Carly & Freddie’s First & Last Kisses 💋 | iCarly | #TBT

You dropped this! I’m taking my stuff and I’m going home! – Please stay.
– Okay. – Where are you?
– Down here. – You can turn off the water?
– Yeah, here. Ow, easy! – Just move slow.
– Wait, let me get my robe. – Okay, put your arm through here.
– Okay, okay. [moaning] – Are we walking the right way?
– Yeah, just keep going. [groaning] – Oh, it hurts?
– Well, it doesn’t feel good! [laughing] – Where’s your bed?
– Just right here. I’ll sit first. [moaning] – Get under the covers.
– Yeah, I’m doing it. Ow! – You got it?
– Yeah. Woo! Okay. You can take off the goggles. [laughing] That was scary. And wet. Yeah.
Ah! Thanks for helping me. If it wasn’t for me,
you wouldn’t need my help. Will you stop with that? You know… Everyone at school’s
saying you’re a hero. I don’t feel like a hero. Well… You are one. To me. [music playing] [audience cheering] Freddie I got you some —
Ahh! [screaming] What the yuck? [laughing] – Nothing!
– Mom I wasn’t — [stuttering] Nothing! I —
I was taking his temperature! What do you mean? See?
98.6! Healthy as a duck!
Bye! – Oh! Oh!
– Carly, don’t leave! She’s beating me with your underwear! No! Oh, no, no, no.
Mom, please! Mom!
No! Mom! [laughing] – Hey, Carls!
– Ah! [laughing] – You scared me.
– Yeah, I saw that. [laughing] What were you doing behind that bush? Lying in wait. So I can get the drop on Spencer
when he comes home. [laughing] Man, you look even whiter than usual. [laughing] You okay? Yeah!
I’m fine. – Freddie okay?
– Yes! What are you? The girl of many questions? [laughing] Uh… – What just happened in there?
– I kissed Freddie! See you after class! You don’t want me to be your girlfriend? I think we should wait awhile. And then… If you still wanna be my girlfriend, I’d be really psyched about it. Hi. Hey!
How goes it? I’m leaving in a few minutes. Yeah I know. Better not be late or
your dad is gonna be wazzed off. [laughing] You know, you don’t have to
take all your tech stuff home tonight. Yeah but, I figured I might
as well get a head start. Tomorrow I promised Gibby
I’d help him do some research on the proper care and feeding of weasels.
So… I figured the sooner I get all
this equipment out of here the sooner I can take it down to — [audience cheering] [coughs] So, I’m going to get my bags
and head downstairs. – Why don’t I help you with those bags?
– Yeah that’d be nice! [laughing]


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