Cal Poly Theatre & Dance – Learn by Doing

Some come in with a very clear idea
about how they want to utilize their theater degree. You from day one you know they’ve
declared theater as their major and so they have a very visualized idea
about its application as a maybe as a performer, as a stage manager,
as a designer. Some students know that they like
theater but they haven’t quite figured out what it is that they want to do with it. Senior project seminar class is their way to research a particular career path in theater arts or other different job
prospects for themselves to where they’re utilizing the skills
that they’ve seen, that they had ascertained through the
the theater major. Today I’m presenting some of my writing samples. I’ve got two monologues, a scene, a sketch, a one-act play and then a short first act of a screenplay. I did my senior project on a spoken word piece. I also created
a video with it. I’m using a GoPro. My senior project is just a culmination of all my work that I’ve
done. The stage is my passion so I just showed a couple of varying abilities and I also have my short films that I’ve been in on a loop just a show that I like to do
diverse things as well. They get to pick and choose that pathway
that they’re most interested in, in whatever career seems to be the most exciting to them at a particular time. I’ve been working light programming and working on lighting
for the past four years and I thought it would be a good way to
finish up my senior year. It’s just something I just kinda fell in love with it. I don’t
really know how it happened I got into it when I was in high school and I proceeded here at college and it’s been I’ve been coming back ever since. Programming, what I’m interested in, is sort of a really interesting blend of design and sorta imaginative and creative skills and also technical skills so I think it’s kinda where those two things meet. What I want to be is a playwright and so this just actually exhibiting exactly what I wanna do with my career is being a playwright so being able to
actually learn by doing the process of writing it’s just emphasizes what Cal Poly is. Hopefully it’s getting them to
understand and value the major that they’ve invested in but then also trying to find those
practical, objective ways in which the major can be of use for them outside of here. What we’re trying to emphasize is in the choices that you can see in there, is that you can do anything you want with a theatre major. The goal of all this is for them to sit at
graduation in December or in June and if a family member
asked them you know what you’re gonna do it theater
major they can really look them in the eye have a very clear idea about what it is
that they are going to do with it.

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