Cambridge students’ first theatre experience with The Convert

He has come and
brought the white man as our teacher, to guide
us from those ways. And what is it that’s
wrong with our ways? The Convert is a play that’s
set in the 19th century and even though it seems
like a historical play it actually has themes
that are relevant today such as the struggle for
identity pertaining to that of race, religion, gender,
even cultural tradition. MARARA! You are
a Muzezuru of the first and
of the foremost. I fear you are not
taking your salvation very seriously Mai Tamba. You can see during the journey
throughout everyone’s lives you can see the vulnerabilities
and how they are also struggling for their personal identity. What is your name, girl? Jekesai. Jekesai? The name must be changed. This…this Bafu
name of yours! Ester? Ester! This is the first time that I’ve
actually acted in my life When I was asked to do
initially I was a bit reluctant but upon reading
the play and actually just becoming more
intimate with it over time I realised how much I
connect with the character like her struggle trying to
find out who she wants to be. In time you will
come to learn who your
true family is.

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