Careful What You Wish For Official Trailer #1 (2016) – Nick Jonas, Isabel Lucas Movie HD

DOUG: When you’re a kid,
you don’t think about consequences. You’re invincible. But there’s something
about the summer. A promise that anything can happen. And in my case… …it did. CARSON: The talent down here this summer?
Ridiculous. Yeah, it looks that way. Your dad says you know a thing
or two about sailboats. How about you come over
tomorrow and take a look at it? LENA: You’re Doug, right? -Yeah.
-I locked myself out. Oh, my God. I feel like I’m stealing away your youth. You can’t tell anybody about this. Just keep it hidden. You have no idea what he’s capable of. -No, get off me!
-You like it, don’t you? [GIRL SCREAMS] Do you even have a girlfriend, Doug? If you won’t protect yourself, then I will. Careful.
Love will cost you more than you think. I know what to do. Even if I could take it all back… Would I? Would you?


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