Cahoots NI – Innovative, world class theatre for young audiences

Cahoots NI are a dedicated children’s theatre
company based in Belfast, Northern Ireland. We produce large-medium scale work for young
people, our remit is from age 4 to 104. We rely heavily on the visual potential of theatre
and we use the age-old popularity of magic and illusion as an essential ingredient. We’re
sitting on the sit of Nivelli’s War which is a production that was funded via the Lottery
and the Arts Council of Northern Ireland in 2014. It was a project that was nominated
for a few awards, won an award over in London and several producers got to see it at the
time whenever it was performing at the MAC and subsequently it has been invited to represent
Northern Ireland on the Broadway stage in New York so we have a short run here in Belfast
for a few weeks and then we embark on our travels to New York where we’ll open on Broadway
at the end of April. ‘What city, Frankfurt, Frankfurt’s a mess, take me there, to Frankfurt?
Because you stole from us. Oh oh oh I see but I don’t care about that, I don’t care
about you Ernst and I don’t care about your big house in Frankfurt alright, I hate you,
I hate you too.’ The style of work we are producing, the feel of our work has a certain
resonance with the American market, the Japanese market, the China market and so we’ve really
embraced that and i suppose the outworkings of that means that our productions now last
for months upon months, I mean we currently have a production running in America for four
months, that’s a full production team from Northern Ireland. I think one of the most
incredible things that my eyes see when i travel with productions like Nivelli’s War
is how we’re sort of boxing above our weight in Northern Ireland. Children’s Theatre is
very much developed in Northern Ireland, we have a thriving industry here and certainly
you know one that I know other countries are looking in at going wow, how do we do that.
‘Having a war is like having your hands in the air all the time, eventually you just
get tired of it. Goodbye Ernst.’ The Arts Council of Northern Ireland is Cahoot’s principle
funder and we’ve had a long standing relationship and we’re very proud to support a company
which is pioneering in leading and developing theatre for children and young audiences throughout
Northern Ireland and as we will see with Nivelli’s War taking it to America. Well the Arts Council
funds support theatre companies to go out to places like New York to showcase the very
best of work which is being created in Northern Ireland by artists from Northern Ireland and
that showcasing will then generate future touring opportunities and essentially it also
provides employment for artists in Northern Ireland. The success of our artists abroad
demonstrates that Northern Ireland is a place that is forward thinking, that celebrates
the vibrancy of the arts and values the arts and our artists.

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