And I couldn’t even see her. Till now
I don’t know anything about her. Oh. You really loved her a lot. Then how did you forget her? No did not forget her.
I just don’t remember her. Today we met coincidently so remembered all the school days. By the way I really want to know
who that girls is from our class? Yeahh??? Seriously? Don’t tell me you don’t remember her name. Seriously, it’s been over 15 years… And even did not even talk to anybody on this past 10 years. Ok, leave it Give me some hints. Tell me where she use to sit? She use to sit near class door.
She had red house. In which row? In front only, and she was favourite student of art teacher. Rupali wright. No. She had boycut.
Boycut? Who use to wear thick glasses.
Boycut? She was weird. Mitali. Mitali, yes. she was me. No. You. Mitali Why not? I mean. What happened? Nothing, you… have changed so much. Drink coffee. I had lost all hopes that I could ever see you. tell me one thing, do you still read that dairy? Truly speaking no. I read that for years but then kept in my cupboard. And never read it again. Tried a lot to never remember you. But I made my mind. That I cannot live my life with a single pain. If you open that dairy again? Then.. I think I won’t be able to live my life again. Oh shit. What happened? its time for my class, students might
have reach. If there is no teacher Students doesn’t find difference between class and a playground. I must go. You do come to see my play What happen. Don’t you wanna spend your personal time? No. Sorry, I wasted your chocolate. No, it did not get wasted.


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