Campfire Theatre

[Playful, happy music plays] Campfire Theatre Festival is a three-day festival
where we take new plays and we get all of the talented artists in Boise to put on workshops
for people who want to learn more about theater, we put on guest performances, so bands, dance
companies, and we produce five new works that have never been seen before and give opportunities
to artists in Boise and from outside of Boise. [Amanda Baschnagel]: All three of us are Boise State graduates, graduated in 2016. The thing that was really, really valuable
was we were in the Theater Majors Association which allowed us the opportunity to collaborate,
to run, essentially, a small company, and work together as theater artists, and build
a repertoire of skills that have really transferred over into our company now. School of Arts was not here while we were
in school, which I am very, very jealous of, but we have found that running a theater organization
requires the help of different visual artists and writers and musicians and a lot of other
people to sort of build a really great arts organization and had we had access to the
School of the Arts, we would’ve been at a much higher playing level because we would’ve
known all of these people already. So our hopes for the future of Campfire is
not only to continue to expand so that we can afford opportunities for a lot of the
artists that we know are in Boise, but also putting Boise and Boise State University on
the map as a place where you can come to really learn and hone your craft, and also continue
to live here and continue to work here, and I think we’re starting to become a city where
people know that we’re here and we’re working and we have things to offer. So we wanna really bring people into Boise
and also continue to, like, connect our Boise artists with places outside of Boise as well,
on the national scale. [Amanda]: The thing I love most about working on Campfire Theatre Festival is I get to work with these incredible women every single day to build
something we’re really passionate about, and also we are able to offer opportunities to
students just like I was. I really was hungry when I was in Boise State,
and now I get the chance to sort of let those students come and share their talents and
share their gifts, and that is really, really exciting to me. [Music plays and fades]

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