Call Me Cordelia – Green Gables Fables #1.1

It would be lovely to sleep in a wild
cherry tree all white with bloom in the moonshine. Don’t you think? You could almost imagine you were dwelling in marble halls, couldn’t you? Well, I tried to write out something poetic and
pretty for my first video, but it ended up turning out to be
ridiculous and awkward. People don’t talk like that in real life, do they? Sometimes I like to pretend they do. Call
me Cordelia. I like to make up things. A lot.
Mostly things about other people’s lives. For instance, what if the girl who sits in
the back of my math class is a closet botanist? What if the clerk
at Walmart wakes up really early and works the
morning shift so he could watch his favourite rock star’s show every night? I analyze stuff too much and people find that pretty weird. They obviously have no
scope for the imagination. But I guess my absolute favourite thing to
do is imagine things about myself. I didn’t have the life that I have right now
I like to imagine what I’d be like if I wasn’t me! I often like to imagine what I’d be like if
I didn’t have this red hair, for instance. One, it doesn’t go with most shades of
pink, which is absolutely one of the worst things, because pink is one of my favorite
colours, and I can’t wear pink without it looking like I
don’t know what colour schemes are. But complaining about red hair will not
imagine the red hair away. So. Isn’t it splendid to think about all the
things that there are to think about, though? It’s just such a splendid world, it
just makes me so happy to be alive. But… I’m glad that we don’t know
everything. People wouldn’t be half so interesting if
they knew everything about everything, right? There has to be a level of mystery.
But I guess most of the time, I just like to think about if I have a family. That I don’t have to move around
so much. That would be just really nice. Just the thought that someone wants me, you know? I should probably
mention that I’m a foster kid. My parents died when I was little but
that’s okay it really it really is okay, because I have a family now! A family
that actually picked me. They’re older, like in their 50’s or
something, and they keep looking at me like they have no idea what to do with me. But I think they’re just not used to me yet. They’re both so sweet. Matthew is at least. Marilla is a little strict, but I think she has a good sense of humour. Maybe just a sarcastic deadpan sort of
one, that I have broken into yet. On the drive here, I kept asking my social
worker a ton of questions about my to-be parents. What do they look like? Do they have pets? Where do avocados come from? Are they strict? Do they have… twins? And she kept saying that she didn’t know and would I please stop asking so many questions. But how are you supposed to get answers if you don’t ask questions? And where do avocados even come from? Wow. It is such a relief to be able to
talk to something that doesn’t tell me to shut up. People laugh at me because I have an
extensive vocabulary. and I ramble, but I don’t care! As you can tell by all the questions that I asked my social worker, I never really wanted to know about
where I was going. I’ve dreamed about so many places I
could end up, and then I got here and the dream- it’s beyond my dreams- it’s
just become a reality. The trees are so beautiful and the
houses are so quaint and cute. It’s just adorable. And I bet it’s beautiful in the spring and in the summer and in all of the seasons! And I have mentioned the trees yet? There are so many of them! And I can’t wait to see them all covered in leaves and cherry blossoms. I love it here already, more than anything. Dreams don’t usually come true, do they? But I think this one has. And no amount of imagination can make it better. And, if it is a dream… I’ll keep dreaming as long as I can. Anyways, I have to go and unpack all my worldly goods and finish decorating. I was too excited and I already put my lights up. But, I should probably get going. So I suppose… Anne? Anne Shirley? Come to dinner. Okay. Now? Okay, coming. That was Marilla. Yeah, my name isn’t actually Cordelia. I… made that up. It’s… it’s Anne. Anne Shirley. Basically the most boring name in the history of everything. The real me, I guess, not the me I imagine. But, if you’re
going to use that name, spell it right. Anne, Anne with an E. a


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