What’s up FGTeeVers it’s FGTeeV Duddy follow me on instagram @justchill_34 And today we are going to be following camler_pimps on instagram Where we have to stop Professor Poopypants Captain Underpants movie is out and we’re going to have to film it So check it out, look there’s my skin so I am general duddy and that is captain sharky say hello captain sharky Hewoo and we are going to make some friends you can press the jump button twice to double jump sweet! thanks Susie Q somebody shrunk the school! you gotta help us! no problem. I will get to the bottom of this The school is really tiny! Giant ant! Or should I say…giANT (if you understand the pun comment down below!) I’m scared and disoriented “Don’t worry class, the shrunken school is probably totally normal and not part of an evil agenda or something!” I agree with that guy, that guy’s a smart guy. Oh, look at this! We can prank people with fidgets? I wanna buy a Fidget Prank. I dunno what that’s gonna do, but let’s do it! Fidget Prank–Aww, tiny little fidget. I guess that’s the prank. “We’ve gotta get rid of all of this bootlegged Captain Underpants merch before Mr. Krupp finds out. Wanna buy some?” Ooh, Captain Underpants shirt… Why does he have like underwear? Tra la laa! ‘Cause it’s Captain Underpants, man! Professor Poopy. Alright, is there–oh, oh! “Come, sidekick! We must work together to figure out who shrunk the school!” Yo, I gotta get a selfie with Captain Underpants. [inaudible], look at that. [squeak] Ew, what? What was that? Crazy boy. [guitar solo plays] Alright, so we’re goin’ Weeeeee! Oh this is my school! What can I use this for? you can use the a and D button to
steer oh I know all about WASD what’s happening back there oh I guess the
kids is screaming let’s go rescue the kid listen what’s am i that oh you’re
playing with me yeah my gaming buddy alright
what can I do never play ah here we go and we’re going down the hall huh we’re
going down the hall who is going to be here to bring democracy 2.0 Oh No what
are these kids doing here ow mister mister teacher there’s a bully
in the school hey no hoodie okay I can’t stand in the
middle of bully I’m a monkey oh I should just double jump over the bullies yay
that’s how you meet boys kid double jump over them oh is that water does it hurt
me no ha ha ha doesn’t hurt me oh this kid stuck can I help him
hey school is brutal hey kid I was just trying to show you my figure look D you
didn’t have to hit me hope you’re staying at water forever oh that is twin
brother start inside bargain far those are their names all you can’t catch me
you can’t catch me ha ha man why are these guys so goofy Wow okay so I just
have to escape these evil bullies Oh Captain Underpants
we need who need backup there’s boys in the school whoa you ain’t gonna catch me
and go I just hide it hide in here aha can’t catch me bullies I resist give
me like a speed boost not really right yeah it does uh-huh not really though
dude that was so cool went so fast in the water that it made me fall all right
and whoa oh well that’s a stick ninja guy stick hero
Nick here oh is that you all right we’re going bananas recycling Oh what it’s one
of the banana kill you what just listen geez you’re in here you’re in the world
you’re up there but you’re not playing I’m sorry you’re not kicked out for
being idle all right wait oh no oh that was close one and checkpoints
Kadri whoa oh whoa oh oh here is where the adventure starts yeah jump jump
I’m Captain Underpants oh girl oh well no one told you to leave
we want to jump on his head do it jump on underpants his head yeah well it was
you I can’t see myself am i floating fidget who chase likes to play like that
meat not so much I like to see myself tape me they want to see my new skin I
dress dying mmm it says SG TV but I forgot to put the
ease in there all right what’s down here what is that Nana wait what
but not a kill jobs right forgot about it I’m slippery bananas can kill yeah
and I know if I smash your head you’ll kill yourself but whoever does are going
straight to check one Oh No what’s he saying
we’re necessary to break through the ground up ahead go check it out oh look
at the room I just have to watch out for these guys coming it’s kind of easy it’s
just all about powering down what’s down here I don’t see any worms okay we’re
going really fast no oh nice stay right there all right
always the worm out there are the worms just jump over it yeah wait what I don’t
know it’s did we go around the worms no hi chase – handsome guy – screaming Oh
worms in a locker forms out the classroom what is this checkpoint Oh
basketball I want play basketball can shoot my
fidget in the basketball no if they hate you you guys one two three kill my
pigeon oh I can’t shoot my safety hey wait Georgia Sally pranks up ahead whoa
whoa whoa doesn’t matter these guys are so mean you take
oh you like to me down the next one action cha cha ki bong oh please go so
watch the guys out wow you did it haha stinking ball throwers can’t beat
my son chases vomit at roblox he always said to help this lemonade pranks oh I
don’t want to bite drinks oh hey let me tell on this we can write y one one more
guy just try one it’s it possible that maybe one final time I get y1 you know
what forget I only want y1 take X Y this one you might die on it I’m always done
I’m gonna go slow this time ready you can’t get me posse wait what
wow he totally did jump jump double jump hey how did you do it ouch now go and
now going out go and out go and now go see haha guys who Captain Underpants I’m
at your service general duty in order to kurtis jump Democrats I’m talking again
while in midair yes sir captain underpants Olaf is a guy again
oh there’s a giant get it that’s an aunt who’s shy and jump jump out hit a brick
dance dance bro make sure you stand the glowing towels you won’t be cool anymore
oh yeah you want to see a finger tool about cool dance moves
oh yeah oh yeah I’m so cool looking hot daddies to crop and jump and I know how
to do this Tunisian I can’t see yourself there we go
it’s dude now we see too much of ourselves we just want to see a tiny big
yeah a little more okay that’s good if I got kicked out for 20 minutes ton roblox
now you’re kicked out of the world for being to be Adele roblox is like 10 Oh
can you give me why you did it then I got kicked out yeah you got
kicked out for being Idol Lash jump boom baby where’s this thing don’t forget you
can play stuff like twice thanks henwy doesn’t that look like the guy from
MasterChef junior yeah the bigger guy well what’s his boogers under left to
get that that food like to continue on yes sir captain food fight wait what are
these guys throwing wait can we get a look at the food is it salami and
burgers cheese sandwiches top with cookies I told tomatoes chicken and cake
hmm you are correct it is a salami burger Oh No hey they’re messy yeah oh
oh my god buddy well there’s no big mannequin at this door I don’t want to
get that mannequin sissies Oh what are these guys missing teens
feel the wrath totally real cafeteria lady
honking kazoo my cellmate Vitamix web-based sales by trimco woof woof what
are you pull it wow that what kind of how do we how do
we go around that it’s a fire-breathing over arm you die you’re jumping a higher
jump over it Oh No okay jump through the slime hoagie bath oh ah oh ah ah well
there’s a hot dog with sesame seed onions on it a night you did it get to
the checkpoint don’t step in this life oh snap
cafeteria lunch ladies rah rah go go go go can’t let roasted rats famine idea No
thank you madam gross right here yeah if she thinks I’m a deer but clearly on the
book Oh No there we go don’t forget you kid double jump way what’s down nail oh
don’t fall down there show Quecha kita meaning she’s a mean greeny ha get it
is she dream I hope so or else is joking yes and my job makes sense Oh placard
you want to get your language which one of these is mr. crup secret identity
professor professor poo pants oh wait wait what stage are you on okay
I’m on 12 simple enough which of these characters is not for
Captain Underpants series stall Greg Heffley he’s a wimp
what is this game in official roblox again a quick graph Oh Fitz oh not fits
a robot Oh a quick cash grab a blatant disregard for carnal intellectual
property laws wow that was awesome wait what does this say what creature can be
seen outside the window of stage one a giant ant job
how many fingers does miss the Captain Underpants have probably eight because
cartoons usually are missing their thumb or oh wait wait wait cool thing is a
Captain Underpants theme song but a photo always stays as avi reeled Al
Yankovic or slash Weird Al Yankovic boom I’m on a train traveling 70 miles per
hour leaves the West bird has a dump station and when do they meet the train
revoir oh my goodness just guess yes what number what number question is this
notion it’s mine you learn how to count if you already went to school I think I
lost yesterday blue lose every go yes go to take point
and yeah I get it alright what’s this one about what do we
got to do here just jump obby jump book to book wait do these guys hurt me hey
you want a paper crane purple print Hopalong get down here wait wait you
can’t get hit by the pate Pete jump jump yes yes whoa I died
wait what oh I didn’t whoa and ten toes literal bookworm all genic because
there’s the worms and then there’s books I didn’t even think taking a shortcut
through the wall is very safe oh can I hop on a plane with these guys
nope ha ha ha which way I always like this way right what to do rod jump yup
and then jump up yes see you’re trying to trick me Kate you
posed to be my plane wait like what do I do die that’s what I
do now go yeah you got it yeah you do yeah
yeah Oh hells gonna fake dick Dylan what’d he say no it’s time to trouble
ready generic obstacle boy thank you I did you make it with authority just let
this pass by forward power noise kind of work hey Joe fast forward yeah
checkpoint all right guys wait a sec I think we should stop here no one more
one yeah one more thing whoa what are those things Oh toilet no we
should go there and then stop stop at the toilet other right there oh there yeah you made it please no what is it
you must not let any of the talking toilet talk to you and kick you in the
side yeah that would hurt why would I let them do that don’t look like they’re
talking though they look like they’re just saying yeah oh yeah oh I flip a
clip oh oh get up gap get up go they’re just
saying ah no yes there’s a lot of talking to wrap laughs we cannot let the
poopy collectors see every oh nice ah you just go down here though this is
the better cuz they hardly get you right here oh no it’s coming oh yeah ha ha ha
poopy collectors you will not catch me aah run run run run quickly into this
classroom in expectedly connected and bathroom all waiting oh yeah oh hey hey
how’s it going guys yeah that’s why I call a Royal Flush oh I get it because
because it’s a it’s a big toilet this is one big turbo toilet we could have
kicked down the pothole hole into the sewers on No right behind you
Oh double jump no we’re the sewers okay Oh swords aggro I want playing the sword
that’s forward did ow okay go watch captain turbot
toilet-trained expanded way in Oh No the servo toilet I didn’t know yet this
me check for it looks like the cafeteria lady from outer space and all the
students it is officer + out oh no I’m a DA yeah he just told me I’m a happy man
yeah I know I know you just told these guys all right watch out scuse me zombie
there excuse me Oh No ha ha oh he ate me go quick we I got it
I got one spot fist I always thought I could get punch pop I never really
thought I could get lunch box and I always thought I can have a lunch kit
cuz my took advantage love me Oh sad try for you could I try booth could I try so
can I try oh and he said could I try I’m like not good I didn’t try enough i
watch out fit can’t get me it oh no no no no no no no no can’t catch
me ha ha ha ha ok soon as I get the checkpoint it’s civil turn get up please
don’t fall please oh that was a close one
set point here touch you know what I will finish this when I like to eat more and we should get confetti try one more
toy okay yeah yeah no no we got this all right drew what’s up over that date up
all right know what you can talk about you
one more try promise rookies why you got this right now now jump over
hey oh that’s way cooler by now that one buy anything okay let’s go
what is she what is he trying to sell I found a poopy pants go to drop foot down
then we can use it the fictive school yes I love it would be good to go for
that whoa look at that there’s an alligator down there I just eat your
foot are we having for the banana a banana killer a good friend Otto punchy
what do you got plenty buy a lunch good day – I know my computer hey Chuck all
right general dotty come on ya think so hey zombie nerds
jump jump kicks kicks me in that bowl better big jump jump jump jump back kick
me ah in that bowl is can’t you learn to pace bill I need to
see what what up ahead and turn back in to make the clock be careful Oh No we
have cars for taking your usSignificant Weather Advisory has been issued for North Fulton County, GA until Mon, Jun 25 2:15 PM ETual joke joke joke now let me know it first this
is supposed to be my game play oh my god but I don’t pick away my trash see
that’s what you get I wanted to kill a little bit Oh Beryl I rock P Ricky Oh
I’m cheap okay could I play I’m gonna do a shot what yeah you’re on narrow your head
that’s me can I go am I gonna fall under pants
oh no that’s mr. crup he’s somebody spring my vocab almost Nicky in it’s wet
hot and sunny sewers you know in big trouble
we’re sorry mr. Krupp but you see do not even miss the cluster Captain Underpants
what’s happening you two have been responsible for one
prank after another but a giant robot made to kill everyone and taking it too
far but mr. Krupp devis will set the poopy pants nah
this will teach all of you to laugh at Jane Scooby van poopy pants is on a
rampage out there you got to stop and while we distract mr. Krupp oh oh oh how
do we do this this is just great all the kids are on fire whoa boy I’ll fall down
yeah welcome go through the door no hello oh this way ah there Ricky
yeah yeah I feel like I’m the one on fire next one
going through the city of poopy pants down
whoa Wow I want to do this you’ve been a piece thank you telling me today bean
jump jump you’re good whoa we’re gonna lunch lady
Wow so fast Yes maybe maybe hi um do you think tomorrow we could
have sloppy joes ha ha ha now you can’t have Bonnie Joe come on tomorrow
oh yeah Meowth you hope your stain of green slime forever big ol mean yeah
your job jump job tech boy oh no what a real job
yes this is easy jump for the back seat I was not expecting bounciness I got on
an airplane now I’m 28 what are we on 27 we’re almost done with
the game bounced foul foul oh oh geez you try this yeah are you trying to
alright you got it wait can we just cheat and jump off your
side no see see how hard it is ah whoa geez you’re very good jump jump
jeez you got it geez I’m so proud of you what’s this guy say whoa those Tigers
are crazy might make good use for a point in the future
I agree with it let’s capture a tiger whoa those are awesome Tigers I want a
pet tiger should we play by that tire hey jump over them
ooh dude fell easy this is so cool I like this ah be adventure thing I can’t
get us over here who’s that guy professor arrow that Professor Klump oh
wait get the checkpoint okay what is that gun thing you never put never I hey
who’s professor poor as he beautifully pop-ups ah maybe that which of these
created the garbage shovelware studios yeah I know that right yep okay wait who
animated Captain Underpants in the first movie oh jeez I don’t know a dream work
it doesn’t seem like dismally remarks colonel frustrating frustrating this go
see Shrek Shrek shut it back truck will never tell us
how many day total did we spend on this project
oh definitely fifty one hundred percent fifty no way anybody made this in ten
days yes way they made did you die through the right answer ah all right
don’t go blue whoa no it’s blue buddy it’s red yeah
what that’s Dwayne I checkpoint this will never kill me
Wow then is that strange the end of that 30 this is the error here no wow
the end is 35 no it says the 30 notice but is it 35 what checkpoint and burger
and all to me double jump on bounce 200 you got that oh you’re hopping I’m
burgers like this MIT to Ill those worms run when they are booked learn correct
small business books out easy you good active checkpoint what deck again when
the top fold is doing there someone who can help us let’s move
okay so why are you still standing there and I’m the only one moving Oh John you
twit wait look at that look at that we’re done with it I’m a big poopy is
that a giant poop oh it looks so right to the right I say hey front right now
you got this front o up a pole oh don’t fall in this hole so you’re cool this
right yeah this’ll wait go slow Oh No see that’s what toilets are supposed to
look like now that the cute toilet don’t you this
is an ugly toilet ah thank you jump up jump on over stuff
do what whatever hell they will get up divorce
you have the floor there’s germs in a bathroom
Oh rose oh so she’s getting my new outfit dirty way to spin the fidgets
spin it may be the pitcher can help us oh great job page if you did nothing
you’re free your character what should I do that’s awesome dude
I am reset come together oh no I’m not is it off do you really it’s better play
the horrible go it in our faces for a living wall and how are you doing I’m
here run and jump you got that don’t got it all coming up and like that go quick
get the checkpoint don’t drift is running dive into that puppy potty well
let’s go to do your soul bout to get hit whoa are you supposed to be nervous all
you got this show on the road I said I don’t do it oh nice don’t do it doodoo
that’s where stuff is going into what can we crash oh dude I have no idea you
can tell we’ll jump off here good job chief and dope going on right
before we’re not going on a ride and we are what are we on number three one on
rock that was pretty good that tune okay so tied gosh you know we were just
in there right oh no we were okay jump incredibly people fall yeah okay where’s
these guys thing don’t worry I found my fingers in club
chains bracket Campanella pants yes there’s cats elephant and there’s weird
al’ yankovic I’ll let you have honest I think you’ve been through more today
then you have been just day of today being today not yesterday meet the
leader of the resistance Weird Al Yankovic
well hello weird are you got perfect no any next to mr. crab only the power of
the music how many toys these next two rounds down for my face there well put
it there we gotta yeah oh no and our face was there and I guess we defeated
the enemy feels like a very bad ending like I wanted to see it get defeated
oh yeah wrong why is this girl dancing with this up kind of wish you save the
day night for it may I want to buy two bootleg emerge to celebrate no thing
congratulations you become a superhero thank you doctor I can’t mine okay oh
actually looks like a cell phone top for a scatter feels like work dude
it’s to say we’re not in Disco for anymore are a joke I think in theirs if
you want to call them that but again or even assimilations help alright oh this
the Rick Morty go go go go go go wait wait wait wait
wait wait wait wait wait Brett ought to you tiny Rick that means
little ours you know after the whole games going just on the kleine-levin
IRISA oh yeah if you like to get mushy leave a like and if you didn’t want to
play over and over again you could start an activist flow in a toy you
incompetent bulb in Boonton booze pooping and boil my pants my pants i
they’re gonna make you buy a banjo and you’re not here I know how let’s do
something is cool I don’t say anything alright well guys that then video thank
you so much for watching thumbs up for dr. a now noise
want to restart wanting to party with it with the alien lunch ladies can I go
again you know kids very repetitive playing again not me I’m out thanks for
watching yeah hit the like button the little bell
button and the little building right in the back finally though I did get my dude looking
nice and buff ah look that before after for extra for after Lol. Captions fixed by ‘hyess -‘ and the person who wrote the entire captions isn’t me! have a nice day!! -hyess


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