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Kumar…Kumar…chill out, bro. Everything is on schedule. All the girls have been selected. I’ll see you next week
with all the details. For now…we’re working
on the presentation. Till then just chill
out on your yacht, bro. Okay, see you. You know who that was? Where are Kumar’s Calendar Girls? We’re just waiting
for your instructions, sir. Well, then this is the instruction. Call them. I want all of them in Mumbai. Tell them to take the
next flight out, alright? Come on, this is Showtime! This is homemade pickle… …and clarified butter.
Don’t forget to eat them. I wonder what they will
serve you in the name of food? And…I’m packing this
photo of Lord Hanuman as well. Just because you’re a model now.. ..doesn’t mean you
stop fasting on Tuesdays. Okay.
– Hello, Mr. Mehta. How are you? Mr. Mehta, my daughter Mayuri… …is flying to Mumbai tomorrow.
– Oh my God… Yes, yes, yes… She’s flying out
to be a Calendar Girl. Yes…yes…
– Economy. Mr. Mehta,
you’re posted at the airport. And my daughter’s ticket’s
been confirmed in the Economy class. And…I was wondering if it
could be upgraded to Business Class.. will be really nice…
I mean…if you can do it… That’s was all, Mr. Mehta. Yes…yes… Thank you.
– Thank you…thank you very much, sir. Our daughter’s been promoted
to Business Class. – Very good. She’s got a strong luck. After all she’s my daughter… Always takes a long jump. She will make it really big.
– Papa… Just wait and watch… Soon Mayuri will be Rohtak Queen. Wow…wonderful. Let’s take a selfie.
– Yes, please. This… You’re going to trot
in front of the entire world.. such skimpy clothes. Disgusting! This is the result of pampering her… Calling her ‘beautiful’ all the time. Now she’s going to
put her beauty on display.. ..and the world’s going to ogle. How do you know, brother? Did you ogle at these
beautiful girls too? You… Father, go inside. I will talk to her.
– I don’t want to talk about anything. Only five have been selected. This is not some ordinary job. I’ve decided…I want to go.
– Fine. Go! But don’t ever come back. I won’t, father. But one day…I will invite
all of you to Mumbai. You will feel proud of your Paroma. Just wait and watch. Paroma! Paroma!
– Mom! Congrats, Sharda. By becoming the youngest
Vice-President.. ..of such a big company,
you even outdid your mom and dad. Thank you so much, Jayshri Aunty. I hope I did the family proud.
– Yes. I don’t see Nandita around. Nandita… There she is. Hello, Nandi dear.
– Hello, aunty. Being born in a family
of over-achievers.. ..has its own side-effects,
right dear? Mom-Dad…CEO.. And your big sister broke all records. Now everyone wants to know
about your plans for the future. I’ve been selected as well, aunty.
– WOW! IBM or Infosys? Calendar! Calendar?
– Yeah! Which bank? Dhanlaxmi? Those calendars are
only good for showing dates. I am talking about the
hottest Calendar in India. Are you serious?
– I know it sounds a bit strange.. ..but trust me… When this Calendar comes out,
I’ll be everywhere. And anyway,
every company has CEOs and VPs. But you see Priyanka and Deepika
on the hoardings promoting them. Right, aunty? Naazneen, you’ve made a lot
of progress from Lahore to London. So what is this obsession about… ..going to
Mumbai and becoming a Calendar girl. Inzamam, I haven’t achieved
anything big in life yet. I still have many more
heights of success to scale. And Calendar girl
can be means.. get into Bollywood.
– No! I don’t want you
to get into Bollywood. You can do whatever you
want right here in London. Not possible, Inzamam. This is a huge platform.. ..and I cannot miss this opportunity. This means you’ll leave me. Did you forget the day…I brought
you here from those lanes of Pakistan? Why don’t you come along too? Don’t be crazy.
I don’t want to go to India. I can’t stay here either. Inzamam, I’ve decided
that I am going to India. Naazneen! Naazneen! What kind of a joke is this? I guess you’ve made up your mind.. give bread-n-breakfast
service to the men in India. I had my doubts earlier.
But now it’s confirmed. You know what… You’re going to become
a bloody cheapo. You… Sharon, you’ve been selected
for Calendar girls.. ..but, are you sure
you want to do this? Janvi, you sound
like I’m going to Iraq. I’ve heard a lot about
that industry. There are no rules. Booze, drugs, sex…orgies! I really hope so. By the way, that’s what
the world thinks about our Goa. Like…college girls
walk around in bikinis. And booze and babes
are easily available here.. eggs and toast.
Is it true? No.
– Exactly! You know,
only one thing matters for me. And that’s a good experience. When I show these Calendar
photos to my grandchildren.. ..even they will think
how hot their grandma was. Sharon, you’re crazy.
– Not crazy, I am completely sorted. Keep walking…and I’m gonna run. You know I really don’t understand
what you people keep doing. Behave like absolute dolts. Excuse me, sir.
– Yes! Timmy’s here. Kumar.
– Timmy, my man. How are you doing?
– How are you? Very well. All okay?
– Absolutely. Come, come, come. Sit.
– Thanks. Guys, setup.
– Yeah. So…what’s up? Timmy…this has been our joint
venture for the last 15 years. 15 years! You know…I have many businesses. But no other business gives
me as much kick as this one.. ..because this is not a business. This is my passion, my friend. Look at the calendar. It’s a Hit! Earlier only the high-society
would wait for it. Today all of India waits for it,
you know why? – Why? Because this Calendar has
become a symbol for all of India. It’s the symbol of success,
of aspirations.. Achievement… Power! This year I’ve even
doubled the copies. Oh really. Wow! Tell me what’s in-store.
– Right away. Slides please. So here are your Calendar girls. First one is Paroma Ghosh. Bong Bomb!
– Stunning. Naazneen Malik.
Lahore, Pakistan. Cute, huh! And this is Nandita Menon,
from Bangalore. This one is Sharon Pinto. Sassy lass from Goa. And last but not the least. Mayuri Chauhan.
– Oh my, God. Small town girl, Rohtak. But big value. Thank you. So?
– Superb. Superb! Where do you get these girls from? I’m not going to tell you my secret? So tell me…what’s the destination? Where do you intend
to shoot this year? You know I’m thinking… White Sands…Blue Seas… Mauritius! Superb. I am very-very-very happy. This is brilliant.
– Thank you. “Ah…Aah…Ohh…
We’re on a roll.” “Ah…Aah…Ohh…
We’re on a roll.” “Ah…Aah…Ohh…
We’re on a roll.” “Ah…Aah…Ohh…
We’re on a roll.” “This is the moment
to fulfill our dreams.” “Fate has bestowed this opportunity.” “This is the moment
to fulfill our dreams.” “Fate has bestowed this opportunity.” “We won’t miss this chance.” “We’re gonna pluck the stars.” “And go beyond the skies.” “We will rock the world.” “It’s our intentions.” “And a promise made to ourselves.” “We’re going to show them all.” “We will rock the world.” “We will rock the world.” “Ah…Aah…Ohh… We’re on a roll.” “Ah…Aah…Ohh… We’re on a roll.” “The pace…is increasing..” “We’re spreading our wings.” “And we won’t stop for anything.” “The pace…is increasing..” “We’re spreading our wings.” “And we won’t stop for anything.” “We won’t miss this chance.” “We’re gonna pluck the stars.” “And travel beyond the skies.” “We will rock the world.” “It’s our intentions.” “And we made a promise.” “We’re going to show them all.” “We will rock the world.” “Feet on the ground…but
eyes on the sky.” “Our paths unfold beyond the stars.” “Feet on the ground…but
eyes on the sky.” “Our paths unfold beyond the stars.” “When we tread on…the
world stopped.” “Now that the heart’s
filled with bless…” “…there’s no place for sorrows.” “We won’t miss this chance.” “We’re gonna pluck the stars.” “And travel beyond the skies.” “We will rock the world.” “It’s our intentions.” “And we made a promise.” “We’re going to show them all.” “We will rock the world.” “We will rock the world.” Girls, welcome to Constance
Le Prince Maurice. So girls…we start
shooting from tomorrow. But before that…all of
you must do something for me. Something that every Calendar girl.. ..has to do one night
before the shoot. So I want all of you to one by one… Blend in…with me and yourselves. Come on, girls, lighten up. Shed your inhibitions. So what we’ll do is.. ..all of you will share some
dark and deep secret about yourself. Okay? Okay. And yes…be brutally honest. Alright. So who do we start with Sharon, let’s start with you. Tell me…
when did you first feel a man? I was 15. What? I was in school…
but he wasn’t in my school. He was my neighbor. And he was a sailor. I had this fantasy. To give that epic Titanic
pose like Kate Winslet.. ..with my Leonardo Dicaprio. But there was only one problem? What? He only knew how to
pose…but no positions. He turned out to
be a two minutes noodle. What? Good. Thank you, Sharon.
– Yeah. Nandita.
– Yeah. Tell us. My first relation…
was with a female. Jenny. We were both 17. Same school, same class. She would come over sometimes
for combined studies. That day we were studying History. The battle of Panipat. It was a really boring chapter,
so we took a five minute break. And trust me guys,
those five minutes.. ..was much more interesting
than the battle of Panipat. But hello…
it was just an experiment. It doesn’t mean that
I am not straight. I am…straight! Interesting! Interesting! Paroma…say…something. I had just one relation.
– Okay. And it was quite a serious one. Pinaki Chatterjee. We met every day in Kolkata. I loved him a lot. He did too…maybe. Then…he wanted to build his career. He wanted to leave
Kolkata and go to Mumbai. He wanted to go and I let him. He was very ambitions…
which I liked. He’s the only guy I
had physical relation with. After that…not in touch. Sad, but…it happens. Right? Naazneen,
tell us something about yourself. Inzamam, my boyfriend. I mean ex-boyfriend. And the only man I was closest too. He taught me everything. My relation with Inzamam
was quite passionate. You know…we would
have these wild fights.. ..but we also make love like the wild. I don’t want to brag.. ..but I assure you
that I can please any man. Nice…I like the confidence. Mayuri…now tell us something.. ..that’s sexier, darker and more
attractive than all their confessions. To be very honest… I am a virgin.
– What? Yeah, right. Come on. But you know what…even
I’ve been a little naughty. Oh really.
– Yes. Like… I had a boyfriend in Rohtak. Guddu! Guddu? His father owned a barn. So one day he took me to his barn,
to kiss me. And we even kissed for a while. But you know…the smell of dung, and
the cattle were making such a racket. We couldn’t get any further.
– What’s wrong? Mayuri…wait…
– And I scurried off. It’s not that great. But guys, well done. Thank you so much for sharing.
– Thank you. Thank you. And by the way, this is all the
‘blending-in’ I wanted you guys to do. So chill. On a more serious note.. ..I want tomorrow’s
photo-shoot to be.. ..the most glamorous,
sexiest and most thrilling.. ..calendar shoot of all time.
– Yes! In short…the best
calendar ever shot. Are you girls game?
– Yes. That’s the spirit, now let’s go. Cheer!
– Cheers! “There’s water…there’re wave..” “And everyone’s on a rave.” “This is the ultimate
destination to party.” “There’s water…there’re wave..” “And everyone’s on a rave.” “This is the ultimate
destination to party.” “There’s glamour…there’re babes.” “And everyone’s on a rave.” “This is the ultimate
destination to party.” “Dance…Dance…baby dance along.” “On the party…party…party song.” “Dance…Dance…baby dance along.” “On the party…party…party song.” “Awesome my sweetheart.” “Awesome my sweetheart.” “Tripping little higher.” “Awesome my sweetheart.” “Awesome my sweetheart.” “Awesome my sweetheart.” “Tripping little higher.” “Awesome my sweetheart.” “Everyone’s talking about us.” “They’re mesmerized by
the beautiful body.” “My delicate attitude…is conveying.” “It’s flowing like the waves.” “There’s glittering
sand under my bare feet.” “This is the ultimate
destination to party.” “There’s glittering
sand under my bare feet.” “This is the ultimate
destination to party.” “There’s glamour…there’re babes.” “And everyone’s on a rave.” “This is the ultimate
destination to party.” “Dance…Dance…baby dance along.” “On the party…party…party song.” “Dance…Dance…baby dance along.” “On the party…party…party song.” “Awesome my sweetheart.” “Awesome my sweetheart.” “Tripping little higher.” “Awesome my sweetheart.” “Awesome my sweetheart.” “Awesome my sweetheart.” “Tripping little higher.” “Awesome my sweetheart.” Oh, my God! It’s going to be rocking. I am so excited. Do you have any clue how
many people are going to attend.. ..tomorrow launch party? I am going to be full on networking. I’m glad I achieved something. There was tremendous pressure,
you know. After all, not everyone
has a family background like me. Touchwood. I’m happy that I
did something different. It’s been such a different experience. Yeah! Hey girls, dresses are here. Which dress you want
to pick, darling? Red!
– Red! I’m going to get that one. What the heck?
– Thank you. She’s such a jerk. Chill out, you know how Mayuri is. And anyway,
everyone gets what they deserve. Come, let’s pick you a nice dress. Come on.
– Whatever. Yeah. Naaz…
once our calendar is launched. And my father and brother watch me.. ..sharing screen space on television
same as the Bollywood stars.. ..they will know…what
big achievements mean. And I am scared that this
might blow out of proportion. And people might put a ban on me
in Pakistan after watching my bikini pics. By the way…I must admit,
you’re quite bold. I didn’t know Pakistani
girls could do such a thing. Why? Pakistani girls can be
as bold as any other girl. Sometimes bolder. Yes. – Yes! I now request Mr.
Kumar and Mr. Timmy.. unveil the calendar 2014. Wow! Oh my, God!
– Wow! I love it.
– Wow! Amazing.
– Awesome, isn’t it. Oh my, God. Paroma, you just killed it. Best picture. That’s you. Oh my, God! Nandita. “Whilst treading down the path..” “..I never imagined that
destiny would smile on me.” “Where has my desires brought me?” “It’s a deluge of happiness.” “All my wishes have come true.” “Where has my desires brought me?” I was saying..
– Just imagine this. Girls, our lives are
going to change from tomorrow. Oh yes. Of course. A beautiful adventure
is waiting for us tomorrow. Cheers! Picture. Guys, picture. Paroma Ghosh. Pinaki! This is like magic. You here…like this. I am shocked. You’re shocked…and I am happy. I’ve seen many marquees
like these in Kolkata. But I am here to see you. I knew you were here. And not just as Paroma,
but as Paroma chief guest. By the way, you’ve lost lot of weight. I see…you mean to say
I was over-weight in Kolkata. You never said to me in Kolkata. If I had, then my plans to.. ..go out on a date with
you every night would’ve failed. I must admit, Paroma. You came all the way here from
Kolkata, against everyone’s wishes. And became the Calendar girl. It’s a big achievement. Anyway, enough about me. Tell me something
about yourself. – Ask. So what are you doing in Mumbai? Fine, not bad. Mumbai’s been good to me. I’m working for a
Event Management company. And also handle some cricketers, so.. Yeah, Mumbai’s been good. Wow…cricketers. I should’ve guessed. You were always ambitious
from the beginning. Thank you. So…I guess now you
have everything, Pinaki. Money, cars, bungalow…
girlfriends. That’s the only thing I don’t have. Why? Couldn’t find the time? Couldn’t find the right girl.
– Ohh, I see. Enough about me,
let’s talk about you. A beautiful girl like
you…all alone in this place. What’s the matter? Where’s your boyfriend?
Are you hiding him at your home? I am still single. I’ve a busy schedule
and need to focus. Okay. Anyway…I need to go.
– Okay. I’ll help you.
– Yeah. Paroma, it was really
nice meeting you. – Me too. We must keep in touch.
– You too. Take care. There’s one thing
I forgot to tell you. Puchka’s called Panipuri in Mumbai. Go! Wow, that’s superb, Bob.
– Thanks, Sharon. Rocking shoot. Anirudh, hi.
– Hey, Sharon. How is it going? You’re looking gorgeous. Thanks to you. You got me
this really nice Ad. – Really? And you’re impressed with this? Trust me, this is just the beginning. Thanks. I’ll go change. Let’s catch up.
– Sure. I am very happy and privileged.. ..that you chose
my company TalentLap.. look after your jobs. Just wait and watch… Endorsements…Fashion
Shows…Photo Shoots.. Magazine Covers… You name it and I’ll
line it up for you. What happened?
Why are you smiling? You know the only thing
that matters to me.. good and interesting work. I just want to do
something nice and unique. That being said…I’m very happy.. ..that your agency
will handle my jobs. Beauty with brains, huh. I must say you’re a very
sorted girl…and I like that. Thanks. Let me show you what
I’ve lined up for you. It’s okay, Anirudh.
I trust you. Fine, then…
I guess it’s a great start. I’ll tell you what,
let’s go out and celebrate. Come on. Not tonight, please. I am very tired. Sharon, in our industry…getting
tired is banned. You see…it’s a simple rule. If you don’t party, you won’t be seen. And if people don’t see you enough.. ..then how will you
sell your beautiful face? Huh! So come on. Trust me, I would have.. ..but it’s just that I’ve
an early morning shoot tomorrow Next time, it’s a deal. Next time when we meet. We’re going to party
like there’s no tomorrow. Done. Deal. – Deal. See you sweetheart.
– See you. So Naazneen…did you trot
your body around in India? By the way…I am sure your Calendar
shoot had a really low budget. That’s why you were wearing
those beautiful two-piece. I am sure you didn’t have the sense.. ..of what to show and what to hide?
– Inzamam, stop it. For God’s sake, shut up.
– Don’t you dare utter the word God. What you did is forbidden amongst us. You will rot in hell, you cheap woman. Inzamam.
– Don’t you dare take my name. You shot for the Calender, what now? Will you do Po** next? I’ll do Bollywood films.
I am getting offers. Yeah…now you’ll be sleeping around
with those infidels in Bollywood. Inzamam! Look, Mayuri, first impression
is the only impression. Mr. Tiwari…your English is so weak.
– Why? What’s wrong? First impression…
Good morning, ma’am. – Good morning. First impression is
the last impression. – Yes. It’s alright. But it’s
your first day of shooting today. So start impressing
everyone from today. Don’t worry, Mr.
Tiwari, I’ll handle it. You just see. Bobby will get down from the train,
then Mayuri enters.. Good morning, sir.
– Good morning. Good morning, ma’am. Sir, my dreams have come true today. My first film, and with you. Nice… Sir, I’ve been really lucky
for everyone since I was a kid. And our film will be a big hit. Just wait and see..
– Okay. Just give me your blessings.
– Okay, okay. Mayuri, I want the same expression.. gave at the time
of the audition, okay? Bobby, hurry up. Or else…we’ll miss
the train of our life. This one, right sir? Okay. Okay. – Sir..
– Later. Thank you. By the way, Ricky…nice shirt. Thank you, ma’am. Give him a cutter someone. Hello, Venkat sir. How am I looking?
– Nice…really nice. Sir, please tell me my best angle. So that I look my best in the movie.
– Sure, sure, sure. Yeah.
Deal. – Thank you, sir. Did you have breakfast?
– No, not yet. Don’t worry,
I brought homemade stuffed bread. We’ll eat together. Okay?
– Okay. Sure?
– Yeah! See you, sir. Sir…sir..
– And you approach from the front. Our film is trending
on Twitter. – What? When lots of people discuss
or tweet about a topic.. ..then it starts trending. Look, sir. Everyone’s
talking about our film, sir. Everyone. But how did this happen? All thanks to Mayuri. She has 500,000 fans on Twitter. And ma’am tweeted five
times about this film since morning. Sir, her followers
are already talking. And this film is trending. Just watch…
this girl will make it big. Yes, sir. The audition was difficult,
but you did a great job. In fact,
our director is really impressed. Really?
– Yes. And Nazneen, now you’re
doing this role in the film. Thank you so much, sir. Thank you. Nazneen, I want to start shooting
this film as soon as possible. And so I’ve a start to
finish schedule for this film. All the shoots are in Mumbai,
and you will enjoy it. But Nazneen, I hope you
don’t have any travel plans. Not at all, sir.
I came to Mumbai to work. Nice…that’s nice. And this is your signing amount. Thank you so much, sir. Looking forward to..
– Thank you so much. Seriously. Nandita,
finally it’s so good to meet you. And trust me when I say that.. ..out of the five Calendar girls,
you are my favorite. That’s so sweet. So what’s next? Bollywood? Let’s see, I’m getting few offers. Let’s see when it happens.
– Great. Hi, Naina.
– Harsh Narang, lovely. How happy am I to see you?
– Same here. Let me introduce you to
the very gorgeous Nandita Menon. Hi. – Calendar Girl.
– Hello. And of course,
this handsome young man.. ..I don’t think I need
to say too much about him. Of course you don’t need to. I have met him a couple of times. Really? – On television
and newspapers. And recently I saw him
on Business India Magazine. He’s on the top 50
entrepreneurs of India. I am impressed. I didn’t know models
are so up to date. I mean about the world of business. I’m glad I changed your opinion. By the way, Nandita, you know.. ..Harsh leads the perfect life. Private jets,
cars, wine, food and drink… He does everything in style. But just when you think
you’ve figured him out.. ..he will surprise you.
Right? He’s very sweet but
also very-very impulsive. Oh, come on Naina.
– Hey Naina. Sheetal, I’ll be right there. You guys chat, I’ll be see you later.
– Sure. – See you. See you. So, enjoying the party.
– Yeah. Frankly Nandita,
I haven’t seen your Calendar.. ..but I am sure you must
be looking gorgeous on it. Thanks. So, is this your first
time in Jodhpur? – Yeah. I’m very happy to be here.
– That’s nice. How long are you planning to stay? I’ve flight tomorrow morning at 6am. Back to Mumbai.
– Cancel the flight? Huh… What? Yeah, cancel the flight. Are you serious? – Yes, we’ll have
breakfast tomorrow, at my stud farm. But.. – Don’t worry,
I’ll send you back on my plane. But… – My driver
will be at your hotel. See you then, tomorrow morning. Nandita, this is our family
stud farm…and my passion too. Wow! – I just love horses. I keep an eye on each one of them. And you know…some of these
horses are 4th generation breeds. Wow…do the horses take part in races?
– Of course they do. They have won many derbies for us. They have made us Narangs very proud. That’s nice. So what’s next. I mean what’s after Calendar Girls? Well…my career’s just started. Offers are pouring in. Next week I’ll be the brand
ambassador of the Spastic Society. By the way,
I am not interested in movies.. ..but I am getting some offers. Let’s see what happens.
Hope for the best. Will you marry me?
– Huh? Nandita, will you marry me? Madam, a bouquet on
Aman Khanna’s birthday. Worth 3000 rupees. And its producer Puja and
Rohit’s wedding anniversary. So a bouquet worth 2000 for them. Another bouquet or Ram Dhanoa. He’s completed 25 years
in the film industry. And…one for Rishabh Chopra. He’s about to announce three films. We’ll send him the most expensive one,
worth 5000. Anyway, Mr. Tiwari, tomorrow
is my driver Nakul’s birthday. So we buy a bouquet for him as well?
– Of course, Tiwari. We’ll buy a bouquet worth 250.. ..take a nice pic and
post it on the social media. People should know how sensitive
Mayuri Chauhan is about her staff. Wow…wow, madam. This is called foresightedness. No, Mr. Tiwari, it’s called PR. Wow…madam. Honestly,
you’re going to make it really big. Thank you, Mr. Tiwari. But, Mr. Tiwari. We’re spending
so much on the film industry. We’ve been sending bouquets,
but what’s the next plan? I don’t want to do a handful
of films and go back to Rohtak. I want big money,
big star and big film. Madam…even the biggest
stars don’t get all three. You have to wait. There one guy…who can
be really beneficial to us. We can extract money from them. Builder Makhija’s son Bablu
Makhija wants to be a hero. And he’s looking for a heroine. He’s willing to pay 10.5 million. 10.5 million? Imagine…the things you
can do with 10.5 million. 10.5 million. Yeah, what’s up? What are you saying? It’s started in Bandra as well. What the hell… These guys don’t know
the meaning of peace. Okay, bye. What happened?
– It’s the same old story, madam. Pakistanis killed our
soldiers at the border. And the entire country is
staging riots and shouting slogans. What to say… You know, madam…these Pakistanis
are good for nothing. Am I right? I am a Pakistani. You… Sorry…sorry, madam. I didn’t mean to say it. Sorry, madam. Here we are, madam.
We’ve arrived. This is the drop point, right. Pakistani artists..
– Quit India. Look, madam. That lady in the photo looks like you. That’s you. By staging rallies in
many parts of Mumbai city.. ..people have said
that Pakistani artists.. ..should not be allowed to work
in Bollywood and the Glamour world. Vande Mataram! Vande Mataram! What’s going on, madam. Vande Mataram! Vande Mataram! That’s her! Nazneen Malik. Don’t worry, madam. Come out! Come out! Move. Crazy people. It’s her. Drag her out! Get me out of here. Don’t worry, madam.
I’ll get you out of here. Don’t worry. Get lost. Madam, don’t be scared. Sharon, for the first
time I was scared for my life. Please…I am really scared, Sharon. By the way, why don’t you
go back to London for a while. By then the situation will calm down. No. inzamam is in a fit of rage. He’s really unhappy. London is not an option for me. Then…you can stay here,
in my apartment. You can use anything you want,
just feel at home. Thank you. Thank you so much.
– Stop all this. No need to thank me. In fact, I’m feeling bad that..’re so stressed and I have to go. Naaz, if it wasn’t
for the Dubai show.. ..I would’ve stayed with you. But I’ll be back in three days. You take care of yourself, okay. And don’t be stressed. If you need anything, call me. Thank you. “Vande Mataram!”
– Take care, bye. “Vande Mataram!”
– Bye. Bye. “Vande Mataram!” “…that Pakistani artists..” “..should not be allowed to work
in Bollywood and the Glamour world.” Hello. Hi, Naazneen. It’s Vikrant
Acharya speaking. – Yes, sir. I am sure you heard the news. I just received some calls. Maybe they know that we cast
a Pakistani heroine in our film. Naazneen, you know we are
supposed to shoot entirely in Mumbai. And shooting under these conditions.. You do understand
what I am trying to say. Yes, sir…but this matter will
soon be over.. – I’m sorry, Naazneen. I cannot postpone the
shooting of my film any longer. No way. I’m sending my office-boy.
Please return the cheque. But, sir… Hello…hello.. Yeah… 46 runs in 15 balls.
– What are you saying? I mean come on… Seriously guys.
– Excuse me, guys… …I’ll be back in a second.
– Yeah. Excuse me. Hey gorgeous. Paroma! I am so happy that you’re here.
– Hi. Looking good. You’re looking nice. Yeah, exactly. That’s what I said. Paroma, let me introduce
you to some special people. Mr. Iyengar, he’s an important selector
in the Mumbai Cricket Association. Hi, nice to meet you.
– Hello. And this is Mr.
Kariappam. A big cricket enthusiast. Hi.
– Nice to meet you. And this is Yogesh Sharma.
– Hey…hope you know me. Of course I do.
– He’s a great spin bowler. Bye, guys. Bye, see you.
Come, Paroma. Let me introduce you.. Mr. Manohar.. He’s a big businessman.. ..and the most important
member of this cricket league. S. Vasant. Hi.
– Hi, pleasure to meet you. And this is Raghav Chaddha.
– Hi. My good friend and
24 hour helpline. – Yeah! Guys, I want you
to meet Paroma Ghosh. This years most
beautiful Calendar girl. Oh, really? Be nice to her. Everyone knows her. And this is Akhil Sood. Indian Batting
Line-up’s ‘Run Machine’. Of course I know him. I’m a big fan of yours.
– Thank you. How have you been?
– I’m good, how are you doing? Good. It’s so good to see you.
– Thank you. Excuse me, guys. Come, Paroma, I’ll get you a drink.
Come. Honestly, Pinaki. You really underplayed
yourself at Durga Pooja. But now I see…you’re
nothing short of a celebrity. You know all the bigwigs. Come on. No, seriously. I am so proud of you. Feelings mutual,
I am also very proud of you. No, sir…there’s no such problem. What happened? Nothing. So what are your plans?
– Plan? What can be my plans
after three glasses of wine? Just go home and sleep.
– So early. It’s 3am. What do you think?
Will I let you go so soon? I don’t know… …you already left once. Hey… Look at me. I was helpless back then. But it’s all set now. I won’t leave now
or let you go either. “Where has my desires brought me?” “It’s a deluge of pain.” “Is it the heart making mistakes..” “..or the conspiracy of time.” “Where has my desires brought me?” “It’s a deluge of pain.” “Is it the heart making mistakes..” “..or the conspiracy of time.” Look, Nandita. Every girl wants a boy like
Harsh and a family like the Narangs. And that includes me too. But, sister…you do know
about Harsh’s condition. I know. But Nandita,
it’s not a condition at all. What do you mean?
– I mean… Your new Calendar came out recently,
right? – Right. And that’s why you’re
getting so many offers. Next year…when the
next calendar comes out.. ..the offers will decrease as well. And then gradually it might all stop. Okay…look at it this way. The companies you model for… …many of these companies
are owned by Harsh Narang. Did you get the difference? But, sister… Sister..
– Look, Nandita. Harsh Narang is offering
you a good and comfortable life. What more do you want? What time is your flight? So Nandita,
we finally get to meet you. You’re far more beautiful
than what Harsh described you. Thank you.
– You really are a very pretty girl. Thank you so much. So Nandita…Harsh has been telling
me that you’re a Calendar girl. Yeah! That must have been really exciting. Yes, sir…it was great fun. And trust me…it was hard work.
– I can imagine. Tell me something…
how has life changed? Earlier, I would take a snap at the
dining table along with my mom-dad. And these days I see myself
on hoardings and television. I’ve heard good things
about your mom and dad. – Yeah. And your sister too. Actually I was under lot
of pressure…to do something. And thank God…then
Calendar Girl happened. Harsh. Son, did you speak with Nandita? Yes, mom, I did..
– Aunty, I have decided. I am quitting modeling. That’s nice. Wow…that’s great news. And Nandita, no more aunty. You can call me mom now.
– Yeah, I like this. Alright. Nandita, welcome to the Narang family. Cheers.
– Cheers. – Cheers. Cheers. Hey, Sharon.
– Hi. Come.
How are you, baby? Good to see you.
– Good to see you too. And this is for you.
– Oh, my God. This is so lovely. Thank you so much. You’re welcome. Come. Wow, lovely house.
– Thank you. So what… Hey everybody,
meet Calendar Girl Sharon. Hi.
– My gorgeous friend. Sharon, this is Neha.
– Hi, nice to meet you. Same here.
– And this is Rehan. Hi Hi, I know you. Really? Actually my friend Raghav,
he’s a good friend… ..of that guy from
TalentHub… Anirudh Shroff. And if I am not mistaken, Anirudh’s
company handles your jobs, right? That’s right.
– See, I said I know you. And another thing,
you recently went to South Africa. For an event. You’re very well informed. Okay, Rehan, please don’t bore her. This is Sharon’s
first time at my place. Come, Sharon. Let’s go. Bye.
– What are you doing? What? This is Olga.
– Hi. Hi, pleased to meet you. And that’s Aasma.
– Nice to see you. So what do you think? I think it’s a great plan,
I’ll get back to you. That’s nice. Of course, should I try it? That’s such a beautiful ring.
– Thank you so much. Where did you get it from? I got it at the Sunday Flea Market. So…how was South Africa?
– Good. Had fun?
– Lots. By the way, I’ve all the information
about what happened in South Africa. Really? What happened in South Africa? Let it be. I guess you like cooking up stories,
or maybe you like lying. Or maybe you’re little drunk. Babes…I don’t
cook-up stories or lie. And for your kind information,
I don’t drink. Orange juice. By the way,
Anirudh is a fun guy, right? You two stayed at the Marriott. I can even tell you the room no. Like you said,
I am well informed. Cheers. That day was really fun. Trying to hit on Sharon. So…Rehan, can you please elaborate
on what happened in South Africa. Suchi, explain your friend. Sharon..
– Guys, I really want to know. Fine. What’s going on? Rehan. Hello.
– Hey, Raghav, what’s up? Rehan, how are you? What made you think
of me on a Saturday night? I am at a friend’s place,
we were just chatting. And during the conversation
someone mentioned.. ..about your friend Anirudh. What topic? – The same thing
you told me, about the Calendar girl. That South Africa scene.
– It wasn’t just a scene.. was an entire film. And what a coincidence. That bloody lucky Anirudh
is sitting right here. You can hear it straight from him.
From the horse’s mouth. Rehan. Hey, bro, how is it going? All well, buddy, how about you? By the way, I’ve heard that..’ve been having
a great time in South Africa. Well, you know I am a lucky guy. So how was she?
– Who? Sharon Pinto. She’s a great girl. Dude, she was all over me. We both tried everything
in the hotel room. Be it the bathroom or balcony. I’ve never been with
such a flexible girl before. Awesome buddy, awesome. Anyway, I’ll catch you
next week right. – Yeah. We’ll meet up.
– See you, buddy. Bye. – See you. Rehan.
– What? You didn’t have to do this. Sharon. Sharon, stop. Sharon, wait.
Sharon. You need this outline also. Hey Sharon,
how is it going, sweetheart.. You were only spreading
rumors till now.. ..that I slept with you. Now go and tell everyone the truth. That after returning
from South Africa.. ..Sharon slapped you in your office,
in front of your staff. I don’t work with
sleezeballs like you. You came to me, I didn’t. You’re fired! Damn it! Sharon, you’re gorgeous,
you’re beautiful. You’re a successful Calender girl. And I would cast in every second ad. Thank you. But there’s a problem. Anirudh Shroff. His company handles
the casting for us. I’ve also known him
personally for many years. And I also know that he
can be a bit of a loudmouth. You know what I mean. But who can argue with success. The entire Industry knows about.. ..what happened between
you and Anirudh. And if I still cast you,
he’ll feel offended. I might be a big and
successful ad-film maker. But still… …I cannot lock horns with Anirudh. Excuse me, sir,
presentation is ready. Okay. I hope you understand.
– Yeah I am sorry. Wow…that was chilling. Mayuri ma’am, this was fun. Mr. Tiwari.. I think we should do
that builder Makhija’s film. Wow…Mayuri ma’am,
that’s the right decision. But…is the boy any good looking?
– Yes, he’s handsome. He’s got a funky hairstyle…
and he’s also built a body. But, Mr. Tiwari…
this film is good for now. But until the hero’s name isn’t Khan,
Kapoor or Kumar.. ..then there’s no
fun in doing the film. I’ll get you a big film Mayuri ma’am,
just wait. But Mr. Tiwari…
will this film harm my career? I mean…image is important as well. And once I get into that bracket.. ..then I’ll be doing films
for politicians and builder’s sons. Mayuri ma’am, you worry a lot. Let me tell you one thing. Lot of films get signed,
they even start shooting.. ..but in the middle if you’re
offered a film with Khan or Kapoor.. ..then you put these Makhija
types film on the hold.. ..and start shooting for the new film. We’ll do just like the other stars. You do know the saying in Bollywood,
don’t you? – Which one? Many films get made.. ..but a real film is
the one that gets released. Mr. Tiwari, you’re a rock star.
– Thank you. Wow. But, Mr. Tiwari, what’s the
schedule for tomorrow’s shooting? No shooting tomorrow, ma’am.. ..we’ve to attend a
memorial service tomorrow. What? Who died? There’s been a death
in a small business family. We’ve to go there
and express our condolences. They’re willing to pay good money. I fixed the deal for 200,000. Mr. Tiwari, I had heard about
ribbon cutting and marriages. But when did this begin?
– I started this. But, Mr. Tiwari,
what will I have to do there? Leave that to me. Dear… I was really upset
hearing about uncle. Goodbye. Goodbye. Ma’am, can I take
a selfie with you? Okay. Is that 200,000?
– No. The deal was 200,000
for the attendance. I charged them 100,000 extra.. ..for standing in the queue,
joining hands and for pics. So that’s 300,000. Mr. Tiwari,
you will make it really big. Not just me, madam.
We both will make it big. Someday you will be
at the Parliament House. Mr. Tiwari.
– Madam. Naazneen.
– Yes. You’re absolutely safe here,
trust me. I heard about your situation,
and I even took a close look. You really had a tough time,
haven’t you? So I thought of meeting you. I would like to help. I’ll come straight to the point. My company is always
looking for professionals. The job profile is very simple. Very simple. Basically you just have
to entertain our VVIP clients. There are already
many girls on our panel. We have…models,
TV stars, Films Actresses… Obviously,
I can’t divulge their name. Because secrecy is a very
important part of our work ethics. Because our clients include
top of the line politicians.. .. industrialists and diplomats. There’s not much to do.
It’s very simple. You’ll take a late night flight. A private car will
pick you up at the airport. And take you to a five-star
hotel or a farmhouse. Next morning…you take
the first flight back home. And all this is done
with extreme confidentiality. Even your neighbors
won’t have a clue.. ..that you weren’t home all night. I’ve told you about the job… …now I’ll tell you about the money. You earn…a minimum
of 2 million every month. This means…you want
to make me an escort girl? What’s in the name? What’s important is the job. Always looking so sexy, not fair. Yeah, Chaddha. One minute, I’ll be back. Yeah. Are you crazy? No way, Chaddha. You tell him.. You tell
that bugger to stay away from her. Tell him right now. You tell him he can’t
have this at any cost. And if he does it
again I’ll beat him up! Damn you Akhil Sood. Pinaki.
– Hmmm.. What’s wrong with you?
– Nothing. What happened?
– Nothing, Chaddha called.. ..and we had an argument. What? Why? Because he looks after
that bloody Akhil Sood’s jobs.. ..and Akhil was saying.. Forget it.
– Akhil. Did he say something to you? Paroma…that bugger
really likes you. – What? He’s gone crazy since
the moment he saw you. He’s lost his mind.
– But…doesn’t he know we’re a couple. No one knows, Paroma. Not just Akhil, no one knows. Why didn’t you tell anyone?
– Because Paroma..’s not part of my plan. Paroma..
– What plan? What are you saying? To leave this country
and settle down in the US. What? The cricket league’s
going to begin in two weeks.. ..and I have just one plan. Make money. That’s why I befriended
that Chaddha. And Chaddha introduced
me to…that bloody Akhil. Cricket league…money? Cricket league is the biggest
gambling den of this country. In two months,
lot of matches are played. People make so much money…
and they bet so much money.. ..that you can buy
10 homes in New York. And this time…I want
to make at least 1 Billion. That’s why I befriended Akhil. And with his help I
am going to do spot-fixing.. ..because he’s got three
players that do his bidding. It’s for our future, that’s
why he’s so important to my plans. To our future, baby. Are you with me? Paroma. Think, Paroma. Think big. Think. Pinaki…I don’t know
what to say to you. But I know that I
can do anything for you. And you know…I love you.
– Come here. Come here. I love you, Pinaki.
– I love you too. It’ll all be fine. Can I ask…who will I be meeting? Power-broker. They’re a community.. ..which even the most powerful
people in this country need. There are some jobs
which only they can do. They are seen very less,
but do a lot. After today…no one in
this country can ever harm you. Go on. Please sit. Naazneen… …these clothes belong to my wife. No, she’s still alive. I love her a lot… …but she’s put on weight. She can’t fit into these now. These are all branded clothes,
all of them. See…this is Blueberry. This is Louis Vitton…
and this one’s Jimmy Chu.. Jimmy Chu. Jimmy Chu. Sorry. Wear this one. You’ll look nice, very nice. “I never imagined even
in my dreams.” – Coming out “That the sun would scorch
me even under the shade.” “Where has my desires brought me?” “It’s a deluge of pain.” “Is it the heart making mistakes..” “..or the conspiracy of time.” Sharon, don’t get me wrong. But I think you over-reacted. And your glamour industry
is entirely based on relationships. Suchita…I did what I had to. And Anirudh did what he had to. I don’t regret any of this. And anyway I feeling very suffocated. This rat-race is not my cup of tea. I think I’m destined
for something else. And sooner or later I will find it. Hello.
– Hi, Sharon, how are you? Hi, Nandita. Breaking news,
I’m getting married. What? How? When did this happen? It just happened. I’ll tell you everything. But first things first,
the wedding is on 24th.. ..and you have to be here. Of course I’ll be there. I’m sending a private
jet for all of you. Private jet?
– Yeah. Wow! I’ve informed everyone else. Come together. Okay?
– Sure, babe. Congratulations, see you. Enough chit-chat. Come on, girls. “The sway drives you mad.” “My hip sways crazily.” “The sway drives you mad.” “My hip sways crazily.” “Sometimes it’s Desi and sometimes
it sways to the English beats.” “The DJ…” “The DJ plays the beats to invite.” “Let’s sway…” “Let’s sway on the wedding night.” “Let’s sway on the wedding night.” “Let’s sway on the wedding night.” “Let’s sway on the wedding night.” “Lovers are crazy about
our gorgeous attitude.” “They have all lost
their mind watching me.” “Lovers are crazy about
our gorgeous attitude.” “They have all lost
their mind watching me.” “After drinking from my eyes…” “After drinking from my
eyes they are all really tight.” “Let’s sway on the wedding night.” “Let’s sway on the wedding night.” “Let’s sway on the wedding night.” “Let’s sway on the wedding night.” “The sway drives you mad.” “My hip sways crazily.” “The sway drives you mad.” “My hip sways crazily.” “Sometimes it’s Desi and sometimes
it sways to the English beats.” “The DJ…” “The DJ plays the beats to invite.” Hi.
– Hi? I think I…know you?
– I know you too. Even I watch India’s most
watched journalist’s primetime show. Pleasure to bump
into you…Shashank Dutta. I am Sharon Pinto by the way. Calendar Girl.
– Yes, yes, yes…Sharon. Right. So…did you find
any interesting book? Unfortunately…I couldn’t
find any interesting books.. ..or any interesting jobs. Why? Bored of modeling? Totally. By the way,
I don’t know if this helps. But our network’s starting
a new entertainment show. And we’re looking for fresh anchors. Why don’t you give it a shot? Here’s my card. Just give me a call and drop in. You never know. See you.
– Bye. Excuse me, ma’am. Your dress. This?
– Yes, ma’am. Whatever? Welcome aboard, sir. What can I offer you? A lot. How do you like my plane? It’s beautiful. Mickey, you could’ve asked me
before writing such kind of a story. You published everything
according to your convenience.. ..claiming its from your sources. Bloody who are these sources? What’s wrong, Mr. Arun.
– Mr. Tiwari. I forgot to wish my Guru,
Director Arindham happy birthday.. ..and the media turned
this front page news. Mr. Tiwari,
they say that we’re having a fight. Nonsense…I don’t believe this. I don’t remember my wife’s birthday.. can I remember
anyone else’ birthday. I remember everything,
Mr. Arun. – How is that? See that…Mayuri. Follow her on Twitter.
– Okay. At exactly midnight she wishes actors,
directors, cricketers.. ..even social activists. Even those who are dead.
– What are you saying? She wishes them as well. Recently the state of
Telengana was formed. – Yes. And she wished him
happy birthday at 12. Are you serious, Mr. Tiwari?
– Yes. Mr. Tiwari,
this girl is quite dangerous. Right. I’ll follow her right away. Mr. Tiwari, believe me. Some day this girl will
make it really big. – Correct. Ooo…Mr. Makhija. Sir, just a second.
– Yes. Hello. Mayuri, the piper
pair are here. – What? Piper betel, Mayuri ma’am. It
comes in pair, and also eaten in pair. Builder Makhija and
his son Bablu Makhija.. ..have arrived at the studio.
– What? Why did you call them here,
Mr. Tiwari? 10.5 millio, Mayuri.
Don’t you want to buy that flat? Fine, make them sit in the corner. I’ll join you.
– Corner? Mr. Tiwari,
they are paying me 10.5 million. Fine. I’ll make them
sit in the corner. Corner? Mayuri, we just saw the
trailer of your upcoming film. It’s a big hit. And I’ve put up your
Calendar in my bedroom. – See. Oh, my God. You’re so sweet. Sit down. Sit down. You know, Mayuri, I’ve no words
to express how happy my family is.. ..since they all found
out that Bablu’s is your hero. And I had no clue there’s
talent hidden right in my house. All my relatives in US
and London and flying down. And I’ve also called some
Ministers as well from Delhi. For the Opening Shot. After all its Bablu’s film,
so no compromise. Wait a minute. Mayuri, this is cheque of 5.1 million,
your signing amount. Take a look. Mr. Makhija. I’ve also brought
a small gift for you. Here. Latest Ipad. Mr. Makhija, you shouldn’t have. What are you saying, madam? This is my first meeting with you. I couldn’t have come empty-handed. So will you come
empty-handed the next time? No, I mean.. Just kidding, Mr.
Makhija. Just kidding. She is kidding.
– Excuse me, ma’am. Your shot is ready. Shot. Shot.
– One second. Mr. Makhija, I have to go now. You see, my shot’s ready. And you know I am very punctual. And I don’t want anyone
to incur any loss because of me. Yes, yes… – See…now
that’s call professionalism. Okay. Mr. Makhija.
– Yeah. Bablu. Take care, okay. Okay, ciao. Have a cup of tea? How is she?
– She’s so down to earth. Isn’t she your 10 million heroine? Bablu is really lucky. Very nice. Very nice. Hey…hi. Nervous?
– No? Do you remember who
you’ve to talk to? – Yeah. I love you. I love you too.
– Good. Hi, Paroma. How are you? He’s Gary.
– Hi, there. Nice to meet you. You know, Garry, I must say. She’s one of the hottest girls. Yeah, she’s got a long way to go. She’s hot, man. Look at her…talk to her later. “Ain’t no sunshine.” Hold this glass.
– Okay. Excuse me.
– Yeah. Hello.
– Hi. What’s up. You’re looking gorgeous.
– Yeah, how’ve you been? In fact, sizzling hot. You’re so wicked. See you at my farm house. That’s hot. Cheers, guys. We will have a party.
– Cheers! In tomorrow’s match,
you won’t score more than 10 runs. Is that all? I can even rip out my heart for you,
sweetheart. Giving up my wicket is no big deal. And your three friends
who come in after you.. ..tell them…the team
total shouldn’t exceed 120. How about I kill all of them? And then it’ll be just you and me. Come on, Akhil. Keep an eye on them. Bollywood industry is a place.. ..where everything
looks beautiful on the top. But there’s a huge difference in the
life before the camera and behind it. Do you know that before
the superstar of Bollywood.. his first film,
who humiliated him the most? Who was the director who
didn’t just humiliate him.. ..but also said that
“You should go home”. Exactly two years later,
the same director.. ..arrived at the doorstep
of that actor to sign him for a film. Next week we’ll bring you
some more Bollywood inside stories. This is Sharon Pinto, and
you’re watching your favorite show.. ..’Sitaaron ki Baat’. Was it okay?
– Yeah. Thanks. Hi, Shashank.
– Hi, Sharon. I was watching you.
– Oh, really? And?
– Frankly speaking, Sharon.. ..I didn’t know that a
model can be such a good anchor. Honestly Shashank,
I didn’t know either. But that’s the beauty of life. Like they say,
when one door closes many other opens. The same thing happened with me. By the way,
it’s written in Gita as well. Let things happen. Just relax and go with the flow. Actually, I added that last line. That’s really impressive. So I’ll catch you later then.
– Yeah, sure. Woah.
– Thank you. Yeah. Wait…sir,
can I take a photo with you? Come, click a selfie. Now go and speedup. Excuse me. Sir, can I click a
selfie with you, please? What’s this selfie?
– Sir, it’s the last day of our shoot. I need one photo for Twitter.
– Okay. Smile. Great work, Mayuri. I like your work very much. This film’s definitely a hit. The credit goes to you, sir. I heard that you signed
another film with some newcomer. Yes, sir. It’s with Makhija
Builder’s son Bablu Makhija. I see.
– Good role and better cash. What?
– I mean money. It’s very good money. And which film after that? After that it’s your film.
– You’re very smart, Mayuri. You’ll make it really big. I know, sir. Thank you. Excuse me, sir…excuse me. Madam…please. What’s wrong, Mr. Tiwari? Breaking news, madam. Breaking news. Do you know who’s
shooting at the next set? Who? Really?
– Yeah. Honestly.
– Yes. Mr. Tiwari. I am not making anything
on 3G scam or the cricket scam. Nor on any star’s divorce. I’ll tell you if I’m
doing something like that. Oh my, God. Madhur Bhandarkar. Sir, I am a big fan. Mayuri. Mayuri Chauhan.
– Hi. I was a Calendar Girl.
And I was shooting at the next set.. ..because you know,
I just completed a film.. ..and I found out that you’re here. So I came running. Sorry, I didn’t recognize you. That’s alright, sir. Can I
please speak to you for two minutes? Yeah, come. So, are you from Mumbai?
– No, sir, I am from Rohtak. Excuse me, sir. Sir, the shot might get delayed.
– Why? What’s wrong? Sir, Kavya ma’am is having
trouble with her makeup. I’m making heroine oriented films.. I don’t have to
put up with star tantrums. Now will I have to endure
their tantrums as well? Look, I’ve to leave
at 6pm for a award function. But sir, you went to a
award function yesterday as well. Yes, I did. Today I’m handing out awards to those
who didn’t get an award yesterday. Do you have a problem?
Tell Kavya to speedup. – Okay, sir. Yes…so? Sir, I’ve seen all your films. And do you know what the
best thing about your films is? They’re realistic as well
as there’s a lot of exposure. I really love it.
– Thanks. And sir, there’s one thing
common between you and me. What? Just like you, even I made
my life with obstinacy and not hope. Sir, the block is ready.
Please check the frame. Yeah, I’ll come. Nice, Mayuri. Lovely meeting you. Sir, pleasure is all mine.
– Thanks. Sir, if you don’t mind can
I please take a selfie with you? For Twitter?
– Yeah, okay. Thanks. – Thank you, sir.
Thank you so much. Mr. Tiwari.
– Yes. Aren’t you going to say
that I’ll make it big someday? Mayuri madam,
you’ve already made it big. Shall we?
– Yes. What a lovely party.
– Seriously. Isn’t that Mr. Taren’s fiancé? That’s really good?
– Yeah. That’s right.
I love the food.. – Yeah. I’ll be right back.
– Okay. – Sure. Thank you.
– All your parties are amazing. Neha. Super party. Thank you. Just excuse me. Hello.
– How are you? Perfect, darling. Last time I met you in Jodhpur,
you were Calendar Girl. And this time…its Mrs.
Nandita Harsh Narang. Wow, now that’s what I call success? Yeah! But don’t forget. I play cupid. Yeah, and this cupid has time to
show up at Mrs. Agarwal’s card party. But not at our wedding. I’m so sorry, I was at the Caribbean. By the way, where’s Harsh? There. Why not? Harsh is having fun. But I don’t blame him. After all he’s travelling so much.. On his business meetings.
– Yeah. I hope you go along with him. Sometimes…to keep him company? Trust me, darling, I am a wife. It’s always a good idea
to keep an eye on the husband. Especially when your
husband is…Mr. Popular. Hey, Naina. Excuse me. All yours.
– Yeah! The crowd at the party was great,
right? – Yeah, good. Bloody…who are these stupid people.. ..sending me Candy Crush requests? Bloody idiots. You’re going to Mumbai.
– Hmmm. When? – Tomorrow morning. I want to come along. It’s been really long
since I met some of my friends. Do you have a problem? Me? – Not at all. Come along. Hi, Naazneen. Harsh? I think I am in the wrong room. I was supposed to show up
for an ad meeting, but I so sorry.. Chill, Nazneen. Ananya Raichand sent you, right? First time…
I saw you in a blue bikini. You were the hottest on the calendar. Even on my wedding,
you were looking sexist. More than my wife. Naaz.
– Yeah. I need to talk to you. About Harsh. Naaz… …Harsh is cheating on me. I’ve seen his call details. And I’m sure he’s sleeping around. You know he’s involved
with those kind of girls. Like the ones who pretend
to be pious by the day.. ..but during the night… What do you call them? Escorts. Naaz, how can you sleep
with a different guy every night? Just for money? It’s…so disgusting. How do these girls face themselves. Third grade girls. Bloody characterless. Hello, girls. Hi, baby. Naazneen, you know her right?
– Of course. She was at our wedding. Hi, Naazneen,
how are you doing? – Fine. All well?
– Yeah. Sit. What’s going on? Nothing, just catching up. Nice. Nandita, I just forgot. I just remembered that
I’ve to go for an urgent meeting. What?
– Yeah. Naaz, come on.
We just got here. What’s wrong? Are you okay?
– Yeah. What’s wrong, Naazneen, all good?
– No, thank you. Are you okay, Naaz?
– Yeah, I am fine. Naazneen, stay, have lunch with us. I am so sorry. At least finish your coffee.
– Yeah, but I am really getting late. Okay… Naaz, listen to me.
– See you soon. Naaz..
– Bye. Come on, Naaz, what happened?
– Nothing. Naaz. Strange girl. I don’t know what.. Are you okay, babes? Are you alright? Till then,
it’s me Sharon Pinto signing off.. ..from ‘Sitaron Ki Baat’ Take care, work hard and party harder. Ciao. Okay. Hey Sharon,
Shashank’s calling you. – Okay. Show me Cam 2 feed, I have a doubt. But he never listens.. Sharon, Shashank’s
looking for you. – Okay. Yeah, so…why don’t you talk to you? Madam, Shashank sir’s
looking for you. – Yeah. Shashank,
you were looking for me. – Sit. Ms. Sharon Pinto, this is not done. I am sorry, but what happened? You tell me… …you should know. Seriously Shashank,
I don’t know. 5.2…just imagine. 5.2! Highest TRP records for your show. Your show is a blockbuster, Sharon.
– God, you killed me. Hang on, there’s good news. After you finish shooting for the
remaining two episodes of this show..’re being transferred
to Delhi. – What? Yes. You’re being promoted. Looking at your talent,
our top bosses.. ..want you to quit entertainment
and join mainstream news. They think you’re meant
for more serious stuff. Serious journalism.
– Wow. Excited.
– Super excited. Me too. I am so happy for you, Sharon. Thank you so much, Shashank. I came here with zero experience. And all this couldn’t have
been possible without your support. Well, a intelligent man rightly said. Let things happening the way they are. Just relax and go with the flow. Time for celenbration. Hey guys, where’s the cake?
– What? Oh, my God. Oh, my God. Mayuri…I saw the trailer
and song of your new film. I really liked it. Sir, you watched
the trailer of my film. Oh, my God! Mayuri, you must have heard about.. heroine Kavya Khanna’s surgery? Sir, everyone’s heard about it. Since she got that done,
she’s been giving only one experience. Whether she’s happy or sad. It’s hard to know what the scene is. Sir, don’t mind. For the last four days Kavya’s
face is trending on Twitter. And sir, after Mr. Alok Nath.. ..people are making
fun of Kavya the most. I know… Mayuri, will you replace
Kavya Khanna in my film? Second lead, parallel. Oh my, God. Sir, it will be an honor. But Mayuri, I’ve heard
that you also signed a film.. ..with some stupid builder’s son. And you also shot for it. But my film should come first. Sir, actually…I signed that film.. ..because I wanted to
buy a flat at Oberoi Springs. Sir, you’re my senior…but
still I want to tell you something. It’s true that I signed that film. And it’s also true that
we also shot some scenes. But the biggest truth is that.. ..real film is the one that releases. Wow… – Right, sir? Right? A real film is that releases.
Fantastic. Mayuri, I’ve decided. You’re doing my film Airhostess. Oh my, God! And trust me…you’ll
make it really big. Thank you, sir. Thank you so much. Sir, you really made my day. Yeah, Nandita. Harsh, you were supposed
to come back today. I know, Nandita, but I don’t
think it will be possible today. Where are you? Of course in my room, where else? And what are those voices at the back? I am sitting with
my business associates. Would you like to talk to them?
– No, forget it. Okay then, I’ll talk to you later. Harsh. Thank you, Mr. Bhatia. Superb. I’ll send you all
the details next week. Okay. See you, sir.
See you, ma’am. Thank you.
– Thank you. Let’s go. Canary Islands in Spain,
sounds exotic. – Wonderful. We won’t find a better place for our
30th Wedding anniversary celebration. I agree. Mrs. Narang, we’re going
to rock again. – Absolutely. Nandita. What’s wrong, dear? Is everything fine? – No. What’s bothering you? – Harsh. What did Harsh do? Dad, Harsh is cheating on me. I’ve been observing
for a long time now. But he doesn’t seem to stop. He’s just not willing to change. Look, dear,
I can understand what you’re feeling. I understand. But you must understand one thing. This is not a ordinary family. We’re the Narangs. And you’re the Narang
family daughter-in-law. Nandita, I am not trying
to justify what Harsh did. In fact…it’s a family… What do you say? Family tradition. Anyway…look at us. We’ve been married for 30 years. There’s love,
trust…it’s an ideal marriage. I believe, in fact I am certain.. ..that your marriage with
Harsh will be successful too. I am sure of that. Look, dear. I know my son. He loves you a lot. Yes. Try to understand one thing. We’ve a huge business,
we’ve to work really hard. And we get…stressed. We get stressed. Whatever happened…was
just means to entertainment. Nothing more. He does come back home to you,
doesn’t he? He does, doesn’t he? Every night he comes back to you. Nandi, don’t try to
fix what’s not broken. Now come on. Give me a smile.
Come on. Give me one of your
gorgeous smiles. Come on. Cheer up. Come on, give me a smile Nandi. Look at me and smile.
Come on. Yeah! Good. “Where has my desires brought me?” “It’s a deluge of pain.” “Is it the heart making mistakes..” “..or the conspiracy of time.” There’s good news for you. I wanted to tell you personally. And look you invited me home. You’re going to get
a handsome appraisal. You’re going to be such a star. Our clients have loved
your presentations. I can’t do this anymore. Why? – Because I feel disgusted. I hate myself more
than I ever hated anyone. I don’t know when I sold my soul too. I want to go back to London. I don’t want to do this. Naazneen. You know… …when decisions are
taken so emotionally.. ..they are not decisions,
in fact they are stupidity. You’re used to a type of lifestyle. Luxury is a necessity for you now. And there’s nothing wrong in it. And you know, in your glamour world.. ..even the biggest stars
have to give 10 retakes. And you…one take,
and money in the bank. Ananya, I have decided. I can’t do this anymore. Okay. Okay. I never force anyone. You can quit if you want. It’s a free choice world. But sweetheart… …I’ve committed your
name and photo to someone. He’s a very important man. A foreign diplomat. This one time, please. One last time, for me. Thanks. Sir, we’ve almost cracked
the match-fixing case. Me and my team have
gathered evidence.. ..against all the
people we had doubts on. It includes four bookies,
five cricketers, two umpires.. ..and few other suspects. I want to arrest all of them. I need free hand, sir.
– Go ahead, Pranjpe. Get them. Please..
– Come on. Don’t touch me. Come on.
– Let me go. Come on.
Come…come on. Get in. Come on.
Get in. Get in…what are you looking at? This is for you.
– Thank you. Come here. Thank you. What’s your name?
– Akansha. So sweet. Do you want chocolates?
– Yes. Thank you, sister. What’s your name? My name is Sudeepto.
– Sudeepto. Hello. Vignesh Paranjpe.
– Hi. CBI…Mumbai Branch. I’m here to question
you about the match-fixing.. SPL Super Premiere league. You must come with us. Oh, sorry. You’re in the middle of a good event. No problem. You can come
out as soon as the event is over. Our team is waiting for you. Come. These are some photographs…
of the SPL post-match parties. See, there you are. Look at how you’re blending in. So you must know all of them. Just a minute. These are…your phone call details. And we also have a recording
of all your conversations. How many runs does one
need to score in a match? When a particular
batsman needs to get out. Etcetera…etcetera… I’ve also taken their confession. Paroma Ghosh, your name
is common in all their statements. Even Akhil Sood’s been
interrogated in Delhi. He’s break too. If there’s anything you want to
say in your defense, then…you can. Please feel free. Can I make a call? Sure. I doubt if the one you
consider your life-life.. ..can get you out of this game. Pinaki Chatterjee
has already left india. He’s absconding. Paroma Ghosh.. are under arrest. You must have heard
about Paroma. – Yeah. About to read the news?
– Yes. Sharon, I just called to
tell you…it’s a tough world.. ..but you have to be brave. Let’s not judge anyone. You take care, and be strong.
– Yeah. Bye. And the biggest breaking
news of the hour. Calendar Girl Paroma Ghosh.. ..has been arrested under the
charges of betting and spot-fixing.. the Cricket league.
– Happy now? It’s being said that
Paroma hatched this plan.. ..along with her boyfriend and
business partner Pinaki Chatterjee. Paroma is in police custody. But her boyfriend is at large. Get in. Where did you come from? Madam… What did you do? What did you do? Tell us… You look from a good family. And this hour’s biggest breaking
news is from Mumbai’s glamour world. Calendar girl Paroma Ghosh..
– Oh my God.. Has been arrested
by Mumbai’s CBI branch. Paroma has been charged with betting.. ..and spot-fixing
along with her boyfriend. It was not my fault.
– I see. Who’s Paroma Ghosh?
It’s you, right? Yes. Your bail’s been made.
Get ready and come out. You will call us to Mumbai. And you did? You will be famous. You’re famous now. You made us feel really proud. So proud…that your mother
can’t even stand at her own balcony. Entire Kolkata’s talking
about her, father. Do us a favor. Don’t ever show us your face again. Got it!
Come, father. Let’s go.
– Father. Let’s go. Hello.
– Hello, Paroma. But…why me for a reality show? Why me? Because…our research says
that people want to know about you. Right now, you’re more popular.. ..that you were after
becoming the Calendar girl. You’ve been trending
on Social media for two weeks. And you know…our show only
takes controversial people. You even know the format of this show. You have to live
in a house for 10 weeks. Cameras will keep an eye on you 24/7. These 10 weeks will change your life. And our channel is prepared
to pay you 5 million.. participate on this show. This is the platform… …where you can convey your truth,
everything that happened.. ..with you in the cricket league,
your jail experiences. You can share all
of it with the country. Ms. Paroma,
life is giving you a second chance. Trust me. Yes, Paroma. Hello, Inzamam.
I want to come back to London. I am missing you a lot. I admit I made some mistakes. But I believe you will forgive me. I want to start a new
life all over, Inzamam. Hello, are you listening Inzamam. Hello, Inzamam. Hello Don’t try to be pious now. I’ve already forgotten about you. And buried you. Hang up, you b*** Get lost! Mr. Dmitri. Come in, darling. Come in! Take a drink, darling. Take a drink. It’ll be good for you.
Drink. Drink. Oh, you’re my darling. Drink, darling. Drink. Cheers to us, to life. Are you only going
to dance…or do something? Or will I have to do everything? What? Will you be able to perform? Four pill… It’s just for you,
and me…and this pill. Four.
– Okay, I’ll get ready and come. Mr. Dmitri, get up. Hello, Mr. Dmitri, please get up. Yes. Hello… …I’m calling from room no.530. There’s a medical emergency over here. Please come fast. Fast. Oh, God! I am so sorry.
– Sorry. Ma’am. Ma’am. Excuse me, ma’am, your phone. I believe Paroma and Naazneen… And when something happens with them.. Calendar girls.. Wearing skimpy clothes
doesn’t matter.. This debate will never end. But today we’re out of time. But before I go, I want
to say…every coin has two sides. I don’t think there’s anything wrong
with a platform like Calendar girls. I was a Calendar girl myself. Mayuri Chauhan, who’s making
a successful film career now.. ..was a Colander girl as well. Nandita Menon,
whose also a Calendar girl.. happily married today. Rather than platform or tracks.. ..we should concentrate
more on individual choices. Life is all about the individual
choices you make, isn’t it? This is Sharon Pinto signing off. See you next week, with a new topic. On ‘Badi Behas’
(The Big Debate). I still can’t believe… That Naazneen’s body
was in a morgue for 10 days. And no one claimed the body. It’s just so inhuman. That’s so sad,
we lost a good friend. I am so sorry, Paroma. When you were going through
everything, I was stressed myself. I couldn’t come to your aide.
I am sorry. The more the crowd,
the lonelier a person feels. This is Mumbai City. No one lends you a
shoulder to shed a tear. They wait till you’re dead. “Something that I left behind.” “Something’s broken.” “I guess even God’s upset with us.” “Where has my desires brought me?” “It’s a deluge of pain.” “Is it the heart making mistakes..” “..or the conspiracy of time.” “Where has my desires brought me?” “It’s a deluge of pain.” “These desires…”


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