Cameron Crowe Invites Jimmy to Reprise Almost Famous Role on Broadway

-You know I love you both. I want to talk about the
documentary “Remember My Name.” Cameron, you’re the interviewer in this project —
in this documentary? -I am.
-And do you remember the first time that you ever
interviewed David Crosby? -Yes, I was 16, Jimmy. And I was just so anxious to interview
one of my musical heroes. I had so many questions. I had a notebook like this. He chose to be
interviewed by me. Answered every question I had to the deepest and most
ridiculously wonderful degree. -What are you laughing at? Wait, tell me, tell me, tell me.
-It was great. -What are you laughing at? -What I actually did was
stick a joint in his mouth and introduced him
to a bunch of girls. -Oh, my gosh. Wait.
[ Laughter ] [ Cheers and applause ] That’s a much better story. Cameron, do you remember it
that way? -Well, I too, like
Chance the Rapper, am a nostalgia consultant. [ Laughter ] So I remember it differently.
-Yeah. -I remember that you stuck
joints in your own mouth and introduced me
to your girlfriend. [ Laughter ] -I knew it was
something like that. -Something like that, yeah.
Well, this is — I mean — ’cause you’ve been interviewing
“Almost Famous” — the film was based on your life,
and interviewing people, and I was lucky enough
to be in that film. No, but please,
keep your applause down. [ Cheers and applause ] I played Dennis Hope. You guys — I don’t
want to quote lines. But “Almost Famous,” I heard
you’re making it into a musical? -Yes, we’re doing a musical. It starts in September
in San Diego at the Old Globe Theatre. -Are you kidding me?
[ Cheers and applause ] -Thank you.
-I’m so excited. Did my character make it? -Your character we’re taking
such good care of. It’s being held for you
in a beautiful place. -Is it not in the musical? -No, no. It’s in there. And when we get to Broadway,
hopefully, it is there for you to drop in
and play on any given night. [ Cheers and applause ]
Right? -Are you serious?
-Yes. -It’s being — Jimmy,
it’s being crafted for you to drop in and rock
at any point. -No way!
-Yes. -I’m freaking out right now. -Expanded from the movie,
I might add. -Wow!
-Yeah. -Really? This is the best — Dude, this is the best night
of my life. [ Cheers and applause ] -It’s gonna be
your big break, man. -Wow, I’m speechless. Let’s go back to
the documentary. I got to say, I didn’t know
what to expect watching this. And I was moved. I was rocked. It’s emotional. You talk about eternity. You talk about music. You talk about love and loss. It’s magical. It’s must-see film. Only you could get in the mind
of David Crosby like this. You tell a great story about Jim
Morrison, which I did not know. You might as well just tell it.
Please? What do you think of
Jim Morrison? -You know, it was shaped by
this early meeting that we had. I went to the Whisky
to see the Doors. -Whisky a Go Go
on Sunset Boulevard. -And I made the mistake of — A
friend and I went there on acid. [ Laughter ] Which you should
never do in public, especially not in
the Whisky a Go Go. -“Do it in public,” yeah.
Don’t do it at all. -This is not
a recommended technique. -So you went out in public. -I’m standing there,
and I’m blitzed. [ Laughter ]
I’m blitzed. And he walks by
and he pulls my shades off. He says,
“You can’t hide in there.” And I teleported to
the other side of the room. [ Laughter ] There was a certain — you know, I never really liked him
much after that, I think. -‘Cause he broke the rules of — -Yeah. You don’t do that
to people who are on acid. [ Laughter ] -Have some respect.
-Come on. -Have some respect for that,


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