Care of Footpath 2 | Oscar Motion Poster ft. Avika Gor, Kishan SS, Esha Deol, Jaya Karthik | C/o

Life is way dreadful than in cinema. A movie inspired by true life stories. Radio: Control room this is Charlie Nagarbhavi here! Trace my call source immediately. Radio: Charlie, we copy! go ahead! Radio: All units alert! They are carrying weapons. Anything might happen. Public Shouting: We want justice! So far, 48 Indian films have been officially sent to Academy Awards (OSCAR). But strangely. 26 movies from Hindi were selected for OSCARS 7 from Tamil, 2 from Bengali. 2 from Malayalam, 2 from Marathi. 1 from Telugu, 1 from Gujarati & 1 from Urdu.. But from KANNADA.?? For the first time in history! A movie from Kannada is entering the famed/acclaimed Academy Awards. It is our pride to present to you.. Care of Footpath Part 2!

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