Cardboard Cinema: PAN

I’m going to tell you a story about a boy who would never grow up about the pirate who wished to catch him about the island where fairies roamed But this isn’t the story you’ve heard before Because sometimes friends begin as enemies and enemies begin as friends Sometimes, to truely understand how things end we must first know how they begin Welcome to Neverlaaand! Be brave, Peter I try to be The name’s James Hook I’m trying to save your life, kid Do you know how to work a ship? How hard can it be? It’s a lot harder than I thought! It was written: when you returned, we would unite against the pirates If Blackbeard is going to destroy everything… I’ll stand against him Now kneel I will never bow to you Wakey, wakey! Away we go! We have an ancient prophecy, it tells of a boy The boy who would be disappeared with his word until he was old enough to return he would lead an uprising against me Mind if I cut in? A boy who could fly Oh come on kid, make them believe I believe I believe! Mermaid lagoon I think you’re gonna like him! You can say that again! Let’s go Hello there, my little chickens How’s everyone doing? How was your summer? It’s been a while, right? What? Nine months or something? I had a baby and I’m ready to get back to work! Ha This video is a collaboration with the people who made the new Peter Pan movie They’re even gonna fly me out to the red carpet premiere, which is just ridiculous Follow me on Twitter if you want pictures of Hugh Jackman I remade the Pan trailer, with like two hundred bucks worth of cardboard and christmas lights, as you can see The music is all my voice acapella If you haven’t seen the Pan trailer yet, the video is not going to make any sense to you So go and check that out Anyways, this is cardboard cinema! I’m excited to be back! Goodbye

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